Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4697, She’s Your Daughter


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A loud bang was heard coming from behind Zhao Ye Bai as Zhao Ya and Hu Xun exchanged moves. Seeing that Zhao Ye Bai was captured, she wanted to save him, but the well-prepared Hu Xun wouldn’t let her succeed.


After intercepting her, Hu Xun said, “If you’re obedient, Zhao Ye Bai will be fine; however, if you resist, I can’t guarantee whether that brat will survive.”


“I’ll rip your corpse into 10,000 pieces if Big Brother Ye Bai loses a single strand of hair,” Zhao Ya shot him a piercing glance.


Hu Xun roared, “Why are you so concerned about such a useless waste? I was already a True Element Boundary Master at his age, but he’s only in the Qi Transformation Realm! Only this Hu has the right to spend the rest of his life with you!”


“You’re the waste here!” Zhao Ya sneered as she extended her hand and summoned a silver spear before pointing it at him, “Tell Xu Hao to send Big Brother Ye Bai back, and I’ll spare your life.”


Hu Xun let out a sigh, “Since you’re so obstinate, don’t blame me for not treating you gently.”


Outside the court, Zhao Ye Bai sighed, “What’s the point of him doing all this?”


After lugging him out of the court, Xu Hao directly released him. He didn’t intend to restrict him in any way. Given the fact that he was a True Element Boundary Master, Zhao Ye Bai could never make a scene in front of him.


As he listened to the noises of the battle and sensed the clashes of powers, he felt bitter in his heart; after all, the alluring woman would belong to Hu Xun in just a moment.


When he turned his head and saw Zhao Ye Bai looking all calm, he frowned, “Aren’t you worried about Zhao Ya?”


A puzzled Zhao Ye Bai asked, “What’s there to worry about?”


On top of numerous healing pills, the pair had also brought two Artifact Armours with them when they left Azure Jade Peak to venture into the outside world.


Those Artifact Armours were given to Zhao Ya during the Disciple Recruitment of Seven Stars Sect in the past. At that time, Yang Kai kept those gifts for her.


It wasn’t until she had to leave the mountain that he gave some of the artifacts back to her.


However, both Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya had never thought about putting the artifacts on all along. They didn’t want to rely on any external aids during their journey as they wanted to push their limits and test themselves.


A few days ago though, Zhao Ya was severely injured, and she still hadn’t fully recovered even now. Worried that something might happen while she was in a weakened state, Zhao Ye Bai told her to put on her Artifact Armour.


Naturally, Zhao Ya wouldn’t disobey him.


The Artifact Armour was made by an Elder from Seven Stars Sect who was in the Dao Source Realm, so it was extremely valuable to a cultivator in the True Element Boundary. One could be well protected by putting it on. Even someone in the Transcendent Realm would not be able to harm Zhao Ya, not to mention that Hu Xun was only in the Immortal Ascension Boundary.


Perhaps only people in the Origin Returning Realm and Origin King Realm could break through the defensive power of the Artifact Armour.


Xu Hao was dumbfounded as he gazed at Zhao Ye Bai. He couldn’t believe that such a person existed in the world. His Sister hadn’t fully recovered, and she was now locked in an intense battle with a stronger foe. If she was defeated, her modesty would be violated; however, this man was not anxious at all.


All of a sudden, Zhao Ye Bai appeared worried, “Xiao Ya hasn’t recovered yet. Her wound would be irritated by making a move.”


“That’s all you’re worried about?” Xu Hao thought that there must be something wrong with this guy’s head as the latter hadn’t realised the severity of the matter.


After giving it a thought, Zhao Ye Bai replied in a nervous tone, “Xiao Ya has a rather ruthless personality. I hope she doesn’t kill Senior Brother Hu.”


At that moment, Xu Hao no longer wanted to talk to him.


Just then, Xu Liang Cai and Zhen Xue Mei rushed over and a flustered Xu Liang Cai asked, “Hao’er, what’s going on?”


He was perplexed when Zhen Xue Mei looked for him just now. Before they could figure out what their son was up to though, they heard the noises of a battle, which was why they rushed over.


There was a meek expression on Xu Hao’s face as he blocked the entrance of the court, “Nothing. It’s just that Senior Brother Hu wanted to exchange some pointers with that young lady.”


“Exchange pointers?” Zhen Xue Mei’s expression changed, “That’s ridiculous! Xiao Ya hasn’t recovered yet, so how is she able to exchange moves with another person? Why didn’t you stop them, Hao’er?”


Upon finishing her words, she was ready to rush in and stop them.


“Mother!” Xu Hao steadfastly blocked the entrance as he pressed his lips together and shook his head.


Zhen Xue Mei’s face turned pale as she gazed at her son’s guilty-looking eyes.


It was apparent that the people in the court were not exchanging pointers.


Upon that realisation, Xu Liang Cai furrowed his brows.


Certainly, he was not pleased with Hu Xun’s action in his house, but that man was his son’s Senior Brother after all, and Xu Hao’s future hinged on him. Hence, despite his displeasure, he wasn’t willing to interfere in the matter.


To him, both Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai were just strangers, so their life or death had nothing to do with him.


“In that case, we’ll just let them do whatever they want,” Xu Liang Cai said, then motioned to his Wife to stay out of it.


On the other hand, Zhen Xue Mei’s face was as pale as a white sheet while she clenched her son’s arms and begged, “Hao’er, stop your Senior Brother right now! Xiao Ya is still injured, she can’t fight with him!”


Xu Hao hung his head low and replied in a small voice, “Mother, I have no right to change Senior Brother Hu’s decision.”


“Why are you trying to interfere in the matter between the two of them? Go back now.” Xu Liang Cai extended his hand to pull Zhen Xue Mei, who flung his hand away.


With a despondent expression, she gazed at Xu Hao and said anxiously, “Hao’er, I don’t want anything to happen to Xiao Ya. Please tell your Senior Brother not to do this. You’re his Fellow Brother after all. I’m sure he’ll listen to you!”


Xu Hao shook his head with a helpless smile, “Mother, you have no idea about my Senior Brother’s temperament. Once he has made a decision, no one else can change his mind other than our Master.”


Xu Liang Cai clenched her arm and snapped, “Why are you being so meddlesome in other people’s affairs!? It’s completely normal that cultivators exchange pointers, so why are you making a scene here?”


“Don’t touch me!” Zhen Xue Mei flung his hand away again and attempted to step into the court, “I’ll stop them myself then!”


Following that, a loud noise was heard as Xu Liang Cai slapped across her face. He said through clenched teeth, “You wench! Will you only be happy by making our son lose his footing in Spirit Sea Temple!?”


Zhen Xue Mei covered her face and stared at him while feeling heartbroken. With her tears sliding down her face, she said in a shaking voice, “What do you know? What do you know!? You know nothing!”


Xu Liang Cai’s face fell, “I don’t have to know anything. Hao’er, take your Mother away.”


Zhen Xue Mei gritted her teeth and roared, “The woman in that court is your Daughter!”


Xu Liang Cai’s expression turned from furious to stunned while Xu Hao and Zhao Ye Bai were dumbstruck.


They stared at Zhen Xue Mei as they couldn’t believe what they had just heard.


As soon as Zhen Xue Mei finished shouting, she collapsed to the ground and wailed, “She is Dong’er!”


“W-What nonsense are you spouting?” Xu Liang Cai was trembling as he pointed at her.


Zhen Xue Mei covered her face with both hands as her tears uncontrollably streamed out of her eyes, “There’s a pink birthmark shaped like a plum blossom on her left shoulder. Although many years have passed, I still remember it clearly. There’s no way there’s another person with the same birthmark. Moreover, her facial features are similar to mine, or are all of you just blind?”


Xu Liang Cai staggered as though he had been struck by a hammer. His face turned pallid in an instant.


Disbelief was written all over Xu Hao’s face as he muttered, “She’s my Big Sister? Isn’t she supposed to be dead?”


Zhen Xue Mei explained, “She was injured previously. I saw the birthmark when I dressed her wound. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him,” She then pointed at Zhao Ye Bai.


Xu Liang Cai and Xu Hao turned to look at him at the same time.


A flushing Zhao Ye Bai replied, “Yes, there’s a birthmark on her left shoulder. It looks like a pink plum blossom.” He had seen it when they were little kids, but he never saw it again after they became adults.


“Aren’t you her Brother?” Xu Liang Cai was astounded.


Zhao Ye Bai explained, “We grew up together, but we’re not biological siblings. According to my Mother, a few days after I was born on a particularly stormy night, she heard a baby crying outside our house. When she opened the door, she saw Xiao Ya lying on the ground. She was wrapped in a piece of cloth at that time. Xiao Ya is aware of that as well.”


“How old are you now?” Xu Liang Cai asked.


“Twenty years old.”


The colour drained from Xu Liang Cai’s already pale face.


There was also a great storm on the day he dumped the child on the mountain. It was just like what Zhao Ye Bai had described.


Moreover, now that he thought about it, Zhao Ya’s facial features were indeed similar to those of Zhen Xue Mei, but they hadn’t paid attention to it previously.


“Why didn’t you say anything sooner!?” Xu Liang Cai stomped his foot on the ground.


Zhen Xue Mei couldn’t stop crying, “She was discarded in the mountains to die when she was a baby. Now that she’s a grown woman, what right do I have to say anything?”


She had never intended to expose this secret to anyone. In fact, she was already gratified that her daughter had grown up to be a beautiful young woman instead of being killed as a baby. She wouldn’t dare to ask for more.


Back then, she asked some people to build a log house on the mountain where the child was abandoned. She would stay in that house from time to time, and as she recalled that it was in that place where her child might have been taken away by some beast as a meal, she felt heartbroken and guilt-ridden.


Twenty years had passed, and she had found her child in the exact same place.


There was a moment when she thought that it was fate.


The Xu Family members sported different expressions, and it wasn’t until this moment that Zhao Ye Bai realised why Zhen Xue Mei had been so concerned about Zhao Ya as she would keep her company for a few hours every day.


He now knew that she had recognised her daughter when she was dressing the wound for Zhao Ya.


That must be the reason she exclaimed in the log house at that time.


[Xiao Ya has found her biological parents!] Zhao Ye Bai couldn’t help but put on a grin. He supposed it was good news.


“Hao’er, stop your Senior Brother now! She’s your Big Sister! It’s not too late yet!” Zhen Xue Mei looked pleadingly at her son.


Xu Hao nodded and shuffled towards the court.


Just then, a blast of wind spread around from the court as Xu Hao staggered backwards upon impact, widening his eyes and exclaimed, “Immortal Ascension Boundary!”


The clouds in the sky suddenly darkened as deafening thunder was heard.


World Energy Baptism!


This was a precursor to someone breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary. Of the two people in the court, Hu Xun was in the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage, so he wasn’t the cause of this phenomenon. The only possibility was that Zhao Ya was breaking through!




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