Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4689, A Wild Horse and a Rein


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Why do you always do this, Master!? It’s me who makes mistakes, but you always punish Big Brother Ye Bai instead!” Zhao Ya roared. It was only at times like these that she would talk back; she was normally obedient to Yang Kai.


The same thing had happened over and over again since they moved into Azure Jade Peak. Every time she made a mistake, it would be Zhao Ye Bai who got punished. Initially, he wasn’t allowed to have food and sleep, or he would be asked to bring 100 buckets of water back from the bottom of the mountain. Now, he would be required to prop up a heavy object for several days.


Although Zhao Ye Bai was strong, he had never cultivated before. He might not be able to persevere holding up a tank full of water without sleep for three days straight, not to mention that not even a single drop of water was allowed to spill over.


“Since you’re aware of it, don’t make mistakes,” Yang Kai looked dispassionately at her.


“I’m not convinced!” Zhao Ya said aggrievedly.


“I don’t care.”


Zhao Ya’s chest heaved for a moment before she walked up to Zhao Ye Bai and stood beside him. She then fell on her knees and said angrily, “I’ll also get punished, then.”


Without saying a word, Yang Kai turned around and left.


He always believed that only by punishing the person Zhao Ya treasured the most would she learn her lessons. Although she appeared to be obedient, she was born with a hint of ruthlessness. It might have something to do with the fact that she was abandoned by her parents when she was a toddler. Since she was a young child, the person she cared most for was Zhao Ye Bai. Even her Master, who had nurtured her for ten years, was not comparable to Zhao Ye Bai.


This time, her murderous intent had been ignited because she wanted to get revenge for Zhao Ye Bai. That was the reason she got into an intense battle with Liu Yi. If Guan Qian Xing hadn’t stopped her in time, Liu Yi would’ve been killed.


Zhao Ya was destined to be a wild horse while Zhao Ye Bai was the rein that had been wrapped around her.


When Yang Kai picked Zhao Ya up from that mountain and dropped her off in front of Yu Lu’s door, he hadn’t expected her to have such Heaven-defying aptitude.


In the middle of the night, the growling of a stomach was particularly loud.


Zhao Ya, who was kneeling beside Zhao Ye Bai, landed a slap on her forehead and got to her feet, “Wait a bit, Big Brother Ye Bai. I’ll get some food for you from the kitchen.”


“I don’t think it’s appropriate…” Zhao Ye Bai looked in the direction Yang Kai had left, “I’m still being punished.”


Zhao Ya snorted, “Master told you to stay here for three days and make sure that no water would spill. He didn’t say you can’t eat or drink. You have never cultivated before, so how could you not have any food or water for three days?”


Upon finishing her words, she dashed towards the kitchen. Fortunately, Zhao Ye Bai had already prepared a meal beforehand. After filling a pot with rice and gathering some other dishes, Zhao Ya stood beside Zhao Ye Bai and fed him with a spoon.


If the Fellow Brothers from Seven Stars Sect saw this, they would probably pound their fists against their chests and roar in frustration and dejection.


Meanwhile, the young man and young woman exchanged glances with a smile as no words were needed at this moment.


When some rice stuck to the side of Zhao Ye Bai’s mouth, Zhao Ya would pinch it and stuff it into his mouth.


Just then, a series of footsteps were heard coming from behind. Zhao Ya turned her head and saw that with Shang Guan Ji leading the way, the Elders of Seven Stars Sect had all arrived at Azure Jade Peak.


When she saw a particular elderly man, she couldn’t help but snort.


Guan Qian Xing scratched his nose and put on a helpless smile, thinking that he had supposedly never offended her in any way. He just saved Liu Yi from getting killed by her, but here she was giving him a look of anger. Things would’ve become really complicated if she had killed Liu Yi.


However, from the looks of it, Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai were being punished.


The group of people quickly looked away as though they had never seen them before. They then moved past them in a hurry.


They wouldn’t dare to talk to her, for they would be the ones who would be embarrassed if Zhao Ya became furious.


Upon arriving at a spot in front of the main hall, Shang Guan Ji bent his back and said, “Greetings, Ancestor. Shang Guan Ji has come with the other Elders to visit you.”


Yang Kai’s voice was heard coming from the main hall, “I know what has happened. Regardless of who is in the wrong, all of you should discipline your disciples appropriately. If anyone dares to offend the people from Azure Jade Peak again, I’ll personally deal with him regardless of who he is.”


Shang Guan Ji wouldn’t dare to object to it as he bent his back again, “Yes, Ancestor.”


They left this place as quickly as when they came while feeling relieved. Although it was Liu Yi who suffered a setback as Zhao Ya harmed her Fellow Brother, they were worried that the Ancestor would be infuriated.


It was fortunate that the Ancestor only gave them a slight warning.


“Although Senior is a little eccentric, he’ll still protect you no matter what happens,” Zhao Ye Bai said in a muffled voice while having his food.


Zhao Ya fell silent. 


“You should apologise to him at a later time, and don’t always talk back to him because of me. You’re his only Disciple, so he’ll feel sad if you talk back.”


“Alright, I got it,” Zhao Ya nodded repeatedly as she wiped the corners of Zhao Ye Bai’s mouth with her sleeve. “I’ll get you some more rice.”


While Zhao Ye Bai had great strength, he also had a huge appetite. Fortunately, there wasn’t a lack of food on Azure Jade Peak. If they were still in Seven Stars Town, their family would’ve become broke by now.


Upon making sure that Zhao Ye Bai was full, Zhao Ya also had a little food and knelt beside him again to keep him company.


As Zhao Ye Bai gazed at the young woman beside him, he couldn’t help but recall what Miao Fei Ping had said to him in the morning. Those words were like a hammer that repeatedly struck his mind.


100 years later, he, who had never cultivated before, would become old and frail while Zhao Ya would remain young and beautiful. What should he do by then? It was said that the more powerful a cultivator was, the longer they could live.


He could already envision the sight, after hundred years, of Zhao Ya crying her heart out in front of his grave.


He couldn’t help but let his thoughts and fears run wild.


A long time later, Zhao Ya, who had been leaning against Zhao Ye Bai’s leg, realised that something was off. When she looked up, she saw that his figure was slightly shaking and his physique seemed to have expanded a little. There was also a suppressed roar coming from his throat.


Zhao Ya could faintly feel that there was something in this World that was streaming into Zhao Ye Bai’s body, but regardless of how hard she tried, she was unable to figure out what it was.


Layers of ripples started spreading from the place they stood, and as Zhao Ya widened her eyes, Zhao Ye Bai, who was supposed to be just beside her, seemed to be getting further and further away from her.


Before she could say or do anything, Zhao Ye Bai suddenly vanished into thin air.


The water tank that had been propped up on his head abruptly fell.


Zhao Ya screamed and clenched the water tank with both hands before gently putting it down on the ground. Following that, she anxiously called out, “Big Brother Ye Bai! Big Brother Ye Bai! Where are you!?”


Right then, she felt a breeze whisking through her. She turned her head, then said in a frightened tone, “Big Brother Ye Bai disappeared, Master!”


She was on the brink of breaking into tears. Over the years, she and Zhao Ye Bai had always relied on one another, and they had never separated before. However, on this night, Zhao Ye Bai abruptly vanished right in front of her.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai sported a solemn expression. Although he was already aware that Zhao Ye Bai had the potential to inherit his Legacy when the latter was still in his mother’s womb, he hadn’t expected Zhao Ye Bai to be so compatible with the Dao of Space.


Over the years, he had deliberately suppressed Zhao Ye Bai’s development by not teaching him how to cultivate. He had even turned a blind eye when the disciples at the bottom of the mountain oppressed him. The main reason was that he wanted to find out his true temperament. If Zhao Ye Bai turned out to be wicked and vengeful, Yang Kai wouldn’t teach him the Dao of Space regardless of how talented he was in it.


Fortunately, Zhao Ye Bai had a good mother who always taught him to count his blessings and be kind to others. Regardless of what adversities he faced, he could always remain calm, collected, and positive.


Over the past ten years, Yang Kai had spent a lot of energy secretly improving his physique, which was the reason Zhao Ye Bai was so physically strong.


While Zhao Ye Bai’s foundation was solid now, Yang Kai’s tests were about to end as well.


However, Yang Kai had never expected such an incident to happen on this night. It wasn’t certain what that brat was thinking about, but he had accidentally triggered the Space Dao Essence in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, which was why he was abruptly drawn into the Void Crack.


This Void Crack was sandwiched between Yang Kai’s Small Universe and the outside world, so even he didn’t have full control over it.


“Master, please save Big Brother Ye Bai! I’ll always be obedient to you from now on. Please save Big Brother Ye Bai!” Zhao Ya stared at Yang Kai with teary eyes. She always believed that there was nothing in the world that her Master couldn’t do, so Zhao Ye Bai would definitely be safe if he took action.


“Stop yelling!” Yang Kai chided her while he darted his gaze around the Void. The light in his eyes flickered as he was able to see things that others couldn’t. His gaze seemed to have penetrated space and peered into the Void Crack that was nothing but chaos.


A moment later, he suddenly took a step forward and extended his hand into the Void.


When he retracted his hand, he pulled Zhao Ye Bai back from the Void Crack.


“Big Brother Ye Bai!” Zhao Ya’s face was already covered in tears and she directly pounced on him and pressed him against the ground before tightly wrapping her arms around his neck. It was as though she was worried that she would lose him forever if she released him.


On the other hand, Zhao Ye Bai appeared dumbfounded. Up until this moment, he still had no idea what had happened. Just now, his mind seemed to have gone blank. Following a moment of discomfort, he fell into a desolate and empty place before appearing back on Azure Jade Peak. In truth, it all just felt like a dream.


“What just happened?” Zhao Ye Bai asked in shock. The alluring woman in his arms made him feel anxious.


It wasn’t until this moment that he realised just how much Zhao Ya had grown as a woman.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was staring coldly at them.


With his face blushing, Zhao Ye Bai patted the woman’s back, “I’m fine, Xiao Ya. Get up now.”


They were indeed in an indecent posture, and Yang Kai was watching them.


After they got to their feet, Zhao Ya was still sobbing as she looked fixedly at Zhao Ye Bai. She was still reeling from the shock because just now, she truly had a feeling that Zhao Ye Bai would leave her forever.


“So, what happened just now?” Zhao Ye Bai asked in a small voice.


In a choking voice, Zhao Ya intermittently told him about the incident just now. As she spoke, she grabbed the man’s arm as she seemed determined to never let him go.


Zhao Ye Bai scratched his head, “I felt like I was having a dream.”


With reddened eyes, Zhao Ya gazed at Yang Kai, “Will the same thing happen to Big Brother Ye Bai again, Master?”


Yang Kai replied, “He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t trigger that kind of force again.”


“Many thanks, Senior. I’ll be careful in the future,” Zhao Ye Bai nodded seriously. He had no idea what kind of force that was, but he didn’t want Zhao Ya to feel anxious for him again.


“Do you feel there’s anything wrong with your physique, Big Brother Ye Bai? You must tell Master about it. Is there really none? Check on yourself again carefully…”


Yang Kai flicked his sleeve and left. He seemed to have aged by several hundred years by watching the young couple fawn over each other.




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