Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4715, Grand Dragon


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Under the leadership of the Golden Divine Dragon and the White Ice Phoenix, the Divine Spirits of various Clans that suffered heavy casualties previously began fighting even more vigorously against the Black Giant Spirit God!


The Giant Spirit God showed neither joy nor sorrow. He simply went on a silent killing spree. Divine Spirits died one after another, their vitality completely erased. The blood of Divine Spirits rained down and watered the ground.


Finally, the powerful Giant Spirit God stumbled. The Golden Grand Dragon that was over 100,000 metres long swooped down from high above, shaking his head and flicking his tail. His enormous body wrapped around the Giant Spirit God firmly to restrict his movements.


Likewise, the White Ice Phoenix swiftly swooped down from above, her sharp talons clasping onto the Giant Spirit God’s physique tightly.


One after another, the Sacred Treasures that exuded monstrous power were summoned by the various Divine Spirit Clans. Their auras were closely connected to each other. The Sacred Treasures included the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace, the Phoenix Clan’s Immortal Parasol Tree, the Kun Clan’s Northern Deep, the Golden Crow Clan’s Fu Sang Divine Tree…


The sixteen Sacred Treasures formed a Grand Array, causing the world to split apart in an instant. At the same time, the Ancestral Strength condensed together and gigantic chains took shape. These chains pierced the Giant Spirit God’s body and immobilised him. Afterward, all the Divine Spirits quickly retreated while the Dragon roared and the Phoenix wailed. 


When the Divine Spirits looked back, all they saw was the scene of the world shattering apart. All the Blood Essence in the Golden Grand Dragon and the White Ice Phoenix burst into flames and transformed into a powerful force of imprisonment that suppressed the Giant Spirit God on the spot.


The Black Giant Spirit God was too overpowering, so much so that even the Divine Spirits were unable to kill him.


The Golden Divine Dragon and the White Ice Phoenix were nowhere to be seen. Only a small golden radiance and a small white light flickered amidst the Void Turbulence before vanishing out of sight!


Yang Kai woke up the next moment. Three years had gone by in the blink of an eye! When he opened his eyes again, he felt as though he had experienced a very long dream and for a time, he could not break out of his reverie.


He spent a long time in a daze before he finally recalled the last part of his dream. He seemed to have witnessed the scene of the Black Giant Spirit God being suppressed and sealed. It was something the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Empress had done at the expense of burning their Blood Essence and sacrificing themselves.


Only the strongest Divine Dragons of the Dragon Clan could receive the title of Dragon Emperor! Only the strongest Masters of the Phoenix Clan had the right to be titled Phoenix Empress!


Following the deaths of the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress, their Sources were swept up by the Void Turbulence caused by the splitting of the Ancestral Land and vanished without a trace. In this way, the Sources that Yang Kai and Su Yan obtained back at Tong Xuan Realm were the inheritances of this Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress.


The reason Yang Kai saw these memories in that dream-like state was clearly related to the Dragon Emperor’s Source. The Source Strength was the inheritance left behind from the battlefield back then after all.


Qing Luan was right. Each Clan’s Sacred Treasure represented their inheritance, it was just that the inheritance was not hidden within the Sacred Treasures themselves. On the contrary, each Divine Spirit’s bloodline contained their respective inheritances, and they would naturally be revealed when their bloodline reached a certain level of purity. Cultivating with the help of their respective Clan’s Sacred Treasure simply made it easier to stimulate the inheritance in their bloodline.


If Yang Kai had not cultivated in the Crystal Palace, he would never have seen these memories.


At this point in time, the truth of what actually happened in the far past had been lost to history. Although Yang Kai had seen snippets of what happened when the Giant Spirit God was suppressed and sealed through his Source Inheritance, the reason behind such a ferocious battle between the Giant Spirit God and the Divine Spirits remained a mystery.


On the other hand, he now understood the origins of his Golden Divine Dragon Source and Su Yan’s Ice Phoenix Source.


Shaking his head to get rid of the distracting thoughts, Yang Kai examined his body. All the Ancestral Spirit Crystals he took out earlier were nowhere to be seen, so it was obvious that they had been refined and absorbed. As a result, his body had grown again.


He was now 9,999 metres long! He was just one step away from becoming a Grand Dragon! Unfortunately, it would seem that this final step was not so easy to overcome.


If this were three years ago, he might have been helpless in the face of this problem; however, the long dream had made him aware of quite a fair amount of the Dragon Clan’s inheritance. Among them included the Dragon Clan’s Cultivation Techniques. As for how to take the final step, he already had a plan.


Reclining on his back in the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai took out another handful of Ancestral Spirit Crystals. This time around, he did not place the Ancestral Spirit Crystal’s around him and instead stuffed them directly into his mouth. Following the crunching sounds, the rock-hard Ancestral Spirit Crystals were swallowed into his belly and an enormous energy erupted in the next moment.


Yang Kai continued to devour the Ancestral Spirit Crystal’s endlessly, and it was not until he used up nearly 80% of them that he stopped. The amount of Ancestral Strength accumulated in his body was indescribably large by now, and this energy stimulated his Dragon Vein greatly.


The mysterious Dragon Language sounded from Yang Kai’s mouth, and at the same time, he activated the power of his Dragon Source, supplemented by the Dragon Clan’s Cultivation Technique, to refine the Ancestral Strength and enhance his bloodline.


Yang Kai gradually felt a searing heat below his jaw. It felt like a scorching iron brand was pressing against him. The discomfort caused him to shake his head vigorously. The huge Half-Dragon Head knocking against the walls of the Crystal Palace, causing loud rumbles to reverberate through the air.


With the passage of time, the scorching heat below his jaw became more and more noticeable. All the Power of the Dragon Vein in his body seemed to be gathering in that spot and Yang Kai vaguely sensed that something amazing was forming beneath his jaw.


All of a sudden, the energy fluctuations reached a peak and a thunderous roar exploded in Yang Kai’s mind as his entire being suddenly became clear-headed. Beneath his jaw, a round bead of condensed Source Strength came into being.




His huge body that had been stagnant at 9,999 metres suddenly swelled slightly at this moment, and he abruptly crashed through the 10,000 metres threshold. He had given birth to a Dragon Bead and became a Grand Dragon!


Opening his mouth, Yang Kai let out a roar. At this moment, he felt as though he had shed his former body and been reborn. Both his body and mind were cleansed by a strange baptism and his entire physique wriggled. The sound of his bones dislocating and reforming once more echoed throughout the Crystal Palace. His Dragon Pressure filled the entire Crystal Palace like a solid substance. A powerful force flowed through every corner of his body, so strong that it almost felt as though this force could break the world.


By the time everything calmed down again, more than half a month had passed.


Yang Kai activated his Divine Sense and examined his body once more. It had to be said that the changes he experienced after he became a Grand Dragon were extremely drastic.


Whenever he used his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique in the past, although he had a Dragon Form, he still retained some Human characteristics. It could be said that he was Half-Dragon and Half-Human; however, he no longer had the slightest trace of Human characteristics at this moment. He was now a genuine Grand Dragon with a 10,000 metres long smooth body that was covered in Golden Dragon Scales. His Dragon Claws were so sharp that they left a scar in the Void with a light swipe and a swing of his Dragon Tail could conjure a violent force.


These changes were unexpected.


Qing Luan had mentioned that it didn’t matter what his background was since he obtained the Golden Divine Dragon Source; he could be said to be part of the Pureblood Dragon Clan. Looking at himself now, Yang Kai didn’t know whether he was Human or Dragon anymore.


With a shift of his thoughts, his enormous body rapidly shrank and returned to his Human Form. It was just that his current appearance was slightly different from the usual. At this moment, he was wearing a dazzling golden Artifact Armour. This Artifact Armour was formed from his Dragon Scales, so it had an incredibly strong defensive ability.


He did not have such an ability before. Be that as it may, after learning various secrets from the Dragon Clan Inheritance, the ability to transform his Dragon Scales into Dragon Armour was nothing more than a petty trick.


[But… this golden Artifact Armour is a little too flamboyant and conspicuous. I practically resemble the sun radiating such a dazzling brilliance wherever I go.] Yang Kai focused his thoughts and the brilliance of the Artifact Armour subsided considerably. Although the appearance was still incredibly luxurious, at the very least, it was not embarrassingly radiant anymore.


After examining himself again, Yang Kai finally nodded in satisfaction.


He was in no hurry to refine the Crystal Palace. Opening his mouth, he spat out a bead that emitted a faint golden light. The bead floated down to land on his palm. It was a Dragon Bead!


The most important step for a Juvenile Dragon to become a Grand Dragon was to condense a Dragon Bead in their body. Juvenile Dragons had no Dragon Beads. Only Mature Grand Dragons had them.


A Dragon Bead was similar to a Monster Beast’s Monster Core. It was the crystallisation of a Grand Dragon’s power and the manifestation of their Source.


Looking at the golden bead in his hand, Yang Kai could clearly sense the horrifying strength contained within. Even though that power belonged to him, he couldn’t help feeling a little frightened.


His current strength was a little strange. In his Human Form, he was no more than a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; however, if he transformed into a Grand Dragon, he was equivalent to a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in strength! Moreover, both powers did not clash or interfere with each other. It was most likely that he was the only person in the world ij this situation. A similar situation would not occur in the other Dragon Clan members.


Absorbing the Dragon Bead back into his body, Yang Kai exhaled a long breath.


His trip to the Ancestral Land could be said to be an unexpected surprise. While fleeing for his life previously, Yang Kai never imagined that a place like the Ancestral Land existed in the depths of the Shattered Ruins. Furthermore, he only spent several short years to advance from a Juvenile Dragon to a Grand Dragon. It could be said to be a huge harvest.


Nevertheless, he had consumed many Ancestral Spirit Fruits and Ancestral Spirit Crystals in the process. He used up all the Ancestral Spirit Fruits and 80% of all the Ancestral Spirit Crystals he found inside the Crystal Palace.


There was no other Divine Spirit who could achieve such a feat; after all, both the Ancestral Spirit Fruit and the Ancestral Spirit Crystal were extremely rare. If not because the Demon Sealing Land was unsealed for the first time in countless eons, where would he find so many Ancestral Spirit Fruits and Ancestral Spirit Crystals?


Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked outside. Everything was peaceful as the various Divine Spirit Clans were guarding their Sacred Treasures and waiting for him to come out of retreat. A few trivial years was not enough to exhaust their patience.


Now that he had become a Grand Dragon, it was time for Yang Kai to refine the Crystal Palace. The Dragon Clan’s Sacred Treasure was of great help in terms of both cultivation and awakening the inheritance within one’s Source. If the Dragon Clan members in Void Land were sent here to cultivate in the future, the Crystal Palace would become their greatest support.


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and activated the Power of his Dragon Vein to connect with the Crystal Palace. He had attempted this feat in the past, but unfortunately, his bloodline had been too weak at the time. His refinement speed was far too slow, so he gave up on the attempt. Now that he was a Grand Dragon, his speed was much greater.


Half a year later, Kun Ao who was cultivating in the Demon Sealing Land suddenly felt an abnormality. He opened his eyes only to see light flashing constantly from within the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace. The flashing lights were accompanied by cracking sounds.


The anomaly alarmed all the Divine Spirits nearby. Likewise, Qing Luan immediately looked in the direction of the Crystal Palace with a strange light in her eyes.


“That brat’s speed is quite something. Is he about to finish refining it so soon?” One of the Divine Spirits smiled. He initially thought that he would need to wait for a few more years; however, the sight before him clearly indicated that Yang Kai was about to finish refining the Crystal Palace.


“With so many Ancestral Spirit Fruits, even a waste can become a Grand Dragon!” Another Divine Spirit scathingly spat out with a twitch of his brow. The Ancestral Spirit Fruits were such precious treasures that he was still heartbroken over being forced to offer up half of his supply.




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