Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4726, Who Is This Aunty


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Even Xu Ling Gong had spoken back then, so Yang Kai could only settle for the second-best option and change his conditions.


However, the situation was different now. The Cave Heavens and Paradises had witnessed the mysterious effects of the Star Boundary’s World Tree with their own eyes over the past few decades. The rapid growth of their disciples was the best proof. What immediately followed was a large demand for higher Order Materials. If they wanted their disciples to successfully directly advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, they had no choice but to compromise.


Compared to opportunities to train in the Small Source Worlds of each Sect, the advancement of their disciples was naturally their top priority. That was why Yang Kai was confident that he could reach a consensus with the Cave Heavens and Paradises to some extent!


The routes to the Star Boundary and Void Land were different. Yang Kai, Hong Hu, Yu Chang Dao, and the others travelled together for a month or two before they went their separate ways.


Yu Chang Dao and the others headed straight to the Star Boundary. 


Meanwhile, Yang Kai set off for Void Land with Hong Hu. It took another two months before the two of them finally arrived at Void Territory after a long journey.


Looking from a distance in the void, the enormous Void Land and Star City stood next to each other. Void Star City had been restored to its previous prosperity and there was a steady stream of flight-type artifacts in all shapes and sizes coming in and out of the Void Dock. It appeared to be very lively.


In reality, Hong Hu had sensed the vitality of Void Territory as soon as they entered. Despite passing through many other Great Territories, there had not been any other one that was as lively as Void Territory. Moreover, flight-type artifacts were a rare sight in the vast void. It wasn’t until she saw the prosperity of Void Star City that she understood why this place attracted so many cultivators.


“Is this Void Land?” Hong Hu stared in amazement.


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right. This is Void Land.”


Staring at Void Land that was covered by the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, Hong Hu seemed to detect something, “I can sense the aura of the Dragon Clan. It’s not very pure, but it’s very strong!”


Yang Kai laughed and commented, “I forgot to tell you, Senior. Void Land sits on the back of Bi Xi. Old Man Bi Xi had been sleeping for tens of thousands of years, and the Spirit Province on his back gradually evolved into Void Land’s predecessor.”


“Bi Xi!” Hong Hu raised her delicate brow. As part of the Phoenix Clan, it was only natural that she knew about Bi Xi’s existence. Although she knew about him, she had never met him before, so she sighed in amazement, “I’ve always heard the saying ‘Bi Xi bears a heavy load’. Legend even had it that his back can carry the entire universe. Now that I see him today, he really lives up to his reputation!”


When they got closer, Yang Kai took out a jade, opened the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, and slipped inside with Hong Hu.


Old Man Bi Xi’s Embodiment was sitting down cross-legged on one of the platforms located on a certain Spirit Peak. His long eyebrows drooped down to his knees and a mysterious language flowed out of his lips, imparting precious wisdom with every word.


Many Divine Spirits sat upright in front of him and listened attentively. These Divine Spirits included the Dragon Clan members who grew up on Dragon Island, Xiao Xiao who had taken in Tai Yue’s Source, Liu Yan who had the Phoenix True Fire, Luan Feng, Fan Wu, and the Stone Spirit Clan from the Star Boundary’s East Territory, Qiong Qi who was Flowing Time Great Emperor’s mount, and several others with a wide variety of Races.


The Divine Spirits in the Star Boundary might all carry different Sources and inheritances of their own, but they did not know how to cultivate or improve their respective bloodlines past a certain point. Needless to say, it was difficult for them to explore their own inheritance without any guidance.


Old Man Bi Xi might only be a Dragonkin, but he was old and wise, with an immense amount of knowledge and experience. Oftentimes, some Divine Spirits would gain valuable insight just by listening to a casual remark from him.


The Dragon Clan had made great progress under his earnest teachings over the years. Among them, Zhu Qing’s true form had grown to over 5,000 metres in length. While she was far from the standard of a Grand Dragon, she was now comparable to a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm in strength. Likewise, the rest of the Divine Spirits also experienced growth to a certain extent, though none as pronounced as Zhu Qing’s.


It was for this reason that all the Divine Spirits liked to gather around Old Man Bi Xi to listen to his teachings.


All of a sudden, Old Man Bo Xi raised his head and looked up into the sky in shock. Slowly getting to his feet, he announced in a loud voice, “An honoured guest has graced us! Welcome!”


The others looked up upon hearing those words only to see two streams of light descending from the sky and landing in front of them. One of them was Yang Kai, who had not shown up for several decades. The other was a woman dressed in snow-white robes whom nobody had seen before.


Zhu Qing’s beautiful eyes lit up, and she gazed at Yang Kai lovingly. Unfortunately, there were too many people here so no matter how much she missed him, it was inappropriate for her to act overly intimate in public.


On the other hand, Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan did not have such reservations. The two of them had accompanied Yang Kai from the time he was young and weak. It could even be said that they were his longest companions.


Xiao Xiao scrambled over and stood in front of Yang Kai. Using both hands, he climbed along Yang Kai’s clothes until he reached his shoulders and sat down with a happy expression.


Meanwhile, Liu Yan ran over in small steps and came to stand in front of Yang Kai. Stretching her arms wide, she looked up and called out in a babyish voice, “Master, up!”


Yang Kai raised his hand and rapped his knuckles on her head, “Speak normally!”


Thanks to some lucky opportunities, Liu Yan had obtained a true body even though she was originally an Artifact Spirit. It was just that she had always maintained a child-like appearance. At this moment, she was acting adorable and childish on purpose.


After being hit on the head, her eyes immediately became misty and she stubbornly held out her arms and said, “Hold me!”


Yang Kai sighed and bent down to pick her up. She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck in satisfaction and tilted her small head to rest against his neck. Even the corners of her eyes crinkled with pleasure.


On the contrary, Zhu Qing’s smiling gaze immediately flooded with wanton murderous intent!


Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei, whom Yang Kai had brought out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, had grown considerably stronger thanks to the long-term consumption of the Dragon Blood Pills; moreover, they had been taught to assume Human Form by Old Man Bi Xi. When they saw this scene, the pair, who also looked like small children, rushed over. Standing side by side in front of Yang Kai, they stretched out their arms, “Carry us too!”


When Xiao Hei spoke, his saliva dribbled to the ground, which then began to sizzle and melt away, like it was being corroded by acid. It was a terrifying sight.


Liu Yan flushed slightly and looked down at the other two with a scornful look. Then, she abruptly turned around to look at Hong Hu and whispered a question in Yang Kai’s ear, “Master, who is this Aunty?”


“Aunty?” Hong Hu choked. She had been studying Liu Yan with great interest. Both of them were part of the Phoenix Clan, so she immediately detected the Phoenix True Fire inside Liu Yan’s body. That Source Strength was a little different from Luan Feng, who only had a weak Phoenix Clan bloodline. It was undoubtedly an extremely pure Phoenix Clan Source!


The corners of Hong Hu’s face twitched involuntarily when she suddenly heard Liu Yan’s remark. Still, she gave a fake smile and said, “What an adorable child! She is so cute and lovable!” While she was speaking, she reached out a hand and grabbed Liu Yan’s cheek, giving it a rough need and twist as she asked through gritted teeth, “Is this the person who inherited the Phoenix Empress’ Source?”


Caught between these two, Yang Kai was drenched in a cold sweat as he quickly shook his head and said, “It’s not her, but one of my wives. She isn’t here, so she is probably in retreat.”


Hong Hu nodded lightly, “That’s good!” Giving Liu Yan a sweet smile, she released her grip and patted Liu Yan on the head, “This Aunty is called Hong Hu. We are of the same Clan. This Aunty will make sure to take good care of you in the future.”


Liu Yan turned her head away, showing the back of her head to Hong Hu. Her posture screamed, “Who the Hell do you think you are, old hag!?” Moreover, a bright red mark marred her fair little face.


“So, it is Junior Sister Hong Hu! Please forgive my discourtesy!” Seeing that the atmosphere was turning chilly, Old Man Bi Xi immediately stepped forward to intervene.


Hong Hu bowed elegantly, “Greetings, Senior Brother Bi Xi!”


“Junior Sister, are you from the Ancestral Land?” Old Man Bi Xi asked.


Yang Kai looked at Old Man Bi Xi in surprise, “Senior, do you know about the Ancestral Land?”


Old Man Bi Xi chuckled, “After living for so long, it’s only natural to know a thing or two. Long ago, I visited the Ancestral Land. What’s more, I stayed there for some time before I returned.”


Hong Hu was curious, “Why do I have no recollection of this?”


Bi Xi simply replied lightly, “It was many years ago.”


She fell silent for a while, then she nodded, “It looks like it has been quite a while indeed.”


Seeing as Bi Xi claimed to have visited the Ancestral Land in the past, then he must have gone there before. Nevertheless, she had no recollection of this. In other words, she had yet to even be born during his visit! That was something that could be traced back to several tens of thousands of years ago.


“How is the situation in the Ancestral Land? Is it the same as usual?” Bi Xi queried.


Hong Hu smiled lightly, “The Ancestral Land has undergone great changes. It’s not possible to explain everything in a short time. I will tell you the details when we have the opportunity.”


“Good!” He nodded.


Yang Kai put Liu Yan down and spoke up from the side, “I don’t know what it was like when you visited the Ancestral Land, Senior, but the current Ancestral Land is not what it used to be. The reason Senior Hong Hu returned with me is to bring all the Divine Spirits in Void Land back to the Ancestral Land; after all, they will grow much faster there. They might even receive the opportunity to obtain the inheritance within their Source Strength.”


When Old Man Bi Xi heard those words, he said worriedly, “The Kun Clan is in the Ancestral Land. If the little Dragons from Void Land head there…”


Yang Kai smiled, “Don’t worry. The Phoenix Clan will take care of them. Not to mention, I’ve already talked to the Kun Clan and come to an agreement with them.”


Old Man Bi Xi nodded, “That’s for the best. I’ve thought of telling you about the Ancestral Land all these years, but I was worried about the Kun Clan. That’s why I never mentioned it. Seeing as you’ve already made the necessary arrangements though, it’s definitely a good thing to send them there.”


“Many thanks for your concern, Senior!” Yang Kai nodded. 


In truth, he had wondered about this issue. Logically speaking, an existence like Bi Xi was bound to know about the Ancestral Land; even so, not a word about it had been spoken in all these years. Only now did the truth come to light. It was not that Bi Xi never bothered to tell Yang Kai, but that he was simply worried about the existence of the Kun Clan.


The Dragon Clan members in Void Land were far too weak. Rashly sending them to the Ancestral Land was equivalent to sending a lamb into the tiger’s den. Rather than sending them to their deaths, it was better to remain silent for now. Now that Yang Kai had made certain arrangements and a Phoenix Clan Master like Hong Hu would be protecting them, there was nothing to worry about anymore.


During their conversation, a stream of light suddenly sped in this direction. The light approached them in the blink of an eye, only to reveal a stunning figure. 


Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, Zhu Jiu Yin!


She spent most of her time in retreat and rarely showed herself. Even Yang Kai had a difficult time trying to meet her. Only Shan Qing Luo could meet Zhu Jiu Yin frequently. The reason for her arrival at this moment was clearly that she had noticed Hong Hu’s Divine Spirit aura and came to check out the situation out of curiosity.


After not seeing her for so many years, Yang Kai could clearly sense that this woman’s aura had gotten deeper and more profound.


She was a Mature Divine Spirit, but had grown up in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary all her life until Yang Kai brought her out. As a result, she was unable to adapt to the World Principles of the outside world immediately, which was why she could not exert her full strength all this while. Even so, the strength she displayed back then was enough to easily suppress a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. At present, she was probably a match for any Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in strength.


“Phoenix Clan?” Zhu Jiu Yin exclaimed in surprise after a thorough examination of Hong Hu.




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