Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4714, Like a Dream That Was Not a Dream


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai had obtained nine Ancestral Spirit Fruits when exploring the Demon Sealing Land with Qing Luan. Combined with the over 200 fruits that the various Divine Spirit Clans ‘gifted’ to him, he had almost 230 Ancestral Spirit Fruits in total. Even so, he did not know whether these Ancestral Spirit Fruits were enough for him to become a Grand Dragon.


He estimated that they might not be enough as, although the current Power of his Dragon Vein, was not bad, he was only a bit over 3,000 metres tall after transforming into his Half-Dragon Form. To become a Grand Dragon, he would need to grow to 10,000 metres at the very least!


Dhael Ligerkeys: The author, a long time ago, intentionally or otherwise, messed with continuity to reduce the size of Yang Kai’s Dragon form. For a while we attempted to amend it to maintain continuity; unfortunately, at this point he has made the whole size thing so complex that it would be a nightmare to keep making corrections, especially considering the implications to everyone else’s sizes. Please suspend your annoyance and go with it.


Nevertheless, he was not too worried. The Ancestral Strength in the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace was extremely rich. Not to mention, he had harvested many Ancestral Spirit Crystals earlier! If the Ancestral Spirit Fruits were not enough, he could use the Ancestral Spirit Crystals to make up the difference.


Yang Kai took out an Ancestral Spirit Fruit and an Ancestral Spirit Crystal that was about the same size. Then, he placed them in front of him. He wanted to figure out the differences between them and see which one was more effective.


He picked the Ancestral Spirit Fruit first. The fruit was brightly-coloured and gave off a peculiar aroma that aroused his appetite. When he bit down on the fruit, it felt as though he had barely used any strength, but the skin of the fruit split open. The sweet and tart juice immediately flooded his mouth. Before he could react, the entire Ancestral Spirit Fruit had burst, leaving only the skin behind.


He swallowed the juice and smacked his lips, enjoying the unforgettable taste. He didn’t waste the skin of the fruit either, stuffing it all into his mouth before chewing and swallowing.


After waiting in silence for a moment, his expression became strange. There was no obvious change aside from a slight burning feeling in his abdomen; however, his expression changed drastically in the next moment.


The slightly burning feeling suddenly became scorching hot. It felt as though there was a smouldering iron in his belly. Immediately after that, a huge amount of energy erupted in his abdomen and spread throughout his body at lightning speed.


His physique squirmed, and a Golden Dragon Head that manifested behind his back released a deafening Dragon Roar. It was followed by a series of cracking sounds that came from all parts of his body as his physique swelled up without warning. A suppressed growl escaped his throat.


The power of the Ancestral Spirit Fruit had caused him to transform into his Half-Dragon Form without his consent. Bursts of suppressed roars came from his throat as his physique wriggled madly and Dragon Blood rushed through his meridians with a faint Dragon Roar. At the same time, overwhelming Dragon Pressure permeated the air!


By the time everything calmed down again, almost two days had passed.


The medicinal efficacies of the Ancestral Spirit Fruit Yang Kai consumed had been completely absorbed. He briefly examined his body and raised his eyebrows at the sight. A single Ancestral Spirit Fruit had made him grow nearly 100 metres in just two days! The result was a pleasant surprise indeed.


Seeing as he about 3,000 metres tall at present, there was a difference of roughly 7,000 metres before he could be considered a Mature Grand Dragon! This was not a small gap and it had to be said that he only managed to cultivate to a height of 3,000 metres from the time he obtained his Dragon Source until now.


Be that as it may, a single Ancestral Spirit Fruit turned out to have such profound effects, so Yang Kai quietly made some calculations. With just 70 to 100 fruits, wouldn’t he become a Grand Dragon?


However, Yang Kai knew that these calculations had taken too many things for granted. If any kind of resource or treasure was consumed repeatedly over a long period, its effects would gradually weaken. Fortunately, he had over 200 Ancestral Spirit Fruits in his possession. It might just be enough to satisfy the requirements for him to become a Grand Dragon.


Now that he had confirmed the effects of the Ancestral Spirit Fruit, Yang Kai picked up the Ancestral Spirit Crystal that was about the same size as the Ancestral Spirit Fruit.


When he was in his Human Form, the Ancestral Spirit Crystal had fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. Now that he was in his Half-Dragon Form though, holding the Ancestral Spirit Crystal felt like he was holding a tiny green pea between his claws. He could barely feel the presence of the Ancestral Spirit Crystal in his hand unless he concentrated carefully.


Yang Kai focused his mind and silently activated the Power of his Dragon Vein in his body to wrap around the Ancestral Spirit Crystal in his hand. Then, he refined and absorbed the Ancestral Strength within.


Time flowed slowly, and five days later, he finally opened his eyes again. When Yang Kai spread open his palm, the Ancestral Spirit Crystal had already been refined cleanly and vanished. He then examined the condition of his body again and saw that he had grown another 50 metres or so.


After some comparisons, the differences between the Ancestral Spirit Fruit and the Ancestral Spirit Crystal became clear to see. The two objects were around the same size. However, he had spent less than two days refining an Ancestral Spirit Fruit that made him grow about 100 metres in total, whereas it had taken him five days to refine the Ancestral Spirit Crystal even though its effects only made his height increase by 50 metres!


Be it in terms of both the time required for refining or overall effect, the Ancestral Spirit Fruit was far better than the Ancestral Spirit Crystal. Still, the Ancestral Spirit Crystal was more durable in a sense.


Now that he knew the differences between the two objects, Yang Kai did not continue experimenting, picking up another Ancestral Spirit Fruit to consume and refine.


Inside the Demon Sealing Land, the various Divine Spirit Clans sat around their respective Sacred Treasures and cultivated quietly. To them, a land with such abundant Ancestral Strength like the Demon Sealing Land was a cultivation paradise that they used to dream about in the past. After unlocking the Demon Sealing Land, the Divine Spirits couldn’t help feeling as though they had gotten rich overnight. It was almost as though a person who was accustomed to living in poverty suddenly found a mountain of gold in their backyard.


Inside the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai continuously consumed the Ancestral Spirit Fruit to stimulate the Dragon Vein in his body.


Twenty days later, his Dragon Form reached a height of 4,000 metres!


After three months, he reached 5,000 metres!


After seven months, he was 6,000 metres!


After one year, he reached a height of 7,000 metres!


Inside the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai’s enormous body could no longer stand up straight, so he could only rest on his side while his Dragon Tail swung side to side without him noticing. With such a large body, he was already more than twice the size he was when he started. His Dragon Claws were sharper, his Dragon Scales were tougher, and his golden brilliance shone even brighter and more dazzlingly than before. His Dragon Pressure was so thick it almost materialized!


When he reached out to grab another Ancestral Spirit Fruit, Yang Kai discovered that all the fruits had been consumed and couldn’t help being taken aback for a moment.


At the beginning, it had taken him approximately two days to refine a single Ancestral Spirit Fruit. Following the growth of his bloodline though, the time needed for refinement reduced, but the growth he experienced thanks to an Ancestral Spirit Fruit also weakened accordingly.


It had only taken him one year to finish consuming all the Ancestral Spirit Fruits. Unfortunately, he did not achieve the expected results of becoming a Grand Dragon. On the contrary, he was only 7,000 metres tall now. It was still very far from becoming a Grand Dragon, so he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed, though this result was still within his expectations.


He was stuck in a daze for quite a long time before he recalled what he was doing. As the purity of his bloodline increased and the Power of the Dragon Vein grew stronger, continuous bursts of Dragon Roars resounded in his mind. He initially thought that he was hallucinating, but after listening carefully for a few days, he confirmed that it was not just his imagination. 


The bursts of Dragon Roars resounding in his head was the mysterious Dragon Language and seemed to be the Dragon Clan’s inheritance. It came from the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source Strength and the depths of his bloodline, and it was only when his bloodline had reached a certain level of purity that it emerged from the hidden depths.


Yang Kai began studying this newfound inheritance, and his entire mind was practically immersed within it, but he always had the feeling that there was a layer of mist blocking him from getting a clear picture. Even his reactions became slower as a result.


The might of his bloodline was not enough. He was faintly aware of this fact. Only by further enhancing his bloodline could he finally tear apart the mist that was blocking his vision.


The Ancestral Spirit Fruits had been consumed completely, so Yang Kai immediately placed many Ancestral Spirit Crystals by his side. His enormous Dragon Form curled up around the Ancestral Spirit Crystals. After that… he fell into a deep sleep.


Even in his sleep, the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Spirit Crystals continued to be guided into his Dragon Vein and continuously flooded his body. From time to time, the sound of crunching bones would reverberate throughout the Crystal Palace. It was his Half-Dragon Form expanding in size.


In his dreams, the Dragon Language resounded softly in his ears without pause. Consequently, Yang Kai’s brow would furrow tightly on occasion and relax again at other times. His expressions changed constantly.


All of a sudden, a spot of light broke through the mist and a wide world appeared in his field of vision. Yang Kai looked up to see a behemoth towering into the skies. The behemoth was bald and his entire body was completely black in colour. He looked like an endless black hole that devoured everything around him.


[A Giant Spirit God!] Yang Kai stared at the Giant Spirit God blankly, and only after a long time did he wonder to himself, [Where have I seen this guy before?]


Yang Kai felt as though his current state was a little strange. His reactions were particularly slow, almost like he was stuck in a dream that was not a dream. He did not know why he was here, much less recall where he had seen this Black Giant Spirit God before. Nevertheless, he instinctively knew that he was inside a dream. It was just that the feelings he received from his surroundings felt incredibly real.


The ink-black Giant Spirit God was running across the ground. With every step that he took, the ground shuddered violently. Meanwhile, there were numerous Divine Spirits in their true forms surrounding him and attacking him in a frenzy. Each Divine Spirit was a mature Divine Spirit who was at least equivalent to a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai saw many Dragons and Phoenix Clan members with their wings spread outward. Three Legged Golden Crows that blazed like Great Suns in the sky, and Kun Pengs whose bodies covered the sky…


The Divine Abilities of the Divine Spirits blasted out, each one containing Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power. All the attacks landed on the Giant Spirit God, but be that as it may, the ink-black pigment on his skin wriggled like living creatures to form sturdy shields that defended against all the attacks.


Suddenly, the Black Giant Spirit God reached out his hand and captured a Divine Spirit that looked like a Bai Ze. Ignoring the Bai Ze’s struggles, he clenched his large hand and crushed the powerful Divine Spirit in his grip. The blood of the Divine Spirit splattered across the ground.


The ground was covered in countless dead Divine Spirits, their enormous bodies crushed and mangled beyond recognition. Their deaths were incredibly brutal. The mighty Divine Spirits were as vulnerable as three-year-old children in front of this seemingly invincible Giant Spirit God.


Capturing a Grand Dragon in both hands, the Giant Spirit God gave a sharp tug and ripped it in two. A beautiful Fire Phoenix was killed on the spot with a slap of his palm and turned into a Phoenix Egg only to be crushed under his foot.


Despite such a huge disparity in numbers, the Divine Spirits were suffering a catastrophic defeat in this battle.


This scene was extremely shocking; even so, Yang Kai simply watched quietly. It wasn’t that he was willingly being so detached, but rather that his current state did not allow the slightest fluctuation in his emotions. It was an extremely bizarre sensation. He did not know what caused this battle or how long it had lasted. All he knew was that the Divine Spirits suffered countless casualties.


At last, a mighty Dragon Roar shook the skies and a gigantic Golden Dragon Head protruded from the clouds to look down on the world. The Dragon Eyes gleamed with a golden radiance that was exceedingly sharp.


Beside this enormous Dragon stood a pure white Ice Phoenix that radiated with a bone-chilling cold. She spread her wings wide and threw her head back with a shrill cry.


The invincible Giant Spirit God seemed to sense some sort of danger and finally stopped running to look up at the sky.




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