Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4692, Green Mountain Town


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Zhao Ya pushed the fruits back to her, “Aunty Lu, I’ve already saved some fruits for Uncle Yang.”


She had picked twelve fruits from Constellation Peak. Eight of them were given to Yu Lu and Grandma Zhou. The remaining four inside her Space Ring were reserved for Uncle Yang.


“While you’ve saved some for him, these fruits are given to him by me. They’re different,” Yu Lu insisted.


After giving it a thought, Zhao Ya took the two spirit fruits. Following a giggle, she asked, “Aunty Lu, why don’t you come with us to look for Uncle Yang?”


Yu Lu extended her hand and poked the young woman’s forehead, “What nonsense are you talking about, silly girl? While you two can go over, what reason do I have to look for him?”


“If we really come across Uncle Yang, isn’t there something you want to tell him?” Zhao Ya asked.


Yu Lu hung her head low and pondered on it before shaking her head.


The young man and young woman finally set off on their journey. Even after they walked for a long time, once they turned their heads, they could still see two figures staring in their direction from the entrance of the town.


“Xiao Ya, what did my Mother tell you just now?” Zhao Ye Bai asked.


Zhao Ya replied, “Aunty Lu saved two fruits and told me to pass them to Uncle Yang.”


Zhao Ye Bai burst into laughter, “Grandma also saved two fruits and told me to pass them to him.”


“I wonder how Uncle Yang is doing now,” Zhao Ya looked into the distance. Before Uncle Yang departed, he had left behind an address; however, both of them had never heard of the place before. They wondered if they could meet him again during their adventure.


“Xiao Ya, there’s something I’ve always been curious about,” Zhao Ye Bai appeared puzzled as he suddenly thought of something.


“What is it?” Zhao Ya turned to look at him.


Zhao Ye Bai asked, “Do you know what Senior’s name is? We have stayed on the mountain for thirteen years, but I never found out his name.”


Zhao Ya shook her head, “I have no idea either, and Master has never mentioned it. When the Sect Master and Elders visited him, they always called him Ancestor. No one has ever called him by his name.”


Zhao Ye Bai said, “I’ve asked Miao Fei Ping about it before. Although he isn’t clear about it, he heard Elder Guan mention that the surname of Senior is Yang.”


“He shares the same surname as Uncle Yang?” Zhao Ya was surprised.


Zhao Ye Bai put on a grin, “They don’t just share the same surname. Have you ever realised that, just by looking at their backs, Senior and Uncle Yang are very similar?”


Zhao Ya pursed her lips, “But Master is not comparable to Uncle Yang at all.”


One of the men took good care of them as though they were his children while the other man had a distorted personality and would punish Zhao Ye Bai as he pleased. There was no comparison at all…



Time passed by and the pair’s horizons were truly broadened as they traveled. They encountered many different people and witnessed lots of interesting incidents along the way.


However, since they had lived on the mountain for a long time, they knew little about Human nature and it was expected that they would suffer a setback from time to time.


During their journey, they had helped the weak and taught bad guys a lesson. There were almost times when they were plotted against and harmed. Zhao Ya’s beauty would also frequently attract unsolicited trouble to them.


There was one time when they were drugged in a bandits’ inn and almost passed out. Upon realising that something was off, Zhao Ya made a decisive move by killing everyone in the inn. As a result, she became unconscious for three days before she awakened.


They started growing up as they gained more experience. It was then they found out the people in the outside world were not as amiable as Uncle Yang and the Seniors on the mountain. They had learned to be careful of the greed and trickery of other people.


Half a year later, they finally arrived at Green Mountain Town.


The reason they’d come to this place was that before Uncle Yang left Seven Stars Town in the past, the address he had left behind was in Green Mountain Town.


It seemed that his home was in Green Mountain Town.


The town wasn’t big, but there were some cultivators moving around. That was because Spirit Sea Temple was located just a few hundred kilometres away from this place. Spirit Sea Temple was considered a First Class Sect in the Void Continent. While the Temple Master was a powerful Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, there were also two Elders in the First-Order Emperor Realm.


Upon entering Green Mountain Town, the pair found an inn and settled down. After that, Zhao Ye Bai excitedly looked for the innkeeper and asked about the whereabouts of Yang Kai, but his efforts were to no avail. Although he was disappointed, he reckoned that they would find Uncle Yang sooner or later since they were in Green Mountain Town.


After a night’s rest, they started moving around the town and making inquiries. Restaurants where people from all walks of life would come together were places they would never miss.


A few days later, they still hadn’t found any useful information as the people in Green Mountain Town had never heard of Yang Kai before.


Zhao Ye Bai thought of looking into the matter by asking about sweet rice dumplings instead; after all, Uncle Yang had learned how to make sweet rice dumplings from Grandma Zhou and had been selling them in Seven Stars Town for years. If he had really returned to Green Mountain Town, he would probably sell sweet rice dumplings again to provide for his family.


By following this trail, Zhao Ye Bai really found out something useful.


He then excitedly returned to the inn and pushed the door open, “Xiao Ya, I know where Uncle Yang is!”


“Have you found him?” Zhao Ya asked with a pleasantly surprised look.


“More or less,” Zhao Ye Bai replied with a smile, “Someone told me that there’s a man who lives in a place about thirty kilometres away from Green Mountain Town. He will come to the town to sell sweet rice dumplings every few days. The appearance and age of that person described to me match those of Uncle Yang.”


“Should we go now?” Zhao Ya gazed at him.


Zhao Ye Bai nodded repeatedly. It had been thirteen years since he last met his Uncle Yang, and he couldn’t wait any longer as he was eager to reunite with him.


They then paid their fees and left the inn before heading in a particular direction.


Zhao Ya was now in the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage. On the other hand, after half a year of adventure, Zhao Ye Bai had achieved a breakthrough to the Qi Transformation Realm.


It only took them an hour to move across thirty kilometres.


The pair came to a place that looked like a village where dozens of families lived by the mountains and rivers. At the entrance of the village was a huge manor, which obviously belonged to a wealthy family.


Since it was dinner time, smoke could be seen billowing from every family’s home.


As soon as Zhao Ye Bai entered the village, he sniffled and became excited, “It’s the smell of sweet rice dumplings. Uncle Yang must be here!”


Zhao Ya nodded repeatedly.


Following the trail of the smell, they arrived at a house. Unable to wait any longer, Zhao Ye Bai shouted, “Uncle Yang! Uncle Yang!”


Upon hearing that, a man in his prime age stepped out of the kitchen and gazed at them in shock, “Who are you looking for?”


Zhao Ye Bai took a step forward and saluted him, “Mister, does Yang Kai live in this place?”


In response, the man shook his head, “I’ve never heard of this person before.”


Zhao Ye Bai was stunned, “Who made these sweet rice dumplings, then?”


“Are you here to buy sweet rice dumplings? I made them,” The man put on a sincere smile.


It was then Zhao Ye Bai examined the man and realised that the latter’s figure and age were indeed similar to those of Uncle Yang.


“Since you love to eat sweet rice dumplings, I’ll give some of them to you,” Upon finishing his words, the man returned to the kitchen. When he reappeared, there were some sweet rice dumplings in his hands as he passed them to Zhao Ye Bai.


Zhao Ye Bai instinctively took them, but he went on to ask, “Mister, have you really not heard of Yang Kai before?”


The man shook his head, “There’s no one in the village with the surname Yang. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the Village Chief about it. His child is a disciple of Spirit Sea Temple, and he’s quite knowledgeable. He knows things that commoners like us don’t.”


As he spoke, he pointed in the direction where the manor was located.


Zhao Ye Bai turned his head to take a glance before nodding, “Thanks for the information, Mister.”


They didn’t take the food for free as they passed the man some money before leaving.


Following that, they arrived at the manor that was in stark contrast to other buildings in the village.


The manor was huge, and could not have been owned by an average businessman. However, since a family member here was a disciple of Spirit Sea Temple, it wasn’t so surprising.


The pair then knocked on the door and waited for a long time before it was opened. A middle-aged man in extravagant clothes stuck out his head and his eyes brightened the moment he saw Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya. He especially couldn’t move his eyes away from Zhao Ya. Even though she had covered her alluring face with a veil to not draw unwanted attention, her demeanour alone was attractive enough to do so.


“Who are you looking for?” The man asked. Although he was an ordinary person who had never cultivated before, he had a family member who was a disciple of Spirit Sea Temple. Since he had come into contact with cultivators before, he wasn’t diffident when facing the people in front of him now.


“Mister, it’s said that you’re knowledgeable, so I’d like to ask you about the whereabouts of a person.”


The man replied with a smile, “I wouldn’t dare to say I’m knowledgeable, but I do know a little more than most people. Who is it that you want to know about?”


It was then Zhao Ye Bai brought up the name Yang Kai.


After giving it a thought with a frown, the man shook his head, “I’ve never heard of this person before.”


Zhao Ye Bai said anxiously, “That’s impossible.”


The man burst into laughter, “I’ve really never heard of him before. I’m familiar with the dozen villages in a radius of 100 kilometres around Green Mountain Town. I’d definitely remember if there was such a person.”


“How could this be?” Zhao Ye Bai appeared dejected. Before Yang Kai departed, the address he had left behind was in Green Mountain Town.


“Are you from Spirit Sea Temple?” The man asked.


Zhao Ya shook her head, “No, we’re from somewhere else.”


“You’re not from Spirit Sea Temple?” The man frowned. He initially thought that they were disciples of Spirit Sea Temple, but it turned out that he was mistaken.


Zhao Ye Bai relentlessly said, “Mister, please give it one more thought. Uncle Yang…”


“I said I don’t know him! Who cares what his name is?” The man was initially friendly, but upon realising that they were not from Spirit Sea Temple, he instantly became impatient.


After saying what he wanted, he shut the door with a loud slam and almost smacked Zhao Ye Bai’s nose.


A hint of ruthlessness flashed through Zhao Ya’s eyes, but as she recalled that the man was just an ordinary mortal, she clenched her teeth and held it in.


“Let’s go, Big Brother Ye Bai. Uncle Yang isn’t here.” Zhao Ya gently pulled Zhao Ye Bai’s arm.


Zhao Ye Bai appeared dispirited as his hope had turned into disappointment. He couldn’t accept the truth.


On the way back to Green Mountain Town, when Zhao Ya saw that Zhao Ye Bai remained sullen and silent, she couldn’t help but placate him by saying, “Since the address left behind by Uncle Yang was in Green Mountain Town, he must be here. We just have to keep looking for him. I’m sure we’ll find him sooner or later.”




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