Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4723, Good Fortune Divine Furnace


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As an Artifact Refining Grandmaster, Ma Fan naturally had superb skills. There were only a handful of people throughout the vast 3,000 Worlds whose Artifact Refining skills could compare with his.


When others refined a palace artifact, it was almost a certainty that several dozens or even hundreds of Artifact Refiners would need to work together to complete the project. Even if their skills were superior, it would still be a collaboration between a dozen people at the least.


In contrast, Grandmaster Ma Fan had refined the Purple Heaven Palace all by himself from start to finish!


The number of people across the 3,000 Worlds who could achieve such a feat could be counted on one hand; therefore, an Artifact Refiner with such superb skills like him was a rare and precious talent for any of the Cave Heavens or Paradises. Forget Yang Kai’s yearning to recruit him, even the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises coveted him!


It was not that nobody had tried to recruit him; in fact, almost every Cave Heaven and Paradise had sent representatives to recruit him over the past many years. Even though they offered generous and bountiful rewards, Ma Fan rejected every single offer without exception. In his opinion, Great Evolution Paradise was his root. He was born as part of Great Evolution Paradise, and he would die as part of Great Evolution Paradise!


Yang Kai had the same idea at the beginning, so he tried to recruit Grandmaster Ma Fan as a Supreme High-Rank Guest Elder of High Heaven Palace. After gaining insight into the current situation of Great Evolution Paradise, he even used the existence of the World Tree as bait to lure Grandmaster Ma Fan into working for him.


It was just that Grandmaster Ma Fan never accepted the offer to serve as a Supreme High-Rank Guest Elder, though he did agree to refine the palace artifact for Yang Kai. In this matter, Yang Kai had never pressured him into making a decision either.


Who could have known that Grandmaster Ma Fan would make such a shocking statement when Yang Kai was completely clueless about the current situation?


For that reason, Yang Kai’s first reaction was not joy, as he felt that something extremely troublesome had fallen into his hands. He was still reeling from the shock when Yu Chang Dao looked at him with bright eyes, “You’re part of the family, Grandmaster? That’s great! Sect Master, we need to take good care of our family!”


Meanwhile, Hong Xiang Ling went one step further. He stood up and walked over to Yang Kai, “Yang Boy, I have a Disciple in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Not only is she as beautiful as a flower, but she also has a gentle temperament. It’s just that she has yet to meet a suitable life companion. More importantly, she has never been exposed to love and romance. She has always been obsessed with cultivation, so much so that she is showing signs of cultivation dissonance. I believe she needs a young and handsome man like you to save her…”


Before Hong Xiang Ling could finish speaking, Duan Rui Shan slapped his palm on Hong Xiang Ling’s face and pushed the latter aside, “Sect Master Yang, feel free to mention any conditions you want. I will not refuse as long as your demands are within Clear Mind Cave Heaven’s abilities to fulfil!”


Lu Zhen Yang of Azure Nether Paradise also chimed in, “Does High Heaven Palace need another Supreme High-Rank Guest Elder? This Lu has always felt a sense of kinship with High Heaven Palace. It’s a pity that you’ve been away for such a long time, Sect Master Yang. I could not join even though I wanted to join High Heaven Palace so badly.”


All four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters stared at Yang Kai with burning gazes, like starving ghosts faced with a table full of delicacies. They practically scrambled over each other to speak in their excitement.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling dumbfounded as he hesitantly asked, “W-What are you talking about?”


Seeing Yang Kai’s confused expression, which did not seem fake, the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t help looking at each other.


Hong Xiang Ling was the one who eventually asked, “Kid, you still don’t know?”


“What should I know?” Yang Kai countered, “I just returned from the Shattered Heaven and only came here to retrieve my artifact from Grandmaster Ma Fan.”


Lu Zhen Yang frowned and turned to look at Grandmaster Ma Fan, “Grandmaster, can Sect Master Yang really call the shots on this matter? He doesn’t seem to know anything.”


Grandmaster Ma Fan just sat there and watched them with a smile. Reaching out his hand, he took out a wine bottle and took a sip before he nodded, “Of course, he can! Well, even if he couldn’t before, now that I’ve said so, he has the authority to make the decision!”


The four Masters’ gazes became scorching hot once more.


Yang Kai’s expression turned bitter, “Grandmaster, just what is this situation? The least you could have done was to inform me about it beforehand.”


Grandmaster Ma Fan pondered in silence for a moment before he stood up, “Follow me!”


After saying that, he strode outside.


Yang Kai put the Purple Heaven Palace away and hurriedly followed. Hong Hu wanted to come along, but he waved her away and asked her to stay behind. Following Grandmaster Ma Fan out of the Grand Hall, he walked deeper into the void.


Grandmaster Ma Fan’s voice came from the front, “Great Evolution Paradise has two Core Treasures. One of them is a replica of the Universe Furnace. The genuine Universe Furnace is practically impossible to find; moreover, it contains the Universe Essence and produces Innate Open Heaven Pills. Consuming Innate Open Heaven Pills will allow any Open Heaven Realm Master to break through their shackles and reach the next Order, without any limitations or drawbacks. The Open Heaven Pills that are commonly used in the world today were created by the ancient Great Experts who extensively studied the Universe Furnace’s Open Heaven Pills and consequently developed a pill recipe based on their research. The genuine Universe Furnace shakes the very foundation of the 3,000 Worlds every time it appears in the world, but nobody is capable of possessing it. The Ancestors of Great Evolution Paradise were fortunate enough to see the Universe Furnace in person and threw themselves into long years of research. As a result, they spent countless years and resources to create a replica of the Universe Furnace. Although it is not nearly as profound as the real Universe Furnace, it is quite extraordinary in and of itself. This Old Master performs Artifact Refining with its help. You’ve seen that for yourself.”


Yang Kai nodded. When he first came here with the Proprietress to commission Grandmaster Ma Fan for an artifact, he had seen the latter activating the power of the Sun’s True Fire to refine an artifact using the replica of the Universe Furnace.


“The second treasure is known as the Good Fortune Divine Furnace!” Grandmaster Ma Fan’s voice became solemn.


“Good Fortune Divine Furnace?” Yang Kai raised his brow at those words.


“This one is not a replica or imitation, but a naturally formed treasurer!” There was a sense of pride in Grandmaster Ma Fan’s voice, “According to the records written by my Ancestors, the Good Fortune Divine Furnace suddenly appeared in Great Evolution Paradise one day. It can be considered a gift from the Heavens. The World’s blessings are infinitely mysterious after all.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “What makes the Good Fortune Divine Furnace so special?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan replied, “You’ll know when you see it for yourself.”


Yang Kai did not ask any more questions.


A short while later, they arrived in the depths of the void. There was a barrier shrouding over this area and Yang Kai could sense an extremely hostile aura before he even approached, naturally terrifying him.


It had to be said that even though he was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he could rival a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in strength when he transformed into his Grand Dragon Form; therefore, for him to have such a reaction only went to show the ferocity of the barrier.


“This place was originally Great Evolution Paradise’s highest level Restricted Area. Non-members of Great Evolution Paradise would never be allowed to enter. However, with the passage of time, Great Evolution Paradise has become desolate, so there is no reason to hold on to such rules anymore.” Grandmaster Ma Fan explained while taking out a crude and simple token. Forming a seal with his hands, a mysterious light penetrated the token before shooting out and transforming into a tunnel of light.


Grandmaster Ma Fan took the lead to enter the passage, and Yang Kai followed closely behind. The two of them walked along the tunnel that seemed tens of thousands of kilometres long, and at the end of the passage, a three-legged furnace that was as tall as a person and carved with intricate patterns that covered the entire surface entered Yang Kai’s vision.


“Is this the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?” Yang Kai observed the furnace curiously.


At first glance, there was nothing particularly strange or special about the Good Fortune Divine Furnace. The only thing that caught Yang Kai’s attention was the grey fog that permeated the interior of the furnace. It was extremely strange and when his Divine Sense penetrated the grey fog, it was like a rock sinking deep into the sea. The grey fog filled the entire Good Fortune Divine Furnace; moreover, it crept about slowly like a living thing.


Yang Kai frowned slightly and asked, “Is it alive?”


For a moment, he could swear that he detected a peculiar vitality from the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.


Grandmaster Ma Fan shook his head, “It is neither alive nor dead. Even the Ancestors of Great Evolution Paradise could not determine whether the Good Fortune Divine Furnace was considered a living thing or not. They couldn’t even figure out why it appeared here in the first place. There were no signs before its sudden appearance, and nobody could move the furnace after it appeared here.”


“What a strange thing!” Yang Kai observed for a while before he asked, “What is so special about the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan said, “I’ll show you.”


While speaking, he made a sweeping motion with his hand and a large number of materials that exuded rich Wood Element Power were thrown into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.


Yang Kai could clearly tell that the Wood Element materials were of rather good quality.


All of them were Fifth-Order materials; furthermore, there were also quite a lot of them, as many as ten. After the many Fifth-Order Wood Element materials were thrown into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, the grey fog wriggled and swallowed them whole. In the next moment, they vanished out of sight.


Grandmaster Ma Fan waited quietly for a while before he took out another Fifth-Order Wood Element material and threw it into the grey fog.


There was still no movement, so he tossed in another!


After repeating his actions four more times, the grey fog suddenly began writhing violently. Even the colour of the fog changed. The grey and dirty-looking fog suddenly became crimson red. In the next moment, the red fog shrunk abruptly before expanding violently again, and an object came flying out of the fog.


Grandmaster Ma Fan was clearly prepared for this situation, he reached out his hand and caught the object lightly before glancing it over and nodding, “Seems like my luck isn’t too bad today.”


Then, he casually tossed the object to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai caught the object and carefully examined it, his eyes contracting slightly at the sight, “A Sixth-Order material?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan affirmed, “This is what makes the Good Fortune Divine Furnace special.”


Yang Kai stared at Grandmaster Ma Fan in dumbfounded mazement, “How is that possible?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan replied, “If you’re asking me how this works, then I don’t know either. Even the Ancestors of Great Evolution Paradise could not figure it out. The World is full of mysteries and there are many things that cannot be understood just because your cultivation is powerful. Hence, the reason why the Good Fortune Divine Furnace is called the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.”


Yang Kai felt his breath becoming short and ragged. What he was holding in his hand was a genuine Sixth-Order Wood Element material. He turned to look to the side only to see that the crimson red fog had gone back to a dull grey colour after spitting out this Sixth-Order material and his throat suddenly went dry!


“Grandmaster, does the Good Fortune Divine Furnace produce materials with higher Orders after consuming enough from the Order below?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan nodded.


“Did Elder Yu and the others come here because of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?”


Grandmaster Ma Fan laughed, “Of course. What else is there in Great Evolution Paradise that is worth a trip here in person? After all, they don’t expect to recruit this old man.”


Yang Kai swallowed nervously, “With this divine object in hand, wouldn’t I be able to monopolise all the resources in the world?”


“Don’t get ahead of yourself.” Grandmaster Ma Fan doused Yang Kai’s excitement with those words, “The Good Fortune Divine Furnace might be able to produce a higher Order material in exchange for ones from a lower Order, but if you calculate in strict terms, the results are basically always a huge loss. Think about it; how many materials did I use just now?”


“Fourteen!” Yang Kai had watched carefully.


Grandmaster Ma Fan had thrown ten World Element materials into the furnace at the beginning. Afterward, he added four more before he finally obtained a Sixth-Order material. In terms of value, one Sixth-Order material was equivalent to ten Fifth-Orders materials; therefore, it was equivalent to losing four Fifth-Orders materials.


“It’s not that simple though. The losses you sustained this time were Wood Element materials, but what about Yin and Yang Element materials? Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials are worth more than ten times the value of Fifth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials. Not to mention, Fifth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials are easier to obtain while those of the Sixth-Order are extremely rare!”


Yin and Yang Element materials in the Sixth-Order and above were extremely valuable and often could not be bought regardless of the price offered.




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