Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4702, Escape


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Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had gone missing for quite a long time as they still hadn’t appeared after half a day.


Bright Sun Divine Monarch even suspected that Yang Kai had gone back on his word and decided to leave him here.


While he was lost in thought though, he saw Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang suddenly appearing beside him.


“Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai gently nodded at him.


Cheng Yang replied impassively, “What do you need me to do?”


Yang Kai said with a smile, “It’s easy. I’ll use my power to lead the way for you, but I must not be disturbed in any way, so please don’t resist.”


Cheng Yang stared fixedly at him. By not resisting, he would basically be allowing Yang Kai take control of his life or death. If Yang Kai was ill-intentioned and made a move all of a sudden, Cheng Yang, despite being an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, might not survive.


With that said, he didn’t hesitate for long time and simply nodded, “Do whatever you have to do. I’ll cooperate with you.”


Without saying a word, Yang Kai engulfed him with his power. The next moment, as Space Principles undulated, the three of them disappeared from the space fragment.


Half a year had passed in the blink of an eye as the trio moved across different space fragments. Yang Kai would stop in his tracks from time to time as he looked around with a frown. As Space Principles undulated, he seemed to silently be trying to comprehend something.


On the other hand, Xia Lin Lang and Cheng Yang didn’t have to do anything; they didn’t even need to use their strength at all. In such a strange place, they could only rely on Yang Kai to bring them out.


Although they hadn’t managed to leave this odd space after half a year, Cheng Yang wasn’t in a rush and worked with Yang Kai whenever his help was needed.


There came a moment when they abruptly appeared in a certain space fragment. Yang Kai intently looked around for a moment before taking a deep breath, “This is the last step.”


Both Cheng Yang and Xia Lin Lang appeared excited.


The two of them scanned the surroundings for a bit, then Cheng Yang asked with a frown, “Yang Boy, are you sure we’ll be able to leave this damned place after taking a step forward? Why do I feel like we’ve gotten deeper into this shattered space instead of moving out of it?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “The order of the space here is in complete chaos. Nothing you see can be believed. That’s the reason you have this feeling.”


Cheng Yang didn’t remark on that, and after giving it a thought, he nodded, “Since you’ve said so, I’ll believe you. After taking this step, I’ll clear a path for the two of you and bring you out of here.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I need you to stay behind us just like how we entered this place previously. Senior Sister Xia and I will lead the way.”


It took some time before the powers of those Divine Abilities and the artifacts were triggered. With Cheng Yang staying behind them, he would be able to resolve them. However, if Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were to stay behind, they might not be able to resist the attacks.


Cheng Yang frowned, but he didn’t object to it. After a nod, he said, “We’ll do as you say, then.”


“Many thanks, Divine Monarch.” After finishing his words, Yang Kai engulfed Xia Lin Lang and Cheng Yang with his power, then took a step forward.


The world around them spun around as space contorted. Before they even came to their senses, streams of dormant power roared to life all around them and locked onto their life auras.


Horrifying power surged as these Divine Abilities, which had been dormant for countless years, radiated a dazzling glow.


Yang Kai felt his entire figure stiffening. As his flesh squirmed, he directly summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and pushed it out. In a steadfast manner, he yelled, “Let’s go!”


Two people then turned into rays of light and charged forward.


They already had such an experience when they were fleeing previously, so they were not flustered now when dealing with this situation.


Cheng Yang followed closely behind them as countless Divine Abilities gathered together and crashed down upon them like an avalanche.


Even Bright Sun Divine Monarch sported a solemn expression when facing such a mighty torrent. Once he was swept into this stream of Divine Abilities, he would probably lose his life despite being an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


While the three of them were fleeing, they cast their Secret Techniques at their back to resolve the stream of Divine Abilities behind them, but their attempts were futile.


Cheng Yang roared repeatedly as his Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm power exploded. Every time he made a move, the entire universe seemed to tremble.


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang, who were in front of him, were terrified. If such attacks had landed on them, they wouldn’t have been able to resist them.


Fortunately, they had brought Cheng Yang with them. Without him bringing up the rear for them, they wouldn’t be able to leave this damned place.


Initially, the Divine Abilities that had been triggered were extremely powerful, with some of them being equivalent to the attacks from Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. However, as they moved forward, the powers of the Divine Abilities gradually weakened.


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had already realised this when they barged into the shattered space previously; therefore, as long as they could persevere, things would only get safer.


Half a day later, the two people at the front were covered in blood and had consumed a lot of energy. Although most of the Divine Abilities were far behind them and Cheng Yang would deal with them, some of the attacks managed to reach them and they had no choice but to make a move.


As a result, both of them were injured. There was an extremely deep cut on Xia Lin Lang’s shoulder as she almost lost her arm.


Fortunately, she wasn’t at risk of losing her life.


Yang Kai didn’t have time to check on Cheng Yang, but he was sure that the other party wasn’t in a better state; after all, Cheng Yang had to bear most of the pressure.


Bright Sun Divine Monarch lived up to his status as an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, though. Despite the pressure he faced, he still followed closely behind them. He even had time to split a bit of his Divine Sense to lock onto Yang Kai.


Half a day later, the Divine Abilities that had been triggered were only equivalent to attacks from Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


It seemed they were already at the periphery.


At a certain moment, Yang Kai secretly whispered, “It’s time, Senior Sister Xia.”


Upon hearing that, Xia Lin Lang stuck close to Yang Kai without hesitation.


Yang Kai wrapped his arm around her waist and surged his Space Principles. Their figures soon flickered and disappeared from the spot.


It was a plan they had come up with previously. As they were approaching freedom, they had to get rid of Cheng Yang. If they were still with him by then, while it wasn’t certain how Xia Lin Lang would end up, Yang Kai would definitely be captured and become a prisoner.


Certainly, he wouldn’t let anyone else have control over his life.


However, Yang Kai had to bear a huge risk by using Instantaneous Movement in this place. That was because the Divine Abilities around them were so numerous and randomly placed. Yang Kai wasn’t certain where he would land after using Instantaneous Movement. He might be able to get rid of Cheng Yang, but he might also fall into a dangerous spot and be killed.


Nevertheless, he believed that life was full of uncertainties and sometimes, one just had to make a bet.


Cheng Yang was obviously acting cautiously, which was why he had locked a bit of his Divine Sense onto Yang Kai; however, he never expected that Yang Kai would be reckless enough to take such a risk in this kind of place.


By the time he came to his senses, it was already too late for him to stop them. Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had already disappeared from his sight, and his Divine Sense thread which had been targeting Yang Kai had also been cut off.


Cheng Yang wore a dark expression and snorted; however, he had no time to search for them as he was still being pursued by the stream of Divine Abilities. He could only keep running and resolving the attacks for now.


Under a grey sky, ripples spread across an open prairie as two battered figures appeared. They were none other than Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang.


Before Yang Kai could even breath a sigh of relief, he suddenly turned his head and pushed out his Azure Dragon Spear at the spot where he appeared.


The next moment, several powerful Divine Abilities relentlessly passed through the Void and arrived at this place.


Although he had managed to flee with Xia Lin Lang using Instantaneous Movement, he had also brought several Divine Abilities along with him.


While Xia Lin Lang was unaware of them, Yang Kai was not.


Following a loud boom, Yang Kai was sent flying away like a sack as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His spear-holding arm went limp while his five viscera and six organs shook.


Xia Lin Lang finally came to her senses as she exclaimed and pushed out her palms, which turned into innumerable shadows that finally blocked the Divine Abilities.


The dust only settled several moments later.


A battered Xia Lin Lang walked up to Yang Kai and looked down at him, “How are you?”


Presently, Yang Kai was lying on the ground with his limbs spread. He lethargically opened his eyes and acted tough by saying, “I’m… I’m fine!”


Xia Lin Lang couldn’t help but roll her eyes. While standing beside him, she looked around and frowned, “Where are we?”


Yang Kai panted and replied, “I have no idea. The last time I used Instantaneous Movement, I was unable to control the direction. Who knows where we’ve landed? However, we’ve just made a lot of noise, so we can’t stay here for long.”


After a nod, Xia Lin Lang asked, “Can you walk?”


Yang Kai snorted, “Do I look like I can walk?”


A speechless Xia Lin Lang covered him with her power and brought him to a different place.


An hour later, she found a cave in the middle of a mountain and snuck into it so that they could recuperate.


Although Cheng Yang was behind them bearing most of the pressure while they were escaping, they were still injured and exhausted.


Yang Kai wasn’t certain if Cheng Yang would pursue them, nor was he aware of any danger waiting for them in this place. He just knew that they had better restore their strength quickly.


After consuming some Spirit Pills, the pair sat down with their legs crossed.


A moment later, Yang Kai arched his brow as there was a hint of surprise on his face.


For some reason, he could feel his Dragon Vein throbbing in an excited manner. He also felt a faint sense of affability toward this place.


In fact, he was already aware that there was something unusual going on with his Dragon Vein the moment he landed on the prairie, but he didn’t have time to ponder on it. Now that he was recuperating, he could finally try to find out what was going on.


After examining it for a while, he could confirm that his Dragon Vein indeed reacted differently. He even had a feeling that if he stayed in this place for a long time, his Dragon Vein would steadily become more powerful.


Although the feeling came out of nowhere, he firmly believed it to be true.


[Does this place have something to do with the Dragon Clan?] Yang Kai wondered in excitement.




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