Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4695, Hu Xun


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Upon hearing that, Hu Xun and Xu Hao exchanged glances. The former nodded and said, “In that case, I suppose they’re the ones. What a coincidence. Your Mother is a kind-hearted person. The average person might not be willing to bring injured people back to their home.”


Xu Hao put on a smile, “My Mother has always been like that.”


Hu Xun then gazed at Xu Liang Cai, “Sir, since they’re in your house, can you invite them to come over and meet us? It’s thanks to them that we were able to easily complete the task from the Master Sect. I’d like to thank them personally.”


There was a hint of hesitation on Xu Liang Cai’s face, “To be honest with you, it’s not convenient to do so. According to the servants who brought those people back, the woman is severely injured as she’s still unconscious now.”


Hu Xun quickly rose from the chair, “In that case, I’ll have to see her. I have some healing pills with me that might help.”


Seeing that the man was so persistent, Xu Liang Cai found it hard to turn him down and eventually nodded, “Please wait a moment. I’ll make the arrangements.”


Hu Xun cupped his fist, “Many thanks, sir.”


Xu Liang Cai stepped into the inner court and told a maidservant to pass on his word to Zhao Ye Bai, who soon rushed over and cupped his fist, “Zhao Ye Bai greets Sir Village Chief.”


“It’s you!” Xu Liang Cai stared dazedly at the man. He only knew that his Wife had brought two people home with her, but he hadn’t expected that they were the very ones he had met in the morning. He could instantly recognise Zhao Ye Bai when he saw him.


There was an awkward expression on Xu Liang Cai’s face, for he wasn’t very polite to the two of them earlier this morning. 


After clearing his throat, he mentioned Hu Xun and the others as well as their suggestion to Zhao Ye Bai, who frowned upon hearing that and said, “Xiao Ya is still unconscious. Moreover, I’ve helped her consume some healing pills already. I thank Senior Brother Hu for his kindness, but it’s not convenient for him to see my Sister at this moment.”


It was then Xu Liang Cai said in a grim voice, “Noble Nephew Zhao, it’s not that I want to force you to do anything just because I’m older, but Noble Nephew Hu is a powerful disciple from Spirit Sea Temple. Since he’s sincere as he wants to express his gratitude, it’s hard for me to turn him down. Moreover, the medicine you have with you might not be as good as his. It will do your Sister no harm to let him have a look.”


Certainly, Zhao Ye Bai wasn’t willing to let anyone disturb Zhao Ya; however, since Xu Liang Cai, the owner of this place, had said so, it was difficult to reject him.


After a moment of deliberation, he nodded, “I’ll thank Senior Brother Hu in advance, then.”


With a smile, Xu Liang Cai patted the other man’s shoulder, “Wait a moment. I’ll tell them to come over now.”


Upon finishing his words, he turned around and left.


A while later, Xu Liang Cai brought two young men to come over. After some introductions, Zhao Ye Bai found out that the older one was the disciple of Spirit Sea Temple that Xu Liang Cai had mentioned, Hu Xun. The younger one was his son, Xu Hao, who was also a disciple of Spirit Sea Temple.


They then saluted one another. Although Hu Xun appeared polite, there was a faint sense of arrogance in his demeanour. Since Zhao Ye Bai was weaker, he was unable to see through the other party’s cultivation. On the other hand, Hu Xun could see at first glance that Zhao Ye Bai was only in the Qi Transformation Realm.


A doubt arose in his heart. [Since this man is so weak, could his companion be any more powerful? Was our target really killed by the two of them?]


“What’s your Sect, Junior Brother Zhao?” Hu Xun asked nonchalantly.


Zhao Ye Bai scratched his head, “I’ve never joined any Sect before.”


It was then Hu Xun came to the realisation that this person must have a terrible aptitude, so no Sect was willing to take him on as a disciple. That was why he only managed to make it to the Qi Transformation Realm at this age.


“What’s the Realm your Sister is in?”


Zhao Ye Bai never hid anything as he replied, “She’s now in the True Element Boundary Ninth-Stage.”


“True Element Boundary Ninth-Stage!” Hu Xun arched his brow. With such cultivation, it was possible that she had managed to kill their target; after all, they had severely injured him previously, so it was reasonable that the woman managed to get lucky and defeat him.


“I heard that your Sister was badly injured during the battle. It so happens that I’ve brought with me some special healing pills made in my Master Sect with excellent medicinal efficacies. May I go in and have a look?”


“This way, Senior Brother Hu,” Zhao Ye Bai extended his hand.


Before they even entered the room, they heard some footsteps approaching them. They turned their heads and saw Zhen Xue Mei emerging from the corner. It seemed that she had rushed over as she was panting heavily.


“What are you doing here?” Xu Liang Cai frowned.


A nervous Zhen Xue Mei replied, “The servants told me that all of you have gathered together here. I had no idea what was going on, so I decided to come over and see for myself.”


Xu Liang Cai said, “It’s nothing serious. Noble Nephew Hu just wants to check on the woman.”


It was then Zhen Xue Mei let out a sigh of relief.


To the side, Xu Hao spoke gently to Hu Xun, who then stepped forward, “Spirit Sea Temple’s Hu Xuan greets Madame.”


Zhen Xue Mei smiled and nodded, “There’s no need to be overly polite with me. Hao’er has repeatedly mentioned in his letters that you take good care of him in the Sect. As his parents, we’d should express our gratitude.”


Appearing to be humble, Hu Xun replied, “I don’t deserve your gratitude, Madame. Junior Brother Xu has an outstanding aptitude, and Honoured Master regards him highly. I’m only older than him by a few years as a Senior Brother, so it’s my duty to take care of him.”


After some small talk, they subsequently entered the room.


A faint smell of blood still lingered in the air, and Zhao Ya was lying there with her eyes closed as her face pale.


Zhao Ye Bai led them to the bed. When Zhen Xue Mei looked down, her eyes reddened in an instant as her eyelashes fluttered.


On the other hand, Xu Hao and the others were stunned as they stared fixedly at the woman on the bed. It wasn’t like they had never seen beautiful women before, but none of them were comparable to the one lying on the bed before them at all. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Zhao Ya’s beauty could cause the downfall of a city. When Zhao Ye Bai and her were travelling across the world, Zhao Ya’s beauty had attracted a lot of unwanted trouble.


After several incidents, she had no choice but to cover her face with a veil, which prevented many conflicts from happening.


Since she was recuperating in bed now though, her face naturally wasn’t covered.


Her pale face gave off a sense of morbid beauty. Any man who saw her in such a state would pity her and hope to become injured and lie on the bed in her stead.


Xu Liang Cai was amazed as well. Although he hadn’t managed to see Zhao Ya’s face in the morning, he had a feeling that this woman was extremely beautiful. When he finally saw her now though, her beauty still greatly surprised him.


At that moment, the room fell dead silent.


Realising that something was off, Zhen Xue Mei said with a frown, “Noble Nephew Hu, didn’t you say you’ve brought some healing medicine from your Master Sect?”


“En, here you go,” Hu Xun came to his senses and quickly fished out a bottle of Spirit Pills from his Space Ring. He was then ready to go over and feed Zhao Ya a pill. 


Seeing that, Zhao Ye Bai hurriedly stopped him, “Senior Brother Hu, please leave it to me. I wouldn’t dare to trouble you.”


Hu Xun shot him a glance, but there was no reason for him to insist; therefore, he passed the bottle to Zhao Ye Bai, “Help her take one pill now, and do it again every six hours.”


“I’ll remember,” Zhao Ye Bai nodded, but he didn’t immediately feed a pill to Zhao Ya.


That was because before their departure, Zhao Ya’s Master had passed them a lot of Spirit Pills. Given Senior’s power and status, the medicines that came from him must be the best of the best. Regardless of how useful the Spirit Pills that were given by Hu Xun, there was no way they could be better than what were in Zhao Ye Bai’s possession.


The reason he even accepted this bottle of pills was that he didn’t want to offend Hu Xun.


In order to change the subject, Zhao Ye Bai hurriedly asked, “Senior Brother, given your vision, can you tell how badly injured Xiao Ya is?”


After examining her for a moment, Hu Xun replied, “Her aura is stable, and her vitality is ample. I believe she’ll be fine. However, I’ll need to carry out a thorough examination on her to find out more.”


“Please check on her now then, Noble Nephew Hu,” Xu Liang Cai said. As a sly old man, he could easily tell Hu Xun’s intentions.


Zhen Xue Mei furrowed her brows, “It’s not appropriate for a man to inspect an unconscious woman’s body.”


Xu Liang Cai shot her a glare, “What do you know? Unlike ordinary people like us, cultivators wouldn’t be bothered about such trifles.”


“I don’t think it’s a trifle. Men and women who are not family members are not supposed to come into contact,” Zhen Xue Mei refuted sternly.


Xu Liang Cai had never expected that his Wife would embarrass him in front of such important guests, so his face had reddened with exasperation.


Just then, a weakened voice was heard calling out, “Big Brother Ye Bai…”


When they turned their heads, they saw that Zhao Ya’s lashes were fluttering. Her clear eyes opened the next moment and seemed to become an abyss that could trap the gazes of all the men present.


“Xiao Ya!” Zhao Ye Bai quickly took a seat beside her and touched her forehead before appearing relieved, “You’re finally awake.”


To the side, Zhen Xue Mei shook slightly. It seemed that she wanted to step forward, but she stopped herself from doing so in the end.


Zhao Ya nodded slightly, then gazed at the people beside the bed with vigilance, “Who are they?”


Zhao Ye Bai comforted her by saying, “Don’t worry. They’re not bad people.”


He then went on to introduce these people to her.


Only after he was finished did Zhao Ya nod, “I’m fine. I just need some time to recuperate.”


Hearing that, Zhen Xue Mei hurriedly said, “Young Lady, please get some rest and don’t worry about anything. We’ll take our leave now.”


Without responding to her, Zhao Ya closed her eyes.


Seeing that, they could only leave with Zhen Xue Mei. Zhao Ye Bai saw them off and returned to the room.


Xu Liang Cai brought Hu Xun and Xu Hao back to the banquet. As they drank more wine, the atmosphere became merry.


The banquet ended in the middle of the night as they returned to their rooms to get some rest.


The next morning, the people of Spirit Sea Temple came together. Hu Xun, as their leader, said, “All of you should take the criminal’s head back to the Master Sect first. Junior Brother Xu doesn’t come back home frequently, so he’ll stay here for a bit longer.”


“What about you, Senior Brother Hu?” Someone asked.


Hu Xun replied, “During our mission, I sensed a turning point in my cultivation, so I want to spend some time comprehending it. This place is peaceful and serene, which suits my needs. I’ll remain here for a short time. Go back now and tell my Master about it.”


“Yes,” they all agreed immediately.


After seeing his Fellow Brothers of Spirit Sea Temple off, Hu Xun turned his gaze to Xu Hao, “Junior Brother Xu, how have I treated you over the years?”


Xu Hao replied firmly, “Other than my parents, Senior Brother Hu has treated me the best. You were the one who took care of me when I first joined the Sect. I’ll never forget the favour you’ve shown me.”


With a gratified expression, Hu Xun patted the other man’s shoulder, “I know you’re a grateful person. I’ve always focused on Martial Dao, so although I’ve come of age, I’ve never considered getting myself a partner. However, life is full of surprises. Since the right woman has appeared, I should give it a serious thought. Will you lend me a hand, Junior Brother?”




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