Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4717, A Scourge Never Dies


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Too much time had passed. It was so long ago that even a long-lived Race like the Divine Spirits did not know what had happened back then. Nevertheless, Yang Kai’s conjecture was reasonable. It might be the truth of what had happened back in ancient times.


The only thing that confused Yang Kai right now was why a Giant Spirit God, being from a race which was generally innocent, mild-tempered, and would never take the initiative to provoke others, had started such a ferocious battle in the Ancestral Land.


Yang Kai had personally witnessed countless Divine Spirits dying at the hands of that Giant Spirit God during that battle. Even the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans had suffered heavy casualties. The Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress of that generation even went so far as to burn all their Blood Essence to activate a massive Grand Array using the Sacred Treasures of sixteen Clans to condensed the Ancestral Strength in the Ancestral Land to suppress and seal the Black Giant Spirit God.


It had been a mighty battle indeed.


Following behind Kun Yu, they navigated through the Divine Ability Sea and made steady progress. All the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques unleashed along the way were easily resolved by the three of them.


A few days later, the view in front of them abruptly widened. The three of them had made their way out of the Divine Ability Sea. Kun Yu halted in his tracks, turned to Hong Hu, and cupped his fist, “Senior, we’re out of the Divine Ability Sea now. This Junior will only escort you up to this point. Simply follow the way we came earlier when you return.”


“En. Go back and thank your Clan Head on my behalf. Tell him the Phoenix Clan owes him a favour.” Hong Hu nodded. She had memorised the route along the way here and even used her power as a Divine Spirit to leave a mark along the trail, so there was no need to worry about how she was going to return.


Kun Yu lowered his head and said, “This Junior will definitely relay the message. I shall take my leave now!”


While speaking, his figure shifted and he rushed back into the Divine Ability Sea.


After Kun Yu departed, Yang Kai and Hong Hu continued their journey.


It was Hong Hu’s first time leaving the Ancestral Land, so although her cultivation was impressive, she couldn’t help being curious about the outside world. Looking around though, she saw nothing but the vast and desolate void; hence, it was inevitable for her to feel disappointed as she asked, “Is everything in the outside world like this?”


Yang Kai laughed, “The situation at the Shattered Heaven is special. You will see a different scenery once we arrive back at a prosperous Great Territory, Senior.”


She nodded, “In that case, I look forward to it.”


“Let’s go.” He took the lead while speaking.


He and Xia Lin Lang had fled deep into the Shattered Heaven back then, so it would take quite some time for him to leave. Travelling through the void was extremely boring. Fortunately, they could chat with each other along the way. Yang Kai told her about various things in the outside world. Regardless of the importance of the matter, Hong Hu listened with great relish.


Ever since leaving the Divine Ability Sea, Yang Kai vaguely noticed that he had developed a peculiar feeling. This feeling came from the depths of his bloodline. It felt as though there was something located somewhere far away that was closely connected to him.


At the beginning, he did not understand what this feeling was. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long before he abruptly realised that this feeling was the connection he felt with the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Altar!


It was once said that he would be able to sense the location of the Dragon Altar when his bloodline reached a certain level. That was the inheritance found deep within every Dragon Clan member’s bloodline.


In the past, his Dragon Form had only been 3,000 metres long. Moreover, he had been Half-Human, Half-Dragon. It made sense that he could not sense the Dragon Altar in such a state. However, this perception came into being now that he had advanced from a Juvenile Dragon to a Grand Dragon and his Dragon Form was 10,000 metres long. Even if he was separated by a great distance, that feeling would never be severed.


Yang Kai was certain that he would eventually find the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Altar one day if he followed in the direction of this feeling; thus, he suddenly felt a little excited.


Ever since coming to the 3,000 Worlds, he had been trying to locate the Dragon Altar. Unfortunately, the Dragon Altar was very hidden. Despite being one of the 36 Cave Heavens, nobody knew the location of the Dragon Altar.


At this moment, the connection coming from the depths of his bloodline was undoubtedly pointing the way for him. It was a pity that he had urgent matters to take care of right now. Seeing as it was inconvenient for him to search for the Dragon Altar immediately, Yang Kai could only delay this matter for the time being.


The Shattered Heaven was vast. Furthermore, there were no Universe Temples that they could use to transfer from place to place. Despite flying for a whole month, the two of them remained inside the Shattered Heaven.


One day, Hong Hu suddenly noticed something. She turned to look in a certain direction and frowned after a moment, “There are people fighting over there.”


Yang Kai followed her gaze and sure enough, he saw several streams of light darting around in a relentless pursuit. Hong Hu’s cultivation was higher than his, so it was only natural for her to detect the anomaly before him.


“The Shattered Heaven is unlike the other Great Territories in the 3,000 Worlds. It is very chaotic and fights are very common here.” Yang Kai explained, but showed no intention to intervene.


Although Yang Kai had no intention to intervene in the fight, one of the parties in the fight seemed to have taken notice of their presence and was rushing directly in their direction.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow slightly as this was also a common occurrence. When one party was losing a battle, they often liked to divert their opponent’s attention to another person. Or, they could be trying to ask for help. Regardless of the situation, the person who was unwittingly dragged into the mess would be the one troubled.


It was not his first time encountering an incident like this, so it was only natural that Yang Kai understood the other party’s intentions. Nevertheless, he had no intention to flee. Hong Hu was right next to him, so who in the Shattered Heaven would dare to act presumptuous in front of her?


“Huh?” All of a sudden, Yang Kai exclaimed in surprise. When the leading figure approached, he detected a familiar aura. A short while later, he finally confirmed his suspicions when he had a good look at that person’s appearance. It truly was a person that he was acquainted with.


It was Qin Fen! He was one of the few Open Heaven Realm Masters among Xia Lin Lang’s subordinates.


[Why is he here? Where is Xia Lin Lang?] Seeing as it was an acquaintance, Yang Kai could not ignore the situation anymore. He raised his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear. After that, he charged towards Qin Fen. Hong Hu quickly followed closely behind.


On the other hand, there was no doubt that Qin Fen had also recognised Yang Kai. A complicated gaze immediately entered his eyes as he gritted his teeth and rushed over.


A short while later, they brushed past each other. Yang Kai raised his spear and stabbed forward. With the power of a spear, the world collapsed and the expressions of the two figures chasing from behind changed greatly as they quickly defended themselves.


The collision of the World Force swept across the void and Yang Kai’s figure stumbled slightly before he steadied himself once more. On the other hand, the two chasing figures were involuntarily sent flying backward at the same time.


Even though they were also in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, they failed to defend against the attack of somebody in the same Order as them despite combining both their strengths. If they had not personally experienced something like this, they would not have dared to believe that such a thing was possible.


They stabilised their figures with great difficulty, but before they could declare their names, a horrifying pressure descended upon them. The pressure was so strong that their figures slumped slightly and their expressions changed drastically.


“A Divine Spirit?” One of the middle-aged men stared at Hong Hu, who was standing quietly in the void, with an expression of fear and horror.


The power of this Divine Spirit was too immense. As Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, how could they fail to sense such a thing? This pressure was so strong that it was comparable to an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


[Why did we run into a Divine Spirit here!?] The two of them looked at each other with a bitter taste in their mouths.


Meanwhile, Qin Fen returned. His complexion was pale and there were traces of blood on his clothes. His aura was weak, so it was obvious that he was injured.


“Why are you here?” Yang Kai turned around and asked, “Where is Xia Lin Lang?”


Qin Fen clenched his fists tightly and responded with his head lowered, “Madame was captured.”


Yang Kai scowled, “By who?”


Xia Lin Lang was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. As long as an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master did not make a move, who in the Shattered Heaven could capture her?


“Bright Sun Divine Monarch!” Qin Fen gritted his teeth, “When we were sent out of that place, Cheng Yang appeared out of nowhere before we could go very far. He was probably lying in ambush all this while. Madame was no match for him, so she could only escape. She lured Cheng Yang away so that we could have a chance to flee. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten separated after several years of running around.”


“That old thing! Scourges never die!” Yang Kai scowled deeply.


Qin Fen looked at Yang Kai, “Cheng Yang said that you should go and meet him if you want the Madame to be returned safely.”


Yang Kai sneered, “Is he so certain that I will go looking for him?”


Qin Fen became furious, “Are you going to ignore Madame’s life or death situation!? If not for you, Lin Lang Cave Heaven would never have been destroyed! With the protection of Lin Lang Cave Heaven, even Cheng Yang would not have been able to harm the Madame!”


Yang Kai glanced at Qin Fen, “Xia Lin Lang brought me back because she wanted the World Spring. Everything that happened afterwards was simply a means to protect myself. To be honest, the destruction of Lin Lang Cave Heaven was the result of Xia Lin Lang’s actions.”


Qin Fen clenched his teeth and glared furiously when he heard those words. His expression looked like he wanted to bite Yang Kai to death.


Yang Kai rubbed his chin and snorted, “But, there is no denying that we have gone through difficult times together. Cheng Yang only captured her because of the World Spring… Haaa, how troublesome.” Turning to look at the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who didn’t even dare to move a muscle, he asked, “Are they Cheng Yang’s men?”


Qin Fen replied, “That’s right.”


The middle-aged man quickly explained, “We have no malicious intentions. It’s just that Xia Lin Lang is worried about their safety, so the Divine Monarch asked us to invite him back as a guest. The others are already with the Divine Monarch.”


Qin Fen coldly snorted, “No malicious intentions, my foot! If not because this Qin has some ability, I would have died at your hands a long time ago.”


The middle-aged man said, “When have we ever directed our murderous intent at you throughout our pursuit? I’m afraid you don’t know your own situation right now. All the Masters in the Shattered Heaven have set out, but the World Spring remains nowhere to be seen. The rumours claim that Xia Lin Lang has gotten the World Spring, so if you had encountered anybody else, you would have died a miserable death a long time ago!”


Yang Kai raised a hand to interrupt their argument. He then looked at the middle-aged man and said, “The World Spring is with me. It’s useless even if Bright Sun Divine Monarch captures Xia Lin Lang. But, since he is so desperate to meet me, I’ll go and pay him a visit.”


The middle-aged man exchanged a glance with his comrade. They did not dare to believe that things would be so simple so he asked incredulously, “Really?”


Yang Kai gestured, “Lead the way.”


The middle-aged man responded as though his dreams had come true, “This way!”


After saying that, he and his companion turned around to lead the way.


Yang Kai glanced at Qin Fen, “What are you going to do?”


Qin Fen quickly said, “I’m coming with you.”


Yang Kai nodded and quickly chased after those two.


Hong Hu came over in a flash, her eyebrows furrowed slightly, “Cheng Yang knows that you are a Dragon Clan member. Why is he trying to target you? What reckless bravery.”


Yang Kai smiled and said, “The Divine Spirits have not left the Ancestral Land in a long time. It is only natural that my identity as a Dragon Clan member does not frighten him. He is an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all, so he can be considered quite capable.”


Hong Hu sneered at those words, “It is not that the Divine Spirits are unable to leave the Ancestral Land, but that they don’t want to. I’m curious to see what gives him the confidence to act so brazenly in front of a Divine Spirit!”


“Looks like he is going to suffer greatly.” Yang Kai took intense pleasure in the other party’s approaching misfortune.




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