Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4729, Open Heaven Realm Masters Everywhere


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“Husband, you seem a little reluctant to part ways with them.” Yu Ru Meng pressed herself against Yang Kai’s body and exhaled an orchid scent in his ear.


Yang Kai’s calves shuddered slightly, and he answered in a trembling voice, “It’s nothing. It’s not like we’ll never meet again.”


She glanced sideways at him with a smile, “Husband, why are you so nervous? It’s not like this Mistress will eat you.”


While saying so, she licked her lips with her bright red tongue.


The sight made a chill spread out from the tips of his toes to the top of his head, causing all the hair on his body to stand on end! Turning his head to the side, he saw a person passing by not far away and quickly called out, “Second Manager!”


Bian Yu Qing stopped in her tracks and turned to look in this direction, “Sect Master!”


He asked seriously, “Second Manager, did you come here because you have something to discuss with me?”


She responded in confusion, “No. This subordinate was simply passing by. I am on my way to the Star City!”


“Second Manager, you have something to discuss with me, right?” He repeated his question with a stern expression.


She blinked and answered in an uncertain voice, “Yes… I have something to discuss with you?”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I see. It must be something urgent. Let’s walk and talk.”


His figure came to her side in a flash, and he gave her a look. She then followed him in confusion.


Behind them, Yu Ru Meng gave a cold sneer, “Men!”


“Second Manager, you’ve worked hard all these years,” While leading Bian Yu Qing forward, Yang Kai spoke up suddenly.


Bian Yu Qing smiled, “Not that hard. If not for your kindness back then, Sect Master, I would have died a long time ago. I would not be standing here today. Besides, things in Void Land are wonderful now.”


It would have been better if the man from back then had survived until today. Even now, she could not forget the man named ‘Kou Wu’, who gave his life for her. If he was still alive today, she was certain that he would have great achievements to show for his efforts.


“Once you’ve finished dealing with the matters regarding Great Evolution Paradise, you should take some time to advance to the Open Heaven Realm. Managing Void Land all this time has caused significant delays to your cultivation,” Yang Kai said with some guilt.


Void Land and the Star Boundary were two large territories. One was managed by Head Manager Hua Qing Si while the other was managed by Second Manager Bian Yu Qing. They were both women who had to pick up the slack left behind by Yang Kai who had always been an arm-flinging shopkeeper; a great force would have many affairs, both big and small, to take care of after all.


As a result, their cultivation had never been particularly high. Thanks to the Star Boundary’s World Tree, Hua Qing Si had managed to condense her Dao Seal, but she had yet to advance into the Open Heaven Realm before Yang Kai departed back then. There was no saying what condition she was in now. The same was true for Bian Yu Qing!


Upon hearing what Yang Kai said, Bian Yu Qing felt a warmth flooding her heart and she nodded obediently, “Good. I will go into retreat once I have settled the matter regarding Great Evolution Paradise. I will not disappoint you. But, Sect Master, who will manage Void Land if I go into retreat?”


Yang Kai asked, “Do you have any good candidates to recommend?”


To which she replied, “In Void Land, aside from Senior Bi Xi whose cultivation is the highest, there are only your Wives and Void Star City’s Governor Mo Mei. Senior Bi Xi will never agree to manage these affairs and your Wives have no such experience either, so it might not be appropriate for them to rashly take over. Why don’t you leave things to Governor Mo Mei? She has managed the Star City very well over the years.”


Yang Kai nodded and said, “I had that idea too. This is the perfect timing; let’s head to Star City to inform Mo Mei about this matter.”


The two of them thus went to Star City together.


Mo Mei was naturally delighted to see that Yang Kai had returned. The truth was that she had already received news of his arrival. The Star City and Void Land were neighbours after all, so it was only natural that news travelled quickly between these two places. However, she was in charge of managing Void Star City, so she could not leave without notice.


Yang Kai informed Mo Mei that Bian Yu Qing would soon enter retreat in order to advance to the Open Heaven Realm. During that time, the management of Void Land would be temporarily handed over to her. To which she nodded in agreement.


After that, he casually made a cursory check of the financial situation in Void Star City before he finally took his leave. Yang Kai did not dare to remain in Void Land for long, so the day after sending Hong Hu off, he spoke to Bian Yu Qing once more before he made his move and set off for the Star Boundary in a rush.


In any case, Yang Kai had originally planned to visit the Star Boundary as soon as possible. There was still the discussion with the Cave Heavens and Paradises regarding the Good Fortune Divine Furnace after all. Not to mention, Hua Qing Si had sent a message saying that they made an interesting discovery in the New Great Territory. It was only natural that he went there as soon as possible.


It was definitely not because he was frightened! 


Think about it; from the day he began cultivating until now, Yang Kai had experienced countless battles of varying intensity. When had there ever been a person whom he feared?


On this trip to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai travelled alone. Under the urging of Space Principles, he shuttled through the Void and would also transfer between the Universe Temples from time to time. In this way, it only took him half a month to arrive at High Heaven Territory.


The area around the Territory Gate was extremely lively. Ships of all shapes and sizes would frequently pass through the Territory Gate to enter High Heaven Territory.


News of the Star Boundary’s World Tree had spread throughout the 3,000 Worlds, as well as the fact that the Cave Heavens and Paradises had taken up residence in this remote Universe World and established their respective Dao Temples. Naturally, various other great forces flocked to this place.


Although they could not build their own Dao Temple in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace did not restrict their activities in the Star Boundary or High Heaven Territory. Needless to say, that was provided that they did not do anything harmful.


As a result, many Open Heaven Realm Masters would bring their youngest Disciples with them to the Star Boundary. They would then search for a random place and settle down there, which would allow their Disciples to be exposed to the light of the World Tree so that they would have greater accomplishments in the future. There were even more great forces searching for disciples with excellent aptitudes in the Star Boundary, hoping to recruit them for themselves.


It could be said that there were Open Heaven Realm Masters everywhere in the Star Boundary. Even an unremarkable old man that could be seen in any random small village might just be a Fifth or Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If these old men were looking around with glowing eyes, then they were surely searching for suitable Disciples!


Over the decades, the native cultivators in the Star Boundary had gradually gotten accustomed to such things. There had been some resistance when the great forces first tried to recruit people from the Star Boundary at the beginning; after all, the people in the Star Boundary only knew of High Heaven Palace and nobody had knowledge about the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


The Cave Heavens and Paradises later established their respective Dao Temples in the Star Boundary and, as their fame spread, the natives in the Star Boundary slowly relaxed their vigilance.


Nowadays, it was not difficult for the Cave Heavens and Paradises to recruit disciples. Their reputation had spread so much that the people in the Star Boundary were familiar with all of them. These Cave Heavens and Paradises were known as the strongest great forces in the entire vast Outer Universe. The chance to join them was also a type of opportunity; however, these Cave Heavens and Paradises had made an agreement with Yang Kai in advance. Each Sect could only accept up to five disciples every 100 years.


If the great forces below the Cave Heavens and Paradises wanted to recruit disciples, they had to display a strong enough heritage. Even so, the young talents might be very picky about their choices. The Open Heaven Realm Masters who were responsible for recruiting disciples faced great difficulties as a result.


In the past, these Open Heaven Realm Masters had always been the ones choosing their disciples, but after coming to the Star Boundary, the scenario was reversed instead. These little ones who had barely grown any of their body hair were not only unafraid of these powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters, but they might also look down on the Sects they came from for not being good enough.


Be that as it may, the Open Heaven Realm Masters had no choice but to patiently explain that their Sects were not weak. They were simply not as powerful as the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Fan Liang Peng of Heavenly Martial Tower had a deep experience regarding such matters!


Heavenly Martial Tower could be considered a Second-Class great force that dominated Heavenly Martial Territory. As such, this Sect was not weak in the slightest. Moreover, Fan Liang Peng himself was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Heavenly Martial Tower immediately dispatched him to High Heaven Territory to investigate the situation in the Star Boundary when news of the World Tree first spread. After he submitted his report on the situation in the Star Boundary, Heavenly Martial Tower immediately placed great importance on this matter. Therefore, they gave him another task, he had to recruit five disciples with outstanding aptitude from the Star Boundary within 100 years!


For that reason, he spent great effort and searched the Star Boundary for decades before he found four disciples. From his perspective, these four disciples had extraordinary aptitudes and had an opportunity to advance directly to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future! When the news came back, the entire Heavenly Martial Tower practically jumped up and down in joy to celebrate.


In the past, only the Core Disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were eligible to advance directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. It was impossible for Second-Class great forces to nurture such talents. On the other hand, there was no lack of people with such aptitudes in the Star Boundary.


Given enough time for the four disciples to finish developing, the strength of Heavenly Martial Tower would definitely be elevated. Their status would also rise like a rising tide that lifted all boats.


Unfortunately, it was impossible for these four disciples to be brought back to Heavenly Martial Tower for cultivation. The feedback from the World Tree was the key to the growth of these disciples. If they wanted to stimulate the potential of these disciples, then they could only allow their disciples to cultivate in the Star Boundary. At the very least, the four disciples would have to cultivate until they condensed their respective Dao Seal before they could be brought back to Heavenly Martial Tower.


It was a pity that Heavenly Martial Tower did not have its own Dao Temple. Fortunately, they had a fairly good relationship with one of the Paradises. Heavenly Martial Tower’s Tower Lord personally came forward to discuss the matter. Only then could they send their four disciples into the Paradise’s Dao Temple to be nurtured. Needless to say, Heavenly Martial Tower paid quite a heavy price for this.


This had become a normal situation in the Star Boundary. Even if the Sects without a Dao Temple managed to recruit some disciples, they could only figure out a method to foster their disciples with the other great forces. The Dao Temples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were one of the options, and the native great forces in the Star Boundary were the other one.


High Heaven Palace currently fostered no less than thousands of disciples belonging to many other great forces. These disciples lived and cultivated in High Heaven Palace, and their situations weren’t really any different compared to actual High Heaven Palace disciples.


Similarly, the original great forces in the Star Boundary such as Azure Sun Temple, Serene Soul Palace, and Ahan Temple were also fostering many foreign disciples. The native great forces in the Star Boundary had gained enormous wealth as a result.


Now that Fan Liang Peng had taken in four disciples, there was only one last person before his task was considered complete. Naturally, he spared no effort in his search.


While passing through a small village a few days ago, he happened to encounter a child around ten years old. He observed the child for two days and determined that the child had great aptitude. It was perfectly in line with all the criteria set by Heavenly Martial Tower to accept disciples. The child was bound to have great achievements in the future.


Therefore, he immediately visited the child’s family and revealed his intentions. The child’s parents seemed to be honest people who were very easy to talk to. They smiled quietly no matter what he said to them.


When Fan Liang Peng finished his speech, the child’s Father finally scratched his head and responded, “Old Sir, we have no objections if you want to recruit Chai Shan into your Sect. It’s just that Chai Shan has his own ideas. If he agrees, then you can take him away.”


Fan Liang Peng broke into a wide smile upon hearing those words, “The child is extremely lucky to have such enlightened parents!”


If the parents had no objections, then what kind of opinion could a ten-year-old child have? His effort to recruit disciples was a done deal.


Turning his head to the side, he looked at the child named Chai Shan with a smile, “Child, would you like to join Heavenly Martial Tower? With your aptitude, your future achievements will surely be extraordinary. Nevertheless, you will need to obtain a good teacher and join a powerful Sect. Otherwise, your aptitude will be wasted without proper guidance!”




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