Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4698, My Name Is Zhao Ya


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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As lightning struck, the aura of the Immortal Ascension Boundary spread out wildly. The noises of the battle in the court intensified as Hu Xun could be heard crying out.


Xu Hao had no idea what was going on inside, and although he wanted to have a look, he was unable to even approach the courtyard.


An incense stick later, the noises slowly subsided.


Half of the manor had been destroyed from the fallout of the battle. Xu Hao immediately rushed towards the battlefield, and what came into his sight caused his pupils to contract.


There was a figure, whose white clothes were stained with blood, standing on the chaotic battlefield with a spear in her hand. Blood was seen dripping from the tip of the silver spear. In front of her, Hu Xun was leaning against the wall as he covered his own throat with both hands. His figure was battered and there were countless wounds all over his body. He was no longer able to speak as blood continuously streamed through the gaps of his fingers. With his eyes widened, he still seemed to be longing for life.


Xu Hao was flabbergasted.


Not only was Hu Xun defeated, but it also seemed that he wouldn’t survive.


The sight was unbelievable to Xu Hao.


It had to be noted that Hu Xun was in the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage while Zhao Ya had just achieved a breakthrough to the Immortal Ascension Boundary. 


[How? How is it possible that Hu Xun was defeated?]


The next moment, Xu Hao felt a dense murderous intent fall on him like a tsunami. He instantly felt cold all over his body as though he had fallen into an ice cave.


A cold light expanded before his eyes and blinded his vision.


Zhao Ye Bai, who arrived just in time, hurriedly shouted, “Xiao Ya, stop! He’s your Brother!”


A gale swept past Xu Hao’s face as a spear point came into contact with his forehead, drawing a trickle of blood. His vision refocused as he could finally see that Zhao Ya was standing just three steps away from him while her spear was literally pressed against his head.


He was instantly drenched in cold sweat as he had just escaped from death’s door.


If Zhao Ye Bai hadn’t shouted in time, Xu Hao would’ve turned into a corpse by now. It was then he realised it wasn’t a joke when Zhao Ye Bai said Zhao Ya had a ruthless temperament.


“Xiao Ya!” Zhen Xue Mei wailed and rushed over before clenching her daughter’s arms. She appeared anxious as she examined her, “Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”


There was a conflicted expression on Xu Liang Cai’s face as he glanced at Zhao Ya, but his attention was soon attracted to the dying Hu Xun. His expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, “Hao’er, check on your Senior Brother, now!”


Following a nod, Xu Hao dashed towards Hu Xun and inspected his wounds.


Zhao Ya’s surging murderous intent instantly dissipated the moment Zhao Ye Bai called out to her. With a caring gaze, she asked, “Are you alright, Big Brother Ye Bai?”


“I’m fine,” Zhao Ye Bai shook his head.


“What were you talking about just now?” Zhao Ya appeared puzzled.


Zhao Ye Bai parted his lips for a moment before letting out a sigh, “Xiao Ya, if I’m not mistaken, Aunty Mei is your Mother, and Uncle Xu is your Father. Also, Xu Hao is your younger Brother.”


“Mother?” Zhao Ya’s pupils contracted as she looked dazedly at Zhen Xue Mei. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard.


Like the pearls after the string snapped, Zhen Xue Mei’s tears slid down her face as she nodded repeatedly, “My child, I’m your Mother!”


In an instant, Zhao Ya’s mind descended into chaos; after all, she had just finished a life-and-death battle, and all of a sudden someone firmly claimed to be her Mother. She couldn’t wrap her head around the idea.


She wouldn’t have believed it if someone else had said it, but she would never doubt whatever Zhao Ye Bai told her.


“When you were injured previously, Aunty Mei was helping to dress your wound in the log cabin. That was when she saw the plum blossom birthmark on your left shoulder. Aunty Mei’s Daughter has the same birthmark. Moreover, your age matches that of her Daughter.” Zhao Ye Bai sighed.


Zhao Ya stared dazedly at the weeping Zhen Xue Mei. All of a sudden, she recalled that the older woman had said she had a daughter who was about the same age as her.


However, during Zhao Ya’s stay in this place, she had never seen this daughter that Zhen Xue Mei had mentioned before. She wasn’t a prying person though, so she had never asked about it.


It now seemed that she was the daughter that Zhen Xue Mei had talked about.


“I’m sorry, Xiao Ya. I didn’t take good care of you,” Zhen Xue Mei felt as if she would never stop crying.


Zhao Ya’s eyes slowly reddened as well. Staring at the woman in front of her, she called out gently, “Mother…”


Zhen Xue Mei covered her mouth as she sobbed. She had been waiting for twenty years to hear her daughter call her ‘Mother’. Now that her wish had been granted, she felt she could die with no regrets.


On the other hand, Xu Liang Cai was standing beside Hu Xun as he appeared apprehensive. Although Xu Hao infused his power into Hu Xun’s body in an attempt to save him, his efforts were in vain.


Initially, Hu Xun could still make some gurgling sounds through his throat, but just a while later, he fell silent as he widened his eyes. His hands went limp as his vitality dissipated.


Xu Hao slowly got to his feet, his face as pale as a sheet.


“He’s dead?” As if struck by lightning, Xu Liang Cai staggered backwards and fell on his bottom, “It’s over… It’s all over!”


Hu Xun was killed in his house, and the murderer was the daughter he had abandoned twenty years ago. There was no way those from Spirit Sea Temple would let them off. Not only was Xu Hao’s future destroyed, but their entire family was also doomed.


He suddenly got up and charged towards Zhao Ya before angrily slapping across her face.


Following a loud slap, a red mark appeared on Zhao Ya’s face.


“Look what you’ve done!” Xu Liang Cai was infuriated.


“What are you doing!?” Zhen Xue Mei quickly stood in front of Zhao Ya and spread her arms like a hen protecting her chick.


Xu Liang Cai snapped, “She’s a jinx! I threw her away twenty years ago, so why did she come back at this point? The moment she came back, she has given us such a calamity! If I had known this would happen, I would’ve strangled her to death myself!”


“Are you out of your mind!?” Zhen Xue Mei exclaimed.


Behind her, Zhao Ya hung her head low as her tears dropped to the ground. She muttered, “So… I was abandoned.”


Xu Liang Cai barked, “Yes, I was the one who threw you away on the mountain! Why were you not taken away by some beast!? Why are you still alive!?”


“Enough! Dong’er is your Daughter!” Zhen Xue Mei was so overwhelmed that she started trembling.


“She has brought such a disaster upon our family once she appeared! I don’t have a daughter like her! Now that Hu Xun is dead, what will happen to Hao’er? What will happen to our family? There’s no way those from Spirit Sea Temple will forgive us! We’re doomed! All this has happened because of her!”


Zhen Xue Mei roared, “Hu Xun was a wicked man. He wanted to violate Dong’er’s modesty! Was she not supposed to resist? He got what he deserved!”


“Shut up, you wretch!”


“Big Brother Ye Bai!” Zhao Ya suddenly gazed at Zhao Ye Bai and put on a gentle smile, “Will you please go somewhere else for a moment? I’d like to talk to my parents.”


Zhao Ye Bai frowned as he looked at the red mark on her face. Although he was hesitant, he still nodded in the end. He then walked out of the courtyard and disappeared from their sight.


Xu Liang Cai was still cursing when he abruptly stopped. When his vision focused, he found himself staring at the tip of a silver spear that was right in front of his face. In a shaking voice, he said, “W-What are you doing? I’m your Father. Do you want to kill me?”


Zhen Xue Mei was also dumbstruck as she shook her head at Zhao Ya with anxiety, “Don’t make any rash moves, Dong’er!”


Although she had always been resentful of Xu Liang Cai for throwing her child away, Zhao Ya was his daughter after all. It would be totally unacceptable if she decided to kill him.


Xu Hao’s heart leaped to his throat as he had witnessed how Zhao Ya mercilessly murdered Hu Xun. If she decided to kill here, he was powerless to stop her.


It seemed that only Zhao Ye Bai could stop her from doing anything irrational.


It was no wonder that she told Zhao Ye Bai to leave for a moment. It was apparent that she didn’t want the man to see her looking so cruel and heartless.


“When I was a young child, I already knew that I was picked up by Aunty Lu. She is like a Mother to me, and she treats me really well. There’s also Uncle Yang. Big Brother Ye Bai always said that if my Father were still alive, he would be as amiable as Uncle Yang; hence, I always believed that since I had a Mother and Father figure, I was not lacking anything. I left Seven Stars Town at the age of seven and joined Seven Stars Sect. Although my Master seems to be cold-blooded, he’s actually a good man. Moreover, I also have Big Brother Ye Bai.”


“What are you trying to say, Dong’er?” Zhen Xue Mei gazed at her with a horrified expression.


There was a faint smile on Zhao Ya’s face, “I’ve never thought about looking for my biological parents. To me, those who have raised me are my family members. As for all of you… you’re nothing to me.”


Xu Liang Cai gulped as he said meekly, “I’m your biological Father.”


Zhao Ya replied with a smile, “What right do you have to claim to be my Father when you didn’t even bother to raise me? Who do you think you are to give me orders?”


While she pushed her spear forward again, Xu Liang Cai staggered backwards and yelled, “Y-You can’t do this to me!”


“I guess I’ll be considered unfilial and wicked if I stabbed this spear into your head. Do you want to give it a try?”


Zhen Xue Mei’s face turned pale, “Please don’t, Dong’er!”


There was a cold expression on Zhao Ya’s face as she said through clenched teeth, “My name is Zhao Ya!”


All of a sudden, she put her spear away and bent her back to salute Zhen Xue Mei, “Many thanks for taking care of me in the past few days, Aunty Mei. Please take care of yourself in the future.”


Zhen Xue Mei cried, “You have to take good care of yourself too.”


With an impassive expression, Zhao Ya nodded and shuffled forward.


“There’s no way you can escape.” Xu Hao, who had remained silent for a long time, sighed, “Since Senior Brother Hu Xun is dead, his Life Lamp has undoubtedly shattered. Those from Spirit Sea Temple must be aware of his death by now. I suppose my Honoured Master is rushing over to this place.”


Xu Liang Cai nodded repeatedly, “You can’t just leave! Wait for those from Spirit Sea Temple to come and explain everything to them!”


Zhao Ya ignored him, but she soon stopped in her tracks and looked in a particular direction with an alarmed expression.


A figure suddenly appeared beside her as Zhao Ye Bai had returned. He took Zhao Ya’s hand and said anxiously, “We have to run, now! Something’s wrong!”


He was only in the Qi Transformation Realm, so his senses weren’t as sharp as Zhao Ya’s. Nevertheless, he instinctively felt uneasy, as though something terrible was about to happen.




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