Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4704, Ancestral Land


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Great General might have taken on a humanoid form, but his aura remained unchanged. That was why Yang Kai recognised him at a glance. Great General then looked behind Yang Kai and asked curiously, “Where are Old Fang, Dié You, and the others?”


Yang Kai laughed, “They joined Great Moon Province a long time ago, so they are cultivating there right now.”


Great General made a noncommittal sound in response, seeming rather disappointed. He did not know many people, and Yang Kai was one of the few friends he had. Fang Bi Qi, Dié You, and Ah Sun were also counted amongst his friends.


“You mentioned the Ancestral Land earlier. What is this ‘Ancestral Land’?” Yang Kai asked. He had been looking for an opportunity to figure out his current location, so now that he had encountered Great General, it was only natural for him to inquire about his circumstances.


Great General blinked his large eyes a bit before replying, “The Ancestral Land… is the Ancestral Land!”


It would seem that he didn’t know much either; therefore, Yang Kai did not ask any further questions. Looking around, he asked, “This place is dangerous. Why are you here alone? Where is your Mother?”


Great General pointed behind him with his thumb and smilingly said, “Mother is at home. My house is not far from here. Mother will be very happy to know that you’re here. Would you like to come with me to visit her?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I was hoping to do just that.”


“Let’s go then!” While speaking, Great General turned a somersault and dexterously landed on Yang Kai’s shoulders. Riding around Yang Kai’s neck like he was riding a horse, he pointed one of his chubby fingers in a certain direction, “That way!”


Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling his eyes, involuntarily recalling the scene where this little boy was constantly resting on top of his nest, which caused his hair to resemble a chicken coop.


So many years had passed, but Great General seemed to have never forgotten that feeling. Now that he could no longer use Yang Kai’s head as a nest, he rode on his shoulders instead.


Yang Kai did not chase the little boy off his shoulders; instead, he allowed him to grab his hair with both hands as he sped forward in the direction Great General pointed.


Xia Lin Lang followed behind with an odd expression.


Along the way, the trio passed through various mountains and valleys. It took more than an hour before they caught sight of a Spirit Peak rising up from the ground in the distance. Even from a distance, the Spirit Peak towered into the sky, standing at least 10,000 metres high. The top of the mountain was covered in a layer of mist, creating a beautiful scenery that resembled a Heavenly paradise.


A palace came into view when they arrived at the top of the mountain, and there was a noble looking woman standing there waiting quietly. It was obvious that she had noticed the auras of Great General, Yang Kai, and Xia Lin Lang in advance.


Upon seeing the woman, Great General jumped off Yang Kai and cheerfully shouted, “Mother, look who’s here!”


He rushed toward the woman while speaking; however, the woman stretched out her hand as soon as he approached and pinched his ears with great precision, causing him to yelp in pain.


“I take my eyes off you for one moment and you go gallivanting off on your own. Didn’t I tell you that the Ancestral Land is dangerous and not to go out on your own?”


Great General’s small face flushed with pain, and his eyes flitted towards Yang Kai from time to time. He quickly begged for mercy, “Mother, I was wrong. I only went out for a walk because I was bored, and I didn’t go far.”


“Are you going to do this again in the future?” The woman twisted his ears painfully.


“I won’t! I won’t!” He nodded repeatedly like a chicken pecking rice.


Only then did the woman release her grip, “Go inside. You are not allowed to leave again without my permission.”


Rubbing his ear, Great General walked towards the palace with a pout on his face. Nevertheless, he turned back and made a face at Yang Kai before he vanished inside.


Yang Kai burst into laughter at the sight. Taking several steps forward, he bowed politely, “Yang Kai greets Senior.”


This woman was none other than the Divine Spirit Mie Meng whom he rescued from a certain Grand Array many years ago. Mie Meng in human form no longer had that fierce and terrifying aura around her body. On the contrary, she seemed like a well-mannered woman.


Mie Meng looked at him with a slightly complicated look and frowned, “Why did you come to the Ancestral Land?”


Yang Kai briefly explained, “I was chased by a powerful enemy, so I had no choice but to plunge into a place where countless Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques lay dormant. Afterward, I just somehow found myself here.


“It’s been years since we last met. Not only are you in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but the little girl beside you is in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Who could have pushed you to the point where you were cornered so badly? Could it have been an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?” She raised her eyebrow slightly.


Xia Lin Lang couldn’t help being startled. Although she had some guesses when she first saw this woman, she couldn’t be sure at the time. Be that as it may, the other party had pointed out the depth of her cultivation at a glance, so one could only imagine the strength she possessed.


[This woman is definitely a Mature Divine Spirit! It’s rumoured that countless Divine Spirits gather in the depths of the Shattered Ruins. Could it actually be true!?]


“I wonder if you’ve heard a man named ‘Bright Sun Divine Monarch’?” Yang Kai asked.


Mie Meng frowned, “One of the three Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven. I have indeed heard of him before. I believe he is related to the Kun Clan of the Ancestral Land somehow.”


“The Kun Clan…” Yang Kai murmured under his breath.


“Come in first. It looks like you have a lot of questions.” While speaking, she turned around and walked into the palace.


Yang Kai thanked her for her hospitality before walking into the Grand Hall together with Xia Lin Lang.


The Grand Hall might be large, but it was actually quite desolate. It would seem that there was nobody else living in this place aside from Mie Meng and her son. When they took their seats, Yang Kai didn’t even hope to get a cup of tea from Mie Meng and Mie Meng herself never even thought to give one.


“Go ahead and ask whatever questions you want to ask. I will tell you whatever I can,” Mie Meng gently said.


“Let me thank you in advance, Senior.” Yang Kai cupped his fist, “What this Junior would like to know most is, where is this place? Great General mentioned that this place is the Ancestral Land, but what is the Ancestral Land?”


Mie Meng pondered in silence for a moment before she replied with a question of her out, “You came here by passing through the Shattered Heaven, right?”


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang nodded together.


Mie Meng explained, “Strictly speaking, this place is still within the Shattered Heaven, it’s just that this place is the deepest part of Shattered Heaven. Outsiders call this place the Shattered Ruins!”


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang exchanged glances with each other.


“You probably entered through the Divine Ability Sea, right?” Mie Meng stretched out her hand and gave a little wave. Starlight twinkled in front of her, and a large number of fluorescent lights gathered to form a ball, “The Divine Ability Sea is the periphery of the Shattered Ruins. It is a place where countless Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques have lain dormant since ancient times. Anyone who intrudes into that place will trigger the power of those Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques. Generally speaking, non-Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters can never enter this place, and even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master might be trapped and die in that place if they are unlucky.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly. It was only now that he learned that the region he and Xia Lin Lang passed through was called the Divine Ability Sea.


“And, the Ancestral Land…” she reached out her hand to point at a spot in front of her, “is known to outsiders as the Shattered Ruins! It is surrounded by the Divine Ability Sea!”


Following her movements, the bits of fluorescent light gathered in the middle of the large ball to take on the shape of a continent. She reached out her hand to point at the continent, “We are located in the Ancestral Land.”


“Who does the Ancestral Land belong to?” he asked.


“It is the Ancestral Land of all Divine Spirits, as well as the place of origin of all Divine Spirits. All Divine Spirits in the world were originally born in this place.” Mie Meng made a shocking statement.


Yang Kai was stunned, and it took a while before he remembered something, “But, from what I heard, the birth of the Divine Spirits is related to the Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer.”


These two were the Ancestors of all Divine Spirits. Supposedly, it was the fusion of their powers that gave rise to all sorts of Divine Spirits.


Mie Meng smiled, “It is indeed related to them. The Sun’s Burning Light and the Moon’s Serene Glimmer were originally born in the Ancestral Land. It’s just that they left a long time ago.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow tightly. There were thousands of questions swirling around in his heart, but he did not know how to voice these questions, so for a time, he fell into deep thought.


Mie Meng thus continued, “You have the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, so you must have noticed the uniqueness of the Ancestral Land.”


Yang Kai nodded quietly. He had felt that abnormality earlier. Cultivating in this place would greatly help to improve his Bloodline Power.


“That is the Ancestral Strength. No matter what type of Divine Spirit cultivates in this place, their Bloodline will be enhanced at a faster rate. That is also the reason why so many Divine Spirits have gathered in the Ancestral Land, but not many of them are willing to leave. The Divine Ability Sea might be powerful, but it is not difficult for the powerful Divine Spirits to leave if they so wished.”


Even Cheng Yang could navigate his way through the Divine Ability Sea, so what more need be said about the Divine Spirits?


Yang Kai understood, “Is that why you brought Great General back to the Ancestral Land after you escaped your prison back then?”


Mie Meng nodded, “The Ancestral Land will be beneficial for his growth. It’s only natural for me to return to this place.” While speaking, she turned to look at Xia Lin Lang, “But, while the Ancestral Strength is highly beneficial to Divine Spirits, it can be said to be a kind of slow-acting poison to those without a Divine Spirit bloodline. Your companion must not remain in the Ancestral Land for too long; otherwise, the Ancestral Strength will begin to erode her Small Universe, and the consequences will be dire.”


Xia Lin Lang was startled, “But… I don’t feel anything unusual.”


Mie Meng replied lightly, “That’s because only a short time has passed. It will be too late by the time you notice any abnormalities.”


“What are the consequences?” Yang Kai asked.


Mie Meng explained, “Strictly speaking, a Divine Spirit is also a kind of Monster. It’s just that they are the strongest species of Monsters. That is why, if enough time passed, she might begin showing some Divine Spirit characteristics once her Small Universe is corroded by the Ancestral Strength. This is a kind of Monster Transformation, but it might not be a good thing for her. Without a Divine Spirit bloodline, the Monster Qi will clash with the cultivation in her body.


Just imagining that she might suddenly grow fangs and claws like a Monster Beast caused Xia Lin Lang to involuntarily shudder.


Yang Kai looked at Mie Meng and said, “Senior, is the Dragon Clan in the Ancestral Land?”


Mie Meng slowly shook her head, “A very long time ago, the Dragon Clan indeed lived in the Ancestral Land. However, the Dragon Clan left the Ancestral Land for some reason. Most of the Phoenix Clan left with them. Therefore, there is no one from Dragon Clan in the Ancestral Land today.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help looking disappointed when he heard those words. He originally thought that this place would be related to the Dragon Clan, and it would seem that there was indeed some connection. In fact, it was not just the Dragon Clan but all Divine Spirits that were related to this place. It was just different from what he previously imagined.


“Nobody knows about your arrival here, right?” Mie Meng asked all of a sudden.


Puzzled, Yang Kai shook his head, “Probably not.”


“That would be for the best. To be honest, you should not have come to the Ancestral Land. It is very dangerous for you to be here.”


Yang Kai frowned slightly and asked, “Why do you say that?”


Mie Meng just shook her head and did not explain. Instead, she stood up and said, “I’ll escort you out of this place. The Divine Ability Sea is dangerous, and with your strength, it will be impossible for you to leave safely.”


“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai bowed with gratitude.


Although the environment of the Ancestral Land was highly beneficial towards the enhancement of his Dragon Clan bloodline, Mie Meng would definitely have her own reasons for saying that this place was dangerous for him. On top of that, how could Yang Kai refuse when Mie Meng volunteered to escort them out of this place? Therefore, he immediately stood up and followed Mie Meng outside with Xia Lin Lang in tow.




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