Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4713, Can You Get Any More Biased


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The Crystal Palace had the ability to prevent others from spying on what happened within. On the other hand, the people inside the Palace could see everything that was happening outside.


Since Qing Luan was here, Kun Ao would not be able to do anything; therefore, Yang Kai strolled out boldly without fear and asked with a frown, “What is it?”


Kun Ao asked, “Brat, let me ask you this, how far have you gotten with refining the Crystal Palace?”


Yang Kai thought to himself. [This guy sure cares about many things. The Crystal Palace is the Dragon Clan’s Sacred Treasure. Why is he asking about this? Is he planning to take the Crystal Palace for himself?]


He glanced at Qing Luan questioningly, so she explained, “The sixteen Sacred Treasures have been integrated into one whole after spending countless years together. As long as one of them is not taken away, the rest of the Sacred Treasures cannot be taken away either. At present, all the Clans have refined their respective Sacred Treasures. Only the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace remains.”


After listening to her explanation, Yang Kai immediately understood. He replied honestly, “I can refine the Crystal Palace, but it will take a long time.” 


“How long?” Kun Ao asked with raised eyebrows. 


“Several decades; maybe 100 years,” Yang Kai responded.


“That long?” Kun Ao scowled, “Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You may refine it peacefully. We will wait for you!”


A span of several decades or even 100 years might not be a short time, but it was nothing to the long-lived Divine Spirits. Forget 100 years, even if it took several 1,000 years, Kun Ao could afford to wait. Waiting for some time was nothing at all if he could retrieve the Sacred Treasure.


“I don’t plan to spend so much time refining the Sacred Treasure.” Yang Kai shook his head.


Kun Ao narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean?”


Yang Kai explained, “Coming to the Ancestral Land was an accident. I still have matters to take care of in the outside world. I can’t afford to spend too much time here.”


This trip had gone on for long enough. There was no need to worry about Void Land as the two Divine Spirits, Old Man Bi Xi and Zhu Jiu Yin, were watching over it. As long as none of the Cave Heavens and Paradises attacked, there was nobody in the 3,000 Worlds who could harm Void Land.


On the contrary, the World Tree and the New Great Territory in the Star Boundary required more of his attention. What’s more, his two Disciples were still in his Small Universe. Yang Kai needed to bring them back to the Star Boundary as soon as possible to aid their growth. Not to mention that he had been suppressing Zhao Ya’s cultivation for the past many years to prevent her from growing too quickly.


The Star Boundary was the best cradle to produce Open Heaven Realm Masters. Compared to growing up in his Small Universe, growing up there would give her greater future potential and would allow her to ascend higher in the Martial Dao.


However, the flow of time in his Small Universe was twice as fast as in the outside world. If he got held up in the Ancestral Land for several decades or even 100 years, Zhao Ya might already have advanced to the Emperor Realm. In that case, she would not receive much benefit from the World Tree even if she entered to the Star Boundary. That was why he originally planned to rush back to the Star Boundary once he finished everything in the Ancestral Land.


“That’s not up to you.” Kun Ao sneered, “Don’t think that you can do whatever you want in the Ancestral Land just because you have the protection of the Phoenix Clan. This matter involves the Sacred Treasures of all the Clans. Even the Phoenix Clan cannot shield you.”


Qing Luan frowned slightly, but unfortunately, what Kun Ao said was the truth. This matter was indeed related to the interests of all the Clans, so if the Phoenix Clan insisted on doing things their way, they would only cause public outrage.


“Can you speed things up?” She asked.


Yang Kai nodded, “Refining the Crystal Palace is related to my bloodline, which is too weak right now. That’s why the Seniors have finished refining their respective Sacred Treasures while I am helpless to do so. To speed things up, I would need to improve my bloodline first. If I can enhance my bloodline to the level of a Grand Dragon, I have the confidence to finish refining the Crystal Palace within half a year; however, this is not something that can be done in a short time.”


Kun Ao said, “The Ancestral Strength in this land is so rich, you can cultivate inside the Crystal Palace with peace of mind and improve your bloodline! You should know that this is something all the Juniors in the Ancestral Land yearn for but cannot get.”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes and ignored Kun Ao.


Qing Luan spoke up pensively, “There might be a way to improve your bloodline rapidly.”


Yang Kai looked at her, “Senior, do you mean…”


Qing Luan abruptly turned to face Kun Ao and asked, “The Kun Clan probably obtained many Ancestral Spirit Fruits, right?”


Kun Ao was taken aback for a moment. Then, he immediately came back to his senses and shook his head vigorously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Qing Luan simply laughed, “The Ancestral Spirit Fruits contain large amounts of pure Ancestral Strength. If he consumes them, he will be able to improve his bloodline quickly. In the past, we used to hear about how the Ancestral Land had Ancestral Spirit Fruits but none of us have actually seen one before. When the Demon Sealing Land opened, each Clan probably obtained a certain number of Ancestral Spirit Fruits. If each Clan makes a small contribution, it will be enough to fulfil his requirements to become a Grand Dragon.”


Kun Ao was furious, “Qing Luan, even if the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans have always been connected since ancient times, your heart is too crooked! This Young Dragon may be a Divine Spirit, but are the other Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land not also Divine Spirits!? It was not easy for us to obtain the Ancestral Spirit Fruits, and which Clan does not have Juniors that need them? Why should we give them to him!?”


Yang Kai rubbed his chin, “If there are enough Ancestral Spirit Fruits, I can give it a try!”


Kun Ao glared at Yang Kai with narrowed eyes, “Junior, stop trying to take advantage of the situation. This King strongly wishes to kill you!”


Yang Kai spread his hands wide, “Without the Ancestral Spirit Fruits, I won’t be able to become a Grand Dragon quickly. I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do!”


“Do you really think I won’t dare to kill you!?” Kun Ao snarled coldly.


Yang Kai raised his head to the sky and looked down his nose at Kun Ao. He arrogantly said, “Kill me, and you will never retrieve your Sacred Treasures. Why don’t you ask if the various Divine Spirit Clans will agree with you?”


Kun Ao was absolutely livid! He never imagined that the day would come where he was bullied by a mere Young Dragon! It felt like the biggest humiliation in all the long years that he spent cultivating!


Qing Luan said, “Why don’t we ask the rest for their opinions? Arguing back and forth is not going to make a difference.”


While speaking, she cast a Secret Technique to send out various transmissions. It didn’t take long for the representatives of each Clan to gather around and for her to explain the current situation to them. The expressions of all the Divine Spirits became extremely strange when they looked at Yang Kai.


“It’s not like he can’t cultivate without the Ancestral Spirit Fruits. We might not know what the intensity of the Ancestral Strength is like in the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace, but I’m sure it’s extraordinary. It will only take a slightly longer time to cultivate in the Crystal Palace, why should we waste such precious Ancestral Spirit Fruits on him!?” One of the Divine Spirits yelled out.


“That’s right! It was not easy to obtain these Ancestral Spirit Fruits. They should be used in the right place!”


“In my opinion, this brat is trying to scam us! It has always been said that the Dragon Clan is greedy. I’ve never met one before, but this incident today has proven those sayings right!”


“Who would agree to such ridiculous demands!?”


“Just press a blade against his neck if he dares to refuse to cultivate. Let’s see if he is willing to cultivate then!”


The many Divine Spirits clamoured to express their opinions, so Qing Luan suffered a terrible headache just listening to them.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood in front of the Crystal Palace. His posture seemed to say that he would hide inside the moment the situation turned sour. Clasping his hands behind his back calmly, he waited until everybody finished speaking before he spoke up, “You are the ones who want me to refine the Crystal Palace. I don’t want to do it. Since you are forcing me to do something I’m not willing to do, then you should offer me some compensation; otherwise, you can all just sit there and wait.”


Kun Ao sneered, “Are you planning to hide in the Crystal Palace for thousands of years?”


“That’s hard to say. That will depend on who has more patience between us.”


Qing Luan said, “Enough. I didn’t call you here to argue. All of you are adults, what’s so fun about squabbling with a Junior? Yang Kai is right. If you want him to improve his bloodline, then it’s only natural that you should offer him some compensation. I was the one who suggested the Ancestral Spirit Fruits. In that case, the Phoenix Clan will make the first move!”


While speaking, she beckoned with her hand. Hong Hu stepped forward, took out thirteen Ancestral Spirit Fruits, and handed them to her.


“I’m not asking you to hand over all of your Ancestral Spirit Fruits. Half should be acceptable, right? The Phoenix Clan’s half is right here!”


Kun Ao rolled his eyes, “Qing Luan, can you get any more biased!?”


She replied with a smile, “In the matter of releasing the seal, the Phoenix Clan went along with your wishes; likewise, in the matter of retrieving the Sacred Treasures, the Phoenix Clan bent to public opinion again. The Phoenix Clan has taken the lead in this matter, so if you refuse to show respect, then don’t ever look to the Phoenix Clan for help again if another disaster strikes the Ancestral Land!”


The Divine Spirits looked at each other awkwardly after hearing those words. Qing Luan had already said so much, so it would be bad if they did not express their sincerity in return. Although they were reluctant to part with the Ancestral Spirit Fruits, they had no choice but to do so.


One by one, they took out different amounts of the Ancestral Spirit Fruits. Although there was no guarantee that they really took out half of what they had collected, there were almost 200 Ancestral Spirit Fruits in total when all the offerings were gathered together.


Qing Luan flicked her wrist and tossed a Space Ring containing the Ancestral Spirit Fruits to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai happily took the Space Ring and cupped his fist, “Please rest assured, Seniors. This Junior will immediately begin cultivating in seclusion. I will definitely live up to your expectations and become a Grand Dragon as soon as possible, so that you may all bring your Sacred Treasures home!”


Many of the Divine Spirits secretly ground their teeth when they looked at Yang Kai, but they could only maintain a smile on the surface and pretended to display the friendly demeanour of a senior expert.


Yang Kai nodded at Qing Luan and turned to head inside the Crystal Palace, but before he entered, he abruptly recalled something and turned back again, “Senior, I have something to ask of you.”


“Speak.” Qing Luan nodded.


“The process of advancing to become a Grand Dragon is not something that can be completed in a short time. I do not know how long it will take. My friend is a Human cultivator, and now that the Demon Sealing Land is open, the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land will become richer. It’s not suitable for her to remain here for long. Please arrange for somebody to escort her from this place.”


The Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land had been weak previously, so there were no issues for Xia Lin Lang to remain in the Ancestral Land for a short while; however, the situation was different now. Even Cheng Yang, who was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, began showing signs of Monster Transformation after spending less than an incense stick inside the Demon Sealing Land. How much longer could she resist?


Needless to say, Qing Luan knew who he was referring to and nodded at his words, “Don’t worry, I will arrange for somebody to send her out.”


“Many thanks, Senior. Also, please tell her to head to Void Land in the Void Territory if she is willing.”


Pear Flower Cave Heaven was gone, and Xia Lin Lang no longer had a place in the Shattered Heaven, not unless she found another Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven without a Master.


Although Yang Kai asked Qing Luan to pass the message, Xia Lin Lang would probably be reluctant to head to Void Land. As a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she would be forced to act according to the circumstances as soon as she appeared outside the Shattered Heaven. If not for that, she would not have escaped into the depths of the Shattered Heaven with him. She could have left the Shattered Heaven with him instead.


In any case, Yang Kai could only do what he was able. Xia Lin Lang was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, not a child. As for where to go or what to do, she would have her own thoughts on the matter.


The Crystal Palace closed once more. Yang Kai entered one of the spacious halls and sat down cross-legged. Although he wanted to hurry back to the Star Boundary to let his two Disciples settle down properly, things had already come to this point, so he could only improve his bloodline for now. Otherwise, he would not have a reasonable explanation for the Divine Spirits waiting outside.




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