Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4699, Suddenly Able to Run Really Fast


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The two of them left in a rush, but just a moment later, a figure descended from the sky along with a horrifying pressure.


As if struck by lightning, a dazed Zhen Xue Mei and a terrified Xu Liang Cai coughed out a mouthful of blood at the same time. It was the same case for Xu Hao, who was only in the True Element Boundary.


The figure landed in front of Hu Xun with his eyes narrowed while his murderous intent surged.


“Disciple greets Honoured Master!” While bearing the pressure forcefully, Xu Hao took a step forward and fell on his knees.


This person was none other than the Temple Master of Spirit Sea Temple, Jia Hong. As the Sect Master of a First Class Sect in the Void Continent, he was a powerful Second-Order Emperor Realm Master and was famous throughout the entire World.


Hu Xun and Xu Hao had the luck to become his Disciples, but Xu Hao was just an In Name Disciple while Hu Xun was a True Disciple. Jia Hong regarded Hu Xun highly because of his extraordinary aptitude. When the other Disciples brought the criminal’s head back to Spirit Sea Temple, Jia Hong was quite pleased; however, he had never expected that he would be informed of Hu Xun’s Life Lamp shattering just a few days later.


He immediately left the temple and arrived at this place. Given his Second Order Emperor Realm cultivation, it only took him a cup of tea’s time to travel from Spirit Sea Temple to this small village.


After examining Hu Xun for a moment, Jia Hong shot a dispassionate glance at Xu Hao and snorted.


He had quite a number of Disciples, and although Hu Xun was not bad, he was not the brightest. Regardless, he was Jia Hong’s Disciple. Since his Disciple was killed, Jia Hong, as the Master, could not just pretend that nothing had happened. The person who had the guts to do this would have to pay a hefty price.


He didn’t even ask Xu Hao who killed Hu Xun, because before he arrived at this place, he could already detect two auras with different strengths leaving this place in a hurry with his Divine Sense.


One of them was in the Immortal Ascension Boundary while the other was in the Qi Transformation Realm.


How could weak cultivators like them possibly escape from his senses?


The next moment, Jia Hong leapt into the sky like a Great Peng and disappeared.


A couple dozen kilometres away, Zhao Ya wrapped Zhao Ye Bai with her True Qi and flew forward. Just a moment later, she felt a fierce Divine Sense locking onto them.


Her expression changed as she yelled, “We should split up, Big Brother Ye Bai!”


She was aware that she was unable to resist the person who was coming for them. Regardless of how many treasures her Master had given her before they left, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep her life this time. She was the one who killed Hu Xun, so it had nothing to do with Zhao Ye Bai. If they split up now, he would stand a chance to live. By sticking together, both of them would just be killed at the same time.


Without giving Zhao Ye Bai a chance to reject her, she gently pushed out her palm and sent him flying away. In the meantime, she shot off in a different direction.


Zhao Ye Bai fell to the ground and rolled away. With his face covered in sand, he looked up and saw a ray of light chasing after Zhao Ya.


With his eyes widened and he stomped the ground hard as he raced after them.


However, he was only in the Qi Transformation Realm, so he was unable to run as fast as Zhao Ya or as fast as Jia Hong could fly. Just a moment later, they were already out of his sight.


While he was anxious, he kept blaming himself.


They had come across a lot of dangers during their recent adventure, but it was always Zhao Ya who protected him. He felt like he was a burden that was practically useless.


Nevertheless, he knew that his aptitude was ordinary. Since he obtained the Secret Art in his dream three years ago, he had only managed to make it to the Qi Transformation Realm, so he was unable to help Zhao Ya out at all.


Despite that, he still tried his best to catch up.


In front of him, Jia Hong was moving at the speed of lightning as he could see Zhao Ya from a distance. He snorted at the fact that an Immortal Ascension brat had the guts to act impudently in front of him.


He extended his hand and surged his Emperor Qi as he prepared to launch an attack on Zhao Ya.


Instantly, Zhao Ya felt her entire figure stiffening as she was engulfed in the aura of death; however, the next moment, this feeling mysteriously dissipated.


Meanwhile, a myriad of expressions came over Jia Hong, who was behind her.


That was because just as he was preparing to make a move, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis befall him, as though he would suffer a terrible calamity if he dared to push out his palm.


Given his Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation, Jia Hong knew well enough to not simply ignore this kind of instinctual warning; therefore, he didn’t dare to act rashly.


While feeling doubtful, he dispersed the power he had gathered, after which the sense of uneasiness faded.


He frowned and released his Divine Sense, but he couldn’t detect any anomalies in the surroundings, nor was there a formidable enemy nearby. 


[Was it just my imagination?]


Thinking so, he prepared to attack again.


This time, he no longer had that kind of feeling, but after he pushed out his palm, the young woman in front of him staggered at just the right moment to completely avoid his blow, leaving her perfectly fine.


Jia Hong widened his eyes in disbelief.


The move he had just made was meant to end the young woman’s life, and given her mere Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivation, it was absolutely impossible for her to dodge it. However, she really managed to escape from death somehow.


Jia Hong had no idea what was going on.


He had made a move twice just now. The first time, he was stopped by the sense of unease he felt, and for the second move, he actually missed his mark. He had a feeling that something was off, so he wouldn’t dare to make any rash moves again; instead, he kept a fixed distance from the woman and observed her carefully.


These two figures flew forward, seemingly in tandem, at shocking speed.


Presently, Zhao Ye Bai was far behind them. He was initially anxious, but as time passed, he became immersed in a strange feeling while running at full speed.


It was as though he had merged with the World around him.


He had experienced the same feeling once three years ago. At that time, he was agitated by Miao Fei Ping’s words, causing his thoughts to run wild. For some reason, he then fell into a dream-like state where he found himself floating in a vast expanse of nothingness. It was Senior who woke him up in the end.


Senior told him that he had accidentally triggered the power of this World, and that this kind of power was extremely dangerous, so he had to be careful whenever he acted in the future.


Zhao Ye Bai would never dare to forget Senior’s warning and ensure that he never replicated that incident again.


However, none of that mattered at this moment. He was too weak as a Qi Transformation Realm cultivator, and only by leveraging on the might of this World could he possibly lend Zhao Ya a hand.


His eyes were clear and his emotions became as calm as a still tranquil lake.


While he was bolting forward, layers of ripples started spreading from Zhao Ye Bai, though he was unaware of this fact. The Space Dao Essence in the World around him was triggered and resonated with him.


Suddenly, he took a step forward and abruptly disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was already in a faraway place.


While his figure kept flickered and disappearing, Zhao Ye Bai looked steadfastly towards the front as everything around him seemed to be slipping backward rapidly. Letting out a roar with pleasure, he felt as though he was a fish swimming in water for the first time ever.


Half a month later, Zhao Ye Bai finally saw a ray of light on the horizon; it was the powerful Master from Spirit Sea Temple.


[Xiao Ya is right in front of me!] Zhao Ye Bai dashed forward at even greater speed.


In the sky up above, Jia Hong, who had been chasing after Zhao Ya, noticed the anomaly happening to Zhao Ye Bai as well. When he looked down, he saw the little Qi Transformation Realm boy’s figure disappearing from time to time. The person seemed able to ignore the obstacles of space and move from one place to another in the blink of an eye.


Jia Hong widened his eyes in disbelief as he wondered to himself, [What kind of power is that?] He had never seen or heard of anything like that before and all he could tell was that the space around the Qi Transformation Realm boy was warping with each step the latter took.


While he was flabbergasted, he was also feeling extremely vexed and helpless.


During this pursuit, he had repeatedly attempted to kill or capture Zhao Ya; however, whenever he made a move, he would either be forced to stop following an invisible sense of warning, or his attacks would simply be rendered useless for some strange reason.


As an Emperor Realm Master, Jia Hong had actually been chasing after an Immortal Ascension Boundary Junior for half a month, but he still hadn’t achieved his goal. He wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t happening to him.


Now that he saw a Qi Transformation Realm brat using some strange power, Jia Hong felt that the experience over the past half a month had turned his worldview upside down.


It only took the boy a short moment to surpass him and reach the young woman. For every step the boy took, he seemed able to borrow some kind of power from this World.


No words could ever describe how astounded Jia Hong was.


“Big Brother Ye Bai!” Zhao Ya was shocked as well, “Why did you follow me?”


Presently, Zhao Ye Bai was covered in blood. Given his Qi Transformation Realm, if he couldn’t borrow this World’s Strength, he would’ve died of exhaustion after manipulating Space Principles so abruptly and frequently and wouldn’t have made it to this place. Despite that, every time he used Instantaneous Movement, his figure still had to bear immense pressure.


If it weren’t because his physique was quite robust, he would’ve been crushed to dust upon breaking through the Void.


“I have no idea why, but I was suddenly able to run really fast,” Zhao Ye Bai replied in a weakened tone.


Zhao Ya felt heartbroken for him as she engulfed him with her strength. At the same time, she fished out some Spirit Pills from her Space Ring and stuffed them into his mouth.


Zhao Ye Bai put on a silly smile, “I’m really glad that you’re okay.”


Ha had been extremely nervous while chasing after them; after all, many things could happen in half a month. He was worried that he would find Zhao Ya in a state he would never have the heart to see.


Zhao Ya snorted, “That bastard behind me is just toying with me. He seems to enjoy watching me run, so he never made any fatal moves!”


If Jia Hong had heard what Zhao Ya just said, he would have beat his chest and roared in indignation. Although he had only made a few moves, he was determined to end Zhao Ya’s life with each one, but for some unknown reason, all his attempts turned out to be futile, and Zhao Ya was still alive and well.


“I guess there’s something wrong with him,” Zhao Ye Bai said grimly, “This place is not far away from Seven Stars Sect. It will only take us a few days to return. With Senior around, that person won’t dare to harm you.”


“En.” Zhao Ya nodded.


In fact, she had been heading in the direction of Seven Stars Sect this whole time. She knew that it was impossible for her to go against an Emperor Realm Master, so she could only go back and seek her Master’s help.


“I’ll bring you out of this place!” Zhao Ye Bai took her hand and activated his new ability, causing the world to contort. The next instant, they disappeared from the spot.


Jia Hong wore a dark expression from a distance as he saw this.


He had faintly realised something during this pursuit, but things had come to a point where he was unable to back down. His Disciple was killed, so there was no way he could pretend that nothing had happened. He could only keep following this young couple and see what was waiting for him.


He no longer believed that he could kill Zhao Ya to avenge Hu Xun’s death, but this matter had to be resolved regardless.




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