Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4716, Speculation About the Divine Ability Sea


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It took half a day for the anomalies of the Crystal Palace to settle down. After that, a figure flashed out from within. It was none other than Yang Kai. Feeling many pairs of eyes staring at him expectantly, he nodded at the crowd of Divine Spirits, “Fortunately, I have not failed your expectations!”


Kun Ao burst into laughter, “That’s good. Let us retrieve our Sacred Treasures now that the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace has also been refined.” Then, he worriedly reminded Yang Kai, “Brat, don’t forget to cooperate with us later!”


“En,” Yang Kai responded.


The Divine Spirits had been waiting for this day for a long time now. At this moment, they eagerly hurried over to their respective Sacred Treasures and activated their power. When the powers of these Divine Spirits fluctuated, the sixteen Sacred Treasures that had long since been integrated into one were stimulated by the various Divine Spirits.


There was a rumble that shook the entire world, and a series of cracking sounds rang out repeatedly. A short while later, the sixteen Sacred Treasures turned into sixteen rays of light that were recovered by the various Divine Spirit Clans.


Yang Kai toyed with a miniature palace in his hand that was countless times smaller than the Crystal Palace. The entire body of the palace seemed to be carved from a single exquisite piece of crystal. It was none other than the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace itself. His expression revealed his slight astonishment. He had not expected the Crystal Palace to be able to change its size freely.


After the Sacred Treasures were retrieved, the Ancestral Strength in the world lost its source of attraction. The huge chains penetrating the Giant Spirit God slowly disintegrated and changed back into the rich Ancestral Strength that permeated the world. The sight of the chains disintegrating was extremely overwhelming.


During this period, all the Divine Spirits watched the Giant Spirit God warily. Qing Luan, Kun Ao, and the others had previously investigated the situation inside the Giant Spirit God’s body and determined that he was as dead as could be, but even so, it was a matter related to a Giant Spirit God after all. Who knew whether he had some sort of mysterious ability that would allow him to be brought back to life?


Fortunately, the Giant Spirit God showed no movement even after the chains fell apart and the Sacred Treasures were retrieved. It looked like even the Giant Spirit God could not withstand the erosion of the Ancestral Strength over the countless years of suppression.


There seemed to be an unusual change taking place in the world. Nobody could put a finger to the strange feeling, but all the Divine Spirits living in the Ancestral Land could clearly feel one thing, the Ancestral Land that was split into two in ancient times was slowly merging back into one entity at this moment.


“Kun Ao, I believe that it would be better for this place to be listed as a Restricted Area. What do you think?” Qing Luan stared at the Giant Spirit God for a moment before she turned to look at Kun Ao.


Kun Ao pondered in silence for a moment and nodded in agreement, “Good.”


Naturally, the other Divine Spirits would not object to what the Phoenix Clan and the Kun Clan had agreed on. Under Qing Luan’s leadership, many Divine Spirits joined forces and worked together to set up a powerful barrier around the Giant Spirit God with their Blood Essence. The first reason was to turn this place into a Restricted Area to prevent any Divine Spirit from approaching carelessly. The other reason was to guard against any unexpected changes that might occur to the Giant Spirit God.


By the time they finished working, ten days had passed.


The various Divine Spirit Clans had benefited greatly from this trip to the Demon Sealing Land. There was no need to mention the benefits gained by those who retrieved their Sacred Treasures. Even those without Sacred Treasures could enjoy the abundant Ancestral Strength brought about by merging the two halves of the Ancestral Land. They would no longer need to worry about the continuation of their respective Clans or the impurity of their descendant’s bloodlines.


Yang Kai followed Qing Luan and the others back to Four Phoenix Pavilion, and after consulting Qing Luan, he decided to place the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace in one of the mountain valleys with beautiful scenery.


The Crystal Palace might be an extraordinary palace artifact, but it played a more important role as the Dragon Clan’s Sacred Treasure. The Dragon Clan members from the Star Boundary would be coming to the Ancestral Land to cultivate, and leaving the Crystal Palace here would significantly help their growth. If not for these considerations, he would have taken the Crystal Palace away with him.


Yang Kai sat opposite Qing Luan and the others inside the Main Hall, telling them about the dream that he saw while cultivating in the Crystal Palace back then. After much deliberation, he decided that he should inform the Phoenix Clan about this matter. Who could say? The Phoenix Clan might know something about the secrets from the ancient times.


Unfortunately, Qing Luan and the others could not think of any useful information even after listening to his story. On the contrary, they were quite shocked by certain events that he revealed to them.


“From what you’ve said, the Giant Spirit God did indeed fight a ferocious battle with the Divine Spirits in Ancestral Land back then. In the end, it was the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress of that generation who sacrificed themselves by burning their Blood Essence to mobilise the Ancestral Strength through the various Sacred Treasures to suppress and seal the Giant Spirit God.”


“That’s what I saw,” Yang Kai nodded, “The Ancestral Land was torn apart and divided in two. At the same time, the Sources of the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress were caught up in a Void Turbulence and vanished out of sight. That was until many years ago when this Junior had the opportunity to obtain the Dragon Emperor’s Source in a small and weak world.”


Qing Luan sighed in amazement, “The Dragon Emperors are the strongest Masters of the Dragon Clan, and there are often generations where no Dragon Emperor rises to power. No wonder your Source is a Divine Dragon Source. Only a Divine Dragon is qualified to be a Dragon Emperor.”


Yuan Chu asked, “If the Dragon Emperor’s Source of that generation is with you, then what about the Phoenix Empress’ Source? Have you seen it? If the two of them were caught up in a Void Turbulence, they might have appeared in the same place.


Yang Kai replied, “If I’m not mistaken, the Phoenix Empress’ Source is with my Senior Sister, Su Yan.”


“They were really together!?” Qing Luan and the others became excited.


Yue Zhuo asked, “Where is that Senior Sister of yours right now?”


“She lives in Void Land located in the Void Territory.” Yang Kai answered, “Following my return this time, I plan to send her and some of my Divine Spirit friends to the Ancestral Land. I hope you can help to take care of them when they arrive, Seniors.”


Qing Luan smiled, “You’ve already mentioned this matter before, so of course it won’t be a problem at all. Feel free to send them here.” While speaking, she turned to look at Hong Hu, “Please go with Yang Kai, Fourth Sister.”


“En.” Hong Hu nodded.


Yang Kai quickly said, “There’s no need to trouble you, Senior. I know the position of the Ancestral Land now, so I only need you to tell me how to safely pass through the Divine Ability Sea.”


Qing Luan said, “The return of the Phoenix Empress is an important event for the Phoenix Clan. We cannot be sloppy. Please let Hong Hu go with you.”


Seeing as she had already said so much, Yang Kai did not refuse her again. Besides, he would like nothing more than having a Master like Hong Hu accompanying him on his travels. The information about how he had obtained the World Spring would probably have spread across the Shattered Heaven by now, so there was no saying what kinds of troubles he might face when he returned to the Shattered Heaven again.


“When do you plan to leave?” She asked.


“I wish to say goodbye to Senior Mie Meng first.”


“As you should.” Qing Luan nodded.


The next day, Yang Kai strolled over to the place where Mie Meng lived. It was obvious that Mie Meng had detected his presence because the doors were wide open.


He did not see the Great General anywhere and Mie Meng claimed that it was because the boy was working hard to cultivate. However, according to Yang Kai’s understanding of Great General’s character, he had the feeling that the little chicken had been forced into seclusion by his Mother. In any case, he did not say anything regarding the matter.


Before he departed, Yang Kai left behind several Ancestral Spirit Crystals so that Mie Meng could pass them on to Great General. Great General was still very young, so these Ancestral Spirit Crystal would help him to reduce many years of intense cultivation and allow his bloodline to develop rapidly.


Yang Kai no longer had many Ancestral Spirit Crystals left on hand as during his advancement to become a Grand Dragon, he had used up 80% of them in one go. Therefore, he only had slightly more than 200 of them left.


He gave half of them to the Phoenix Clan; after all, he would need the Phoenix Clan’s help to take care of the Divine Spirits who came from Void Land later. Then, he left the remaining half in the Crystal Palace. If Su Yan and the others needed the Ancestral Spirit Crystals, they could help themselves to them.


When all the preparations were done, Yang Kai prepared to leave the Ancestral Land with Hong Hu.


A figure flew over from a distance and landed in front of Hong Hu. It was the white-robed youth from the Kun Clan who bowed and cupped his fist, “Kun Yu greets Senior Hong Hu.”


Hong Hu nodded, “I will have to trouble you.”


Kun Yu nodded faintly. Without even glancing at Yang Kai, he soared straight into the sky. Hong Hu shot a glance at Yang Kai, and the two of them quickly followed.


Having lived in the Ancestral Land ever since she had been born, Hong Hu had never left the Ancestral Land before. She only knew that the Ancestral Land was surrounded by the Divine Ability Sea. Unfortunately, the Divine Ability Sea was so dangerous that even a Mature Divine Spirit might succumb to its dangers and fail to pass through safely.


Out of all the Divine Spirits in the Ancestral Land, only the Kun Clan knew of a safe passage through the Divine Ability Sea. That was something the Kun Clan discovered after relying on many Masters to explore the Divine Ability Sea. It was by relying on this knowledge that Kun Yu managed to travel through the Divine Ability Sea safely even though he only had the strength of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


When the Phoenix Clan came forward to make a request, the Kun Clan naturally had nothing more to say about this matter. In the end, they assigned Kun Yu to escort Hong Hu and Yang Kai through the Divine Ability Sea. Even if the Kun Clan had decided to ignore the matter, with Hong Hu’s strength, there was a great chance that she would simply force her way through the Divine Ability Sea. That was how Cheng Yang entered the Ancestral Land. Although he encountered all sorts of dangers and wound up quite battered, he was still able to pass through the Divine Ability Sea.


Following behind Kun Yu, Hong Hu and Yang Kai quickly left the Ancestral Land and plunged into the Divine Ability Sea. The various Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were unleashed one after another, but their power was not too strong. Whether it was Kun Yu leading the way or Hong Hu and Yang Kai following behind, none of them had any trouble dealing with the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques


“It must have been difficult for the Kun Clan to discover this route.” Hong Hu sighed in amazement.


Kun Yu’s personality was generally on the colder side, so he had remained taciturn for the most part of the journey. Nevertheless, Hong Hu was his Senior, so seeing as she had started the conversation, he could not ignore her and responded, “In order to find this passage, the Kun Clan paid a heavy price several thousands of years ago. Two Seniors lost their lives in the Divine Ability Sea. In terms of strength, they were comparable to the Human’s Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.”


She nodded, “I’ve heard of that.”


Yang Kai suddenly spoke up, “Senior, don’t you think that the Divine Ability Sea is acting as a gigantic cage?”


Hong Hu was stunned for a moment. If he had not mentioned this matter, she would never have thought about it. Now that she heard those words though, she couldn’t help thinking that the possibility was rather high.


Yang Kai had this feeling the last time he saw the Divine Ability Sea, and after seeing the Giant Spirit God being suppressed and sealed in the Demon Sealing Land, his conjecture only became more certain.


“These Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were left behind countless years ago, and despite going through the erosion and baptism of time, they still contain such fearsome power. It’s difficult to imagine just how strong they were at their peak. It might be that even Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would not come out unscathed if they ventured deep into this place.”


Hong Hu pondered in silence for a moment before she asked, “Are you saying that the Divine Ability Sea was created as a protective barrier to prevent the Giant Spirit God from escaping?”


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s the only possibility.”


Her eyes flashed at those words, “If it’s as you said, then the battle in ancient times should have shown traces of Human participation; after all, many of the Divine Abilities in the Divine Ability Sea do not come from Divine Spirits. Did you see any Humans in the memories?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I did not see any, but that is not strange either. The Ancestral Strength is extremely dangerous to non-Divine Spirits. If the Giant Spirit God was causing havoc in the Ancestral Land, only the Divine Spirits could fight back against him. Fortunately, the Divine Spirits won that battle even though they paid a heavy price for their victory. Regardless, the Great Experts of the Human Race must have set up the Divine Ability Sea outside the Ancestral Land just to be on the safe side.”




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