Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4693, Zhao Ya Is Wounded


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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“En,” Zhao Ye Bai nodded while looking listless. To him, Uncle Yang was as important as his Mother; both of them were his family members. Since he and Zhao Ya had started cultivating, they were no longer the same little kids they were in the past. It was expected that he wanted to let Uncle Yang enjoy a better life since he was a grown man and a cultivator now.


All of a sudden, Zhao Ya took his hand.


When Zhao Ye Bai turned his head, he saw Zhao Ya looking around with a serious expression. They were in the middle of nowhere, where the grass was tall and the tree leaves swayed with the wind.


“What’s wrong?” he asked in puzzlement.


“There’s a smell of blood!” Zhao Ya furrowed her brows. The next moment, her expression changed drastically as she shouted, “Watch out!”


As soon as she finished speaking, a gentle force exuded from her palm and sent Zhao Ye Bai flying away.


The next instant, a figure abruptly appeared as a sword light slashed across the place where Zhao Ye Bai was initially standing. If Zhao Ya hadn’t pushed him away in time, he would’ve been dead by now.


Zhao Ye Bai fell to the ground and rolled away. When he got to his feet, he saw that Zhao Ya had gotten into an intense battle with the attacker.


The person was holding a sword as he rained fatal attacks down on Zhao Ya.


On the other hand, Zhao Ya wielded her silver spear as she tried her best to counterattack, but she still fell into a disadvantage.


“An Immortal Ascension Boundary Master!” Zhao Ye Bai exclaimed.


He was fully aware of Zhao Ya’s capabilities as she was now in the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage. Moreover, she had been trained by her Master for years, and coupled with her exceptional aptitude, she was able to fight against people above her Realm. However, since the enemy that came out of nowhere could suppress her, there was no doubt that he was in the Immortal Ascension Boundary.


Furthermore, he must be in the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage at the very least; otherwise, he couldn’t have suppressed Zhao Ya.


Meanwhile, Zhao Ye Bai noticed that their attacker was injured as his chest was covered in blood. He still seemed to be bleeding and it was this smell of blood that Zhao Ya had detected just now.


“How dare two young brats like you come to provoke me! You won’t leave this place alive!” The man roared through clenched teeth while launching his attacks. Zhao Ya was forced to retreat again and again and it was clear she was having difficulty persevering. The huge gap between their Realms couldn’t be made up for by aptitude alone. 


Zhao Ye Bai stood anxious at the side. He had only made it to the Qi Transformation Realm recently, so even though he wanted to help out, there was nothing he could do. If he made a rash move now, he would just become a burden to Zhao Ya instead.


However, upon hearing the person’s words, he soon realised a problem, “Senior, please stop! We only passed by this place by chance! Are you perhaps mistaking us for someone else?”


This man was obviously pursued by some powerful enemies, which was why he was hiding in this place to recuperate. Unfortunately, Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya happened to arrive at this place. It would’ve been all good if they hadn’t discovered anything; nevertheless, the moment Zhao Ya pointed out that there was a smell of blood, this man could no longer keep hiding, which was why he appeared and attacked them.


As expected, the man frowned upon hearing that while his attacks slowed down.


Zhao Ya, who had been at a disadvantage, was slightly relieved, but the next instant, she saw the person charging towards Zhao Ye Bai.


This man was severely wounded, and seeing that he couldn’t defeat Zhao Ya in a short time, he decided to target the weaker Zhao Ye Bai in an attempt to hold him captive and gain control of the situation. He only slowed down his attacks earlier to get Zhao Ya to lower her guard.


The cold light of the sword filled Zhao Ye Bai’s vision and a powerful Divine Sense bound him to the ground, rendering him immobile.


“Die!” Zhao Ya bellowed as her silver spear suddenly radiated a dazzling glow. All her strength was infused into this spear.


The power of the attack far exceeded what could be achieved by the average True Element Boundary cultivator and sent a chill down the spine of the attacker, making it feel as if his soul was about to leave his body.


Unable to keep charging towards Zhao Ye Bai, the man turned around and pushed out his sword.


Blood was seen spurting into the air as the person’s figure was penetrated by Zhao Ya’s spear. He staggered backwards while covering his waist with his hand. With widened eyes, he stared dumbfounded at Zhao Ya.


He had never expected that he would be wounded by a young woman who was only in the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage. No ordinary True Element Boundary cultivator could use the power that she had showcased earlier, so there must be a powerful Master behind her.


The person gritted his teeth and glowered at Zhao Ya. Not daring to get into a prolonged fight with her, he stomped his foot on the ground and disappeared into the forest, leaving behind a trail of blood.


Zhao Ye Bai was reeling from the shock while watching that person leave. Although they had encountered danger a few times during their adventure, this time was definitely the most critical situation of all. Just now, for a moment, he had a feeling that he was at death’s door.


“Are you alright, Big Brother Ye Bai?” Zhao Ya asked caringly.


“I’m fine.” Zhao Ye Bai shook his head, but then his pupils contracted as he stared at Zhao Ya’s left chest, “Xiao Ya, you…”


Zhao Ya put on a smile. Blood streamed out of her chest and dyed her white clothes crimson. Her petite figure staggered for a moment before falling forward.


Zhao Ye Bai dashed forward and supported her weight. He could see that the redness expanded rapidly, which made him feel panicked, like his throat was tightening up, threatening to choke him to death.


“I’m… fine,” Zhao Ya said in a weakened voice.


Zhao Ye Bai was on the brink of bursting into tears. It wasn’t until this moment that he found out that while Zhao Ya had harmed the enemy, she was also injured. Moreover, she was severely wounded.


Upon finishing her words, Zhao Ya closed her eyes as her head slumped to the side.


“Xiao Ya!” Zhao Ye Bai was flustered as his entire figure shook uncontrollably. Fortunately, he could sense that she was still alive and had just passed out because of her injury.


He then hurriedly fished out a healing pill from his Space Ring and stuffed it into her mouth. At the same time, he infused his Yuan Qi into her body in order to help her refine the medicinal efficacies and stop her bleeding.


Zhao Ye Bai knew he shouldn’t stay here any longer. Although that man was defeated by Zhao Ya earlier, he might come back.


Zhao Ye Bai wouldn’t even dare to check on her now as he quickly carried her up and dashed in a different direction.


An hour later, a tiny log house came into his sight.


He had no idea why there was a log house in the middle of the mountain, but he supposed it was a resting place for hunters.


Upon opening the door, Zhao Ye Bai realised there was no one inside; however, this place was obviously cleaned up regularly as there wasn’t even a speck of dust.


The furnishing in the log house was simple, so Zhao Ye Bai gently put Zhao Ya down on the bed and smacked his face with both hands to force himself to calm down. He also took a deep breath before his figure finally stopped shaking.


He extended his hand and placed a finger under her nose and realised that her breathing had stabilised. It seemed that the healing pill had started taking effect.


Nevertheless, when he took a glance at Zhao Ya’s wound, he fell into a dilemma.


She had been injured on the left side of her chest. He had managed to help stop the blood from streaming out of her wound, but it still had to be dressed properly.


However, both of them were no longer children; they were fully grown adults. How was he supposed to help her treat a wound that was on her chest?


Nonetheless, her life was at stake here. If her wound was not dressed, she might lose her life to an infection.


Just when he had made up his mind to make a move, Zhao Ye Bai heard a series of footsteps approaching them.


He suddenly turned his head and yelled, “Who goes there!”


Presently, he was easily alarmed as he was worried that the formidable enemy would pursue them. If that was the case, he wouldn’t be able to ensure Zhao Ya’s safety even if he was willing to lose his life.


The footsteps outside the house came to a halt, and a moment later, a soft voice was heard saying, “Who are you? Why are you in my house?”


It was a woman’s voice!


Zhao Ye Bai quickly calmed himself down and pushed the door open. Lifting his gaze, he saw a woman clad in expensive clothes who appeared to be in her forties. She appeared slightly younger than her age as she had taken good care of her skin; however, there was a tinge of melancholy behind her eyes for some reason.


The woman must be from a wealthy family as the bodyguards behind her were now vigilantly staring at Zhao Ye Bai.


“Seven Stars Town’s Zhao Ye Bai greets Madame.” Zhao Ye Bai respectfully saluted her, “I had no idea that this house belonged to you. Please forgive me for causing any inconvenience.”


The woman examined him and seeing that he was acting politely, she nodded gently, “It’s fine. I don’t use this house often. Since you’re in need of a resting place, you can stay here for a few days.”


Upon finishing her words, she prepared to leave.


She initially decided to come here to get some rest, but since there was an outsider around, it was no longer appropriate for her to do so.


“Madame!” Zhao Ye Bai raised his hand and called out.


The woman turned her head and looked at him doubtfully.


Zhao Ye Bai cupped his fist, “My Sister and I came across a villain just now, and she was injured by him. As a man, it’s not appropriate for me to treat her wound. Will you please lend us a hand, Madame? We would be very grateful.”


“Your Sister is hurt?” The woman was astounded.


Zhao Ye Bai nodded, “She’s inside the house.”


“I’ll have a look,” The woman directly decided to enter the house.


On the other hand, the bodyguards looked cautiously at Zhao Ye Bai and one of them said in a small voice, “Madame, it might be a trap.”


“A life is at stake here,” the woman replied, then led the bodyguards to step into the house. Instantly, a metallic tang came right at their faces.


It wasn’t until the bodyguards saw the frail Zhao Ya on the bed that they believed Zhao Ye Bai’s words.


“Give me some medicine, then all of you should go out,” The woman waved her hand.


Zhao Ye Bai thanked her as he fished out all the necessary items from his Space Ring and put them down beside the bed. It was then he left the house with the bodyguards and closed the door before waiting patiently.


A moment later, someone was heard exclaiming from the house.


A stunned Zhao Ye Bai quickly asked, “What happened, Madame?”


The bodyguards immediately stepped forward in an attempt to barge into the house, but they were forcefully blocked out by Zhao Ye Bai.


“Don’t come in,” the woman was heard saying from the house a moment later. For some reason, her voice sounded shaky as she called out, “I’m fine! I’m fine!”


“Madame, are you really alright?” One of the worried bodyguards asked.


“I said I’m fine!” The woman replied in a firmer tone.


The bodyguards exchanged worried glances. Although they had no idea why the woman cried out just now, they reckoned that they shouldn’t barge in as she had said she was fine. They could only wait patiently.


A while later, the woman in the house said again, “Alright, you can come in now.”


An eager Zhao Ye Bai pushed the door open. When he looked up, he saw Zhao Ya calmly lying on the bed. The woman was just seated beside her as she looked down at her. She didn’t seem to mind the fact that her hands were covered in blood while her gaze was quite gentle.


The strange thing was, Zhao Ye Bai noticed that the woman’s eyes were slightly red, like she had cried earlier.




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