Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4700, Uncle Yang, Are You Dying?


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“Seven Stars Sect…”


Jia Hong stopped in his tracks in front of the mountain entrance and looked up at the Sect’s name on its arching signboard.


The young man and woman that he had been chasing had entered Seven Stars Sect. As the Sect Master of Spirit Sea Temple, Jia Hong was naturally aware of Seven Stars Sect because both were First Class Sects. Although both Sects were far from one another, they would come into contact from time to time.


An elderly man was already waiting in front of Seven Stars Sect. When he saw Jia Hong, he cupped his fist, “Welcome, Temple Master Jia. I’m sorry for not receiving you earlier.”


Jia Hong replied impassively, “It’s been a long time, Sect Master Shang Guan.”


Shang Guan Ji said, “Our Ancestor is aware of your arrival and is waiting for you on Azure Jade Peak. This way, please.”


Upon hearing that, Jia Hong narrowed his eyes and fell silent for a moment, “Sect Master Shang Guan, what’s the relationship of the young man and woman with your noble Sect’s Ancestor?”


Shang Guan Ji replied with a smile, “You’ll find out about it after you go up the mountain.”


Jia Hong snorted, “This Jia is going now, then.”


He then strutted towards the peak of the mountain. Shang Guan Ji watched him leave without any intention to stop him.


In just a moment, Jia Hong arrived atop Azure Jade Peak. A man and woman were already quietly standing on the peak, the very two who had fled from Green Mountain Town.


Jia Hong wasn’t surprised to see them here as he furrowed his brows.


If these two people had something to do with the Ancestor of Seven Stars Sect, it explained why he had come across so many anomalies while chasing them.


He now firmly believed he wouldn’t be able to avenge Hu Xun’s death.


“My Honoured Master is waiting for you in the hall,” Zhao Ya said impassively.


Jia Hong arched his brow then went straight inside.


No one knew what Jia Hong and Yang Kai talked about, but just a cup of tea later, Jia Hong left the hall in a respectful manner and leaped into the sky without turning his head. He didn’t even bring up the fact that his Disciple was killed.


Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai exchanged glances before letting out a sigh of relief, knowing that this matter was over.


“You two, come inside.” Yang Kai’s voice was heard coming from the hall.


Zhao Ya’s neck shrank as she was evidently afraid. Zhao Ye Bai took her hand and gave her an assuring look before leading her to the hall.


Although they had cultivated on the mountain for thirteen years, it was the first time they actually stepped into this hall.


Since the door was open, they entered right away and saw a person facing away from them with his hands behind his back.






They saluted him respectfully.


The person then slowly turned around.


Zhao Ye Bai widened his eyes in disbelief, then called out in a pleasantly surprised tone, “Uncle Yang?”


Presently, the person in the hall was Uncle Yang, who had been like a Father to the young boy since he was born. During Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya’s adventures, they had taken the initiative to look for him in Green Mountain Town; however, instead of finding Uncle Yang, they had inadvertently bumped into Zhao Ya’s biological parents.


Zhao Ye Bai had never expected to come across Uncle Yang here after they were separated for thirteen years.


An excited Zhao Ye Bai asked, “Why are you here, Uncle Yang? Did Senior bring you here? Where is he?”


Yang Kai remained silent with a smile.


On the other hand, Zhao Ya was much calmer. Although she was surprised and doubtful the moment she saw Yang Kai, she soon realised what was going on.


“Big Brother Ye Bai.” Zhao Ya pulled Zhao Ye Bai’s sleeve, “If I’m not mistaken, Uncle Yang is Master, and Master is Uncle Yang!”


“How can that be?” Zhao Ye Bai burst into laughter, “Senior is a powerful cultivator while Uncle Yang is just an ordinary person. Moreover, they look totally different, so how can you mix them up?”


Zhao Ya explained, “Haven’t you always wondered why Master and Uncle Yang look so similar from behind? Moreover, you’ve just said that Master is very powerful, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to hide his cultivation and change his appearance in front of us. Moreover, Uncle Yang and Master share the same surname. This proves that they’re the same person. It’s just that we were not aware of it.”


Zhao Ye Bai widened his mouth as he still couldn’t believe what he had just heard.


“Am I right, Master?” Zhao Ya asked directly.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “You’ve always been intelligent, Xiao Ya. You’re right.”


Zhao Ye Bai was dumbfounded as he couldn’t grasp why the powerful Senior became Uncle Yang all of a sudden.


While he was puzzled, he saw Yang Kai extending his hand to the side, after which a figure abruptly appeared. The figure looked just like the Ancestor they had been living with on Azure Jade Peak for the past dozen years.


As the two figures stood alongside one another, their frames were the same except for their appearances and temperaments. Zhao Ye Bai tutted in amazement.


“A clone?” Zhao Ya arched her brow.


Yang Kai waved his hand with a smile as the Ancestor of Azure Jade Peak disappeared. He then said, “Strictly speaking, the one you’re seeing now is also a kind of clone. Rather, this is my Soul Avatar.”


“Soul Avatar?!” Zhao Ya gasped as her chest heaved.


She was now an Immortal Ascension Boundary Master who had opened up her own Knowledge Sea, so she was aware of how to use her Divine Sense and what kind of capabilities it should have. That was also the reason she understood the wonders of a Soul Avatar.


Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar, however, had manifested into physical form, and even the Temple Master of Spirit Sea Temple, who was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, didn’t dare to make a scene in front of him and left the place without avenging his Disciple’s death. How horrifyingly powerful must his true body be then?


Zhao Ye Bai’s jaw hung so low that an egg could be stuffed into it.


Although he had no idea what Yang Kai and Zhao Ya were talking about, he couldn’t help thinking they were truly incredible. Admiration was written all over his face as his eyes were as bright as stars.


After a gulp, Zhao Ya asked, “How powerful are you really, Master?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Your Master’s cultivation is higher than the Heavens.”


His words rang a bell as Zhao Ya recalled that he had said the same thing when she agreed to become his Disciple in the past. At that time, she swore that she would become more powerful than her Master one day and let him have a taste of becoming a Worker.


Thirteen years had passed in the blink of an eye.


Zhao Ya couldn’t help but blush. She was young and naive back then, but she wouldn’t dare to have such disrespectful thoughts now. All of a sudden, a realisation dawned upon her, “When I was abandoned in the past, you were the one who picked me up from the mountain and sent me to Aunty Lu’s door.”


“Oh, how did you even figure that out?” Yang Kai was genuinely surprised.


Zhao Ya replied, “When I found out that I was abandoned not long after I was born, I couldn’t understand how I ended up in Seven Stars Town that was hundreds of thousands of kilometres away. I was just an infant at that time, and no beast could or would ever do that. Only a powerful cultivator could achieve such a thing. I was just venturing a guess, but your reply proved that my speculation was right.”


Yang Kai put on a smile and said with some mirth in his words, “A person that is too clever might become exhausted in life.”


Zhao Ye Bai scratched his head, “It’s better than being as foolish as me.”


Zhao Ya pouted, “You’re not foolish. If you were really stupid, Master wouldn’t have spent the last dozen years secretly training you.”


“Huh?” Zhao Ye Bai was perplexed.


Zhao Ya said, “Master is Uncle Yang. Have you forgotten how he treated you over the past dozen years?”


After giving it a thought, Zhao Ye Bai put on a grin, “Uncle Yang must have his reasons for treating me like that.” Although the two of them had spent the last over ten years on Azure Jade Peak, they were treated very differently. While Zhao Ya was treasured like a flower and carefully nurtured, Zhao Ye Bai was ignored like weeds. He had to do all sorts of manual work and would often be punished in Zhao Ya’s stead.


An annoyed Zhao Ya said, “I suppose you’re dumb after all. Uncle Yang doted on you when you were a child. Why do you think he’d suppress you and punish you over the years?”


A puzzled Zhao Ye Bai asked, “Why?”


Zhao Ya turned to look at Yang Kai, “You’ll have to ask Master about it.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Xiao Bai’s aptitude is indeed ordinary, but that’s not the reason I suppressed him. Even if there are ten Xiao Bai’s, they’re not comparable to you, Xiao Ya.”


Zhao Ye Bai flashed a smile at Zhao Ya to show that he was truly dumb.


On the other hand, Zhao Ya had sensitively caught the key part from Yang Kai’s words, “Big Brother Ye Bai might not be comparable to me when it comes to his aptitude, but he must have something that makes him special. Let me take a guess. I’ve always heard that when a powerful Master realizes his time is running out, he will look for a Legacy Disciple before his predestined time of death. Therefore, some unknown young people suddenly receive the inheritances of powerful cultivators and become rising stars. In that case, you’re probably dying soon, Honoured Master, and Big Brother Ye Bai has the chance to receive your inheritance.”


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched when he heard that.


On the other hand, Zhao Ye Bai was flabbergasted as he asked with anxiety, “Uncle Yang, are you dying?”


Yang Kai felt like he was on the verge of coughing up blood and in a grim voice he snarled, “My vitality is still vibrant. If you two don’t work hard, I’ll live long enough to attend your funerals!”


While reeling from the shock, Zhao Ye Bai let out a sigh of relief.


With a frown, Zhao Ya muttered, “When we were running away, Big Brother Ye Bai used a strange power that could ignore the obstacles of space. It allowed him to move faster than an Emperor Realm Master even though he’s just in the Qi Transformation Realm. Does your inheritance have something to do with this strange ability, Honoured Master?”


Yang Kai let out a sigh. He initially didn’t want to explain these things to them so soon, but Zhao Ya was too clever, which was why he was caught off guard.


He then raised his hand and manipulated the local Space Principles. Zhao Ye Bai and Zhao Ya widened their eyes as they felt that the distance between Yang Kai and them was rapidly widening, as though they were now in different worlds.


However, the next moment, the original distance was restored. When they came to their senses, they realised that they hadn’t moved at all.


They were drenched in cold sweat due to the contortion of space.


“This is the Dao of Space, and usually, only powerful Masters have a right to come into contact with it, much less comprehend it. Xiao Bai had already shown his talent in this regard when he was in his mother’s womb. I didn’t want to waste a talented person like him, and the rest is history.”


Zhao Ya nodded as she finally figured it out, “The Disciple you’ve always wanted to take on is Big Brother Ye Bai.”


Yang Kai smiled, “While Xiao Bai can hope to receive my inheritance, it’s the same for you.”


“Me?” Zhao Ya was surprised, “I’ve never felt that kind of power before.”




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