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Martial Peak – Chapter 4736, Wonders of the Small Stone Race


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“There are no other living creatures in the Small Stone World apart from the Small Stone Race. If there is anything that can be said to be related to the unique cultivation environment in this world, then it can only be the Small Stone Race. It’s just that we have yet to figure out the relationship between the two,” Yue He said.


The World Force of a Universe World was closely related to its Heavenly Way and its World Principles. It was also closely related to the living creatures thriving within. Seeing as the only living creatures in the Small Stone World were the Small Stone Race, then the peculiarity of the World Force must be related to the Small Stone Race in some way.


Nevertheless, certain experiments would need to be carried out to verify this fact.


As soon as that thought crossed Yang Kai’s mind, his figure flickered. He came directly to the platform and stood in front of the Stone King. The Elite Guard patrolling the surroundings quickly noticed the abnormality and came charging towards him with a roar.


Even though he remained motionless though, Yang Kai’s Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm aura permeated the air. Space seemed to congeal, and the Small Stone Race Elite Guards immediately froze in place. They were unable to budge in the slightest. Then, Yang Kai wrapped his power around the Stone King, transferred him into his Small Universe, and placed him in a remote corner somewhere.


There were several million humans living in his Small Universe at this moment. Many cities and villages had also been established over the past 100 years or so, but many undeveloped areas still remained. Accommodating the Stone King was not an issue.


When the aura of the Stone King vanished, the entire Small Stone Race Clan panicked. Leaving aside the Elite Guard whom Yang Kai had immobilised, the rest of the Small Stone Race clansmen immediately began running around like headless flies. Horrified cries escaped from their mouths as they searched for the whereabouts of the Stone King.


Upon seeing this situation, Yang Kai decided to manifest the portal of his Small Universe. Traces of an oval gate immediately appeared in front of him, and the Stone King’s aura leaked out from within. The Small Stone Race clansmen that had been running around immediately snapped out of their panic like lost travellers who found their way and swiftly rushed towards the portal.


For a time, the entire nest was in chaos as the Small Stone Race clansmen plunged into Yang Kai’s Small Universe and vanished out of sight.


Under his watch, Yang Kai could clearly see that the initial group of Small Stone Race clansmen to rush into his Small Universe had gathered around the Stone King. They were working together as though attempting to carry the Stone King back to their original nest, but although it had been easy for them to enter, it was not the same when it came to leaving. How could they leave without Yang Kai’s approval? The portal he created through a Secret Technique was an entrance that only worked one way.


Yang Kai’s intentions were very simple. Since Yue He and the others had observed the situation for so many years but could not figure out the relationship between the Small Stone Race and the World Force of the Small Stone World, then he might as well transfer them into his Small Universe to investigate the situation. After all, even the slightest changes would not escape his perception in his Small Universe.


More and more of the Small Stone Race clansmen charged into the portal. This particular Small Stone Race Clan had quite a large population, about 3,000 members in total. Although they had experienced hundreds of casualties in the previous battle, those losses did not have much impact on the whole.


In less than an hour, all the Small Stone Race clansmen in the nest had poured into the portal and gathered around the Stone King. Panic spread out among the clansmen. Having been thrown into a whole new environment without any warning, it was only natural for them to have some difficulty adjusting.


Yang Kai carefully perceived the Small Stone Race, but could not detect what was different about them compared to other living beings. Nevertheless, now that the Small Stone Race had been migrated into his Small Universe, he would be able to discover something sooner or later as long as he waited patiently.


After that, Yang Kai brought all the unhatched stone eggs into his Small Universe and placed them beside the Small Stone Race clansmen. Only then did he beckon to Yue He, “Let’s go back.”


The two of them returned to the bamboo building where Zhou Ya was still waiting for them.


In the following days, there was nothing else to do. Yue He and Zhou Ya focused on their own cultivation, so there was no need to bother them for the moment. Meanwhile, Yang Kai monitored the Small Stone Race that he migrated into his Small Universe while scribbling something in the void in front of himself with his finger.


The New Great Territory was extremely large, and it had taken him half a month to travel from the Territory Gate to the Small Stone World with Hei He previously. Even so, this could only be considered the outer periphery of the New Great Territory. The inner region of the New Great Territory was even more expansive. As a result, it would take a lot of time to travel across the New Great Territory.


This was a problem that all Great Territories would face. Not everybody was proficient in the Dao of Space like Yang Kai, allowing them to rapidly move from one place to another. Throughout the various Great Territories, the best way for cultivators who wanted to travel quickly was to make use of Universe Temples.


Yang Kai was planning to build several Universe Temples in the New Great Territory to connect the entire New Great Territory together. In this way, his people would only need to transfer between the Universe Temples to travel quickly. There would be no need to waste so much time on the road again.


If it were in the past, he might have been at a loss for what to do, but after he was asked by the Cave Heavens and Paradises to fix the Universe Temples that had been in disrepair for many years, Yang Kai had gotten very knowledgeable about the mysteries of the Universe Array. If he really had to say, there was not much difference between a Universe Array and a Space Array. It was just that the Universe Array could function over a larger range than an ordinary Space Array.


For a Great Territory, the distance of several hundreds of billions of kilometres could not be covered by a Space Array; however, the Universe Array was different. As long as there were no obstructions, any two points could be connected together regardless of the distance. 


Needless to say, the larger the distance, the greater the pressure faced when using the Universe Transference Law. If anybody were to try to travel across a distance too great for their physical body to bear, it was not uncommon for them to become heavily injured or even die before reaching the Universe Temple. That had been a common occurrence in early times, but nowadays, such occurrences were quite rare. That was because everybody would choose a suitable destination point and activate the Universe Transference Law according to their respective limits.


Yang Kai had already been planning on building these Universe Temples when he was back in Void Land, so he had instructed Bian Yu Qing to prepare enough supplies for him in advance. All he needed to do now was arrange a complete Universe Array, and then build a Universe Temple around it.


Yang Kai had been wondering as to where he should build the Universe Temple, but it would seem that the Small Stone World was no doubt a good choice.


The cultivation environment in this place was unique, so when the Universe Temple was completed in the future, the Open Heaven Realm Masters could return to this place to cultivate after accumulating fatigue from working hard outside. As for the locations of the other Universe Temples, Yang Kai would need to carefully survey the Great Territory before he came to a decision.


It took half a month for him to figure out the array pattern of the Universe Array and for everything to finally be ready.


During this half month, the Small Stone Race Clan that had been migrated into his Small Universe gradually adapted to their new environment. Yang Kai had deliberately chosen to place them in a mountain range when he migrated them into his Small Universe. At present, the Small Stone Race Clan had dug out a nest underneath a certain Spirit Peak and all the clansmen were living inside.


The new nest was not that different from the previous one. It was deep underground with a network of countless twists and turns. Thanks to the structured division of labour, the Small Stone Race clansmen were all performing their own tasks in an orderly manner.


After the past half month of careful observation, Yang Kai finally figured out the wonders of the Small Stone Race.


It was well-known that the survival and continuity of the living creatures in one’s Small Universe could be used to produce World Force and enhance the heritage of that cultivator. That was part of the reason why Yang Kai had placed the ten million people from Pear Flower Cave Heaven into his own Small Universe.


Pear Flower Cave Heaven had been destroyed, and those living there lost their home. Taking into account that his Small Universe was very stable because he had refined the World Spring, there was not much risk to place those people in his Small Universe. What’s more, their presence would continuously strengthen the heritage of his Small Universe.


Normal Open Heaven Realm Masters were generally unable to raise living beings in their Small Universe. It was not that they were disqualified to do so; it was just not worth the effort. Their Small Universe might become turbulent due to a battle with a powerful enemy, and there was a high possibility that all those living inside would suffer heavy casualties as a result. The losses would be impossible to recoup. That was why only Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm or above would even try to raise living beings in their Small Universe, as such Masters would rarely have any enemies to fight.


On the other hand, Yang Kai dared to do such a thing because he had refined the World Spring.


If those from Pear Flower Cave Heaven thriving in his Small Universe could continuously enhance the heritage of his Small Universe, then so could the Small Stone Race. Be that as it may, the benefits they both brought to his Small Universe were simply incomparable.


Yang Kai had carefully observed the benefits brought by similar numbers of Humans and the Small Stone Race clansmen, and during this past half month, there was practically a tenfold difference between them. In simple terms, having 3,000 Small Stone Race clansmen living in his Small Universe gave the same benefits as 30,000 Humans! That was an extremely terrifying comparison.


The situation would not have been so remarkable if that was the only difference. The key point was that the World Force produced from the survival and reproduction of the Small Stone Race was extremely pure. It could be said that they themselves were constantly producing extremely pure World Force.


Yang Kai was starting to understand why the Small Stone World was so special. It was all thanks to the Small Stone Race living there.


The entire Small Stone World had no other living creatures except the peculiar Small Stone Race. As the Small Stone Race thrived and reproduced in the Small Stone World, the World Force that they produced was similar to the powers of a World Fruit in that there were no impurities whatsoever. That was why the World Force was compatible with any Open Heaven Realm Master, as well as why it could easily be refined and absorbed.


After realising this point, Yang Kai suddenly had a very bold idea in his heart! This was just the result of bringing in one Small Stone Race Clan, so what would happen if he were to raise even more Small Stone Race Clans in his Small Universe? As long as there were enough of them, the heritage of his Small Universe would continue to grow stronger even if he did not cultivate.


The truth was that he had already begun to benefit from migrating those living in Pear Flower Cave Heaven into his Small Universe. It was just that not much time had lapsed, so the benefits were not that obvious.


On the contrary, the Small Stone Race could bring about ten times the benefits per individual. Yang Kai could almost imagine the scene where his cultivation soared steadily in the future. How wonderful would that be?


At present, he was not far from advancing into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Nevertheless, there was still the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm after the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. That was an extremely distant goal at the moment. While others might take tens of thousands of years or even longer to advance from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm to the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai would only need to take several thousand years or shorter if his current plan worked out…




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  1. “Normal Open Heaven Realm Masters were generally unable to raise living beings in their Small Universe. It was not that they were disqualified to do so; it was just not worth the effort. Their Small Universe might become turbulent due to a battle with a powerful enemy, and there was a high possibility that all those living inside would suffer heavy casualties as a result.”

    Yang Kai’s been battling trillions of enemies while as an OH master before he even had the world spring and the 2 wood spirit are still alive. A big lie.

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