Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4738, Managing the Small Stone Race


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“En!” Yue He nodded and hurriedly turned to leave. She knew that this matter should be handled as soon as possible. The sooner they invested in this venture, the sooner they could all benefit from the Small Stone World.


Yang Kai turned to look at Zhou Ya, “You need to take a trip too. Find all the people who are exploring the area nearby and ask them to send over all the harvested materials in the Third Order and below. In addition, relay the message to everyone else. From now onward, all the materials in the Third Order and below that are harvested will be delivered here. There’s no need to send them back to High Heaven Palace.”


Nurturing the Small Stone Race was a long-term project. This process would definitely consume many resources in the future, but the New Great Territory should be able to satisfy these requirements. In any case, the value of materials in the Third Order and below was not that substantial. Using them on the Small Stone World would be perfect.


Zhou Ya nodded, “Big Brother and the others are not far from here. I’ll go there now.”


The ‘Big Brother’ she was referring to was none other than Mao Zhe.


Yang Kai waited in place for close to three days. Then, a huge ship broke through the clouds and hovered in mid-air. Several figures flew out from that ship and came in this direction.


When those figures approached, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya bowed in unison, “Sir!”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’m sure you’re already aware of the situation.”


Mao Zhe said excitedly, “We’ve heard about the news. Sir, what do we do now?”


He couldn’t help but be enthusiastic. If the matter related to the Small Stone World was handled properly, it would benefit all the Open Heaven Realm Masters under Yang Kai’s command. Mao Zhe was only one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, so if he could cultivate in the Small Stone World, he would surely be able to advance faster.


“How many materials in the Third Order and below do you have here?” Yang Kai asked.


Mao Zhe causally reported a number.


Yang Kai raised his brow when he heard the number and commented, “That’s quite a lot. It will probably last for quite some time.”


Yue He was already on her way back to High Heaven Palace, so it would not take too long before she returned with even more materials.


A short while later, dozens of Open Heaven Realms of varying Orders flew out from the ship. They each carried different amounts of materials in the Third Order and below and began scattering them across the Small Stone World to feed the Stone Kings.


Mao Zhe and the others did not stay for long either. When all the members returned, they set off again and headed deeper into the New Great Territory to continue developing this frontier land.


After waiting for another month or so, Yue He finally returned together with Hua Qing Si.


The matter regarding the Small Stone World was extremely important. It was not that Hua Qing Si had not paid attention to this matter in the past, but rather that she had not understood the specific situation here. Now that Yang Kai had discovered the truth, it was only natural that she wanted to investigate the situation in person.


They brought even more materials with them on this trip. All the materials in the Third Order and below that had been stored in High Heaven Palace all these years had been brought over. Thus, the number was simply astounding.


Furthermore, Hua Qing Si had ordered her subordinates to make large-scale purchases of the materials in the Third Order and below from High Heaven Star City. At the same time, she sent a message to Void Land so that they could also deliver the materials in the Third Order and below over to the Small Stone World.


Third-Order and below materials were extremely abundant in the 3,000 Worlds, but aside from the Third-Order materials, the First-Order and Second-Order materials were basically worthless.


If a cultivator had the aptitude to advance into the Open Heaven Realm at all, then it would generally not be difficult for them to ascend directly to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm under normal circumstances. Only those whose aptitudes were too poor or could not obtain cultivation materials would choose to advance to the First or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm.


For that reason, there would always be a large surplus of First-Order and Second-Order materials regardless of the Sect or Great Territory. Naturally, it was not difficult for High Heaven Palace to acquire these materials. There would definitely be many people who were willing to sell the Low-Order materials in their possession.


Hua Qing Si personally went to investigate several Small Stone Race Nests and witnessed how the Stone Kings reproduced after eating the materials with her own eyes. Hence, she couldn’t help feeling amazed. [The Heavens have blessed High Heaven Palace and Void Land!]


She could not believe that the New Great Territory would have such a peculiar living creature like the Small Stone Race. In the future, it was practically impossible for the cultivation of the Open Heaven Realm Masters from High Heaven Palace and Void Land to progress slowly.


Hua Qing Si went up to Yang Kai who was busy working and declared, “Sect Master, I’m afraid we need a designated person to manage the Small Stone World.”


Yang Kai put his work down and nodded in agreement, “That’s what I was thinking too. I was just about to discuss this matter with you.”


The Small Stone Race’s population was incredibly large, and if they wanted the Small Stone Race to multiply rapidly and expand their population further, they would need to have somebody here to constantly feed them on a regular schedule. To that end, they would need a designated person to manage this matter.


“What do you think?” Yang Kai asked.


Hua Qing Si quickly replied, “I’ve travelled around the Small Stone World over the past few days. This Universe World is so vast that the land is several times larger than the Star Boundary. If you wish to manage this place, you will need at least 20 Masters present at all times. My suggestion is to divide the Small Stone World into twenty regions and then select twenty Third or Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Sect and assign them to a specific area. In this way, they will not be overworked and would have time to cultivate. I chose Third-Order or Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters for this task because the heritage of the Small Stone World is not that strong at the moment. If the Order is too high, the consumption when cultivating in this World will be too great. It may affect the increase of the Small Stone World’s heritage.”


Yang Kai nodded and said, “You have given great consideration to the matter, Head Manager. Good, we’ll use a complement of 10 Third-Order and 10 Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. We’ll consider it a benefit to them.”


Hua Qing Si pursed her lips into a smile, “I’m certain many people will be jumping at the opportunity to come here.”


The Small Stone World was such an excellent cultivation environment, so who would not want to come? It was just that High Heaven Palace was putting great effort into exploring and developing the New Great Territory, so almost all the Open Heaven Realm Masters were dispatched as a result, leaving most no chance to come and cultivate in the Small Stone World even if they wanted to. But now, 20 people were needed to manage the Small Stone World. How could they not compete for these 20 spots?


Unfortunately, the troublesome task of choosing 20 people to come here belonged to her.


“Perhaps, we should let them take turns. We can set a fixed duration. When that duration expires, someone else will take over.” Hua Qing Si muttered in a pensive tone.


“You can come up with a plan for this matter on your own. This situation is temporary anyway. When the Small Stone Race’s population increases to a certain extent, the conditions in this World will definitely be able to satisfy even more people cultivating here at the same time. The quota will not be such a competition by then.”


Hua Qing Si nodded, “When that time comes, the disciples can use their Sect Contribution Points to exchange for the qualification to enter Small Stone World.”


After a brief conversation with Yang Kai, Hua Qing Si formed a rough idea of the plans for the Small Stone World’s future. She suddenly looked at him and asked curiously, “Sect Master, what are you doing? Should I summon people over to help you?”


Yang Kai just shook his head, “Others won’t be of help. I’m planning to set up a Universe Array here.”


“A Universe Array!?” Hua Qing Si’s eyes lit up at his words. She had always remained in the Star Boundary and had basically never taken a step outside, let alone travelled the vast 3,000 Worlds. However, it did not mean that she lacked common knowledge about the Outer Universe.


It was only natural that she had heard of the Universe Array, which was the central Grand Array of the Universe Temples.


Almost every single Great Territory in the 3,000 Worlds had their own Universe Temple where cultivators could transfer to, thereby reducing their travel time by a significant margin.


It was a pity to hear that those Universe Temples were ancient creations and that the Universe Array itself was shrouded in mystery. As such, some Universe Temples in the 3,000 Worlds had lost their function as transit points due to long years of disrepair because the Cave Heavens and Paradises had no way to repair them.


[I can’t believe Sect Master has the ability to arrange a Universe Array here! Does that not mean that he has figured out the mysteries of the Universe Temple!? If that’s the case, it’s a huge boon for High Heaven Palace!]


With a Universe Temple acting as a transit point, the development of the New Great Territory would surely progress much faster. It would also be more convenient for High Heaven Palace disciples to travel back and forth.


“Arranging a Universe Array should cost a lot, right? Sect Master, do you need any material support?” Hua Qing Si asked.


“Before coming here, I already took adequate supplies from Second Manager. There should be enough supplies to set up three Arrays, so I don’t need anything for the time being. I will come to you if I need something.”


She nodded.


“Right!” Yang Kai suddenly recalled something, “How have the Cave Heavens and Paradises reacted to the matters involving the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?”


Hua Qing Si quickly reported, “Elder Yu came to discuss this matter with me once, but there seems to be no consensus among the Cave Heavens and Paradises yet.”


Yang Kai laughed when he heard those words, “They sure are in no hurry!”


Hua Qing Si nodded, “There is still quite a lot of time until the disciples they recruited from the Star Boundary fully mature, so they are in no hurry.”


“Good, just leave them hanging,” Yang Kai replied nonchalantly.


In any case, Void Land was currently using the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, so the longer it took for the Cave Heavens and Paradises to come to a consensus, the more High-Order materials Void Land would obtain. Otherwise, Void Land would not have a turn when the Cave Heavens and Paradises began using the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.


“Sect Master, if they reach a consensus and come to discuss the matter with me again, how should I respond?” Hua Qing Si asked.


As things stood, Yang Kai would not be returning for some time. Arranging the Universe Arrays was by no means an overnight effort after all. It would take a long time to complete.


Yang Kai pondered for a while before he responded, “The rights to enter their Small Source Worlds for training must be obtained! Void Land has so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and it will take a long time for them to advance into the next Order without opportunities. Besides, there will only be more Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters emerging in the future. Their growth period will be shortened significantly with the use of those Small Source Worlds. For that reason, there’s no need to discuss anything if they refuse to agree on this point.”


She nodded.


He continued, “There’s no reason for them to disagree since the Cave Heavens and Paradises each have more than one Small Source World. It’s just the right to enter their Small Source Worlds once per turn after all. There’s no reason for them to stubbornly refuse. Well… We can make some concessions on the duration they can use the furnace. The previous condition I offered was one month’s right of use in exchange for one right of entry into the Small Source World. If they try and discuss this matter with you again, three months is the bottom line! Any longer, and they will have to wait for my return.”


“I understand!” Hua Qing Si said in acknowledgement.


Yang Kai thus waved his hand lightly, “Good, you should get back to your work.”


“This Mistress will take her leave now.” After saying so, she soared into the sky and returned the way she came.


As Head Manager, there were many things that Hua Qing Si had to deal with. Leaving aside matters of the distant future, just looking at the near term, she had to choose 20 Open Heaven Realm Masters to manage the Small Stone World, arrange for High Heaven Star City to purchase materials in the Third-Order and below, and negotiate with the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Most of High Heaven Palace’s burden rested on her slender shoulders.




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