Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4721, Five Portals


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Yang Kai nodded lightly. Likewise, this was something he had always thought to be strange. The Cave Heavens and Paradises boasted an inheritance that was passed down for countless generations. Not to mention, there were many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in those Sects to begin with. Why would they need to use such despicable means to strengthen their dominance over others?


It might have been a plausible reason if it involved only one or two of the Cave Heavens and Paradises; however, all 108 Cave Heavens and Paradises carried the same attitude. It was only natural for people to wonder about the actual reason.


“This Monarch has always believed that the major Cave Heavens and Paradises are hiding some huge secret. Moreover, this secret is something only the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters have the qualification to know. That is why all the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who do not originate from the Cave Heavens and Paradises tend to suffer a tragic fate. There are no exceptions. Why else would we hide in the Shattered Heaven for so many years? The 3,000 Worlds is vast and magnificent, so why wouldn’t we wish to travel the world and witness the wonderful sights?”


“A secret…” Yang Kai murmured under his breath. Although he could not determine whether Cheng Yang ‘s speculation was true or false, his limited knowledge of the situation indicated that there was some truth to those words.


Cheng Yang turned to the side and smiled, “Little Brother, you are different from this Monarch. Your potential is great. If you can figure out the truth one day, please let me know. It will answer all the questions that have been swirling around in this Monarch’s heart for so many years.”


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded. Now that he was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, advancing into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm was something in the near future. Despite bearing the title of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Son-in-law, he was not actually from any of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. There was no saying whether he might actually learn the secret mentioned by Cheng Yang when he advanced into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


A sudden thought struck him. The Proprietress had been in retreat for so many years now. It was certain that she would advance into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm when she came out of retreat, so what kind of difficulties would she face at that time? If the Cave Heavens and Paradises really did come forward, what would happen if he refused their demands?


Several days later, a group of people came to a stop in the void.


Cheng Yang carefully observed his surroundings before he nodded at Yang Kai in confirmation, “If this Monarch is not mistaken, there’s a high probability that a portal is hidden here. When this Monarch passed through this place in the past, the portal showed faint signs of opening only to vanish in the next instant. This Monarch has been searching for a long time, but my efforts have proven to be in vain. That’s why I could only mark down the location for the time being. Over the years, I would come here from time to time to investigate only to come up empty-handed. It’s up to you now, Little Brother.”


Yang Kai nodded and immediately manipulated his Space Principles.


Just like the previous occasion, a layer of ripples that were visible to the naked eye gradually spread out into the surroundings with him at the centre. Everywhere the ripples passed, space would become distorted.


The several dozen subordinates under Cheng Yang’s command watched with interest. The same was true even for Cheng Yang. Although he had vaguely seen some of the scenes when he was hiding in his home previously, that experience was far less profound than this time.


The layer of ripples created by the Space Principles was undoubtedly the best way-finding stones in the Void. If there was a portal hidden in this place, the ripples that swept over the portal were bound to produce a different reaction compared to the other areas.


This scene amazed Cheng Yang greatly. [Space Principles sure are useful in this situation. If only I was proficient in the Dao of Space, I’m certain I could discover all the Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises hidden in the Shattered Heaven with enough time.]


It had to be said that these Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises were relics left behind in ancient times, so there was a high possibility that valuable treasures were hidden in them. After all, both the Profound Fish that appeared 3,000 years ago and the World Spring that appeared recently had emerged from Universe Cave Heavens left behind in ancient times. Two of the Four Universe Pillars had already appeared, so who could say whether more would be found?


An incense stick later, Yang Kai abruptly turned to look in a certain direction. There was a slightly different fluctuation in the Void coming from that direction.


Cheng Yang followed Yang Kai’s gaze, but could not detect any anomalies.


Nevertheless, another incense later, with Yang Kai diligently focusing his Space Principles in that direction, the anomaly in the Void was finally revealed. It became obvious that there was a large area that was different from the surrounding space.


“There is one here after all!” Cheng Yang exclaimed in excitement.


Yang Kai replied lightly, “I wonder whether it is a Universe Cave Heaven or a Universe Paradise.”


If it was a Universe Cave Heaven, then it was the legacy left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master or even a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If it was a Universe Paradise, then it was the legacy of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so the value would not be as great as the former. Even so, every single Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise would at least contain the Dao Essence cultivated by the original Master.


Yang Kai had devoured the Spear Dao Essence in Pear Flower Cave Heaven and improved his mastery over the Spear Dao by leaps and bounds. These Dao Essences were undoubtedly a huge treasure for cultivators who cultivated that particular Dao.


Another hour passed by, and a huge gaping hole suddenly appeared in the Void, becoming a black hole with a clear aura of a Small Universe radiating from within. 


The portal was open!


Yang Kai and Cheng Yang exchanged a glance with each other before the two of them moved at the same time and plunged into the portal. Hong Hu and Xia Lin Lang followed closely behind. Meanwhile, the rest stood outside waiting.


An hour later, four figures emerged. It was Yang Kai and the others.


“Sir, what is the situation inside?” One of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters under Cheng Yang quickly asked about the situation.


Cheng Yang replied, “This is a Universe Paradise. The former Master was probably proficient in the Sword Dao. The Sword Dao Essence is quite abundant.” After saying that, he picked out a few people and instructed, “You will stay behind to explore this Universe Paradise. Any harvests must be organised and recorded. Pocketing anything privately will not be forgiven.”


“Yes!” Those people accepted the orders.


Afterward, he turned to Yang Kai and added, “I will leave the rest to you, Little Brother Yang.”


“En!” Yang Kai nodded and reached out his hand to cover the portal. Under the urging of Space Principles, the obviously abnormal Void gradually repaired itself and became indistinguishable from the surrounding environment after a while. Taking out a token, he injected his Aura and engraved some Space Principles into it, “I’ve used a Secret Technique to conceal the portal so that outsiders will not be aware of it even if they pass by this place. You can explore this place with peace of mind. In order to enter and exit through the portal, you will need this token. Recklessly trespassing into this place will most likely get you exiled to the Void.”


The expressions of the Open Heaven Realm Masters picked out by Cheng Yang immediately became unpleasant. Yang Kai’s actions clearly indicated that he did not trust them; otherwise, why would he create the token?


Even the eyes of Cheng Yang flashed slightly at those words. He never expected Yang Kai to pull out such a card.


Yang Kai ignored them, however, and simply handed the token to Xia Lin Lang before saying, “Gather up some people to stay behind to help with the exploration.”


Xia Lin Lang nodded and glanced at Qin Fen, “Qin Fen, you stay here.”


Qin Fen took the token and quickly said, “Yes!”


Yang Kai turned to the side and looked at Cheng Yang, “The next spot?”


Cheng Yang gave a slight smile, “Please follow me, Little Brother.”


They set off again with great energy while Qin Fen and Cheng Yang’s subordinates stayed behind, watching the group’s departure. It was not until the departing group was out of sight that they finally entered the Universe Paradise under Qin Fen’s lead.


Cheng Yang had been living in the Shattered Heaven for over 10,000 years. He spent most of his time in seclusion, sometimes spending up to several hundred or even 1,000 years in retreat. Even so, when it came to familiarity with the Shattered Heaven, there was nobody better than him except maybe the two other Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


After so many years, it was only natural for him to know various bits of information that other people might not know. For example, the locations where the portals of various Universe Paradises and Universe Cave Heaven might be hidden.


Under Cheng Yang’s guidance, Yang Kai searched no less than ten locations in the short span of three months. All of these locations were suspected to have hidden Universe Cave Heavens or Universe Paradises.


In the end, they discovered a total of five portals. The other five locations came up empty. Nevertheless, a success rate of 50% was very high. It could be said that Cheng Yang ‘s information was extremely accurate.


No matter how proficient Yang Kai was in the Dao of Space, he would never have found any of these portals within the Shattered Heaven without Cheng Yang’s guidance. During his escape with Xia Lin Lang previously, he had tried looking for a hidden Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise to seek refuge, but his efforts had been fruitless.


Among these five portals, three of them were Universe Paradises while the other two were Universe Cave Heavens. The harvest was bound to be plentiful if all of them could be fully explored and developed.


Yang Kai had nothing to worry about after leaving Xia Lin Lang to supervise the proceedings here. Regardless of the valuable treasures that might be discovered in these five locations, he and Cheng Yang would split the gains equally among them. As for where Xia Lin Lang would eventually decide to choose as her residence, that would be up to her own consideration.


“Little Brother, are you sure you don’t want to stay in the Shattered Heaven for a few more days?” After seeing what Yang Kai could do, Cheng Yang was reluctant to let him leave so easily, “I will be honest with you, Little Brother. I’m certain that Ku Yan and Tian Luo also know where some likely portals are located. If you can stay for a little while, this Monarch can ask them about these locations.”


The names ‘Ku Yan’ and ‘Tian Luo’ that he mentioned were the names of the other two Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven. There was a total of three Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven, and while they could not claim to be close friends, there was bound to be some communication between them.


Yang Kai smiled, “There’s no need to be so anxious, Divine Monarch. I will probably visit the Shattered Heaven again in the future. If you wish, you might as well make some inquiries first. It won’t be too late for us to cooperate again when I return next time!”


Cheng Yang raised his eyebrows, “That’s a promise then!”


Yang Kai nodded and turned to look at Xia Lin Lang, “If anything comes up, send Qin Fen to Void Land to find me!”


Xia Lin Lang nodded, “I will. Take care!”


Only then did Yang Kai turn to Cheng Yang and cupped his fist, “Until we meet again!”


“Come back soon, Little Brother. This Monarch will be waiting to hear from you!”


Yang Kai shot a glance at Hong Hu, and the two of them rushed into the depths of the void together.


After watching the two figures disappearing into the distance, Cheng Yang finally smiled and said, “Young Lady Xia, have you decided which Universe Cave Heaven you want yet?”


Xia Lin Lang replied, “Not yet. I wish to have a better look at them first.”


“As it should be. You have to shop around before buying something, even more so when it comes to choosing a place to stay. Take your time to compare between them. You only need to inform this Monarch once you have decided. Since Little Brother Yang and I have an agreement, I will not go back on my word. You should also rest assured. I will definitely keep my men tight-lipped about the location you choose as your residence. I will never reveal a word to the outside world.”


Xia Lin Lang gave an elegant bow, “Many thanks for your kindness, Divine Monarch!”




Two figures transformed into streams of light that sped through the void as swiftly as the wind.


A month later, Yang Kai and Hong Hu finally came out of the Shattered Heaven. It was not until this moment that Hong Hu, who only recently left the Ancestral Land after living there for her entire life, could be regarded as having seen the splendour of the 3,000 Worlds.


Unlike the desolation found everywhere in the Shattered Heaven, each Great Territory that they passed through was filled with countless twinkling Stars and flickering lights. Moreover, the vitality nurtured by the many Universe Worlds and Spirit Provinces could clearly be felt.




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