Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4711, Black Giant Spirit God


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It was bad manners to take everything for oneself. Besides, the Ancestral Spirit Fruits were extremely precious and would surely be useful to Qing Luan too.


Qing Luan, however, just smiled and said, “Take them. With how far my bloodline has advanced, it is no longer something that eating an Ancestral Spirit Fruit or two can help. It is similar to one’s growth in the Open Heaven Realm. The higher one’s Order, the longer it will take to slowly accumulate one’s strength. Now that the Demon Sealing Land has been opened, the Ancestral Land will not lack for Ancestral Strength in the future. My cultivation will not be a problem thanks to that. On the other hand, your bloodline purity has a lot of room for growth. These Ancestral Spirit Fruits will be very useful to you.”


“In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony. Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai happily put the Ancestral Spirit Fruits away.


They then continued onward. Yang Kai looked around carefully, hoping to find more Ancestral Spirit Fruits. Unfortunately, even for this region of the Ancestral Land that had been sealed away for countless years, Ancestral Spirit Fruits were not something that could be found everywhere. Aside from the fruit tree earlier, the pair did not find another one no matter how far they went.


As they ventured deeper into the land, both Yang Kai and Qing Luan detected an unusual phenomenon. The Ancestral Strength in this land seemed to be guided by some unknown force to converge in a certain direction.


The signs were not particularly obvious when they first entered the Demon Sealing Land, so no one had noticed immediately. Nevertheless, the signs became increasingly obvious as they ventured deeper into this land. Feeling slightly apprehensive, they began traveling in that direction.


About an hour later, both of them involuntarily narrowed their eyes slightly. As far as they could see, an enormous chain stretched out into the distance, penetrated deep into the void, and disappeared out of sight.


The chain was hundreds of thousands of kilometres long and so thick that it more closely resembled a mountain. What was even more shocking was that this chain was not an actual solid object, but rather the manifestation of pure energy. Moreover, the aura radiating from those chains was extremely familiar to both Qing Luan and Yang Kai.


After coming up to the end of the chain and quietly scanning it for a moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Senior, is this chain comprised entirely of Ancestral Strength?”


Qing Luan nodded heavily with a serious expression, “Indeed!”


Yang Kai drew a sharp breath. The Ancestral Strength in the Demon Sealing Land was extremely strong. Compared with the Ancestral Land outside, it was as different as night and day, and now there was a huge chain manifested from Ancestral Strength in front of them. If they had not witnessed this sight with their own eyes, they would not have dared to believe it possible.


In ancient times, the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans had split the Ancestral Land and sealed the Demon Sealing Land. Not to mention, the Ancestral Strength had been transformed into these chains. Just what secrets were hidden in this place, and what was being restrained by this chain?


Qing Luan looked in the direction where the chain extended and her deep gaze seemed to break through space; however, even with her powerful eyesight, she could not see what was on the other end of the chain. As far as she could see, the other end of the chain was shrouded in a dense mist that blocked her vision.


“Let’s go take a look!” With no other option, she surged her power to wrap around Yang Kai before speeding off in that direction.


It took two whole hours for them to arrive in front of a behemoth. Standing in the air, the two of them stared blankly at the gargantuan figure before them in stunned surprise.


The behemoth had a humanoid figure and a distinctly bald head. Sitting upon the earth, he resembled a great deity. What’s more, there were numerous chains penetrating his chest. The chain that Qing Luan and Yang Kai saw earlier was only one of the chains, and there were actually fifteen others!


At this moment, many Divine Spirits had already arrived at this place. Like Qing Luan and Yang Kai, they had clearly ventured deep into the Demon Sealing Land, noticed one of the sixteen chains, and followed it to investigate the situation.


Many of the Divine Spirits had transformed into their true forms, their large figures ranging from 1,000 metres to over 10,000 metres tall, yet all of them still seemed as insignificant as ants in front of this behemoth! They flew around the giant like a gathering of flies and mosquitoes.


“A Giant Spirit God?” Yang Kai murmured.


The behemoth in front of him was a Giant Spirit God, but this Giant Spirit God looked very different from the Giant Spirit God, Ah Da, whom he met outside the Star Boundary in the past. Mainly, this Giant Spirit God in front of him was as black as ink.


Yang Kai did not know much about the Giant Spirit God Clan. Ah Da was not this colour, but he did not dare to say that there were no such clansmen in the Giant Spirit God Clan. It was just that… A Giant Spirit God was sealed in the middle of the Demon Sealing Land. It was truly a shock in discovery.


Yang Kai had met a Giant Spirit God in the past, so he knew just how tyrannical this Race could be. The Giant Spirit Gods were among the strongest beings in the world. Even the Divine Spirits were not their opponents. Fortunately, the Heavens were fair in all things, so there were very few Giant Spirit Gods in the 3,000 Worlds. Each Giant Spirit God was an invincible existence, but all of them were very mild-mannered and innocent, almost like little children. The Giant Spirit God Clan fed on dead Universe Worlds and never caused trouble for others. Even if other people were to provoke or attack them, such actions were akin to a mosquito biting a human to them.


In any case, the questions regarding the chains had been answered. The chains turned out to be restraining a Giant Spirit God.


Yang Kai could not imagine just what had happened in the Ancestral Land back then for the Divine Spirits to actually restrain a Giant Spirit God here!


This Giant Spirit God was also clearly dead. So many years had passed after all, so even for an existence as strong as a Giant Spirit God, it would be impossible to survive under the constant erosion of the omnipresent Ancestral Strength here. Besides, Yang Kai did not sense the slightest trace of vitality from the Giant Spirit God.


A figure flew over. It was Yuan Chu of the Phoenix Clan. Standing beside Qing Luan’s side, she called out, “Big Sister!”


Qing Luan nodded and asked with a solemn expression, “What is the situation?”


Yuan Chu reported, “I only arrived an incense before you. According to my investigation, the Giant Spirit God’s vitality has been completely extinguished, but it would be better to err on the side of caution. We should carry out a more thorough investigation; after all, it would be a disaster for the Ancestral Land if he turns out to be still alive.”


“Good.” Qing Luan nodded. While speaking, she suddenly turned her head to the side. Kun Ao was walking over from that direction and came to stand beside her before speaking in a low voice, “The situation in the Demon Sealing Land is rather unexpected indeed.”


Qing Luan remained silent.


Kun Ao thus continued, “Although I don’t know what happened in the past, the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land must have fought a grand battle against this Giant Spirit God. In the end, they split the Ancestral Land into two parts. This place was sealed as the Demon Sealing Land, and the Ancestral Strength was used to restrain this Giant Spirit God.”


“Cut the nonsense,” Qing Luan snapped coldly.


Kun Ao grinned, “You have always been worried that releasing the seal would bring about undesirable consequences to the Ancestral Land, and it seems that your worries were not unfounded. Something amazing was indeed sealed within the Demon Sealing Land. But, it would seem that it’s not such a big deal after all. The Giant Spirit God’s vitality has been extinguished and he has been dead for countless years.”


“It’s still better to be careful.” Qing Luan’s brow furrowed slightly, “The Giant Spirit Gods have tenacious vitality. No matter how many years have passed, as long as they retain the slightest trace of life, they can revive themselves. We do not know why this Giant Spirit God was sealed here, but we had best act with due caution.”


“Of course. It’s better to act carefully. I am planning to enter his body to investigate the situation. Will you come with me, Qing Luan?” He suggested.


“Good.” She readily nodded in agreement.


The two did not hesitate to gather a few other Divine Spirits, including Mie Meng, Tao Tie, and Bi An. Then, eight figures rose into the sky in an impressive manner and entered the Giant Spirit God’s body via his giant nostril.


The rest of the Divine Spirits waited quietly.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood beside Yue Zhuo and observed the Giant Spirit God. All of a sudden, he narrowed his eyes and looked towards the ends of the chains.


The sixteen chains penetrated the Giant Spirit God’s body, but there seemed to be something acting as a kind of source or anchor at the end of each chain. These objects attracted the Ancestral Strength from all over the Ancestral Land and transformed it into these chains. Among these objects, there was a palace that resembled an illusory and transparent crystal, a big tree burning with a fiery light, and a pearl glimmering with a soft light…


Yang Kai’s gaze soon fixed on the palace that was as transparent as a crystal. He could sense a resonance with that palace from deep within his bloodline.


“That is probably the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace.” Yue Zhuo commented.


“Crystal Palace?” Yang Kai raised a brow curiously.


Yue Zhuo saw his confusion and explained, “There are many Divine Spirit Clans living in the Ancestral Land, and according to the records in the ancient books, each Divine Spirit Clan has their own respective Sacred Treasure. These Sacred Treasures contain the inheritance of each Clan, so they are of great help to the cultivation of the clansmen. It is just that nobody has ever seen the Sacred Treasures of their respective Clans for generations. We always assumed that the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans took the Sacred Treasures away with them when they left. I can’t believe that these Sacred Treasures have remained here. It would seem that many of the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land took part in sealing this Giant Spirit God. The Sacred Treasures were left here to guide the Ancestral Strength to suppress and seal the Giant Spirit God.”


She then pointed at the large tree burning with a fiery light, “That is probably the Phoenix Clan’s Immortal Parasol Tree. And, that is probably the Golden Crow Clan’s Fu Sang Divine Tree…”


Even though she had only heard of these Sacred Treasures and never seen them before, she named each of them carefully with seemingly great familiarity.


Yang Kai silently memorised them all. Unlocking the Demon Sealing Land could be said to be a series of unexpected occurrences. In any case, just seeing so many Sacred Treasures that only existed in legends made this trip worthwhile to the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land.


The Sacred Treasures represented the inheritance of each Clan. The existence of these Sacred Treasures meant that their respective inheritances remained unbroken. Not to mention, the abundance of the Ancestral Strength in the Demon Sealing Land. In the future, the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land would never need to worry about the continuity of their Clans again.


Three days later, Qing Luan, Kun Ao, and the others finally reappeared again.


“Big Sister, how is the situation?” Yue Zhuo stepped forward with Yang Kai in tow.


Qing Luan replied, “He is probably dead. We didn’t detect any vitality inside his body.”


“That’s good!” Yue Zhuo breathed a sigh of relief. Nobody knew what kind of grudges or hatred existed between this Giant Spirit God and the Divine Spirits, but even so, there must have been some kind of dispute between them for the Giant Spirit God to be suppressed and sealed in this place. If this Giant Spirit God were still alive, then unlocking the Demon Sealing Land would have been the wrong decision. Fortunately, over countless years of suppression and erosion by the Ancestral Strength, the Giant Spirit God’s vitality had been completely extinguished.


“Qing Luan, I’m taking the Kun Clan’s Sacred Treasure with me. I don’t care what the Phoenix Clan does.” Kun Ao suddenly turned around to look at Qing Luan.


Qing Luan frowned, “This Giant Spirit God might be dead, but the Sacred Treasures are clearly acting as the sources for its suppression. It would be inappropriate to rashly take them away.”


Kun Ao simply sneered, “That’s what you said when we wanted to unlock the Demon Sealing Land. The Sacred Treasures of each Clan is here. If you wish to stop me, you will have to see if they are willing to agree with you! If they agree with you, then the Kun Clan will have nothing to say.”




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