Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4732, The Compatibility Between the Star Boundary and Its Great Emperors


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Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai had been living in Yang Kai’s Small Universe ever since they were born. Although the environment in Yang Kai’s Small Universe was not bad, it was impossible to compare it with the current cultivation environment in the Star Boundary.


Among the countless Universe Worlds in the 3,000 Worlds, the Star Boundary was the only place deserving of the nicknamed ‘Open Heaven Realm Cradle’ throughout history. Why else would the Cave Heavens and Paradises be so eager to send their disciples trillions upon trillions of kilometres away just to come here?


The reason why Yang Kai had made Zhao Ya suppress her cultivation previously was out of fear that her cultivation would improve too quickly. If her cultivation became too high, she would lose most of her malleability and fail to enjoy the full benefits brought by the feedback of the World Tree as a result.


“Xiao Ya.” Yang Kai looked at Zhao Ya, “In the past, I asked you to suppress your cultivation because I had my concerns. Now that we have arrived at the Star Boundary, there’s no need to deliberately suppress your cultivation anymore.”


Zhao Ya’s beautiful eyes lit up, “Master, are you saying that I can advance as I please now?”


He nodded in confirmation, which caused her to cheer in exhilaration.


Others could not understand her pain. There were times when she could clearly feel that the opportunity to break through was upon her and she would only need to enter retreat or even engage in a single battle to advance to the next stage. Unfortunately, she could only forcefully suppress herself because of her Master’s orders.


That feeling was similar to a starving person who could only stare at the mountain of delicacies in front of them and not take a single bite. Therefore, it was only natural that she would be ecstatic when she heard Yang Kai saying that she could advance as she pleased and that she no longer needed to suppress herself like before.


Yang Kai then turned to look at Zhao Ye Bai, “Xiao Bai, your aptitude is much poorer than Xiao Ya, but as your Master, I’ve always told you this, diligence makes up for lack of natural talent. Work hard in the future. Don’t let your Junior Sister leave you behind by too much!”


Zhao Ye Bai quickly said, “Yes, Master! This Disciple will work hard in my cultivation and live up to your expectations!”


“Mother, I will have to trouble you and Father to take care of these two children in the future,” Yang Kai looked at Dong Su Zhu.


Dong Su Zhu smiled from ear to ear, “No problem. Don’t worry and leave them to me. We will definitely take good care of them for you.”


The old couple disliked the fact that Yang Kai could not accompany them often. That was why they had worked hard to give birth to Yang Xue even though they had long passed the suitable age for childbearing. In the end, Yang Xue had left along with her Big Brother when she grew up.


With no children to accompany them, the two Elders had often felt lonely over the years; hence, there was no reason for them not to be happy when Yang Kai suddenly placed Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai under their care.


It would have been one thing if it were anybody else, but the key point was that these two children were Yang Kai’s Disciples! What was the difference with having their own grandchildren!? Not to mention, Zhao Ya was a naturally beautiful girl with a sweet tongue. On the other hand, Zhao Ye Bai had a gentle temperament although he could be a little stiff. They were both good children


It could be said that Dong Su Zhu was becoming increasingly satisfied the more she observed the two children.


When Yang Kai noticed his Mother’s attitude, he quickly reminded her, “Don’t spoil them too much. You need to punish them if they make a mistake. They will not grow up well without proper rules in place.”


“I know!” She waved her hand impatiently.


Yang Kai shook his head in frustration. Turning to look at Zhao Ya and Zhao Ye Bai sternly, he warned them, “From today onward, the two of you will cultivate hard under your two Grand Masters. Be obedient. If I learn that you have committed any mistakes, I will not forgive you!”


“This Disciple would not dare!” The two children replied in unison.


Only then did he nod his head in satisfaction, “Father, Mother, I still have other matters to discuss with the Head Manager. I’ll be taking my leave now.”


Dong Su Zhu nodded in understanding, “Go on then.”


After a quick bow, Yang Kai turned around to leave. He had just been about to discuss the matters regarding the New Great Territory with Hua Qing Si when they were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Yu Chang Dao and the others; hence, he was still unclear about the situation over there.


When Yang Kai met Hua Qing Si again, the first thing he did was ask, “Just what is the situation in the New Great Territory?”


She replied, “The New Great Territory is extremely rich in resources. It’s a fertile land that has never been developed before. We have found many good things over the years. A few years ago, we even discovered a very interesting Universe World.


“A Universe World?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “How is it interesting?”


She gave a little hint, “You will have to find out the specifics for yourself when you see it. Believe me, you will be surprised, Sect Master.”


While saying so, she took out a Communication Bead to send a message. It didn’t take long before a person arrived. That person was slightly stunned to see Yang Kai and quickly bowed in greeting, “Sir!”


Yang Kai nodded, “Long time no see, Hei He.”


The person who arrived was the second person Yang Kai included in the Loyalty List, Hei He. The first person to leave their name in the Loyalty List was Chen Tian Fei, who gave Yang Kai the Loyalty List in the first place.


When changes first occurred in the Star Boundary thanks to the World Tree, it was Hei He who brought Lan Xun to the 3,000 Worlds and travelled to Void Land to report the news to Yang Kai.


Hei He had been in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm when he was first taken in by Yang Kai, and there was no change to his cultivation at present. He was still in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Nevertheless, his aura had obviously become much more profound. It was clear that his strength had improved significantly. It was just that the Open Heaven Realm required time to accumulate and precipitate experience, so it was not that easy to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Hua Qing Si instructed, “Hei He, bring the Sect Master to the Small Stone World!”


He quickly said, “Yes!”


Yang Kai nodded at Hua Qing Si lightly before pushing his Space Principles to wrap around Hei He. The two of them instantly vanished from the spot, and by the time they reappeared, they had already arrived at the New Great Territory’s Territory Gate.


There were two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters guarding the Territory Gate. It turned out to be Iron Blood Great Emperor and Martial Beast Great Emperor. These two were sitting cross-legged in the void with their eyes closed in meditation.


Upon detecting movement nearby, Martial Beast Great Emperor Mo Huang’s eyes opened and immediately lit up, “You’re back?”


“You’ve both worked hard,” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


Mo Huang smiled, “It’s not hard at all, just a little boring. At least I can still cultivate, which helps to pass some time.”


Yang Kai asked, “Has anybody tried to set their eyes on the New Great Territory over the years?”


Mo Huang laughed, “Of course! How could they not? Look over there at that guy sneakily looking around curiously. He is practically drooling to plunge in to check out the situation inside.”


Yang Kai looked in the direction that Mo Huang was pointing and saw several gazes staring in this direction from Star City.


The New Great Territory’s Territory Gate was located about a million kilometres from the Star Boundary. That distance could not be considered far, but it was located much closer to High Heaven Star City. It was possible to see most of what was happening inside Star City just by standing next to the Territory Gate.


Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wu Hen said indifferently, “The two of us are Great Emperors of the Star Boundary, so as long as we are here, we can cope even if a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master were to rashly attack us. Combined with the agreements you made with the Cave Heavens and Paradises previously, they don’t dare to do anything even if they are curious.”


Yang Kai nodded, “If anybody dares to act without regard for the agreement, please feel free to retaliate. I will bear full responsibility if anything happens.”


Mo Huang grinned, “That statement is enough for me. However, everything has been relatively stable over the years. Nobody has done anything to upset the balance yet.”


Yang Kai nodded. All of a sudden, he took a closer look at the two of them and exclaimed in astonishment, “Your cultivation…”


Mo Huang and Zhan Wu Hen exchanged a glance with each other and chuckled. They seemed to have expected Yang Kai’s surprise.


Mo Huang explained, “We didn’t notice anything initially either. It wasn’t until after you departed that the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary discovered something. Our cultivation improves rapidly if we cultivate in the Star Boundary. There is practically no need for us to refine any cultivation resources.”


Zhan Wu Hen added, “Because we are the Great Emperors acknowledged by the Star Boundary’s Will, the Star Boundary’s World Force is extremely compatible with our Small Universes. That’s why we can easily refine the power of the Star Boundary’s World Force for our own use.”


Mo Huang elaborated, “An average Universe World would not be able to withstand having seven or eight Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters refining its World Force in this manner. It wouldn’t take more than a few years before the World Force was completely exhausted, but the Star Boundary is different. Thanks to the feedback from the World Tree, the might of this World will only become stronger and stronger. Even if we cultivate and refine some of its World Force, our actions will not affect the Star Boundary.”


Those words made Yang Kai’s eyes gleam, “I can’t believe there’s something that great!”


Thinking about it again though, it was not that surprising.


In order to face Zuo Quan Hui back then, Yang Kai had borrowed the Star Boundary’s World Force to temporarily advance from the Sixth Order into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Although he fell back to his original state in the end, he gained great benefits from the experience. The heritage of his Small Universe had gotten much stronger, which saved him many years of hard cultivation.


It was precisely because of the compatibility between the Star Boundary’s World Force and his Small Universe that his heritage was enhanced significantly after he borrowed the Star Boundary’s World Force. If that was the case for himself, it would naturally be the same for the other Great Emperors of the Star Boundary!


The Open Heaven Realm cultivation was a long and arduous journey. One of the shortcuts was to refine the heritage of a Universe World that was compatible with themselves for their own use. Unfortunately, finding a Universe World in the vast 3,000 Worlds that was perfectly compatible with oneself was not an easy task.


However, the relationship between the Star Boundary and the Great Emperors was much simpler. The Great Emperors who were acknowledged by the Star Boundary’s Will were extremely compatible with the Star Boundary in the first place.


It was just as Mo Huang had mentioned earlier. An average Universe World would not be able to withstand seven or eight Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters refining its World Force in such a manner. The Universe World would surely decline once its World Force was exhausted.


The Star Boundary had no need to worry about this issue though. Under the constant feedback from the World Tree, the World Force would only get stronger and stronger. As long as the World Tree existed, it could be said that the Star Boundary’s World Force was practically inexhaustible.


That was why even though Mo Huang and Zhan Wu Hen had only advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm several decades ago, Yang Kai’s observation indicated that their heritage was no less than Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who had already broken through for hundreds of years.




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