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Martial Peak – Chapter 4703, Great General

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There were 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises in the 3,000 Worlds, making up a total of 108 top great forces. Thanks to the Star Boundary’s World Tree, Yang Kai had contact with many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the various Cave Heavens and Paradises, but not all of them.


That was because both the Dragon Altar of the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Nest of the Phoenix Clan were part of the 36 Cave Heavens. It was just that these two Cave Heavens were extremely hidden, so much so that most ordinary people had no idea where these Cave Heavens were even located.


Yang Kai had been trying to find the place where the Dragon Altar was located for many years. Unfortunately, his efforts had never worked out. Despite asking Bi Xi, the old man could not tell him anything. The old man only mentioned that he would be able to sense the whereabouts of the Dragon Altar once his Dragon Vein reached a certain level; therefore, Yang Kai never expected to stumble upon this surprising discovery today.


[Could this strange place be the Dragon Altar? If this place is the Dragon Altar, then isn’t it a little too shabby? But, if it isn’t the Dragon Altar, why is the Power of my Dragon Vein experiencing an abnormality?]


Xia Lin Lang once mentioned that there were rumours about countless Divine Spirits gathering in the depths of the Shattered Ruins. It was just that she had never ventured into the Shattered Ruins before, so she was unable to verify the truth behind those rumours.


Having only just arrived at this place, the information Yang Kai had to work with was simply too little. He had no idea what kind of place this was, so he could only discard his distracting thoughts and focus on recovery.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai soon confirmed another one of his conjectures. There was an exceptionally peculiar power in this world that could be drawn into his body to stimulate the enhancement of his Dragon Vein.


Too little time had elapsed, so the enhancement Yang Kai experienced was not significant. Even so, he could clearly sense the changes in his body, so he immediately activated some of the bloodline-enhancing Secret Techniques taught to him by Old Man Bi Xi.


Ever since he finished consuming the Dragon Blood Flowers that he obtained from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein had remained relatively stagnant. Old Man Bi Xi had taught him some bloodline-enhancing Secret Techniques, but he rarely had the time to cultivate in peace. Coming to this place at this time was truly a wonderful opportunity.


As soon as the Secret Technique was activated, Yang Kai felt a little different. The peculiar power in the world poured into his body all at once as though summoned by something, instantly causing his flesh to wriggle and the Power of the Dragon Vein in his body to roar endlessly. The sudden urge to transform into a Dragon surged up from the depths of his heart.


It was at this point that Yang Kai finally became certain about one thing, this place was definitely related to the Dragon Clan.


At the same time, a tall figure suddenly descended from the sky at the spot where Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had emerged previously. This figure was wrapped in an exceedingly terrifying aura, comparable or even greater to Bright Sun Divine Monarch’s.


Sniffing the air lightly, he coldly snorted, “What a disgusting aura!”


Then, he reached out a hand and grabbed a handful of blood-stained dirt in the palm of his hand. Rubbing his fingers together, the tall man frowned, “The smell of the Dragon Clan!”


He looked to the side and asked, “Is it him?”


Not far away from him, a handsome white robed youth and a young woman holding a peach blossom branch stood respectfully. If Yang Kai were here, he would have immediately recognised this man and woman. They were the two people who picked a quarrel with him previously; moreover, the white robed youth had placed a peculiar Bloodline Mark on Yang Kai during their battle. Cheng Yang had subsequently used that mark to pursue Yang Kai relentlessly.


There was no indication as to how the white robed youth and the young woman holding the peach blossom branch had arrived at this place.


The white robed youth replied respectfully, “I’m quite sure it’s him. I definitely sensed him venturing deep into the Divine Ability Sea earlier. It would seem that he escaped that place and arrived here.”


The tall man smiled grimly when he heard those words, “That’s good news indeed. It has been many years since someone from the Dragon Clan appeared in this place. I never expected to encounter one today. Can you still sense his location?”


The white robed youth shook his head, “No. He might have gotten rid of my Bloodline Mark; however, I don’t know whether he died at the hands of Cheng Yang.”


Cheng Yang had chased Yang Kai all the way into the Divine Ability Sea. Now that more than ten years had passed, there was no saying what happened during this period. Needless to say, Yang Kai had gotten rid of the Bloodline Mark during this time. He could not have escaped Cheng Yang’s pursuit otherwise.


“Search for him! Even if you have to turn over every single rock in the area, find that Dragon Clan member!” The tall man shouted.


The white robed youth and the young woman beside him accepted the command and sped away.


After discarding the soil in his hand, the tall man abruptly turned to look in a certain direction. A graceful figure in purple had appeared from that direction at some point in time and was staring at him quietly.


The man grinned, “I heard that the Dragon and Phoenix Clans have always maintained a close relationship with each other since ancient times thanks to the resonance between your bloodlines. Have you discovered something, Yue Zhuo?”


The purple robed woman called Yue Zhuo stared at him and parted her ruby lips lightly, “Kun Ao, you must not lay a hand on this Dragon Clan member!”


Kun Ao sneered, “Ridiculous! There is nothing in this world that I cannot touch, much less a Dragon Clan member with such an inferior bloodline! Even if a Divine Dragon himself appeared before this King, I will show you that I can fight him.”


Yue Zhuo said indifferently, “Say that to a Divine Dragon’s face and I’ll believe you.”


Kun Ao coldly snorted, “We haven’t heard from the Dragon Clan since the day they left the Ancestral Land. Who knows whether they’ve gone extinct or not?” Looking up at her, he continued, “But, you can rest assured. I won’t kill him even if I find him. We need him to collaborate with you to break the seal that the Dragon Clan left behind back then. The Ancestral Strength is getting weaker and weaker by the day. I’m sure your Four Phoenix Pavilion would not want to see the bloodline of your descendants becoming thinner and thinner either. Isn’t that right?”


Yue Zhuo replied with a frown, “That seal is something the Dragon and Phoenix Clans created together in ancient times. Nobody knows what lies beyond the seal. Aren’t you afraid of bringing irreversible consequences down on the Ancestral Land by rashly undoing it?”


Kun Ao shook his head, “Both you and I have seen the changes in the Ancestral Land over the years. If we don’t do something, the Ancestral Land will no longer be worthy of its name one day. Rather than that, isn’t it better to take a gamble? Don’t tell me the Four Phoenix Pavilion has never thought of releasing the seal over the years!”


Yue Zhuo said nothing.


Kun Ao went on, “Leaving aside the Kun Clan, there are so many other Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land. Which one of them does not wish to undo the seal? It is just that the Four Phoenix Pavilion has constantly obstructed our attempts for some reason. Be that as it may, you cannot be blamed either. The seal was created by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans together. Trying to break the seal with the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline alone is not feasible. The Dragon Clan not only disappeared so many years ago, but also remained hidden, impossible to be found. But now, a Dragon Clan member has finally arrived in the Ancestral Land. Don’t you think that this is the Heavens’ Will? The countless Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land will not remain silent if the Four Phoenix Pavilion dares to stand in the way again. If you are not careful, the people will turn against you!”


How could Yue Zhuo be unaware of such a fact? In the past, it was possible to dodge the problem by claiming that the seal could not be undone with the power of the Phoenix Clan alone; however, a Dragon Clan member had appeared out of nowhere for some inexplicable reason. If the Phoenix Clan continued to oppose this matter, even the Four Phoenix Pavilion would not be able to resist the pressure from all the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land, and a terrifying war was bound to break out if they tried.


“I will need to carefully discuss this matter with the rest of my Sisters,” Yue Zhuo said softly.


Kun Ao just waved his hand dismissively, “Go ahead and discuss it among yourselves. When I find him, I will bring him to the Four Phoenix Pavilion.”


Yue Zhuo nodded and turned around. Her graceful figure suddenly transformed into a giant, extremely beautiful purple bird. Then, she spread her wings and flew away.


Kun Ao watched her leave before he turned around and walked away leisurely.




Inside the cave, Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were focused on their recovery when all of a sudden, Yang Kai opened his eyes. His gaze was deep, piercing through the void to look off into the distance. After a moment of careful observation, he couldn’t help crying out in surprise.


In the next moment, his figure flickered and appeared outside the mountainside.


There was a tender and jade-like boy who was fighting a bloody battle with a ferocious exotic beast in Yang Kai’s field of vision. The child looked to be around seven or eight years old. His soft and tender limbs were adorable, and he had a high ponytail on his head.


The exotic beast he was fighting clearly carried a trace of a Divine Spirit bloodline. It was just that the bloodline was not very pure. Nevertheless, each attack it unleashed contained power equivalent to that of a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Be that as it may, the child remained undaunted. The small figure rode upon the body of the exotic beast, one hand clutching its fur tightly and the other hand forming a fist to punch its head. He might be small, but the strength of every blow was not to be underestimated.


Even though the exotic beast fought back bravely and even activated the power of its bloodline, it could not escape the child’s attacks.


A quarter hour later, the child jumped down. He was drenched in blood, but the exotic beast collapsed to the ground with a resounding thud. Its vitality had been extinguished.


Seeming to sense something, the child turned to look in Yang Kai’s direction and shouted in a childish voice, “Who’s there!?”


When their four eyes suddenly met, Yang Kai grinned. The child was taken aback for a moment. Immediately after that, his eyes widened and he pointed a finger at Yang Kai, “Y-You… You…”


“Great General!” Yang Kai greeted the child with a smile, “It’s been so long since we last met. Your noble bearing remains the same!”


“Yang Kai!” The child leaped a whole metre into the air, a joyous smile appearing on his face. Striding forward, he rushed over to Yang Kai in a few steps and looked up at him cheerfully, “Why are you here in the Ancestral Land?”


“I just passed by here by accident. Can you believe it?” Yang Kai patted the child’s head.


Great General turned his head away and yelled angrily, “Don’t pat my head! Mother said that I won’t grow tall if people touch my head!”


Yang Kai smacked his lips, “Almost 100 years have passed. Why are you still so tiny?”


Great General clasped his hands behind his back and spoke in a condescending manner, “What do you know? Mother said that my bloodline is extremely pure. That’s why my growth period is relatively long. When I grow up, I’ll definitely be taller than you!”


“Will you get a sense of accomplishment just by being taller than me?” Yang Kai gave a big grin.


Hearing the commotion outside, Xia Lin Lang came out of the cave in a flash and was slightly stunned to see Yang Kai fooling around happily with a child. Coming over to Yang Kai’s side, Xia Lin Lang asked curiously, “Who is this child? Is he somebody you know?”


Yang Kai nodded, “He’s an old friend.”


When Yang Kai first entered the 3,000 Worlds, he had been tricked into becoming a Worker in Seven Wonders Land. The Fire Spirit Land’s Protector Venerable, Duan Hai, used to have a pet whom the Workers called ‘Ruler of the Dawn Great General’. It was from Great General’s hands that Yang Kai earned a considerable amount of Open Heaven Pills.


When Yang Kai later escaped the Seven Wonders Land, he brought Great General with him. Afterward, Great General led Yang Kai to the Divine Spirit Mie Meng. It was not until then that Yang Kai learned that the golden rooster-like Great General was actually the child of a Divine Spirit.


Mie Meng had given Yang Kai three golden tail feathers, and it was by relying on one of these tail feathers that he managed to kill the dying Golden Crow and obtained the Golden Crow’s True Fire. It could be said that Mie Meng’s three golden tail feathers had been of great help to him.


Yang Kai never imagined that he would meet the Great General again in this place.



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