Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4685, You’re a Bad Guy


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“Greetings, Ancestor!” With Shang Guan Ji standing at the front, the Elders and the Protectors from Seven Stars Sect who were fortunate to have met and chatted with Yang Kai that night saluted him in unison.


The ordinary disciples from Seven Stars Sect soon recovered from their shock and did the same; however, they were puzzled as they had never heard that there was an Ancestor in their Sect.


Moreover, the Ancestor seemed to have showcased a power that was much greater than that of Shen Xing, who was there to watch the Disciple Recruitment.


Shen Xing was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master who was from Southern Star Palace, and since the Ancestor was stronger than him, it meant that he was probably in the Third-Order. That realization made these disciples feel agitated.


Following that, the representatives of the other Sects rose from the chairs and saluted as well.


With a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master present, they wouldn’t dare to be impolite.


Shen Xing was the only one who didn’t get up. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to rise from his chair though, but rather that he simply couldn’t. He felt as though a mountain had been placed on his shoulders, which made it impossible for him to even move a finger.


From the looks of it, he seemed to be an arrogant person who remained seated, which only made more cold sweat drip from his forehead.


He had faced the pressure of Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters before, but none of them felt anywhere near as intense as this time. Yang Kai could make him unable to move simply by commanding him. This kind of Third-Order Emperor Realm Master was much stronger than the ones he had come across before.


Yang Kai waved his hand without saying anything, but everyone took a seat at the same time.


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect wore a conflicted expression as he gazed at Shang Guan Ji with a bitter smile, “Brother Shang Guan, why did you hide something so important from all of us? You didn’t even tell us that there was an Ancestor in your noble Sect. If you had informed us earlier, we would have prepared proper gifts as tribute.”


The reason he kept persuading Shang Guan Ji to give up on the young girl was that he didn’t want to see Seven Stars Sect, which was also a Second Class Sect, growing more powerful than the rest of them. Now it seemed that his persuasion was pointless.


Even if they didn’t have Zhao Ya, they already had a powerful Ancestor with them, which ensured that they would definitely become a First Class great force. Golden Spring Sect was already incomparable to them.


From now on, Golden Spring Sect would have to flatter Seven Stars Sect to survive, so he naturally had to improve his ties with Shang Guan Ji.


The face of Shang Guan Ji was glowing as he stroked his beard with a smile, “It’s not that we wanted to hide this from all of you, but rather that the Ancestor prefers peace and serenity. That was why we didn’t make an announcement.”


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect simply nodded, “I see.”


Suddenly realizing something, Shang Guan Ji said, “The Ancestor was travelling across the world when he suddenly visited our Sect one night. He said that he felt some kind of fate with this place, so he asked to settle down in Seven Stars Sect. After he made some calculations, he said that the time had not come yet. Now it seems that Zhao Ya is the one he has been waiting for. It seems the Ancestor really can divine the future.”


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect widened his mouth in disbelief. It wasn’t until this moment that he realised the people from Seven Stars Sect had practically gotten an Ancestor for free.


He felt disheartened as he thought that those from Seven Stars Sect were so lucky to have a powerful figure to come over and become their Ancestor, serving as the greatest support for the Sect. On the other hand, Golden Spring Sect was not so lucky.


He then gazed at the man and the young girl on the stage with an envious expression.


Presently, Seven Stars Sect had an Ancestor to assume command while there was a disciple named Zhao Ya who had exceptional aptitude. Additionally, there was Miao Fei Ping, who was revealed to have an A- aptitude. It seemed that their Sect’s rise was inevitable.


On the stage, Yang Kai and Zhao Ya were still staring at one another. Although Zhao Ya had no idea what was going on, she was an intelligent and observant girl and had a feeling that the person before her eyes was someone very important, and for some reason, he gave off a familiar feeling as though she had met him before.


While she was in a dazed state, the Elders of Seven Stars Sect were flustered.


It must have taken her some Heaven-defying luck to be offered a chance to become the Disciple of the Ancestor. Even if the Ancestor said the same thing to them, they would instantly fall on their knees and accept. A young girl that was seven or eight years old was supposed to do the same; however, this particular young girl didn’t understand how lucky she was as she just batted her eyes at the Ancestor.


It was as though she had seen something interesting on his face.


The anxious Elders secretly spoke to Zhao Ya, encouraging her to accept the offer.


Zhao Ya had never experienced anything like this before, so she just felt annoyed by the voices as she waved her hand. It was as though she was trying to chase away some flies.


Yang Kai didn’t urge her as he looked smilingly at the young girl.


A moment later, Zhao Ya said, “I don’t mind becoming your Disciple, but Big Brother Ye Bai has to come with me.”


On the stand, Shang Guan Ji and the others were shocked as they admired the young girl’s courage. She didn’t seem to be afraid of someone who was so powerful. Since the Ancestor had personally shown up to take on a Disciple, others would’ve gladly accepted it; however, this girl didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth as she had the guts to even state her own conditions.


Moreover, they had no idea who this ‘Big Brother Ye Bai’ was.


Besides Shang Guan Ji and the Elders, the onlookers also didn’t know who the Big Brother Ye Bai she was talking about was except for those who came from Seven Stars Town.


Standing among the crowd, Miao Fei Ping looked helplessly at Zhao Ye Bai, who was extremely lucky to have such a chance. It was no different from suddenly having 10 million silver coins fall into your lap.


“Who is Big Brother Ye Bai?” Yang Kai asked, despite being fully aware of who the person was.


Zhao Ya turned her head and took a glance, whereupon Zhao Ye Bai emerged from the crowd and walked up to Zhao Ya before saluting the unknown man, “Junior Zhao Ye Bai greets Senior.”


On the stand, Shang Guan Ji and the others finally recognized this brat as the Big Brother Ye Bai that Zhao Ya had mentioned; after all, his test only took place a while ago, so Shang Guan Ji still remembered this young boy, who was only revealed to have an aptitude of C-, which was a far cry from Zhao Ya.


Yang Kai took a dispassionate glance at him and shook his head, “His aptitude is too weak. He doesn’t have a right to be my Disciple.”


“Are you not going to accept him?” Zhao Ya stared fixedly at him.


Yang Kai shook his head again.


Zhao Ya said, “I’ll not become your Disciple, then.”


Upon finishing her words, she took Zhao Ye Bai’s hand and was ready to leave. Zhao Ye Bai remained unmoving though as he patted her hands to motion for her to calm down. He then glanced at Yang Kai and asked, “Senior, are you from Seven Stars Sect?”


“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.


Zhao Ye Bai put on a silly smile, “There won’t be any problem, then. Xiao Ya, since Senior is from Seven Stars Sect, we won’t be separated after you become his Disciple. He’s a senior expert, so accept his request now.”


Zhao Ya shook her head, “No, I want to be with you.”


Zhao Ye Bai stomped his foot on the ground before flashing a helpless smile at Yang Kai, “Please give me a moment, Senior. My Sister is a little obstinate. Let me persuade her.”


Yang Kai didn’t respond to him.


It was then Zhao Ye Bai took Zhao Ya to the side and persuaded her in a small voice. Despite his hushed whispers, the powerful cultivators at the scene could still hear him clearly.


Zhao Ye Bai was heard saying to Zhao Ya, “Xiao Ya, did you hear that the people from Seven Stars Sect called him Ancestor just now? Do you know what an Ancestor is? Well, I don’t really understand it either, but I suppose he’s the most powerful person in Seven Stars Sect. If you become his Disciple, you’ll be able to walk sideways, and Miao Fei Ping would never dare to bully you again! I saw that Miao Fei Ping’s Master was also respectful of him. Moreover, we won’t be separated after you become his Disciple. We’ll still meet every day since we’re both in Seven Stars Sect.”


On the stand, Shang Guan Ji put on a helpless smile as he said to Guan Qian Xing, “Even though this boy seems a little foolish, he’s actually pretty shrewd. He already understands how the world works at such a young age. It’s just that his aptitude is weak. Be careful not to let him offend the Ancestor.”


Guan Qian Xing nodded in response.


However, regardless of what Zhao Ye Bai said, Zhao Ya refused to agree. Eventually, she squatted down and faced away from Zhao Ye Bai before burying her head in her knees and covering her ears with her hands. It was as though she was determined not to listen to Zhao Ye Bai, who appeared totally helpless.


Sighing, the young boy stroked Zhao Ya’s head before he turned around and walked up to Yang Kai. Upon stopping a couple of his steps away, he saluted him once more.


Yang Kai said, “Regardless of what you say, I won’t accept you as my Disciple.”


Zhao Ye Bai nodded, “This Junior understands his aptitude is weak, so he has no right to become Senior’s Disciple, nor do I even dare to think about it. Xiao Ya is lucky to have gained Senior’s favour, and I don’t want her to miss this chance just because of me. So, I’d like to ask you to allow me to be a Worker for you. Whenever there are any trivial matters, I’ll handle them for you and make sure that you won’t have to worry about them.”


Hearing that, Zhao Ya abruptly looked up while the people on the stand were stunned as they had never expected that Zhao Ye Bai would say such a thing.


Appearing to be impassive, Yang Kai said, “There are indeed no Workers on Azure Jade Peak. I won’t turn you down if you’re willing to go there; however, I won’t teach you anything, so you must remember that from today onwards, you’ll remain a Worker on Azure Jade Peak until your death.”


Zhao Ye Bai was elated upon hearing that, “Many thanks for granting my wish, Senior! This Junior wouldn’t dare to ask for anything else!”


“Big Brother Ye Bai!” Zhao Ya rushed over and took his hand before trying to drag him away, “I won’t become his Disciple, and you’re also not going to be a Worker. We’ll go back to Seven Stars Town together!”


“Listen to me, Xiao Ya,” Zhao Ye Bai gazed at her with a pair of eyes that were filled with determination.


Zhao Ya’s eyes reddened as she knew that Zhao Ye Bai was doing this for her. Although his aptitude was weak, he had still become a Disciple of Seven Stars Sect after he passed all the tests. He was supposed to be able to cultivate and become a cultivator just like he always dreamed. Nevertheless, if he became a Worker on Azure Jade Peak, he would have no future at all.


She then turned her head and glared at Yang Kai, “You’re a bad guy!”


Anyone who bullied Zhao Ye Bai was a bad guy. She didn’t care whether he was an Ancestor or some kind of senior expert.


Yang Kai grinned, “Do you want to beat me up to vent out the anger for your Big Brother Ye Bai?”


Without hesitation, Zhao Ya nodded her head with a pair of ferocious-looking eyes.


Yang Kai said, “It’s simple. Become my Disciple. When you become more powerful than me one day, you can beat me up in whatever way you please.”


Zhao Ya became startled for a moment, as though she had suddenly gained enlightenment. The next moment, she fell on her knees and pressed her head against the ground in front of Yang Kai, “Disciple Zhao Ya greets Honoured Master!”


She then abruptly looked up and stared into Yang Kai’s eyes, “Disciple will definitely cultivate hard so that Honoured Master will have a taste of becoming a Worker one day. Whatever Big Brother Ye Bai will go through, I’ll make you pay 10 times the price!”


From that day onward, there was a female disciple on Azure Jade Peak of Seven Stars Sect in the Void Continent who was determined to make her Honoured Master become a Worker. Everyone in the Void Continent found it to be strange when they heard the story.




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