Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4712, The Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace


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Qing Luan looked around. When she met the gazes of all the Divine Spirits from various Clans, how could she not know that their thoughts were similar to Kun Ao’s? She could not fault them for thinking that way. Not only were the Sacred Treasures extremely important to their respective Clans, but they had also been missing for a long time. Now that the Sacred Treasures had been found, there was no reason to just leave them lying around in this place.


If the Giant Spirit God still had some remaining vitality in him, the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land would never have dared to entertain such thoughts; however, it had been confirmed that the suppressed Black Giant Spirit God was as dead as he could possibly be. It would be a waste to leave the Sacred Treasures here.


After a moment of silence, she sighed, “It’s up to you, but be careful.”


It was difficult even for the powerful Phoenix Clan to go against public opinion. Seeing as they could not stop the people, they could only allow nature to take its course.


The Divine Spirits were overjoyed to hear those words. Rushing to the location where their respective Sacred Treasures were located, they quickly began researching the method to retrieve them. They had only heard of these Sacred Treasures in legends but had never seen the genuine articles before, so it was only natural that they did not know the method to retrieve their respective Sacred Treasures. Be that as it may, they were powerful Divine Spirits, so figuring out a method should not be too difficult.


The Phoenix Clan did not move. The Immortal Parasol Tree burned brightly, like the Flames of Nirvana that were only spoken of in legends. Nonetheless, as long as Qing Luan did not say anything, nobody dared to act rashly.


“Aren’t you going to take a look?” Qing Luan suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai had been staring at the Crystal Palace all this while, so when he heard her question, he couldn’t help asking her, “Can I?”


Qing Luan smiled lightly, “You are the only Dragon Clan member in the Ancestral Land. If you don’t go, who will?”


“Then, I’ll go have a look.” Yang Kai scratched his nose before his figure flashed and he eagerly rushed towards the Crystal Palace.


It didn’t take long before he arrived in front of the Sacred Treasure. Looking at the Crystal Palace from afar had given him the impression that it was really carved out of crystal. It was one integrated structure that was extremely beautiful, and it was even more stunning when seen from up close.


Although Yang Kai was seeing the Crystal Palace for the first time, he could be certain that the Crystal Palace was related to the Dragon Clan. That was because there was an indescribable connection between his bloodline and the Crystal Palace.


He circled around the Crystal Palace a few times, but forget entering, he couldn’t even locate an entrance. The conundrum left him scratching his head in confusion for a while. Looking around him, he saw the other Divine Spirits spewing out their Blood Essence to refine their respective Sacred Treasures; thus, he quickly imitated them.


After a whole day, he finally managed to refine a trace of the Crystal Palace. A door immediately appeared from the perfectly seamless Crystal Palace with a slight nudge of his thoughts, and he quickly slipped inside.


When he stepped into the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai felt as though his entire body was wrapped in warmth. It was an indescribable feeling of comfort. Moreover, the Ancestral Strength’s intensity inside the Crystal Palace was many times greater than the outside.


The Sacred Treasures of each Clan had the effect of attracting the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land. If not for that, the Divine Spirits in ancient times would not have placed these Sacred Treasures here to gather and transform the Ancestral Strength into chains to suppress and seal the Black Giant Spirit God.


It was precisely because the Sacred Treasures gathered and attracted the Ancestral Strength that the sixteen huge chains stretching for millions of kilometres could exist. The ends of the chains protruded into the Void, connecting the entire Demon Sealing Land as a single whole.


It could be said that one’s cultivation efficiency would improve greatly if they were to cultivate with the help of a Sacred Treasure. That was also the biggest reason as to why the Divine Spirits were so adamant about retrieving them.


Yang Kai did not immediately begin cultivating even though he was inside the Crystal Palace, but even so, the rich and abundant Ancestral Strength continuously poured into his body and integrated with his bloodline to enhance the Power of his Dragon Vein.


The Crystal Palace did not look particularly large from the outside, so it was not until Yang Kai entered that he learned how the Crystal Palace had the mysterious effect of containing something enormous despite its small size. The space inside was much larger than it seemed from the outside.


Yuan Chu had mentioned that the Sacred Treasures of each Clan contained the inheritance of each Divine Spirit Clan. Yang Kai navigated through the countless halls in the Crystal Palace as he searched for this inheritance.


Although he didn’t discover any inheritance, Yang Kai did discover some strange crystals. These crystals were condensed on the walls of the halls. Some were large and some were small. The largest were the size of basins, and the smallest were the size of eggs. There were many of them.


In the beginning, Yang Kai paid no attention to them, initially thinking that they were mere decorations. It was not until he walked through several of the halls that he realised something was wrong. If they were mere decorations, they would not be so unaesthetically pleasing or randomly placed. Therefore, he tentatively broke off one of the crystals. After a careful examination, he made a shocking discovery. These crystals were pure, condensed Ancestral Strength!


[An Ancestral Spirit Crystal!] Yang Kai did not know whether Ancestral Spirit Crystals actually existed, but the crystals in front of him were indeed worthy of the name ‘Ancestral Spirit Crystals’. After all, their existence was essentially identical to the chains that suppressed and sealed the Giant Spirit God outside!


For countless years, the Crystal Palace continuously attracted and transformed the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land into chains to suppress and seal the Giant Spirit God. It was just that there were no Dragon Clan members cultivating inside the Crystal Palace, so the Ancestral Strength gathered inside the Crystal Palace had nowhere to go. Hence, when the Ancestral Strength in this place became saturated to a certain degree, the energy would transform into Ancestral Spirit Crystals that were left behind.


This was the same concept as the birth of Spirit or Saint Crystals. Saint Crystals were generally born at places where World Energy was extremely abundant!


These were great treasures. The Ancestral Strength was an energy that was unique to the Ancestral Land, so it was almost impossible to find outside the Ancestral Land. Be that as it may, it was impossible for him to remain in the Ancestral Land forever without leaving. Yang Kai had been a little worried about how he would further enhance the Power of this Dragon Veins after he left the Ancestral Land.


Fortunately, there was nothing to be worried about with these Ancestral Spirit Crystals. Regardless of where he was, he could enhance his bloodline by relying on these Ancestral Spirit Crystals.


Yang Kai was absolutely overjoyed, so much so that he couldn’t be bothered to look for the Dragon Clan inheritance anymore. Harvesting the Ancestral Spirit Crystals as soon as possible was far more important.


Countless Ancestral Spirit Crystals had condensed along the walls and even the floors of every hall inside the palace. For that reason, Yang Kai was busy for some time. He collected at least 1,000 Ancestral Spirit Crystal of all sizes, the largest among them reaching the size of a big water tank!


Thinking about the Sacred Treasures belonging to the other Divine Spirits, Yang Kai grinned and laughed. It seemed that only the Dragon Clan’s Sacred Treasure was a palace. In comparison, the Sacred Treasures of the other Divine Spirits did not meet the conditions for Ancestral Spirit Crystals to form, no matter the type of Sacred Treasure. Take the Phoenix Clan’s Immortal Parasol Tree for example. There was no way the tree could condense Ancestral Spirit Crystals.


There were countless halls in the Crystal Palace, and as he swept through each and every room, it could be said that he made a fortune in silence!


At the same time, at the place where the Kun Clan was located.


Known as the Northern Deep, the Kun Clan’s Sacred Treasure was a vast ocean that had been shrunk countless times over. It was rumoured to be the place where the Kun Clan originated.


As the Clan Head of the Kun Clan, the retrieval of the Sacred Treasure would naturally fall on Kun Ao’s shoulders. It took ten days of hard work and a large quantity of Blood Essence before the sea of the Northern Deep suddenly shone brightly and became closely connected with his aura!


“Clan Head has done it!” The Masters of the Kun Clan cheered at the sight.


Similarly, Kun Ao laughed happily. He could clearly sense that he had completely refined the Northern Deep. This Sacred Treasure was connected to him in heart and mind now.


With a wave of his hand, he tried to retrieve the Northern Deep; however, he was extremely surprised to discover that it remained motionless. Kun Ao’s brow furrowed deeply as he did not know what had gone wrong. Despite trying a few more times, the results remained the same.


The smiles of the Kun Clan’s Masters involuntarily stiffened on their faces.


Over the next few days, the various Divine Spirit Clans encountered the same situation. Their respective Sacred Treasures had been completely refined, and they could sense that the Sacred Treasures were connected to them, but even so, they could not retrieve them.


Therefore, the Clan Heads of each Divine Spirit Clan gathered together to discuss the issue and finally found the source of the problem after some time.


The Phoenix Clan was gathered not far from the Immortal Parasol Tree, and under the watch of Yuan Chu and the others, Qing Luan continuously forced out her Blood Essence to refine the Immortal Parasol Tree.


Although she originally opposed the idea of retrieving each Clan’s Sacred Treasures, the other Clans had already begun taking action, so it would be meaningless for the Phoenix Clan to insist.


The Immortal Parasol Tree was very important to the Phoenix Clan, so while she had concerns in her heart, she could only refine the Sacred Treasure for now. At this point, she had almost finished.


Just as she was preparing to retrieve the Immortal Parasol Tree, she encountered something unexpected. She faced the same situation as the other Divine Spirits. The Immortal Parasol Tree could not be taken away!


“The sixteen Sacred Treasures have long become one, so they can only be removed as a set. We need to refine them all before we can take them away.” Kun Ao explained as he strolled over from a distance. That was the conclusion he reached after various discussions with the rest of the Clan Heads.


Qing Luan immediately revealed a look of understanding. When she tried to collect the Immortal Parasol Tree earlier, she had a strange feeling. It felt as though there were other forces of resistance coming from all around her and preventing her from collecting the Immortal Parasol Tree. It would now seem that this resistance did not originate from the Immortal Parasol Tree itself but rather from the rest of the Sacred Treasures.


“Where is that Dragon Clan member?” Kun Ao asked.


“Inside the Crystal Palace.” While speaking, Qing Luan glanced towards the Crystal Palace.


“The rest of the Sacred Treasures have been refined, so the only one left is Crystal Palace. He needs to hurry up.”


Qing Luan shrugged, “It’s useless for you to tell me that.”


“In that case, I’ll tell him myself.” After saying that, Kun Ao turned and headed in the direction of the Crystal Palace. He stood outside a short while later and shouted, “Young Dragon, come out now!”


Qing Luan couldn’t help feeling worried, so she followed along. When she heard those words, she scowled. Unfortunately, it was not wise to cause a dispute with Kun Ao over something so trivial.


Inside the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai stored all the Ancestral Spirit Crystals in his Small Universe. It was a pity that he did not find the Dragon Clan’s inheritance after he explored the entirety of the Crystal Palace; thus, he couldn’t help wondering whether the rumours were wrong.


Nevertheless, the Crystal Palace itself was an incredibly amazing artifact. It was the Dragon Clan’s Sacred Treasure after all. This item was several ranks higher than the Heavenly Sword Palace in terms of quality!


Yang Kai had tried to refine the Sacred Treasure, and his bloodline had received the approval of the Crystal Palace, which allowed him to open its doors. It was just that his strength wasn’t sufficient to truly refine the Sacred Treasure. When he tried to, his progress was extremely slow. Based on his estimation, it would take him several dozen to 100 years to refine the Crystal Palace completely, if he could do so at all.


This was related to his bloodline. Although it was pure, it was simply not strong enough. He was just a Juvenile Dragon, so it was only natural that he would require a long time to refine the Sacred Treasure.


Seeing as he could not refine the Sacred Treasure for the time being, Yang Kai didn’t bother agonising over the idea. It was not as if the Crystal Palace could go anywhere. It would not be too late for him to come back to refine the Sacred Treasure once he enhanced his bloodline further.


Just as he was about to leave, he heard Kun Ao’s shout. He looked up only to see Kun Ao and Qing Luan standing outside the Crystal Palace, side by side.


The Crystal Palace was extremely mysterious. Standing inside the palace, his vision of the outside was not blocked in any way. He could clearly see everything outside the palace from where he stood. On the other hand, judging by the reactions of Kun Ao and Qing Luan, they could not see him.




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