Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4709, Behind the Gate


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Inside the Ancestral Land, both the Kun Clan and the Phoenix Clan were considered major Clans. Not only were they powerful, but they also had many clansmen. Ordinary Divine Spirits could not afford to provoke either of them.


Everybody had witnessed Kun Ao’s actions earlier. Although his Secret Technique had swept many of the younger generation away, his strength had been controlled perfectly and there was no intention to wound. Hence, these people only glared at him viciously for a moment before they withdrew their gazes.


Afterward, many gazes turned to focus on Qing Luan and Yang Kai instead with great expectations.


“What do I do?” Yang Kai asked.


Qing Luan replied, “You only need to stand in the middle of the Grand Sealing Array and match our actions later.”


He nodded and came to stand in the centre of the enormous Grand Array under everybody’s watchful eyes.


As soon as he took his position, Qing Luan shouted, “Begin!”


Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, and Hong Hu nodded in unison. The four figures flickered and flashed, each standing at the four corners of the Grand Array. In the next moment, their majestic Divine Spirit aura permeated the air and a sharp piercing cry resounded throughout the world.


Rays of azure, purple, yellow, and white lights shone out brightly, and the four women transformed back into their true bodies. Four enormous Phoenix Clan members, each more than 10,000 metres tall, spread out their wings and threw back their heads with a loud cry. A violent gust of wind raged around them, causing sand and rock to fly in the air.


Yang Kai was dazzled by the sight. Although he had seen the Phoenix Clan’s true appearance before, he had never seen any that were so huge and terrifying.


At the same time, a horrifying pressure spread out. Even though they were not deliberately targeting him, it was enough to make his body feel extremely heavy.


They cried out again, and four streams of Blood Essence spewed out from the mouths of Qing Luan and the three others to splatter upon the Grand Array. In that instant, the Grand Array hummed and the Void trembled.


Yang Kai roared involuntarily. Following the sound of the Dragon Roar, a Golden Dragon Head appeared behind him and plunged into his body. In the next moment, his body swelled; his hands transformed into Dragon Claws; Dragon Scales covered his body; two Dragon Horns thrust out of his forehead; a Dragon Tail flicked behind him; and Dragon Beard fluttered below his jaw when he shook his head fiercely. The small humanoid figure abruptly erupted into a several thousand metre tall behemoth.


The Divine Spirits watching by the sides frowned in response, however. They had assumed that Yang Kai was a pure-blooded Dragon Clan member, but the person in front of them was Half-Human and Half-Dragon. That undoubtedly indicated that his bloodline was not as pure as they had imagined.


[Can the seal be broken with such a weak bloodline?] In any case, the arrow had been released and there was no turning back now. They could only suppress the doubts in their hearts and quietly watch how things unfolded.


Inside the Grand Array, Yang Kai could feel the Power of the Dragon Vein in his body surging violently and the vitality in his chest churning fiercely. A mouthful of Blood Essence was then forced from his throat and splattered onto the Grand Array.


After the Grand Array had been stimulated by Blood Essence of Qing Luan and the others, the lights had been flashing and flickering endlessly. With the addition of Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood, the light shone even more brightly than before.


Numerous patterns inside the Grand Array lit up and linked together to become one. Furthermore, the Dragon and Phoenix Blood that was sprayed across the Grand Array wriggled about within its patterns, like some sort of living thing.


With the passage of time, the illusory phantom of a heavy set of gates appeared in the sky above the Grand Array. The magnificent gates stood in the sky between the Heavens and the Earth. There had been no trace of these gates before, and it was not until this moment that they were revealed in all their glory.


Many of the Divine Spirits looked up with excited expressions on their faces.


The Demon Sealing Land was not a Restricted Area and many among the younger generation of Divine Spirits liked to cultivate here. Most of the older generation of Divine Spirits had also investigated this place in the past, but regardless of their identities, nobody had ever discovered any traces of this gate before.


Be that as it may, this gate had appeared when the Dragon and Phoenix Blood mixed with each other. In other words, there was a high possibility that the seal could be broken. The predicament that had plagued the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land for countless years was finally showing signs of being resolved. How could they not be eager and excited?


As time passed, the gate that stood in the sky became more and more solid. It was almost as though it actually existed. However, everyone could see that the gate was not a solid entity, but the manifestation of great energy. It was the seal itself. What was contained behind the gate were the secrets that had been hidden from the Ancestral Land for countless generations.


An hour later, the light shining from the Grand Array gradually showed signs of growing dim; however, the gates showed no signs of opening in the slightest.


Kun Ao shouted, “Qing Luan, it’s not enough!”


Upon hearing those words, Qing Luan and the three others spat out another mouthful of Blood Essence while in the centre of the Grand Array, Yang Kai did the same.


The light of the Grand Array that had faded slightly was instantly revived to its full glory. The two forces intertwined and entangled inside the Grand Array, spreading towards the heavy gates like vines.


The Divine Spirits could clearly sense that the two forces were none other than the Bloodline Powers of the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan.


There seemed to be a pair of large invisible hands that pushed and shoved at the heavy gates. Accompanied by a creaking sound that reverberated throughout the world, the heavy gates slowly opened by a crack.


The eyes of Kun Ao and the other Divine Spirits immediately brightened in excitement as they stared fixedly at the gate.


Extremely pure force emerged from the gap that had opened; it was Ancestral Strength. It was just that none of the Divine Spirits had ever felt the existence of such a powerful Ancestral Strength in many, many years. Thus, they couldn’t help feeling warm and protected when the force enveloped them.


Standing in the middle of the Grand Array, Yang Kai felt these changes even more clearly. Under the stimulation of that force, he could feel the Power of his Dragon Vein boiling furiously. His bloodline was becoming purer and purer at a speed that he could detect. The most notable change was that his huge body that had originally reached its limits had grown again and the bloodline in his body burst out like the roar of the rushing river.


The heavy gate opened at a very slow speed. It took more than an hour just to open up a crack that was no more than three fingers wide.


It was obvious that even more of the Bloodline Power from the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans were needed to break the seal. Qing Luan, Yang Kai, and the others forced out their Blood Essence once more to stimulate the power of the Grand Array.


After three days, the gates were finally mostly opened, and it would not be long before the seal was broken!


Unfortunately, Yang Kai was starting to reach his limits. Releasing this seal had required the consumption of his Blood Essence, and such consumption was so great that it was damaging his vitality.


Compared to Qing Luan and the others, his bloodline was no stronger than that of a Juvenile Dragon in the first place. His bloodline might be pure enough, but he simply could not withstand the consumption. Besides, Qing Luan and the others had four people working together while he was alone. The consumption he experienced was four times that of Qing Luan and the others.


At this moment, his complexion was very pale and even his large figure seemed a little shaky and unsteady, like he could collapse at any moment.


There was no doubt that Kun Ao had also discovered this fact. He would glance at the gate from time to time before he glanced back at Yang Kai. An inexplicable light flickered in the depths of his eyes.


Qing Luan naturally noticed this and shouted, “Don’t even think about it, Kun Ao! If anything happens to him, Four Phoenix Pavilion will never break the seal!”


Kun Ao’s face twitched at those words, but he soon just chuckled, “You’re overthinking things, Qing Luan. I’m just worried about whether this brat can persevere until the end. Since you’ve said as much though, I’m sure there will be no problems on his part.”


The truth was that he had indeed thought about it. If Yang Kai could no longer withstand the pressure of releasing the seal, he could simply slaughter him on the Grand Array itself. After all, based on the current situation, it would seem that the seal could be broken as long as there was an adequate amount of Dragon Clan Blood. The life or death of the Dragon Clan member providing the Blood had nothing to do with him.


However, seeing as Qing Luan had already warned him, Kun Ao could only give up on his idea. All his efforts would be in vain if Four Phoenix Pavilion refused to cooperate again because he killed this Dragon Clan member.


Qing Luan looked at Yang Kai in concern, “Take some time to recover. There’s no hurry!”


Yang Kai nodded quietly and sat down in the middle of the Grand Array without further ado. He silently activated his Secret Technique and frantically devoured the Ancestral Strength that was pouring out of the seal. His physique wriggled while at the same time, his Bloodline steadily became purer and purer. Even his Half-Dragon Form experienced huge growth.


Over the past few days, his Half-Dragon Form had grown by at least 30 metres, and that was with him not even concentrating on cultivating. What’s more, this was the result when the seal was not broken completely. If he could release the seal completely, how much more would the Ancestral Strength benefit him?


Yang Kai could somewhat understand why the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land was so eager to break the seal now. The Ancestral Strength was simply far too beneficial to the cultivation and growth of Divine Spirits. Not many Divine Spirits could resist in the face of such a temptation. Even Qing Luan and the others were not that repulsed by the idea of releasing the seal, or they would never have been so cooperative in the first place.


Half a day later, Yang Kai stood up and spewed out another mouthful of Blood Essence on the Grand Array. The heavy gates had opened by more than half at this point, and with the help of this mouthful of Dragon Blood, the gap widened a little more again.


Another day passed by in the same manner. Seven whole days after they began releasing the seal, the Grand Array shone brightly when Yang Kai spewed out one last mouthful of Dragon Blood. Then, the heavy gates finally opened completely.


Yang Kai immediately collapsed to the ground, his enormous Half-Dragon Form shrinking rapidly to transform back into his Human Form. Qing Luan and the others quickly released their true body transformations and rushed to his side to help him up.


“How are you feeling?” Yuan Chu asked.


Yang Kai was as pale as a sheet, but he slowly shook his head, “I just consumed too much energy. It’s not a big problem.”


Qing Luan nodded, “As long as you have not damaged your foundation.”


After saying that, she looked up at the gates.


The gates were opened, and an abundance of Ancestral Strength was pouring out of them. Be that as it may, when the time came, all the Divine Spirits simply stood there motionlessly. Nobody scrambled to be the first to enter the gates; after all, nobody knew what was waiting for them.


Kun Ao turned to look behind him. In that direction, a figure stepped forward with a hideous expression on his face. It was none other than Cheng Yang, who had stumbled into the Ancestral Land while pursuing Yang Kai and Xia Lin Lang.


He had not been present when the Divine Spirits rushed here earlier and there was no telling when he had arrived at this place. When all the Divine Spirits in the surroundings turned to look at him, he felt his skin tightening in apprehension, even though he was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


“Don’t forget what you promised me, Kun Ao!” Cheng Yang shouted grimly.


Kun Ao smiled, “Of course. I will ask Kun Yu to escort you out of the Ancestral Land after this. You will not be able to leave the Ancestral Land without the escort of a Divine Spirit.”


Cheng Yang coldly snorted. He would never have agreed to Kun Ao’s demands if not for his wish to leave the Ancestral Land. It was just that he was currently living under their eaves, so he had no choice but to bow down to their wishes.


Looking up at the heavy gates, Cheng Yang drew the power of his Small Universe to wrap around his body. Then, he soared into the sky and plunged through those gates to vanish out of sight.


After seeing this exchange, how could the Divine Spirits not realise that Kun Ao had sent Cheng Yang to scout the way ahead? Bright Sun Divine Monarch was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so even if the situation inside was very dangerous, it was impossible for him not to survive and return with some useful information.


Therefore, the Divine Spirits waited silently.


Less than an incense stick later though, Cheng Yang returned from within the gates. It was just that his complexion was extremely pale and his aura was especially chaotic, almost as though he had suffered a huge blow.




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