Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4705, The Kun Clan


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However, the three of them had only just walked out of the Grand Hall when an extremely hostile aura swept over them from a great distance. The aura was so strong that both Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang involuntarily tensed up in apprehension. It felt as though there was an entire Universe World pressing down on them.


Mie Meng looked up and saw a stream of light on the horizon speeding towards them without the slightest intention to conceal its presence. After getting a clear look at the person heading toward them, she narrowed her eyes slightly and sighed, “This is the reason why I said that the Ancestral Land is very dangerous for you.”


Yang Kai frowned deeply, “Senior, who is he? His aura… I don’t like it.”


That person’s aura reminded him of the white-robed youth he encountered previously, but comparing the two, there was no doubt that the white-robed youth was considerably weaker than this person. Nevertheless, both of them gave him an instinctive sense of repulsion and disgust.


“Kun Ao of the Kun Clan!”


“Kun Clan!” Yang Kai murmured under his breath. This was not the first time he heard that name coming from her lips.


“Those who enter the sea are known as Kun, while those who leave the sea are known as Peng. Since ancient times, the Kun Clan and the Dragon Clan have been mortal enemies that hunted and killed each other. Both sides suffered great losses in their long war, and the grudge and hatred run so deep that it has been branded into each other’s bloodline. No matter how many eons go by or how many generations pass, the grudge and hatred will never be resolved. The Kun Clan is a major clan in the Ancestral Land. I was in such a hurry to send you away because I was afraid that you might be discovered by the Kun Clan. Unfortunately, it seems to be too late already.”


“Is he strong?” Yang Kai asked.


“Stronger than me at least!” Mie Meng replied bluntly.


Yang Kai gasped at those words. Mie Meng was a Mature Divine Spirit, and although he had never seen her take action before, she was probably no weaker than an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. At the very least, she would be on the same level as one. Be that as it may, she claimed that Kun Ao was stronger than her. One could only imagine how terrifying Kun Ao must be.


“He probably came because of you. I will distract him later. You should find a chance to escape. If you fall into his hands, you will never have the opportunity to leave again.” Mie Meng warned.


“Will that cause trouble for you, Senior?” Yang Kai queried hesitantly.


Brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, she chuckled softly, “He might be stronger than me, but I have the confidence to drag him down with me if it came to a life-or-death battle. He will not be that irrational.”


Yang Kai breathed deeply, “This Junior will never forget this kindness, Senior.”


Mie Meng waved her hand dismissively, “If not for your help back then, I would never have escaped from that prison. Just think of it as repayment for back then.”


During their conversation, Kun Ao arrived in front of the palace. Yang Kai looked up and saw that this person was extremely burly, his figure like a small mountain. Just by standing there, he gave off an incredible sense of oppression. Moreover, his sharp gaze cut through the void like a knife.


In addition, a white-robed youth and a young woman holding a peach blossom branch stood beside him. These two were the ones who fought with Yang Kai back at the Shattered Heaven; hence, their presence made Yang Kai frown.


After listening to Mie Meng’s explanation, how could he not understand that the white-robed youth was also part of the Kun Clan? It was precisely because of the deep-rooted hatred branded within the bloodlines of the Kun Clan and the Dragon Clan that gave him that unexplainable sense of rejection and disgust when he saw that youth for the first time the other day. That was the power from his bloodline; it was not something he could control.


It was just that Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang had borrowed the strength of Cheng Yang to navigate the Divine Ability Sea and arrive at the Ancestral Land. On the other hand, this young man and young woman were only on par with Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators, so how did they managed to enter this place?


“Kun Ao, why did you come here uninvited?” Mie Meng stood in front of the Grand Hall and looked up indifferently.


Kun Ao grinned, “Mie Meng, stop playing dumb. You are a Divine Spirit yourself. Not to mention that you have some connection with the Phoenix Clan. Don’t you tell me that you can’t sense this boy’s bloodline!”


Mie Meng frowned and continued, “The hatred and grudges between the Dragon Clan and the Kun Clan are matters of your ancestors’ ancestors. How many years has it been since the Dragon Clan last appeared in the Ancestral Land? Why must you abuse your strength and harass the weak? He is nothing more than a small child to you. Why can you not show mercy just this once?”


Kun Ao shook his head, “If it was just about the hatred and grudges between our ancestors, there would be no reason for this King to come in person. It has not been long since you returned to the Ancestral Land, Mie Meng, so it’s understandable that there are some secrets you don’t know about.”


“Secrets?” Mie Meng furrowed her brow slightly.


Kun Ao explained, “For countless years, the Ancestral Strength has been weakening steadily. The bloodline of all the descendants born among the major Clans has been becoming less and less pure. It has also been getting harder and harder for them to enhance their Bloodlines.


“What does that have to do with him?” Mie Meng didn’t understand. It was true that not much time had passed since she returned to the Ancestral Land. It could even be said that she was not born in the Ancestral Land. Nevertheless, she was a Divine Spirit, so she carried with her the Inheritance of her ancestors in her bloodline. She knew about the Ancestral Land, and that was why she came here after she escaped from her predicament; however, she was truly ignorant about the secrets that Kun Ao mentioned.


“In ancient times, when both the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans departed from the Ancestral Land, they left behind a seal which was tied to their bloodlines. That seal cordoned off a large portion of the Ancestral Strength. If we can undo the seal, the Ancestral Land might be restored to its former glory. This will be of great benefit to all the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land. But, you’ve said it yourself, the Dragon Clan has not appeared in the Ancestral Land for many years. Even in the outer world, the Dragon Clan has not appeared in a long time. Although there are remnants of the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline remaining in the Ancestral Land, they are unable to release the seal with their power alone. If not for that, why do you think the Kun Clan maintains a connection with the outer world all the time? It’s so that we can find a Dragon Clan member to break that seal! And now, the time has come!”


Mie Meng’s expression changed immediately after hearing his explanation. For a time, she was not sure whether she could believe him. She instinctively sensed that he would not deceive her, but subconsciously refused to believe him. Thus, she scowled deeply, “The reason you came here to find him… Is it to ask for his help in undoing the seal?”


Kun Ao nodded, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to the Four Phoenix Pavilion for verification. I won’t lie to you. I’ve already met Yue Zhuo before coming here. She has no objections to this matter.”


Mie Meng muttered, “I will confirm the Four Phoenix Pavilion’s attitude towards this matter myself. It’s late. You should leave, Kun Ao.”


However, he just snickered and reached out his hand, “Hand over the Dragon Clan member to me, and I’ll leave immediately.”


Mie Meng slowly shook her head, “I will bring him to the Four Phoenix Pavilion. If you want him, you can contact the Four Phoenix Pavilion!”


Kun Ao’s expression immediately turned cold, “Mie Meng, you do not want to face the wrath of the Kun Clan. There is a Dragon Clan member standing in front of me right now. I am showing you more than enough mercy by restraining my murderous intent and not acting against him directly. If you refuse to show proper respect here, the Mie Meng Clan might be annihilated today!”


She asked coldly, “Are you threatening me?”


Kun Ao scoffed, “You’ve never even heard of the secrets of the Ancestral Land Seal. Why invite trouble upon yourself for an unrelated Dragon? Besides, if the Ancestral Land Seal is released, it will be beneficial to your descendants too.”


Mie Meng turned to look at Yang Kai, “Find a chance to escape on your own.”


Yang Kai nodded heavily.


Kun Ao immediately became livid, “Mie Meng, do you really want to make an enemy of the Kun Clan!?”


Instead of answering, Mie Meng just charged at him.


“Impudence!” Kun Ao roared furiously and slammed out his palm. A destructive force that threatened to obliterate the world shot out from the palm of his hand and shrouded Mie Meng.


In response, Mie Meng raised a hand and unleashed a dazzling golden light. The two Divine Spirits instantly engaged in a fierce battle, and the terrifying fallout caused the local space to shudder.


When those two confronted each other, Yang Kai quickly manipulated the local Space Principles to wrap around Xia Lin Lang so that they could flee.


At that moment, both the white robed youth and the young girl who had been standing beside Kun Ao all this time attacked in unison, unleashing their strongest Divine Abilities. 


Yang Kai raised a palm to counter their attacks while Xia Lin Lang next to him also reached out her hand to point to the front.


Following several explosions, both the white robed youth and the young girl were pushed back. They were strong; after all, they were both on par with Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators, but the combined power of Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang was not to be underestimated either.


After repelling those two, Yang Kai swiftly used Space Principles to escape together with Xia Lin Lang. When he appeared again, they were already several tens of thousands of kilometres away.


“Where do we go now?” Xia Lin Lang’s complexion was slightly pale.


“I don’t know. We can only take one step at a time!” Yang Kai answered through gritted teeth.


Without Mie Meng’s protection, it was impossible for them to leave the Ancestral Land. The Divine Ability Sea surrounding the Ancestral Land was an obstacle they could never overcome by themselves.


Unfortunately, the Ancestral Land was not safe with the Kun Clan eyeing him greedily. What’s more, there were many Divine Spirits gathered here. For the two newcomers to this land, they were completely ignorant as to where each Divine Spirit was located and which Divine Spirits were hostile. Hence, Yang Kai was also at a loss for what to do next or where to go.


After several Instantaneous Movements, the pair had escaped a considerable distance from the battlefield where Mie Meng and Kun Ao were fighting. Before Yang Kai could catch his breath though, a furious roar echoed across the sky, “A Dragon Clan member has appeared in the Ancestral Land! Why are you all just standing there doing nothing!?”


The voice was thunderous, and there was no telling where it came from, but it resounded throughout the world.


Yang Kai’s expression immediately darkened in response.


If what Kun Ao mentioned earlier was true, and the Ancestral Land Seal required the combined powers of both the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans to unlock, then his identity as a Dragon Clan member would be extremely attractive in the Ancestral Land. The Divine Spirits with the intention of releasing the seal would be very interested in him, and Kun Ao’s furious roar had undoubtedly revealed his presence to the world.


If Kun Ao had the ability to capture Yang Kai himself, he would never have made such a public announcement. He could obtain the greatest benefits for the Kun Clan after releasing the seal if he had Yang Kai in his grasp; however, with Mie Meng actively blocking his way, he could not get away from her easily. His biggest fear was that Yang Kai would escape from the Ancestral Land, so he had no choice but to do this as a last resort. Although doing so would reveal Yang Kai’s presence to everyone in the Ancestral Land, it was still better than allowing him to escape.


As soon as Kun Ao’s words rang out, the entire Ancestral Land flew into an uproar. One after another, mighty auras emerged as though waking from a deep slumber and countless terrifying Divine Senses began sweeping out across the world.


A short while later, huge exotic beasts ran across the ground while giant birds took to the skies. Some Divine Spirits even took on Human Form to fly through the skies. The overpowering Divine Senses swept across every corner of the Ancestral Land, searching for the Dragon Clan member who had appeared out of nowhere.


Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang were forced into a corner almost immediately. Their situation instantly turned into one where they resembled mice running across the road with people screaming and chasing them. Yang Kai turned several dangerous situations around with the help of his Space Principles, changing their location before the Divine Spirits could discover them. Nonetheless, after every escape, it would not take long before another Divine Sense discovered them again.


Yang Kai fled desperately without rest, bringing Xia Lin Lang with him. Unfortunately, his efforts were to no avail. The Divine Senses of the Divine Spirits interweaved as they constantly communicated their discoveries with each other and tightened the encirclement. If this were to continue, it would not take long before there was no place left to escape, not even with the help of Space Principles.




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