Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4708, The Ancient Seal


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“At present, nobody in the Ancestral Land knows why the Dragon and Phoenix Clans left this seal behind in ancient times. The only thing we can be certain of is that the seal contains an abundance of extremely pure Ancestral Strength. Over the years, the seal has started to loosen and the Ancestral Strength has begun leaking out from within. We’ve personally gone to investigate the seal and verified this fact,” Qing Luan continued, “According to my estimation, the seal was formed from Ancestral Strength, which is why this phenomenon is occurring.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Since it is a seal, whatever that is contained inside cannot be a good thing. Who knows what kind of consequences we might face if we recklessly break the seal?”


Qing Luan smiled bitterly, “How can the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land be unaware of this fact? But, as you know, Divine Spirits are generally arrogant due to their immense strength. Even if whatever that was sealed inside back then turned out to be something bad, chances are that it no longer exists after so many eons. Even if it still exists, there is nothing to fear with the immense strength of the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land. To the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land, releasing the seal might be risky, but the risks are insignificant compared to the benefits.”


There was pure Ancestral Strength leaking out of the seal. If they could release the seal, they could improve the current conditions of the Ancestral Land. It would be highly beneficial to the reproduction and survival of all Divine Spirits. If not for that, the Kun Clan would not have been adamant about breaking the seal.


Yang Kai fell silent after hearing those words. There was no way a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him could resist under these circumstances, so he raised his head and asked, “What is Four Phoenix Pavilion’s stance towards this matter?”


Qing Luan replied, “We have always disapproved of the decision to break the seal; however, based on the general trend, it doesn’t matter whether we agree or disagree anymore. I will be honest with you. No less than ten Divine Spirits have been lingering outside the Four Phoenix Pavilion since yesterday. Even if we wanted to send you away, we don’t have the ability to do so.”


Yue Zhuo added, “Besides, the seal began loosening several thousand years ago. Even if we don’t take the initiative to undo the seal ourselves, it will break on its own after several thousand more years.”


“I understand,” Yang Kai took a deep breath, “What do I need to do?”


Qing Luan said, “There’s nothing that you need to do in particular. The seal was left behind by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans using their Bloodline Power, so you only need to consume some Blood Essence to break the seal. In two days, the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land will come to the Four Phoenix Pavilion to discuss these matters. I will let you know once the results of the discussion are out. After that, I will bring you to the Demon Sealing Land. You should get a good rest over the next two days.


“Demon Sealing Land?” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow at those words, “Is that where the seal is located?”


Qing Luan nodded, “The situation in the Demon Sealing Land was passed down by word of mouth since ancient times. Although the seal has been loosening, we have not detected any Demon Qi coming from within. We have no idea why it is called the Demon Sealing Land either. Perhaps, the ominous things that were sealed inside have long turned into nothing but dust over the years.”


Even if there existed some sort of Demon Qi, the Divine Spirits of the Ancestral Land were not afraid. The strength of the Divine Spirits could not be defeated by something as trivial as Demon Qi.


Over the next two days, Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang focused on their recovery.


Two days later, Four Phoenix Pavilion opened its gates. Numerous overwhelmingly powerful auras entered one after another, each one representing a mighty Divine Spirit.


Inside the Main Hall, several dozen people slowly filled the seats. Even though the Divine Spirits arrived at different times, they each found a suitable seat for themselves in tacit agreement. Meanwhile, Qing Luan and the three other Phoenix women sat in a row of seats situated at the topmost position.


Yang Kai sat upright to the left and below them, looking down with his head lowered.


Every single Divine Spirit that entered the room would study him with great interest. Some of them would even reveal curious expressions. Most of the Divine Spirits had been born and raised in the Ancestral Land all their lives, so the Dragon Clan was a rare sight to them. They had only ever heard of the Dragon Clan but never seen one with their own eyes.


Sitting directly opposite Yang Kai was Kun Ao of the Kun Clan. His gaze would sweep over Yang Kai from time to time, and he did not bother to conceal his murderous intent.


Likewise, the Dragon Vein in Yang Kai’s body seemed eager to fight. The hatred that came from the depths of his bloodline was an inheritance passed down from ancient times. Even if hundreds of thousands of years had passed, this hatred would never disappear as long as their respective bloodlines continued to exist.


More than half of the Divine Spirits in attendance were comparable to Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Even if the rest were not as powerful, they were at least the equivalent of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It was obvious that all of them were Mature Divine Spirits.


Mie Meng had come too. She was also part of the Ancestral Land after all. The seal in the Demon Sealing Land would affect the growth of her descendants, so she had to make an appearance. Nonetheless, she did not say a word to Yang Kai. The first reason was that the situation was inappropriate. The other reason was that he had the protection of Four Phoenix Pavilion. Many Divine Spirits might be in attendance today, but they posed no threat to him.


In just an incense stick, all the seats in the Main Hall had been filled. All the Divine Spirit Clans had sent a representative to attend the meeting today.


Qing Luan’s beautiful eyes took in the scene in front of her for a moment before she spoke, “Since everyone is here, let us begin our discussion.”


Kun Ao grinned, “What else needs to be discussed about the seal? We’ve waited for so many years, and now, a Dragon Clan member has finally appeared in the Ancestral Land. Who knows how much longer we will have to wait if we let this opportunity slip through our fingers? Why don’t we all express our attitude towards this matter and be done with it? The minority will obey the majority. What do you think, Qing Luan?”


Narrowing her eyes, she said nothing more and simply nodded lightly. Now that things had come to this, she had already mentally prepared herself for how the situation would develop. Nothing would change no matter how much she objected to the decision.


Kun Ao laughed, “Good. I’m sure you’re all aware of the situation in the Demon Sealing Land, so there’s no need to say anything more. Do we maintain the seal as it is? Or, do we take a risk to release the seal and allow the Ancestral Strength to flood this land again so that our descendants never worry about reproduction issues again. Make your choice. Nobody is forcing you. The Kun Clan supports the decision to release the seal. We have also been working hard towards this goal for many years. You’ve witnessed our efforts for yourselves. Those who are willing to progress with us, please show your support!”


“I agree to releasing the seal!” Tao Wu, who was sitting beside Kun Ao, grinned widely.


“As do I!” Bi An responded immediately.








There were a series of voices ringing out in the Grand Hall. Although some of the Divine Spirits did not express their opinions, those who agreed to break the seal had already occupied the majority.


Kun Ao nodded in satisfaction, then he turned to look at Qing Luan, “This is what the people in the Ancestral Land want. Qing Luan, there’s no need for the Four Phoenix Pavilion to stop us again, right?”


Qing Luan quietly replied, “Since you all believe that releasing the sea is the better choice, Four Phoenix Pavilion will not say anything more. Let us proceed.”


“Good!” Kun Ao laughed out loud.


“But, before that, Four Phoenix Pavilion has a condition!” Qing Luan suddenly swept glared at him.


“Speak freely.” 


She then pointed at Yang Kai, “After the matter with the seal has been completed, I will escort him from this place. No one is allowed to harm him or stop him!”


She stared at Kun Ao fixedly while speaking those words. It was obvious that her words were directed at him. There were numerous Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land, but the only ones with an irresolvable grudge against the Dragon Clan was the Kun Clan.


As long as Kun Ao gave his word, Yang Kai would not be in any danger; after all who else among the rest of the Divine Spirits would go out of their way to kill a Dragon Clan member for no reason? While it was true that the Dragon Clan had left the Ancestral Land a very long time ago, who could guarantee that they would not return one day? They would definitely settle all their debts upon their return.


Kun Ao nodded readily, “Rest assured. The only reason I dealt with him previously was for the seal. This Kun Ao is a man of honour and will not make trouble for a mere brat.”


“Don’t forget what you said.” Qing Luan nodded faintly.


Kun Ao then stood up, “It has been so long, and it’s rare for all the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land to be so united. There’s no day like today. Why don’t we head to the Demon Sealing Land now?”


Qing Luan glanced at Yang Kai questioningly, and Yang Kai nodded, “It’s fine with me.”


Only then did she say, “Let’s set off then.”


Many Divine Spirits stood up, and a short while later, countless streams of light sliced through air as they sped off into the distance.


Yang Kai was surrounded by Qing Luan and the three others. Along the way, Qing Luan reminded him, “The foundation of the seal is built on Bloodline Power. If you want to break the seal, you will need to consume your own Blood Essence. Do your best, but don’t be too greedy for achievements or you will damage your foundation!”


“This Junior understands!” Yang Kai nodded.


The Demon Sealing Land was located at the very edge of the Ancestral Land, and the nearer they got to it, the more Yang Kai could feel the peculiar force lingering in the world getting stronger.


This power was extremely beneficial to the Divine Spirits; however, it was unique to the Ancestral Land and practically impossible to find in the outside world. Forget Yang Kai, who was a newcomer to this place; even the Divine Spirits living in this place did not know much about the Ancestral Strength. Nevertheless, this power was undeniably related to the growth and reproduction of all the Divine Spirits.


Even so, the margin of increase was not very large. The reason for this phenomenon was most likely that the seal had loosened and the Ancestral Strength was leaking out from inside the seal.


Approximately half a day later, Yang Kai saw an enormous Grand Array rising up from the ground in the distance, with several Array Nodes towering up into the clouds. Moreover, there was another Grand Array visible to the naked eye spread out on the ground.


At this moment, countless figures were gathered around the Grand Array. These figures came in all shapes and sizes, and every one of them was different from the next. Some looked like beasts while others had humanoid forms.


Yang Kai looked around in astonishment.


The white-robed Hong Hu, who was closest to him, explained, “The Ancestral Strength in the Demon Sealing Land is more abundant, so many Juniors like to cultivate here. My Sisters and I used to fight many other Divine Spirits here over territorial issues.”


Yang Kai glanced at her in surprise. 


To which she smiled, “Who was not young once?”


Yang Kai couldn’t help chuckling. In the Demon Sealing Land below them, two young Divine Spirits were fighting in their true forms. It was probably as she explained earlier, they were competing over a cultivation spot. There were many other young Divine Spirits in the surroundings who cheered and watched the fight, making for a lively scene.


Unfortunately, this fight was bound to be cut short at this moment. The older generation of the Divine Spirits arrived with great fanfare, causing the younger generation of Divine Spirits to look up in astonishment.


“All Juniors are to leave!” Kun Ao took the lead, waving his hand to chase off the younger generation of Divine Spirits without the slightest trace of politeness. All of a sudden, a large wing spread out and covered the entire sky. The violent gust of wind swept across the ground, and the younger generation of Divine Spirits gathered below screamed in panic. There was no saying where the wind had taken them.


Many furious gazes shot toward Kun Ao, but he simply declared resolutely, “What are you looking at? There were Kun Clan Juniors here too. This King treated them all equally. Is there a problem?”




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