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Martial Peak – Chapter 4706, Qing Luan

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Another day passed and a ripple appeared in the Void before Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang suddenly emerged out of nowhere. As soon as they appeared, they both spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time.


“Who was that Divine Spirit just now?” Xia Lin Lang’s complexion was ashen and her expression was fearful.


Yang Kai wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and answered through gritted teeth, “If I’m not mistaken, Tao Wu!”


If not for his quick reflexes earlier, they would have been suppressed on the spot by Tao Wu.


Yang Kai would probably have survived the encounter; after all, the Divine Spirits of the Ancestral Land needed his Bloodline to undo some sort of seal. They would not actually do anything to him, so capturing him would have been the limit.


On the contrary, a Human woman, especially a beautiful one like Xia Lin Lang, would have suffered a fate worse than death. Tao Wu was one of the Ancient Ominous Beasts; what’s more, the way he looked at her just now was filled with extreme malice.


The corners of Xia Lin Lang’s brow twitched as she smiled wryly, “The people around you don’t usually live a long life, do they?”


She had originally hidden herself in the Shattered Heaven over 2,000 years ago. Although she had been living in secret and even changed her name, her life had been relatively stable. Conversely, the few years she had spent with Yang Kai had been a veritable torrent of thrilling adventures, death-defying escapes, and constant danger.


Being hunted by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was nothing at this point as they were now being hunted and tracked by all the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land. It was Xia Lin Lang’s first time experiencing life on the run like this, and every single time they escaped danger frightened her greatly.


In contrast, Yang Kai seemed rather accustomed to this situation. It was obvious that he had gone through numerous similar experiences before.


“Right now, the person with me is you. You should be careful not to jinx yourself,” he said lightly.


Her smile became increasingly bitter.


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically all of a sudden. Raising his head to look in a certain direction, he gritted his teeth, “They arrived so quickly!” While speaking, he grabbed her by the arm and shouted, “Let’s go!”


Space rippled, and the two of them vanished before they even had the time to catch their breath. When they reappeared again, Yang Kai immediately stabilised his body and looked up to see a figure with an extraordinary aura speeding towards them from the front.


That person had clearly noticed Yang Kai, and when their four eyes suddenly met, he couldn’t help being stunned and stared at Yang Kai blankly.


“Damn it! Cheng Yang!” Yang Kai swore angrily. This was truly a case of when it rained, it poured. What he feared the most during his repeated escapes was to encounter this kind of situation where he appeared right in front of an enemy due to Instantaneous Movement.


His luck had been pretty good so far as every time he performed Instantaneous Movement, he would have a chance to catch his breath for a moment. Unfortunately, his luck had run out and he actually appeared in front of Bright Sun Divine Monarch.


Cheng Yang must have escaped the Divine Ability Sea and arrived at the Ancestral Land at some point in time.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai quickly discovered that something was not right.


Cheng Yang did not look pleasantly surprised to see Yang Kai. On the contrary, he looked hesitant and unsure. Furthermore, it was obvious that he was injured. His injuries contained the aura of a Divine Spirit, indicating that his wounds did not come from navigating the Divine Ability Sea but from an encounter with a powerful Divine Spirit in the Ancestral Land.


At this moment, he was filled with grievances that could not be voiced. He was one of the three great Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven. Although he had been hiding in the depths of the Shattered Heaven and living in seclusion for many years, there was no denying that he was a famous figure. In the Shattered Heaven, he was capable of calling the wind, summoning the rain, and holding up the entire sky.


However, in his relentless pursuit of the World Spring, he had accidentally stumbled into the Ancestral Land of the Divine Spirits. He knew about this place; after all, the white-robed youth from the Kun Clan had always kept contact with him. Compared to the other Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven, Cheng Yang had some knowledge of the Ancestral Land.


More importantly, he knew that all the inhabitants of the Ancestral Land were either Divine Spirits or those with Divine Spirit bloodlines. For a Human cultivator without the slightest Divine Spirit bloodline like himself, he was bound to face countless difficulties in this place!


When he ran into the Divine Spirit Bi An by chance earlier, the other party had attacked him as soon as they got into a disagreement. If not for his impressive strength, Cheng Yang would have died right then and there. Even so, his battle with the Divine Spirit had left him wounded.


For now, the only method for him to resolve his current predicament was to seek refuge with the Kun Clan. The Kun Clan had been cooperating with him all these years after all, so it could be said that there was some friendship between them. It was just that he had never stepped foot into the Ancestral Land before, so how was he supposed to know where the Kun Clan was located?


Just as he was at a loss for what to do, Cheng Yang spotted Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang tearing space and appearing in front of him. Hence, he was extremely conflicted.


Yang Kai was undoubtedly the culprit behind his current misery. If possible, Cheng Yang wanted to rip this little brat’s corpse into 10,000 pieces. Be that as it may, he did not dare to attack Yang Kai recklessly under these circumstances lest he attracted the other Divine Spirits here, which would not benefit him in any way.


During that momentary hesitation, there was a bit of a back-and-forth as he struggled to come to a decision. Suddenly, a voice sounded from afar, “Cheng Yang, capture him! The Kun Clan will guarantee your safety!” 


Cheng Yang immediately recognised that the voice belonged to the white-robed youth called Kun Yu, who had been searching for something in the Shattered Heaven all this while


Back then, the white-robed youth had brought a young woman with him to seek Cheng Yang’s assistance. He claimed to have come from the Kun Clan and revealed the bloodline of the Divine Spirit Kun Clan in him. Cheng Yang had not paid much attention to this matter as in his opinion, there was no harm in providing some conveniences and protection to the other party as long as they did not interfere with his interests.


Over the years, Kun Yu had constantly wandered the Shattered Heaven in search of something. Cheng Yang never bothered to ask about the matter. Moreover, the information regarding the World Spring was given to him by Kun Yu; otherwise, he would never have emerged from the Universe Cave Heaven that he had been secluding himself in.


Nevertheless, he never expected Kun Yu to return to the Ancestral Land so soon. Of course, considering that Kun Yu originated from here in the first place, it was not that strange for him to return safely.


After hearing what Kun Yu said, Cheng Yang stopped hesitating. He intended to seek refuge with the Kun Clan in the first place, so seeing as Kun Yu wanted him to capture Yang Kai, he would do as he was asked. It would also better allow him to make contact with the Kun Clan’s Masters.


Reaching out his hand, Cheng Yang grabbed towards Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang.


The Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land did not know Yang Kai’s strengths and weaknesses, which was why Yang Kai had the chance to escape using his Space Principles.


Unlike the Divine Spirits, however, Cheng Yang had seen many of Yang Kai’s methods. He knew that this brat would vanish out of sight if he showed the slightest negligence; hence, while extending his hand, Cheng Yang also used his Divine Sense to create a Heaven Sealing, Earth Locking field to prevent Yang Kai from escaping.


Yang Kai gave a furious roar. Summoning the Azure Dragon Spear, a Great Sun leaped upward as the spear stabbed forward.


At the same time, Xia Lin Lang attacked without reserve.


Even so, the combined powers of these two were not enough to block the Divine Monarch’s attack. The enormous hand descending from the sky merely paused for a moment before coming down on them again.


The strength of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was enough to make Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang taste despair. Under the pressure of the large hand, they grunted in pain and their figures steadily sagged downward. They were practically being crushed to the ground.


At that moment, a sudden turn of events occurred. A graceful figure in an azure dress appeared beside Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang without any warning. After a quick glance at Yang Kai, the woman raised her head to look at the large palm coming down on their heads. With a light wave of her bare hand, an aura without the slightest hint of aggression spread out, and the large hand covering the sky instantly dissipated.


Cheng Yang staggered and stumbled backward, staring at the azure-robed woman in fear. He might not have used his full strength in the attack just now, but it should not have been so easily resolved. Even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him could not have accomplished this in such a calm and relaxed manner like this woman had done. In other words, this azure-robed woman’s strength was definitely much higher than his!


[Who is this Divine Spirit!?] Cheng Yang’s figure tensed in apprehension as his eyes stared fixedly at the azure-robed woman without blinking.


“Phoenix Clan?” Yang Kai straightened up slowly while staring at the woman who had appeared beside him and resolved his current crisis. Right now, his Dragon Vein was giving off a somewhat different and unusual feeling. It was a feeling that he experienced before when he was together with Su Yan, travelling with Liu Yan, and interacting with Jiu Feng. That was what convinced him that the azure-robed woman who appeared out of the blue had a Phoenix Clan bloodline.


“Don’t be afraid,” the azure-robed woman’s words were without feeling, but they gave him an indescribable sense of security.


Two streams of light sped over from a distance. It was Kun Yu of the Kun Clan and the young woman carrying the peach blossom branch. Upon seeing the azure-robed woman, Kun Yu was taken aback for a moment before his expression became solemn and he bowed in greeting, “Kun Clan, Kun Yu greets Senior Qing Luan.”


The azure-robed woman nodded lightly, her beautiful eyes staring into the depths of the void. In all directions, countless powerful auras were rapidly approaching this place after detecting the commotion earlier. Every single aura represented a mighty Divine Spirit.


Qing Luan then spoke, “I shall be taking him with me. In three days, you may all come to Four Phoenix Pavilion to discuss the matter of the seal!”


After saying that, she flicked her sleeve, wrapped up Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang in her power, then soared into the sky.


The powerful auras that had been approaching this direction swiftly paused in silence. A short while later, they gradually fell dormant once more.


Cheng Yang stood there with a frown on his face, his expressions changing in quick succession. All of a sudden, he whipped his head around to look at Kun Yu, “Were you using me?”


If not for the scene just now, he would not have thought too deeply about this matter; however, the Divine Spirit Qing Luan had appeared in person to rescue Yang Kai from him. Combined with the words she left behind before she left, he couldn’t help delving more deeply into this matter after that incident.


Not to mention, he also heard a furious roar resounding across the skies when he first entered the Ancestral Land earlier. That furious roar had claimed that a Dragon Clan member had appeared in the Ancestral Land. Although Cheng Yang had failed to understand the situation previously, he was starting to get some insight now.


Those Divine Spirits rushing here from all directions were clearly coming for Yang Kai; in other words, Yang Kai was the Dragon Clan member who appeared in the Ancestral Land! It was most certain that he had some sort of vital role to play in the Ancestral Land, which was why so many Divine Spirits had come to capture him.


It had to be said that Cheng Yang was the one to pursue and eventually forced Yang Kai into the Ancestral Land; however, the information he received regarding the World Spring had come from Kun Yu. Furthermore, when he first started pursuing Yang Kai, Kun Yu had not hesitated to consume his own Blood Essence to leave a Bloodline Mark so as to facilitate his pursuit of Yang Kai.


After combining all these incidents together, Cheng Yang was seriously suspecting that he had been used by Kun Yu.


“I was just borrowing your strength,” Kun Yu replied calmly, “Why are you so angry, Divine Monarch?”


“You could have explained everything to me in advance!” Cheng Yang’s expression was hideous.


“Divine Monarch, this is the Ancestral Land.”


Kun Yu’s words immediately extinguished Cheng Yang’s rage. There was no choice. If he wished to leave this place alive, he would need the help of the Kun Clan, so it was not a good idea to offend them. After falling silent for a moment, Chang Yang declared, “I wish to meet your Elders.”


“Good.” Kun Yu nodded.



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