Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4696, Refuse A Toast Drink A Forfeit


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“Do you have your eyes on that woman, Senior Brother?” Xu Hao wasn’t a fool. Although Hu Xun had never made it clear, Xu Hao could understand what the other man was trying to say.


Anyway, no man wouldn’t be tempted by such an alluring woman. Last night, he was in a dazed state while cultivating as he couldn’t help thinking about the woman’s slightly pale face. Although the woman was clearly older than him by a few years, cultivators typically enjoyed a very long life; hence, the difference in their age didn’t matter.


If he was able to marry such a woman, Xu Hao was willing to pay half of his lifespan in exchange.


However, at this moment, Hu Xun was expressing his thoughts right in front of him.


Xu Hao was displeased and furious as someone else had his eyes on the woman he was interested in; nevertheless, when he was facing this Senior Brother, who had been taking care of him since he was a young kid, he had no way to vent his anger.


“Junior Brother, if you can lend me a hand and make it happen, I’ll put in a good word for you in front of Honoured Master. I’ll ask him to teach you the second part of the Tempest Art.”


Xu Hao was immediately tempted. 


Although he was also a disciple of Spirit Sea Temple, his status was not comparable to that of Hu Xun. While Hu Xun was a Core Disciple in Spirit Sea Temple, Xu Hao was a less important Common Disciple. That was why Hu Xun was the leader that was in charge of the mission they were given by the Master Sect.


Over the years, he had only cultivated the first part of the Tempest Art and made it to the Third-Order True Element Boundary. In order to improve his cultivation, he had to get the second part of the Tempest Art.


However, his Master didn’t seem to have the intention of teaching it to him any time soon as he still wanted to give him more tests. This mission was one of the tests.


If Hu Xun was willing to put in a good word for him, Xu Hao could easily get the second part of the Tempest Art.


There wasn’t a lack of beautiful women in the world, but there was only one Tempest Art. Moreover, even if he competed with Hu Xun, he might not be the one who would marry the woman in the end.


Although he wasn’t really willing to give up, Xu Hao soon made up his mind and nodded, “Senior Brother, you’ve treated me like a real Brother all this time. If there’s any way I can help, just tell me right away.”


Hu Xun smiled and nodded before patting the other man’s shoulders, “You’re indeed my good Junior Brother. That woman is severely wounded, so it will take her a month or two to recuperate. En, help me find out about her background first.”


A curious Xu Hao asked, “That guy named Zhao Ye Bai said he hasn’t joined any Sect. I suppose the two of them had started cultivating due to some opportunity.”


Hu Xun replied, “That’s just what he said, we’d better find out more first.”


“Alright. Don’t worry, Senior Brother. I’ll look into it.”


In the next few days, Zhao Ya stayed in the room to recuperate. Zhen Xue Mei would visit her every day and stay for a few hours each time. She would talk to Zhao Ya when the latter was awake, and she would keep guard by her side when she was asleep.


On the other hand, Zhao Ye Bai felt apologetic as he thought that they had been troubling Zhen Xue Mei.


During this period of time, Xu Hao once brought Hu Xun to look for Zhen Xue Mei. They also visited Zhao Ya while they were there.


However, after that, Zhen Xue Mei would make sure to meet them outside the room whenever they came. She wouldn’t allow them to disturb Zhao Ya.


During Zhao Ya’s thirteen-year stay on Azure Jade Peak, her cultivation had been deliberately suppressed by Yang Kai, but while her cultivation improved slowly, her physique had been significantly improved.


Just like Zhao Ye Bai, her physique was one of the strongest among the cultivators in the same age and Realm; however, her frail-looking figure could easily fool others.


Although she was severely injured, it only took her five days to get out of bed, and it only took her another few days to start walking.


While her strong physique contributed to her rapid recovery, the Spirit Pills given by Yang Kai were another reason.


Following Hu Xun’s order, Xu Hao had asked his mother some indirect questions and found out more about Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya. Nevertheless, they rarely revealed any personal information, so the information Xu Hao could get was limited as well.


“They’re from Seven Stars Town?” Hu Xun frowned as the candlelight flickered in the room.


“Although I’ve never heard of Seven Stars Town before, I know a thing or two about Seven Stars Sect. It’s said that they were still a Second Class Sect in the past; then, all of a sudden, a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master became their Ancestor. That’s how they instantly became a First Class Sect.”


Hu Xun nodded, “I’m aware of that as well. I suppose Seven Stars Town relies on Seven Stars Sect to exist.”


“In that case, they’re probably the disciples of Seven Stars Sect.”


Hu Xun gently knocked on the table, “That guy has a terrible aptitude as he’s only in the Qi Transformation Realm at such an age. He might be speaking the truth when he said that he has never joined any Sect. He probably has nothing to do with Seven Stars Sect. On the other hand, Zhao Ya might be from Seven Stars Sect. However, even if it’s true, she must be a Common Disciple.”


Xu Hao bowed his head, “You have a point, Senior Brother.”


Zhao Ya was older than him by a few years, but she was only in the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage, so he supposed that her aptitude was no better than his. Even if she was really a disciple from Seven Stars Sect, she wouldn’t be an important figure.


Following that, Xu Hao fawned over him by saying, “Given your cultivation and status, Zhao Ya is extremely lucky to have gained your favour.”


Hu Xun shook his head, “But that woman is pretty cold and dispassionate. It won’t be easy to win her heart.”


Over the past few days, they had been trying to come into contact with Zhao Ya, but during their rare encounters, she always sported an indifferent expression and wouldn’t even spare them a glance. On the other hand, she seemed very concerned about Zhao Ye Bai, which infuriated Hu Xun.


As a Core Disciple of Spirit Sea Temple, he managed to make it to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage at such a young age. In the Sect, he was always surrounded by Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters. There had never been a woman who dared to treat him coldly.


“Let’s not forget about your Mother,” Hu Xun glared at him as he spoke.


For some reason, Zhen Xue Mei had always stayed by Zhao Ya’s side in the past few days, which made Hu Xun unable to reveal his charm in front of the alluring woman.


There was a meek expression on Xu Hao’s face as he changed the topic by saying, “Zhao Ya has recovered pretty quickly. Despite her injury, she could start walking after a few days.”


Hu Xun said coldly, “I can’t stay here for a long time as we need to head back to the Master Sect as soon as possible. No one will be able to take responsibility if Honoured Master blames us.”


“What should we do, then?” While secretly taking pleasure in the other man’s misfortune, Xu Hao never revealed any emotions on his face. Although he didn’t have a chance to get Zhao Ya, he wouldn’t want to see Hu Xun getting together with her either. Returning to the Sect without achieving anything would be the best outcome for him.


There was a dark expression on Hu Xun’s face as a sense of coldness flashed through his eyes, “In that case, I’ll have to go hard on her. A woman will become obedient after she’s bedded.”


Xu Hao was stunned, “Senior Brother, you…”


Hu Xun said grimly, “You have to help me, Junior Brother.”


Upon hearing that, Xu Hao became anxious.


The next day, Zhen Xue Mei was talking to Zhao Ya in the room, and as usual, she was the one who did all the talking while Zhao Ya listened in silence.


Certainly, Zhen Xue Mei could see that Zhao Ya wasn’t paying attention to her, but she didn’t mind it. Fortunately, Zhao Ye Bai would join the conversation from time to time.


Whenever that happened, Zhao Ya would be all ears as she smiled with her mouth covered.


Just then, footsteps were heard rapidly approaching them. They turned their heads and saw Xu Hao rushing over.


“Hao’er!” Zhen Xue Mei rose from the chair, “What are you doing here?”


Xu Hao replied with a smile, “Father wants to see you, Mother.”


“Your Father is looking for me?” Zhen Xue Mei was surprised.


Xu Hao nodded, “Yes. I don’t know what the matter is, but he seems anxious.”


Zhen Xue Mei furrowed her brows, but she soon set herself at ease. She then said to Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai, “Get some rest now. I’ll have a look.”


Zhao Ye Bai got up and said, “See you later, Aunty Mei.”


After she was gone, Zhao Ye Bai cupped his fist at Xu Hao, “We’re sorry for troubling you these past few days, Senior Brother Xu. Xiao Ya has mostly recovered, so we’ll be leaving soon.”


“You’re leaving so soon?” Xu Hao was shocked as he took a glance at the dispassionate Zhao Ya. He wasn’t willing to part ways with her.


Zhao Ye Bai nodded, “The reason we’ve come all the way here is to look for someone. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any clues yet, so we’ll have to keep searching.”


Xu Hao subconsciously nodded. 


“This Hu can lend you a hand if you’re trying to look for a specific person; after all, this area is the territory of Spirit Sea Temple. If the two of you don’t mind, you can come to Spirit Sea Temple with me. I’ll definitely find the person you’re looking for.” Hu Xun’s voice was heard coming from outside. The next moment, he stepped into the room.


Zhao Ya slightly narrowed her eyes as she turned her face away.


On the other hand, Zhao Ye Bai frowned. This was Xu Hao’s home, so he could be forgiven for coming into the room without invitation; however, Hu Xun had crossed the line by doing so. With that said, Zhao Ye Bai wasn’t someone who liked to make things difficult for others, so he still politely cupped his fist, “Senior Brother Hu.”


Hu Xun didn’t even spare him a glance as he stared fervently at Zhao Ya as though he wanted to eat her alive, “Are you willing to come back to Spirit Sea Temple with me, Sister Zhao Ya?”


Zhao Ya didn’t even lift her gaze as she said coldly, “Scram!”


Hu Xun’s expression changed, then he took a deep breath and put on a grin, “Sister Zhao Ya, you’re a beautiful and intelligent woman, so I don’t believe you haven’t realised my feelings for you. Although I’ve met countless women in the past, you’re the only one who could make me fall in love. I sincerely want you to come to Spirit Sea Temple with me. Don’t worry, I’ll ask my Master to hold a wedding for us. We’ll live together forever, and you’ll be my only woman.”


Zhao Ye Bai was dumbfounded upon hearing that as he had never expected that a man could speak to a woman like that. This was something completely new to him.


At the same time, he felt displeased in his heart as he had the urge to beat someone up for the first time. He initially had a good impression of Hu Xun, but looking at him now, he just felt that the man was despicable and hideous.


“I told you to get out. Are you deaf or what?” Zhao Ya finally lifted her eyes. Her gaze was like an ice sheet that had been frozen for thousands of years.


Hu Xun let out a sigh, “Since you’ve refused a toast, you must drink a loss. Junior Brother Xu!”


There was a conflicted expression on Xu Hao’s face, but the next moment, he subdued Zhao Ye Bai.


A dumbstruck Zhao Ye Bai called out, “Senior Brother Xu?”


Xu Hao appeared guilty as he lugged Zhao Ye Bai away in silence.




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