Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4710, Ancestral Spirit Fruit


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Under the watch of the many Divine Spirits, Cheng Yang rushed out of the Demon Sealing Land. His complexion was incredibly pale and his aura was in disarray. There were faint traces of scales appearing on his exposed skin, and the nails on both his hands grew rapidly.


“Monster Transformation!” Qing Luan shouted from where she stood beside Yang Kai.


The Ancestral Land was the origin of all Divine Spirits, and there was an extremely peculiar force in this land that was highly beneficial to the reproduction and growth of those Divine Spirits. However, this force was a poison that could become lethal to living creatures that were not Divine Spirits.


This was something that Qing Luan mentioned to Yang Kai previously. That was why the living creatures existing in the Ancestral Land were generally Divine Spirits or those with the Divine Spirit bloodline.


It was impossible for a Pure-Human cultivator to stay in the Ancestral Land for a long time as once the Ancestral Strength invaded their bodies, there was a high possibility that they would suffer from horrible consequences. Those consequences were Monster Transformation!


Cheng Yang was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and his strength was incredibly powerful. Even so, he was already being eroded by the Ancestral Strength and showing signs of Monster Transformation after spending less than an incense stick inside the Demon Sealing Land.


It was conceivable just how abundant and intense the Ancestral Strength in the Demon Sealing Land was that even a Master like Cheng Yang could not resist. That was why many of the Divine Spirits rejoiced at the sight of his miserable state. The stronger the Ancestral Strength in the Demon Sealing Land, the better it was for them.


“What’s inside?” Kun Ao asked while looking at Cheng Yang.


Cheng Yang shook his head while resisting the Ancestral Strength that was invading his body, “It’s too vast. I couldn’t investigate much, but it shouldn’t be dangerous for Divine Spirits like you. Kun Ao, I need to leave this place. The sooner, the better!”


Before entering the Demon Sealing Land, his strength was enough that he could easily resist the erosion of the Ancestral Strength of the Ancestral Land even though it had been gnawing at him without pause. Now that he had fallen into this state, though, the symptoms of Monster Transformation would become irreversible if he did not leave as soon as possible; otherwise, he would become an existence that was neither Monster nor Human.


Kun Ao stared at Cheng Yang deeply as though trying to judge whether the latter was speaking the truth, but a short while later, he shouted, “Kun Yu!”


The white-robed youth who fought Yang Kai on several occasions previously came forward.


“Send him away!” Kun Ao waved his hand dismissively. Although he was a domineering man, he was not a dishonest person.


“Yes!” Kun Yu accepted the order and gestured to Cheng Yang politely.


Cheng Yang coldly snorted and turned around to leave. He did not wish to spend another moment in this place. Nevertheless, he cast a glance at Yang Kai with an inexplicable look in his eyes before he departed.


He had pursued Yang Kai deep into the Ancestral Land because of the World Spring. As a result, not only did he fail to obtain the World Spring, but he also brought great trouble down upon himself. It was truly very unlucky.


Now that Yang Kai was in the Ancestral Land, obtaining the World Spring had become nothing more than a dream. Just Yang Kai’s identity as a Dragon Clan member was enough to frighten Cheng Yang greatly. If he had known that Yang Kai was a Dragon Clan member beforehand, he would never have interfered in this chaos.


After Kun Yu sent Cheng Yang away, Kun Ao finally turned a hungry gaze at the heavy gates that stood wide open in front of him and grinned, “What do you all think?”


Cheng Yang had returned safely, which indicated that there were no dangers inside; therefore, the many Divine Spirits were eager to make a move. Some could barely hold themselves back at this point. It was just that the Phoenix Clan and the Kun Clan had not made any moves yet, so they could not act so indiscreet.


Qing Luan voiced her opinion, “Since the seal has already been broken, we should go inside and take a look.”


Kun Ao laughed, “In that case, this King will go on ahead and scout the way for you!”


He beckoned with his hand while speaking, leading the Masters of the Kun Clan to plunge through the gates and vanish out of sight.


How could the rest of the Divine Spirits hold back after seeing that? They all rushed forward and entered the gates one after another, and in the blink of an eye, only the Phoenix Clan remained.


Qing Luan lowered her head to look at Yang Kai and ask, “How are you?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s nothing serious.”


“What do you plan to do next? If you wish to leave, I will arrange for someone to escort you out of the Ancestral Land.”


However, Yang Kai looked up at the Seal Gates and declared, “I want to go inside and have a look.”


Qing Luan nodded, “You contributed greatly to the breaking of the seal, so there’s no issue if you wish to go inside and have a look. However, you should come with us and not act on your own.”


“This Junior understands. Many thanks, Senior.” Yang Kai nodded.


Only then did Qing Luan lead the Masters of the Phoenix Clan into the Seal Gates with great fanfare. A vast land spread out in front of their eyes as soon as they stepped into the Demon Sealing Land. Strictly speaking, this world was not much different from the Ancestral Land, it was just that the Ancestral Strength here was extremely rich.


All the Phoenix Clan members couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Stimulated by this power, their clear and piercing cries rose and fell one after another as colourful Phoenix Clan members of various different shapes and sizes revealed their true bodies and fluttered their wings.


Even Yang Kai couldn’t help relaxing mentally and physically. He felt like a wanderer who finally returned home after travelling the world for many years. His weakened body also recovered its vitality more rapidly, filling him with a sense of satisfaction.


“This place… is still part of the Ancestral Land.” Qing Luan murmured under her breath while looking around her surroundings.


Having lived in the Ancestral Land for countless years, it was only natural that she was familiar with the situation in her home. The land behind the Seal Gates was part of the Ancestral Land and there was essentially no difference between this place and the outside.


Yuan Chu seemed pensive, “Did the Dragon and Phoenix Clans split the Ancestral Land into two parts in ancient times? Did they then turn this place into the Demon Sealing Land?”


Yue Zhuo nodded, “That’s probably it. There’s no other way to explain this phenomenon.”


The Ancestral Land had been divided into two parts in ancient times. One part became the place where the various Divine Spirit Clans lived for many years and the other part became the sealed land known as the Demon Sealing Land. Hence, it was no wonder such pure Ancestral Strength spilled out from the Demon Sealing Land. It was because this place was part of the Ancestral Land in the first place.


Due to various unpredictable reasons, the Ancestral Strength in the outside half of the Ancestral Land was growing weaker and weaker. Even the reproduction and survival of the various Divine Spirit Clans were facing issues as a result. On the contrary, the Ancestral Strength in the Demon Sealing Land remained well-preserved. The mysterious force was rich and abundant.


Cheng Yang had entered this place for a brief period earlier, and when he returned, he claimed that the inside was extremely vast. At the time, nobody understood what he meant as this place was a sealed land after all, so how big could it be? It would now seem that it was certainly very large. 


The various Divine Spirits that entered this place earlier were nowhere to be seen, making it obvious that they had ventured deeper to investigate the situation.


“If there are no dangers in this land, then there will be no need to worry about the futures of the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land again,” Hong Hu said softly.


The intensity of the Ancestral Strength was so great that it was enough to satisfy the needs of the growth and reproduction of the various Divine Spirit Clans. If the Infant Phoenix Tower was relocated here, the little ones would surely be born healthy.


“This place must be known as the Demon Sealing Land for a reason; there might be dangers that we don’t know about lurking around. We must investigate carefully.” Qing Luan maintained a vigilant attitude.


Under her command, Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, and Hong Hu each led a team of clansmen and set off in different directions. On the other hand, she travelled only with Yang Kai. 


There were no abnormalities during their travels, but when Qing Luan turned around to see Yang Kai, she saw him hesitating to speak. Thus, she smiled and said, “If you have something to ask, go ahead and speak freely. You are part of the Dragon Clan, which has a deep connection with my Phoenix Clan. There’s no need to be so reserved.”


Yang Kai laughed awkwardly for a moment before he said, “Senior, I have many friends with Divine Spirit bloodlines. It’s just that we came from a remote land and without a proper cultivation method, they have been unable to solve the issue of promoting their bloodlines. Therefore, I wish to bring them to the Ancestral Land after things have settled here. This place will be of immense help to their growth. Will the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land reject them?”


Qing Luan shook her head and said, “All Divine Spirits have the qualifications to enter the Ancestral Land. That is because this place is the origin of all Divine Spirits. If you can come, then so can the others. Mie Meng only entered the Ancestral Land 100 years ago, and nobody criticized her for anything.”


Yang Kai quickly pointed out, “Senior Mie Meng is powerful.”


Qing Luan chuckled in response, “That’s true. Are your friends not strong?”


“According to the classification of the Divine Spirits, they are all considered as Juveniles. Most importantly, many of them are Dragon Clan members!”


Qing Luan immediately understood the issue. The Dragon Clan and the Kun Clan were bitter enemies, so if a bunch of Juvenile Dragons were to enter the Ancestral Land, the Kun Clan would not sit back and do nothing. At that time, how could those Juvenile Divine Spirit defend themselves?


Qing Luan pondered in silence for a moment before offering, “You may send them to Four Phoenix Pavilion. With the Phoenix Clan watching over them, the Kun Clan will not be able to act rashly.”


“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai bowed and thanked her.


She waved her hand lightly, “It’s nothing. But, only by becoming strong themselves will they prevent others from causing trouble for them.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I will tell them to cultivate hard.”


While they were conversing with each other, a large tree suddenly appeared on the horizon. The tree had branches that were thick with leaves, and among the lush foliage, there were also some colourful fruits that were just vaguely out of sight. 


A strange fragrance filled the air.


Both of them revealed surprised expressions, and upon approaching the tree, they stopped and studied it.


Yang Kai could not recognise these fruits, but he instinctively sensed that they would be highly beneficial to him.


Qing Luan furrowed her brow tightly at first, but a short while later, she seemed to recall something. Raising a hand, she picked one of the Spirit Fruits and examined it carefully, exclaiming in astonishment after a moment, “Ancestral Spirit Fruit! I can’t believe that there are Ancestral Spirit Fruits here!”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Is it something good?”


Qing Luan took a breath to steady herself before explaining, “This is an excellent treasure for all Divine Spirits! As you know, the Ancestral Land is filled with a mysterious force we call Ancestral Strength. This force is highly beneficial to the growth, reproduction, and cultivation of the Divine Spirits. The reason the others were so adamant about unsealing the Demon Sealing Land is that the Ancestral Strength has been weakening steadily. They wanted to find a solution to the problem.”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding.


“These Ancestral Spirit Fruits contain large amounts of pure Ancestral Strength, so they can practically be said to be a condensed Ancestral Strength.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed.


Qing Luan continued, “Even the Ancestral Land that we lived in used to have Ancestral Spirit Fruits in ancient times. It’s just that the Ancestral Spirit Fruits went extinct as the Ancestral Strength gradually weakened. I can’t believe they still exist in this place. It’s my first time seeing one.” Looking up at the tree, she added, “There are eight more fruits. Let’s pick them first.”


Yang Kai quickly nodded and left in a flash. A short while later, he returned with four fruits in each hand.


Qing Luan handed the fruit in her hand over to him and declared, “Take this too.”


Yang Kai was flabbergasted. Naturally, he wanted something as amazing as the Ancestral Spirit Fruit; however, he never imagined that Qing Luan would give all of them to him, so he asked in astonishment, “Senior, why don’t we split these equally between us?”




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