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Martial Peak – Chapter 4727, I Am Not Their Opponent

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There was more than one person with a Phoenix Clan Source in Void Land; therefore, Zhu Jiu Yin was not unfamiliar with the aura of the Phoenix Clan. That was how she figured out Hong Hu’s origins at a glance. What surprised her was that the aura of this Phoenix Clan member in front of her was extremely powerful. This Phoenix was definitely not weak.


Hong Hu nodded as she was also examining Zhu Jiu Yin curiously. There were no Heavenly Moon Demon Spiders in the Ancestral Land, so it was her first time seeing this kind of Divine Spirit. For a time, she couldn’t identify her.


Yang Kai stepped forward and introduced them to each other. Only then could they consider themselves acquainted.


“The Ancestral Land?” Zhu Jiu Yin revealed a suspicious look, “What is that place?”


Hong Hu smiled, “It is the origin of all Divine Spirits. To be honest, Junior Sister Zhu, with how strong your bloodline is, you should have been able to sense the existence of the Ancestral Land. That is the instinct that can be found deep within the bloodline of every Divine Spirit after they reach maturity, regardless of their origins or Clan.”


A look of realisation came over Zhu Jiu Yin’s face, “So it’s that place!”


Just as Hong Hu mentioned, she had developed a vague sense that she was being summoned somewhere over the years. It was just that the sense was very weak and indistinct.


Ever since leaving the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, she had been trying to adapt to the World Principles of the outside world. Not to mention, she had yet to recover her strength completely. There was no saying whether there would be any dangers waiting for her either. That was why she did not bother to explore and investigate this feeling. Nevertheless, she originally planned to make a trip once she recovered her full strength. It was a surprise to learn the truth about that place from Hong Hu.


“The Ancestral Land is where all Divine Spirits originate from. It is a place filled with rich Ancestral Strength, which is highly beneficial to the cultivation of Divine Spirits. The reason Senior Hong Hu came along with me this time is to bring everyone with a Divine Spirit bloodline to the Ancestral Land. As for the specific situation in the Ancestral Land, Senior Hong Hu will explain to everybody in detail,” Yang Kai said while looking at everybody.


Many of the Divine Spirits looked fascinated.


Over the years, the strength of the Human cultivators who came from the Star Boundary had increased steadily. Leaving aside the fact that the Great Emperors and Yang Kai’s Wives had already advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm a long time ago, even most of the Pseudo-Great Emperors from back then had advanced to the Open Heaven Realm.


On the other hand, the Divine Spirits who used to dominate the Star Boundary barely took a step forward.


They felt very lost when it came to their futures as a result. Although listening to the teachings of Old Man Bi Xi over the past few years had helped them to a certain extent. the improvement of their bloodline was simply too slow.


It was not until today that they learned about a place where all the Divine Spirits originated. Moreover, the Ancestral Land was filled with the mysterious Ancestral Strength that was highly beneficial to the cultivation of the Divine Spirits. How could the Divine Spirits not be fascinated by such a mysterious place? For a time, they couldn’t help looking excited.


“On behalf of all present, I offer thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai cupped his fist at Hong Hu.


Hong Hu nodded, “Bring the one who inherited the Phoenix Empress’ Source to me. Once you have arranged everything, I will bring them back to the Ancestral Land.


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded.


Hong Hu would naturally receive hospitality from Old Man Bi Xi and Zhu Jiu Yin, so there was no need for Yang Kai to worry about her. Yang Kai asked Zhu Qing for details and learned that Su Yan was currently cultivating in retreat; thus, he left with a flash.


As soon as Yang Kai departed, a large group of Divine Spirits crowded around Hong Hu as though they had found a rare treasure. They eagerly asked about the situation in the Ancestral Land.


Hong Hu felt as though she was drowning in infinite enthusiasm, so she couldn’t help smiling bitterly for a while. She never imagined that so many Divine Spirits had gathered in Void Land. Not to mention, they consisted of so many different Clans. Even though she was surrounded by so many Divine Spirits, she patiently answered their questions one at a time. In their conversations with each other, the situation in the Ancestral Land gradually became clear to all.


Just as Yang Kai was rushing towards Su Yan’s cultivation location, a transparent and almost imperceptible silk thread came flying through the air and wrapped around his body at the speed of lightning. Yang Kai lowered his head to look, seeing a silk thread move like a living thing and swiftly wrap around him several hundred times, swaddling him so tightly that he resembled a dumpling.


Immediately after that, a tugging force came from the silk thread. Bundled up like a ball and unable to move a muscle, he was involuntarily dragged through the air at breakneck speed. His figure turned into a stream of light.


On one of the Spirit Peaks below, the graceful figure of Second Manager Bian Yu Qing stood on the branch of the tree. She looked up into the sky with a suspicious look in her beautiful eyes, “Why does that look like the Sect Master?”


When she looked again, there was nobody in sight anymore. In her confusion, she sent a message to the Governor of Void Star City, Mo Mei, “Did Sect Master return?”


Mo Mei replied a short while later “I don’t know!”


Bian Yu Qing frowned and murmured to herself, “I can’t believe I’m seeing things. Am I getting old?”


Inside a certain hall, Yang Kai was thrown to the cold ground like a wet rag. A plump body straddled him from above and a slender hand caressed his cheek. A slim finger pulled his chin upward, “Smelly man, are you finally willing to come back?” 


Yang Kai could not move a single muscle. Looking around for a bit though, he winked at Shan Qing Luo, “Senior Zhu Jiu Yin is with Old Man Bi Xi. She won’t be back for the time being. Shall we enjoy a quick one? Or, would you prefer going for a hundred rounds?”


Shan Qing Luo blushed slightly and spat softly, “Why are you thinking of such naughty things as soon as you return!? Who will listen to you!?”


His tongue was so sweet that it was as though his mouth was filled with honey, “Luo’er, it has been so long! I missed you so much!”


Her body immediately softened at those words. Her face turned redder, but her large and watery eyes still glared at him, “Hmph! Missed me? If you missed me, then why didn’t you come to me? If I had not dragged you here just now, you’d probably be making love to Big Sister by now! I knew it! Out of all the Sisters, Big Sister has the largest place in your heart!”


Yang Kai replied seriously, “Every one of you is equally important to me! Nobody comes first or last!”


“Liar!” She pouted.


Getting nowhere with this conversation, Yang Kai flexed slightly and the silk threads that bound him snapped apart. Grabbing Shan Qing Luo’s elegant waist, he flipped over and pressed her beneath his body. He looked at her affectionately, “Words can be deceiving, but the body does not lie. Why don’t you feel it with your body?”


Shan Qing Luo turned her head away and closed her eyes, her lashes fluttering slightly.



After the dust settled, Shan Qing Luo lazily rested on top of Yang Kai’s body and muttered, “The Ancestral Land?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Hong Hu came here to bring all the Divine Spirits in Void Land back to the Ancestral Land. Senior Zhu Jiu Yin seems to be quite interested in the idea as well. If things go as planned, she will bring you with her. I’m not worried since she will be taking care of you, but do be careful of the Kun Clan when you arrive there.”


Shan Qing Luo nodded, “I will.”


Yang Kai reached out and slapped her full, smooth as silk moon before saying, “I need to find Su Yan. Senior Hong Hu is waiting for her.”


The enchantress lying above him simply winked at him mischievously though and remarked, “No need. I’ve already sent a message to all my Sisters and asked them to come over.”


While saying so, she gave a wave of her hand and released a barrier. Several familiar auras immediately entered Yang Kai’s perception.


Under his dumbfounded gaze, Yu Ru Meng walked in the lead, followed closely by Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, and Ji Yao.


Yu Ru Meng stood with her back upright and her chest puffed out, staring down at the couple on the bed with a look of disdain. Su Yan stood there with her head slightly lowered. On the other hand, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, and Ji Yao were blushing furiously. Their skin was flushed and they seemed to be at a loss for what to do.


“Everyone’s here!” Yang Kai gave a dry laugh.


Yu Ru Meng glared at Yang Kai before she turned to look at Shan Qing Luo, “Was the meal you had alone tasty?”


Shan Qing Luo rested on Yang Kai’s chest with a silly look in her beautiful eyes, “Tasty or not, you’ll know once you try it for yourself, Big Sister Ru Meng.”


Even though Yu Ru Meng was a Charm Demon, she had to reluctantly admit that she was not as good as Shan Qing Luo when it came to such shamelessness. Thus, she sighed to herself. [This devilish woman is bold indeed. No wonder this smelly man is so obsessed with her and visited her as soon as he returned.]


Xia Ning Chang’s head was hanging so low that she practically touched her chest as she murmured, “Luo’er said you were back, so I… I came to have a-a l-look. I-I’m going now!”


While speaking, she covered her face with her hands and turned to flee.


Shan Qing Luo, however, lifted a hand, and a snow-white spider thread wrapped around Xia Ning Chang’s waist. Ignoring Xia Ning Chang’s startled cry, she dragged the veiled beauty back to the bed and giggled happily, “You’re already here, so why are you leaving? No one can leave without taking good care of Husband!”


Yu Ru Meng turned to glance at Xue Yue and Ji Yao. Those two were absolutely terrified and their eyes were filled with horror. She sneered coldly and strode towards the bed, stripping off her clothes while walking, “You acted like pitiful widows when he was gone, always sighing and looking gloomy all day long. Why are you hesitating now that he is back? I don’t care. If I don’t drain this smelly man dry today, I won’t call myself Yu Ru Meng again!”


She went up and kicked Shan Qing Luo aside.


Looking at the situation on the bed, Su Yan suddenly stepped forward.


Ji Yao and Xue Yue hugged each other, trembling uncontrollably as they called out in a shaking voice, “Big Sister, you…”


Su Yan turned a deaf ear to them. Her gaze was firm, as though 1,000 men would not stop her!




“Sect Master really came back?” Bian Yu Qing was dealing with some minor tasks in Void Land when she suddenly received the message. Following a check with her Divine Sense, she became filled with joy. She quickly set aside what she was doing and hurried towards the Main Conference Hall.


When she arrived in front of the Grand Hall, she saw a figure with one hand supporting his waist and one hand pressed against the wall for support. The figure was hobbling along, seeming as though each step required great effort. The figure was extremely familiar, and upon taking a closer look, she was shocked, “Sect Master!”


Bian Yu Qing hurried over and took Yang Kai’s arm. His complexion was as pale as paper and his aura was weak. He looked like he had been severely injured, so her expression became stern, “Sect Master, are you injured?”


Yang Kai opened his swollen eyes and stared at Bian Yu Qing for a long time before he seemed to recognise her, “Is it you, Second Manager?”


Bian Yu Qing was livid, “Sect Master, who injured you? This subordinate will immediately organise the troops to seek justice!”


Yang Kai coughed lightly and waved his hand dismissively, “No need. I admit defeat. The enemy is too strong. I am not their opponent.”


Yu Ru Meng, that Charm Demon, sure was cruel! She went so far as to use a Secret Technique to gather Yang to supplement Yin to suck him dry. Thankfully, his Dragon Clan bloodline was powerful. Not to mention, he recently became a Grand Dragon. If it had been the him from the past, he would have been a withered husk by now. Even so, he couldn’t help feeling weak and light-headed at this moment. It was no different from a life-or-death battle against a powerful foe!


Bian Yu Qing was absolutely shocked. It had to be said that Yang Kai was a powerful Master. Even when faced with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Zuo Quan Hui, he had dared to fight head-on. In the end, he finally killed his mighty enemy even though his cultivation was weaker.


[Just what kind of terrible monster did the Sect Master encounter for him to be at such a disadvantage? I can’t even imagine it!]


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