Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4686, I Heard You Shared Fate with My Disciple


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“You’ll have to work harder, for your Honoured Master’s cultivation is higher than the Heavens!” Yang Kai pointed at the sky with a smile.


Shen Xing pursed his lips with disdain, thinking that Yang Kai could only fool an inexperienced girl like her.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai turned to look at him, “I heard that you shared fate with my Disciple.”


Shen Xing’s face instantly started flushing as he repeatedly said he wouldn’t dare to.


However, in his mind, he thought that this Ancestor from Seven Stars Sect was quite small-minded as the retaliation had come earlier than he had expected. He was an Emperor Realm Master from Southern Star Palace after all, and he had to uphold his reputation. If he was humiliated in public, how was he going to show his face in public in the future?


While he was furious, Yang Kai was heard saying, “Young girl, go ask why that Senior is interested in taking you on as a Disciple. I need all the details; otherwise, people who have no idea what has happened will think that I oppressed him today.”


Although Zhao Ya was determined to cultivate hard and make her Honoured Master have a taste of becoming a Worker, she was still pretty obedient. She then got up and ambled towards the stand.


Upon reaching Shen Xing, she saluted him respectfully and said in a clear voice, “Greetings, Senior. My Honoured Master has asked me to…”


Shen Xing hurriedly raised his hand, “Speak no further. Your Honoured Master might have misheard me. I didn’t say I wanted to take you on as a Disciple. Rather, I just thought that there was a treasure in my collection that would perfectly suit you.”


Upon finishing his words, he fished out something that looked like a bracelet and passed it to her with a smile, “Here you go. This Old Master obtained it a long time ago and has always treasured it. Since it suits you, I’ll give it to you. Just see it as a gift for having found a good Master.”


The Elders of Seven Stars Sect and the representatives of the great forces on the stand gasped while staring at the ancient-looking bracelet.


That bracelet was apparently a defensive Emperor Artifact. Although they had no idea how powerful it was, it was definitely expensive as it was an Emperor Artifact. They couldn’t believe that Shen Xing was willing to give it to the young girl just like that.


Instead of directly taking it though, Zhao Ya turned to gaze inquisitively at Yang Kai, who placed his hands behind his back and looked up as though there was something interesting in the sky.


Understanding what his gesture meant, Zhao Ya saluted elegantly, “Many thanks, Senior.”


She then took the bracelet with both hands and wrapped it around her wrist. The bracelet, which was much larger than her wrist, suddenly radiated a gentle glow and shrunk until it perfectly fit her.


The sight amazed Zhao Ya.


With a smile, Shen Xing stroked his beard gently, “It does indeed suit you.” His back was drenched in sweat, though, as he thought that he had reacted pretty quickly; otherwise, it would’ve turned out to be embarrassing for him.


Zhao Ya looked at the new bracelet from different angles with joy. She was a young child who came from a poor family, so she knew nothing about accessories. With that said, young girls like her were naturally fond of such things.


At that moment, she found Shen Xing to be amicable and generous, so she flashed a sweet smile at him.


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect suddenly spoke up with a smile, “Since Senior Shen has given you a gift, it would be discourteous for me to not do so too. Here, this trinket is not as valuable as Senior Shen’s gift, but I hope you’ll like it.”


Following that, he took out a petite hairpin with a true-to-life red dragonfly that was made from jade on it.


This was obviously another defensive artifact. Although it was inferior to the bracelet as it was only Dao Source Grade, it was actually the most expensive thing the Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect possessed.


“Is it for me?” Zhao Ya was astounded.


The Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect nodded with a smile.


“There’s really no need…” Zhao Ya appeared bashful and hesitant, but despite her words, she swiftly took the hairpin and put it on her head.


Since the Sect Master of Golden Spring Sect had also given her a gift, the representatives of the other Sects naturally didn’t have the nerve to not offer something. Moreover, this was a great chance to strike up a relationship with the Ancestor of Seven Stars Sect. Hence, all of them fished out the most expensive items in their collections and gifted them to the little girl.


Other than the representatives of other Sects, the Elders of Seven Stars Sect also did the same.


She was a disciple of their own Sect after all. Since outsiders had been so generous, they couldn’t just watch the show and do nothing. Therefore, Shang Guan Ji took the initiative to pass a gift to her, and the other Elders and Protectors did the same.


In the blink of an eye, Zhao Ya was covered in gifts. The items that had been wrapped around her head, body, and hands were all valuable and rare.


Seeing that, Shang Guan Ji quickly gave her a Space Ring to store those gifts. 


Meanwhile, the onlookers were dumbfounded, thinking that the young girl named Zhao Ya would be a rising Star from that day onward.


She had already received so many gifts when she had just been taken on as a Disciple. How successful would she be when she became powerful enough one day?


“Do you see that? That’s the difference between you two,” Yang Kai said in a small voice.


Zhao Ye Bai, who was standing beside him, looked smilingly at Zhao Ya and nodded.


“You and she are from different worlds. If she’s like a Phoenix in the sky, you’re no different from a loach in the mud. She is still young now; however, when her mind is broadened as she grows up, she’ll forget who you are. She’ll only remember once in a century that she had a playmate named Zhao Ye Bai in the past.” Yang Kai continued destroying his confidence.


Zhao Ye Bai scratched his head for a moment before refuting, “I’ll be glad as long as Xiao Ya is fine. Moreover, she’ll never forget about me.”


Yang Kai stared intently at him, then said, “I hope you’ll still think so when you grow up.”


The Disciple Recruitment of Seven Stars Sect ended on a positive note. The news that two disciples with A Rank aptitude had emerged during the recruitment spread quickly. One of them was revealed to have A- aptitude while the other achieved a result of A+ aptitude. The latter was truly a prodigy.


Moreover, it was said that an Ancestor with inscrutable cultivation had appeared out of nowhere in Seven Stars Sect, and he had taken on the young girl with A+ aptitude to be his Disciple. Rumour had it that Shen Xing, who was there to watch the show, didn’t dare to be impolite in front of this new Ancestor and had even suffered a small setback at his hands.


Shen Xing was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master from Southern Star Palace, and since he had suffered a setback, it went to show that the Ancestor was truly formidable.


That was the reason Seven Stars Sect instantly became a household name.




There were 1,008 steps on the stairs that led to Azure Jade Peak. Two young children helped each other out and exchanged words of encouragement as they plodded up the steps.


Just then, a gale gusted through them as they staggered and almost fell down the cliff. They hurriedly crouched down and hugged each other, shivering like quails in winter.


When they finally reached the summit of Azure Jade Peak, they were exhausted as they lay on the ground and panted heavily.


Yang Kai appeared and stood in front of them the next moment, looking down as he shook his head, “You’re too slow.”


In a lethargic manner, Zhao Ya shot him a glare.


Initially, she stopped loathing her Honoured Master after she received a lot of gifts. Certainly, she knew that it was thanks to her Honoured Master that those people were willing to give her so many valuable treasures.


However, at this moment, she became resentful of him again, for she realised that her Honoured Master was truly cold-blooded.


Right then, Yang Kai extended his hand, whereupon the rings, the hairpins, and the bracelets flew away from the young girl and fell into his hands.


Zhao Ya was startled for a moment, then jumped up like a cat that got its tail trampled on by someone. Pouncing at Yang Kai, she clawed at him and snapped, “Those are my things! Give them back!”


Yang Kai explained, “It will only do you more harm than good to depend on external aids when you’re cultivating. These things are no different from a burden on your shoulders. I’ll keep them for you for now. You can have them back when you’re able to use them!”


Zhao Ya wrapped her hands around Yang Kai’s arm and clung on with an aggrieved expression, gnashing her teeth in frustration. She felt that this man was more like an evil bandit than her Master.


Zhao Ye Bai persuaded her by saying, “Xiao Ya, he’s a senior expert, you should listen to him.”


Yang Kai shot him a glance and sneered, “Stop flattering this King. It’s useless.”


“Argh!” Zhao Ya directly bit the man’s arm, but while Yang Kai remained unperturbed, Zhao Ya felt her teeth almost falling off as her eyes were drenched in tears.


“It’s very late now, so you should probably get some rest. I’ll teach you how to cultivate tomorrow.” Yang Kai flung the young girl off and disappeared.


While sitting on the ground, the young children exchanged glances and fell silent.


A moment later, Zhao Ya sniffled and said, “Big Brother Ye Bai, I miss Aunty Lu, Grandma, and Uncle Yang.”


While helping to massage her legs, Zhao Ye Bai said, “I miss them too.”


He then looked up at the sky, “I suppose Uncle Yang has returned to the town to inform Mother and Grandma by now.”


“They must be having sweet rice dumplings now.”


At the mention of food, their stomachs started growling. It was only then they recalled that they hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since the Disciple Recruitment commenced this morning.


“Let’s look for some food,” Zhao Ye Bai helped her put on her shoes and pulled her up. Then, they shuffled towards a cluster of palaces.


One hour later, they lethargically pressed their backs against a column in the Grand Hall as their stomachs growled.


There wasn’t any food at all in this place, not even a drop of water.


“Bad Guy!” Zhao Ya roared in the spacious Grand Hall.


Right then, Yang Kai appeared out of thin air, which scared the kids out of their wits.


Zhao Ye Bai got up with difficulty and respectfully saluted him, “Xiao Ya and I haven’t had any food for a long time, Senior. Is there anything to eat here?”


Yang Kai gave him a dismissive look and said cold-heartedly, “No.”


“Do you want to starve us to death?” Zhao Ya glowered at the man, “In that case, why did you even take me on as your Disciple?”


Yang Kai replied dispassionately, “A bad guy will definitely not give you food, but your Master might not want to see you starve to death.”


Zhao Ye Bai became startled for a moment, then secretly pulled Zhao Ya’s clothes.


It was then that Zhao Ya came to her senses. While hanging her head low, she balled up her fists and muttered reluctantly, “I’m hungry and thirsty, Master.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Wait a moment.”


Upon finishing his words, he vanished into thin air.


Following a gulp, Zhao Ye Bai looked around randomly and asked with difficulty, “Xiao Ya, could your Master be a ghost?”


With her face turning pale, Zhao Ya stuck close to the young boy, “Stop frightening me, Big Brother Ye Bai!”




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