Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4728, Arrangements


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“Sect Master, are we really not going to seek revenge?” Bian Yu Qing asked in confusion as this attitude was very unlike his usual attitude.


Yang Kai waved aside her suggestion, “It’s just that I’m too weak now. I will work hard on my cultivation and get even with them with my own power one day.”


Only then did she nod, “This subordinate understands.”


The two of them walked into the Grand Hall. After helping him into his seat, she heard him breathe a long sigh of relief.


Yang Kai then asked, “What happened in Void Land during the years that I was absent?”


Bian Yu Qing quickly replied, “Everything is running smoothly. The disciples are working hard on their cultivation and the Star City is prospering.”


He nodded, “Tell me about it.”


Hence, she immediately gave a brief summary of everything that happened in Void Land over the years. There was nothing particularly noteworthy. Back when Zuo Quan Hui led Heavenly Sword Union against Void Land, Void Land had eventually managed to turn the dangers around under Yang Kai’s leadership. Afterwards, news of the Star Boundary’s World Tree spread throughout the 3,000 Worlds and Void Land’s name became famous as a result.


That battle also allowed the entire universe to learn about Void Land’s powerful heritage! Even Zuo Quan Hui, a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from Thousand Cranes Paradise, had died at the hands of Void Land’s Lord. Prior to this incident, it could be said that High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were essentially invincible existences in the 3,000 Worlds.


It could be said that aside from the Cave Heavens and Paradises, Void Land was now the strongest in the 3,000 Worlds. In this respect, even those with countless years of inheritances could only sigh at their inferiority. Consequently, numerous great forces had been trying to befriend Void Land so that they could visit the Star Boundary and enjoy a share of the pie.


Unfortunately, the Star Boundary’s attitude was very clear. Regardless of the great force, they were free to recruit talents from the Star Boundary, but the outcome would rely solely on their abilities. If they had the ability to appeal to the native Star Boundary cultivators and recruit these talents into their respective Sects, then Void Land and High Heaven Palace would not interfere.


However, they were not allowed to establish Dao Temples in the Star Boundary. Each of the Cave Heavens and Paradises had a Dao Temple in the Star Boundary; hence, there were over a hundred Dao Temples spread across the Four Territories. There was simply not enough space to accommodate more.


This was the policy Yang Kai decided upon before he left, and Hua Qing Si handled the issue perfectly.


The Star Boundary had Hua Qing Si managing it, so there was nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, in Void Territory, the Star City was prosperous. It was now already a veritable First-Class Star City that was not inferior to the large-scale Star Cities under the command of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Furthermore, the monthly auctions where the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was featured drew even more people than before. It could be said that Void Land was making a fortune just by relying on this Star City. Not to mention, the large number of resources that Luan Bai Feng had to send from the Black Prison every year!


The current Void Land could be said to be extremely wealthy. As long as the disciples had enough contribution points, the resources they needed would definitely be supplied to them!


That was why many Emperor Realm Masters had advanced into the Open Heaven Realm over the past few decades. Many had even condensed their Dao Seals and had begun condensing the Yin, Yang and Five Element Powers. There was no doubt that the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land would experience an explosive wave of growth in the coming decades!


“So far, there are roughly twenty Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land and High Heaven Palace. There are basically no changes in this regard. On the other hand, we have 162 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, 493 Fourth-Order Masters, and over 1,300 Open Heaven Realm Masters beneath the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm!”


There were nearly 2,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters in total! It was a terrifying number indeed. Ordinary Second-Class great forces would be considered pretty successful with 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters among their ranks. However, Void Land had over 20 times that number! That was where heritage came into play.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Has Proprietress come out of retreat?”


Bian Yu Qing shook her head, “Bai Qi and the others have been standing guard over Madame Lan’s place of retreat over the past few years, but there have been no movements so far.”


Yang Kai frowned slightly. The Proprietress had been in retreat for close to 100 years already, but there was still no news from her so far. There was no telling whether her attempt was successful or not.


Be that as it may, it could be seen just how difficult it was for a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to advance into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. It had to be said that the Proprietress’ aptitude was very high as she had advanced directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, which made her comparable to the Core Disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


“Keep an eye on Proprietress and inform me immediately if there’s any news,” Yang Kai instructed.




“Also, I stopped by Grandmaster Ma Fan’s place on my way back and received an unexpected windfall.”


“Grandmaster Ma Fan?” Bian Yu Qing pondered for a moment after hearing the name before quickly realizing something, “Are you referring to Grandmaster Ma Fan of Great Evolution Paradise?”


“Have you heard of him before?” Yang Kai looked at her curiously.


She smiled and answered the question, “Senior Sister Hua sent a message from the Star Boundary. Information on the situations at High Heaven Palace and Void Land is shared among us after all. I heard that Grandmaster Ma Fan brought a group of disciples to the Star Boundary several dozen years ago, and Senior Sister Hua allowed them to establish a Dao Temple there. There was an uproar at the time because of this incident.”


“Why?” Yang Kai frowned.


She explained, “That was because you instructed Senior Sister Hua to prevent any great forces aside from the Cave Heavens and Paradises from establishing a Dao Temple in the Star Boundary before you departed back then. If things had played out equally for all parties, then nothing would have happened. The key point was that the Great Evolution Dao Temple had appeared out of nowhere. Those great forces with no qualifications to establish a Dao Temple were naturally dissatisfied with the situation, so they went to High Heaven Palace to argue with Senior Sister Hua.”


“How was this matter settled in the end?”


“In the end, the foreign affairs envoys from the Cave Heavens and Paradises came forward to suppress the storm. Afterwards, the great forces no longer dared to question anything again.”


“En,” Yang Kai gently nodded.


The name ‘Great Evolution Paradise’ would be quite unfamiliar to most of the great forces in the 3,000 Worlds. On the other hand, in the eyes of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, Great Evolution Paradise used to be one of the 72 Paradises in the past. It was just that the Sect had fallen into decline due to certain reasons. Now that the Star Boundary was prosperous, Great Evolution Paradise’s presence in the Star Boundary undoubtedly meant that it was showing signs of revival. It was only natural that the rest of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were happy to see such a situation.


“Sect Master, what windfall did you receive from Grandmaster Ma Fan?” Bian Yu Qing asked curiously.


Yang Kai excitedly said, “Great Evolution Paradise has an innate precious treasure called the Good Fortune Divine Furnace…”


He then told her about everything he witnessed. After listening to his explanation, Bian Yu Qing looked extremely shocked and murmured under her breath, “How can there be such a mysterious object in this world?”


Yang Kai sighed in amazement as well, “If I had not witnessed it for myself, I would not have dared to believe it either! But, the Cave Heavens and Paradises are eyeing the Good Fortune Divine Furnace. Grandmaster Ma Fan entrusted this matter to me, so I made a proposal. It won’t take long before they reach a consensus among themselves and come back to discuss it with me again. At that time, they will be taking turns using the Good Fortune Divine Furnace. Void Land has to make the first move before that happens. Second Manager, quickly prepare some materials and deliver them to Great Evolution Paradise. We will use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace to produce the materials that Void Land lacks.”


The Cave Heavens and Paradises were preparing for the future of the disciples, so how could Void Land do any different? A large number of talents in the Fifth, Sixth, and even Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm were bound to emerge from the Star Boundary. It would be too late to figure out a solution when the time came that they needed the resources. It was better to prepare something like that as early as possible.


“Understood!” Bian Yu Qing nodded in affirmation, “Don’t worry, Sect Master. Void Land has accumulated quite a number of resources over the past few decades, so I’m sure they will be enough to create a sufficient supply of higher Order materials.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Leave enough for the disciples’ cultivation needs and deliver the rest to Great Evolution Paradise. Furthermore, gather some disciples gifted in Artifact Refining and send them along too. Opportunities to openly learn the skills of a Master like this are very rare.”


Bian Yu Qing’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Grandmaster Ma Fan is accepting Disciples?”


Yang Kai shook his head and smiled, “That’s not it. He is simply making plans for the future of his own disciples. As such, he intends to come out of retirement to earn some income by performing Artifact Refining. I have hired him as Void Land’s Chief Artifact Refiner. In the future, all the artifacts in Void Land can be left to him to refine.”


“That’s great news!” Bian Yu Bing exclaimed in delight. Both the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword and the Heavenly Net Umbrella that were placed in the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array had been refined by Grandmaster Ma Fan.


“That’s right. Have Yue He and the others been staying at the Star Boundary all this time?” Yang Kai asked. Although it had not been long since he returned, he did not detect any powerful auras with his Divine Sense perception. None of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land were here.


She answered, “I was just about to tell you about this, Sect Master. The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land spend most of their time in the Star Boundary. One of the reasons is that there are too many people gathered there. There is certainly a need for some Masters to remain on guard to deter any unwanted incidents. The second reason is related to the development of the New Great Territory. The New Great Territory has an abundant stock of resources. Out of Void Land’s current reserves, more than half come from the New Great Territory. In addition, Senior Sister Hua sent a message a few days ago saying that they made some sort of special discovery in the New Great Territory recently. She requested that I let you know you should head to the Star Boundary as soon as possible if I happen to encounter you, Sect Master.”


“A special discovery?” Yang Kai’s brow lifted at those words.


But Bian Yu Qing just shook her head, “Senior Sister Hua did not mention any specific details about this discovery, but it should be good news.”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before he nodded, “Got it. It’s true that I need to head to the Star Boundary as the Cave Heavens and Paradises are waiting for me to discuss matters regarding the Good Fortune Divine Furnace. Unfortunately, I cannot leave right now. I will head to the Star Boundary once I’ve seen Senior Hong Hu off.”


Hong Hu would most likely decline to stay in Void Land for a long time. The reason she came here was mainly to bring Su Yan, the one who inherited the Phoenix Empress’ Source, back to Four Phoenix Pavilion. The rest of the Divine Spirits were simply hitching a ride with her.


Afterwards, Yang Kai handed Bian Yu Qing a list with many precious resources recorded on it.


Three days later, Hong Hu came to bid her farewells, and Yang Kai did not try to stop her.


For the Divine Spirits, going to the Ancestral Land one day earlier would mean that they could reap the benefits one day sooner. Moreover, the current Ancestral Land was different from back then. With the opening of the Demon Sealing Land, the Ancestral Strength had become extremely rich. Not to mention, the Sacred Treasures of each Clan had re-appeared in the world. If nothing else, the Dragon Clan would enjoy immense benefits just by going to the Ancestral Land and cultivating in the Crystal Palace.


The group of Divine Spirits led by Hong Hu slowly left Void Land in an enormous ship. On the other hand, Yang Kai simply stood there and watched them off.


As expected, Zhu Jiu Yin followed along. For her, she had regained her freedom after her contract with Yang Kai to be a Protector had been annulled. If not because she wanted to teach Shan Qing Luo, she would have left Void Land a long time ago.


Su Yan and Shan Qing Luo had also gone along with the others. Su Yan was Hong Hu’s main reason for coming. The Four Phoenix Pavilion attached great importance to her thanks to her identity as the inheritor of a past Phoenix Empress’ Source. Shan Qing Luo had been reluctant to leave, but she could not win against Zhu Jiu Yin; therefore, she could only set off for the Ancestral Land.


Zhu Qing, Yang Xiao, the Dragon Clan, Xiao Xiao, Liu Yan, Jiu Feng, Luan Feng, Fan Wu, Cang Gou, the many Divine Spirits from the Star Boundary, and even those with only a trace of a Divine Spirit bloodline also went along with Hong Hu. Their departure was a mighty sight to behold.


Once they embarked on this journey, there was no saying when they would meet again. However, the Divine Spirits would surely have grown tremendously by the time they meet again!




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