Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4707, The Four Phoenixes


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Qing Luan’s speed was extremely fast, so it didn’t take long before they arrived at a place with beautiful scenery. The Spirit Peaks were covered in mist, and World Energy was abundant in the air. Furthermore, there were many gorgeous pavilions in the mountains.


Qing Luan landed lightly in front of the Main Hall, then she gently placed Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang down before saying, “This place is very safe. Rest here for the day. I will come and speak to you tomorrow.”


After saying that, she turned and departed with a flash.


Watching her departing figure, Yang Kai frowned slightly. He had so many questions in his heart; for example, why did the Dragon Clan leave the Ancestral Land? Where did they go? What did the seal have to do with their departure? The other Divine Spirits might not know anything, but Qing Luan who was closely related to the Phoenix Clan bloodline would surely know some of the secrets. According to the information that Yang Kai had gotten so far, the Dragon Clan left the Ancestral Land with most of the Phoenix Clan many, many years ago.


However, Qing Luan had already mentioned that she would come and speak to him tomorrow, so there was no need to hurry. He had been escaping with Xia Lin Lang over the past few days, and the consumption had been too great, so it was true that he needed to recuperate.


There was nobody in the Main Hall when Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang walked inside, so they each just found a private room and went inside to rest.


On another Spirit Peak, Qing Luan flew over and landed. There were three other women waiting for her there. One was dressed in purple, one was dressed in yellow, and the last was dressed in white.


The yellow-robed woman walked up and asked, “Elder Sister, how is the situation?”


Qing Luan replied, “I found him and brought him back, but Kun Ao kicked up such a huge fuss that all the Divine Spirits know about the appearance of a Dragon Clan member in the Ancestral Land. I’m afraid that the matters related to the seal cannot be delayed any longer.”


The purple-robed woman frowned, “That seal is something both the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans left behind in ancient times. Since it is such a powerful seal, it must surely be related to a matter of great importance. Unfortunately, so many years have passed, so nobody knows what is being contained inside. Rashly opening the seal may bring about unpredictable consequences.”


Qing Luan nodded, “It’s true that nobody knows what it contains, but most Divine Spirits know about the Ancestral Land Seal. Moreover, the seal has naturally loosened after so many years. There is no denying that extremely pure Ancestral Strength is leaking out from the gaps of the seal; otherwise, nobody in the Ancestral Land would have joined the movement spearheaded by the Kun Clan with the intention of releasing it.”


The other three women nodded lightly.


During their conversation, a young man hurried over and cupped his fist, “Old Ancestors, please head to the Infant Phoenix Tower immediately. There’s an emergency!”


The women’s expressions changed when they heard those words, and they sped there without any hesitation. A short while later, they stood inside the Infant Phoenix Tower and examined the Phoenix Egg in front of them with solemn expressions.


The Infant Phoenix Tower was where the babies of Four Phoenix Pavilion were housed. Any clansmen who had laid a Phoenix Egg would place their offspring here to be nurtured. It was to ensure the survival and birth of their descendants.


Unfortunately, the vitality of the Phoenix Egg in front of them was weakening at this very moment. It was like a candle in the wind, at risk of vanishing at any given moment.


Upon seeing this, Qing Luan immediately placed her finger into her mouth without hesitation. She bit through the skin of her fingertip and forced out a drop of her own Blood Essence. Her bare hand then danced nimbly, drawing countless patterns on the Phoenix egg.


An extremely intricate and mysterious array formed in an instant. When the light shone brightly, the array was completely absorbed by the Phoenix Egg. The vitality that was on the verge of being extinguished slowly showed signs of stabilizing.


Silently watching the Phoenix Egg in front of her, she gave a small sigh and asked, “How many does this make over the past 1,000 years?”


The white-robed woman replied sadly, “This is the third. The previous two… did not make it. And, this one…”


This one might not survive either. Whether or not it could successfully hatch would depend entirely on the Heavens now.


The yellow-robed woman added, “The bloodlines of the two newly hatched are quite impure. Their future achievements will be limited.”


The Ancestral Strength was getting weaker and weaker. This place was the origin of all Divine Spirits, so the weakening Ancestral Strength naturally had a huge impact on the birth and survival of the descendants of all the Divine Spirits. The Divine Spirits of the older generation could feel these changes clearly. It was many times harder for them to improve their Bloodline Power now compared to when they were younger. Naturally, part of the reason was that the purer their bloodline, the more difficult it was for them to enhance their strength, but unfortunately, the biggest reason was that the Ancestral Strength was weakening.


It had always been difficult for the Phoenix Clan to have descendants, and if things continued at this rate, there would not be any new descendants with their bloodline born to them.


Forget the Phoenix Clan; the population of Divine Spirits with small numbers in the first place had withered and were practically on the verge of extinction.


“Elder Sister, the seal…” The yellow-robed woman looked at Qing Luan.


Qing Luan let out a heavy sigh in response.


The next day, Yang Kai was meditating when he suddenly opened his eyes and flashed out of his room. When he arrived outside the Main Hall, he looked up at the sky only to see four rays of different coloured lights flying towards him.


Having also noticed the commotion, Xia Lin Lang appeared beside him.


A short while later, four women landed in front of the two of them.


Yang Kai bowed in greeting, “Junior Yang Kai greets four Seniors.”


Likewise, Xia Lin Lang quickly gave an elegant bow. As a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, her powerful perception distinctly told her that all four women standing in front of her were much stronger than her. Even Bright Sun Divine Monarch was nothing compared to any one of them.


As the leader, Qing Luan nodded lightly before looking at Yang Kai and saying, “I am Qing Luan. You might already know me. These three are Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, and Hong Hu. The four of us can be considered the oldest generation in the Four Phoenix Pavilion.”


Yang Kai’s heart trembled slightly. He once read the Divine Spirit Record, and according to its text, there were Phoenixes of five different colours, namely Red Phoenix, Azure Luan, Yellow Yuan Chu, Purple Yue Zhuo, and White Hong Hu.


It could be said that the four women in front of him carried the purest bloodlines of the Phoenix Clan other than the Phoenix’s themselves. Moreover, the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans had always had a close relationship with each other, which was why he did not feel the slightest sense of oppression from them even though the gap in their strength was so large. On the contrary, Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein seemed to be rejoicing.


“You probably have some questions for us. Similarly, we have some questions for you.” Qing Luan looked at Yang Kai warmly, as if she were his Elder, “Let’s go inside and talk.”


Yang Kai nodded; thus, they all went into the Main Hall and took their seats.


The gazes of the four women were focused on Yang Kai. They constantly seemed to be examining him as though trying to figure out something from his body.


“Your bloodline is strange.” Qing Luan was the first to speak, “It’s extremely pure, but you don’t seem to be part of the Dragon Clan. Can you explain the situation to us?”


Yang Kai nodded and said, “I am not part of the Dragon Clan, but I’m not fully Human either.”


The purple-robed Yue Zhuo frowned, “Even if a Human obtained a Dragon Source by chance, their bloodline should not have been so pure. What Dragon Source did you receive?”


In response, Yang Kai silently stimulated the power of his Dragon Source. A deafening Dragon Roar resounded throughout the Main Hall in the next moment, and at the same time, a large Golden Dragon Head seemed to awaken from dormancy and floated just behind him. The Dragon Eyes were majestic, seeming to overlook the universe.


Qing Luan narrowed her eyes and exclaimed, “Golden Divine Dragon Source!”


Likewise, Yue Zhuo revealed a look of understanding, “No wonder. You’ve probably tried many ways to enhance your Source Strength over the years. That’s why you managed to experience such growth, right?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I consumed many Spirit Pills refined from the Dragon Blood Flowers.” After a hesitant pause, he asked, “Seniors, can you tell me about what happened to the Dragon Clan?”


The women exchanged glances with each other. Then, Qing Luan explained, “We have lived in the Ancestral Land ever since we were born, but even we have never met the Dragon Clan before. It’s only thanks to our bloodline inheritance that we know some things about the Dragon Clan. As for whether they are the truth, you will have to be the judge of that yourself. We are not deliberately trying to deceive you.”


“This Junior would not dare to think that.” Yang Kai nodded slightly.


She then continued, “As you know, any Divine Spirit will be strong enough to rival a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in strength once they reach adulthood. As the Head of all Divine Spirits, the Dragon Clan is no exception. Dragon Clan members who were not as strong as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would always be considered Juvenile Dragons no matter how many years they cultivated. Only those with strength comparable to High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were worthy of the title ‘Grand Dragon’!”


Yang Kai nodded. This sentiment was something that he heard from Bi Xi in the past. According to Bi Xi, one’s Dragon Form had to be at least 10,000 metres long for them to be worthy of the title ‘Grand Dragon’.


“And, above the Grand Dragons are the Divine Dragons!” Qing Luan continued, “The strength of a Grand Dragon is equivalent to the strength of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master or an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. On the other hand, Divine Dragons are on par with Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters! I’m sure you’re aware of the gap in strength between them.”


The gap in strength between each Order of the Open Heaven Realm was like the difference between night and day. A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master killing a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was like stealing candy from a baby. The same applied if a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master tried to kill a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. The difference in strength between an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would only be even more staggering.


Meanwhile, a Divine Dragon was an existence comparable to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“The Source you inherited once belonged to a Divine Dragon.” Qing Luan looked him straight in the eye, “In any case, you were able to refine this Source and produce a Dragon Vein. Regardless of your origins as part of the Human Race, strictly speaking, you’re already part of the Dragon Clan. It’s just that you are no more than a Juvenile Dragon based on your current strength.”


Hearing those words left him dumbfounded. Yang Kai had worked hard and cultivated for many years in order to achieve all the success he enjoyed today. Nevertheless, he could only be classified as a Juvenile in the Dragon Clan with his current achievements.


The strength of the Dragon Clan was evident.


When he realised that even Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun could only be classified as Juvenile Dragons though, he felt a little better.


Yang Kai had obtained his Dragon Source when he was still very young. In that case, what happened to the former owner of the Source for him to die in that place? It had to be said that he was a Divine Dragon comparable to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! What about the Phoenix Clan Source that Su Yan inherited? Both of them had been together at the time. How could a Phoenix Clan member be weak if she died beside a Divine Dragon? Unfortunately, what happened back then would forever remain a mystery.


“This is the Heavens’ Will!” Qing Luan sighed.


In the beginning, she had hoped that Yang Kai’s Bloodline might not be strong enough to unlock the seal even if he was part of the Dragon Clan. If that was the case, then she would only need to explain the circumstances to the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land and this matter might have been suppressed as a result.


However, she knew that this method would not work as soon as she saw the Source Strength Yang Kai possessed.


Although with his current Dragon Vein’s power, he could only be classified as a Juvenile Dragon, his Source was extremely pure. There was a possibility that he could unlock the seal, so what excuse could Four Phoenix Pavilion use to stop the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land?


A brief moment of silence passed before Qing Luan asked, “Do you know why all the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land want to capture you?”


Yang Kai replied, “I heard that they want to use my bloodline to unlock some sort of seal!”


Qing Luan nodded, “So you know… In that case, this will be easy to explain. In ancient times, the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans joined forces to leave behind a powerful seal in the Ancestral Land. Nobody knows what is contained within the seal. Perhaps, only the original generation of Divine Spirits know the truth. Unfortunately, too much time has passed and too many things have been lost over the generations, even with the inheritance of Divine Spirits like ourselves.”




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