Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4739, The Profound Yin Bamboo


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With Yang Kai’s current capabilities, it would not take more than half a day for him to set up a normal-scale Space Array with enough resources; however, it took him three whole months to arrange the new Universe Array.


Although the Universe Arrays and the Space Arrays basically came from the same source and had many similarities, the Universe Array was undoubtedly more complex and sophisticated. In addition, Yang Kai was arranging a Universe Array for the first time. As he was unfamiliar with the method, he would occasionally make mistakes and his efforts for the past few days would be in vain whenever that happened.


Nevertheless, he finished setting up the first Universe Array after three months of hard work. The Universe Array was located directly on the Small Stone World, close to the bamboo building where Yue He, Zhou Ya, and the others were cultivating. Using a Secret Technique to leave his Imprint in the Grand Array, he immediately soared into the sky.


Now that the Universe Array was completed, the next step was to verify its effects. Matters like these could not be done by others because the consequences would be extremely serious if something were to go wrong. On the other hand, Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so even if he activated the Universe Transference Law and discovered a problem, he would at least be able to protect himself.


He travelled swiftly, and under the urging of Space Principles, his figure flickered as he left behind a trail of Space Beacons in his wake.


Exactly half a day later, a Grand Hall suddenly appeared in the void. The Grand Hall was huge, and the entire building was built on an abandoned Spirit Province. Even though it was obvious that the Grand Hall was built recently, there was nobody here.


Standing in front of the Grand Hall, Yang Kai looked around briefly. Only then did he raise his hands and form a set of seals to activate the Universe Transference Law. He could vaguely sense a connection with something in a far-off place, which was the exact direction where the Small Stone World’s Universe Array was located. When this feeling emerged, Yang Kai knew that there were no issues with the Universe Array he set up earlier.


He had spent more than 20 years repairing the Universe Temples that had long lost their function after years of disrepair. The ability to repair the Universe Temples indicated that he had already figured out the mysteries within them, so it was not a problem for him to set one up now.


There was no resistance, and his figure vanished from the spot three breaths later. By the time he came back to his senses, Yang Kai was already standing on the Universe Array in the Small Stone World.


Yue He had been waiting by the side all this time and her eyes immediately lit up at the sight of him as she looked at him in anticipation, “Young Master, is it done?”


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s done. But, using the Universe Transference Law is as time-consuming as ever.”


Even for a person like him who was proficient in the Dao of Space, using the Universe Transference Law took three full breaths before he was transferred back here. If it were anybody else, the duration would have been even longer.


This little bit of time would not matter under normal circumstances, but in a dangerous situation, such as being pursued by a powerful enemy, even a single breath could be the difference between life and death, much less three. That was why very few people in the Great Territories would use the Universe Transference Law to escape when being pursued. There was no chance for them to use the Universe Temples at all, unless they could find a way to escape from their enemies and create the space and time needed to activate the Universe Transference Law.


“There’s no helping it. The distance is too large when transferring to a Universe Temple. It’s only natural that it will take some time.”


Yang Kai pensively muttered, “The Universe Transference Law was passed down from ancient times. It is a Secret Technique specially used to communicate with the Universe Arrays. If we can figure out a method to modify the Universe Transference Law, we might be able to shorten the time taken.”


Yue He just laughed, “In that case, you will need to work hard on your own, Young Master. When it comes to the Dao of Space, there are not many people in the 3,000 Worlds who can help.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Arrange for somebody to build a Universe Temple around the Grand Array. Also, instruct the people who are still in this area to find an opportunity to leave their Soul Imprint here. That way, it will be much more convenient for them to travel back and forth in the future.”


“Don’t worry, Young Master. I will handle it properly!” She nodded.


Now that the central Universe Array had been completed, building a Universe Temple around it to protect it did not require any special skills. Anybody could do something like that.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai teleported with the help of the trail of Space Beacons that he left behind earlier and quickly returned to the Grand Hall from earlier.


During the three months that he spent setting up the first Universe Array, he had already asked his subordinates to construct two other Universe Temples in the New Great Territory beforehand. This Grand Hall was one of them while the other one was located close to the Territory Gate.


This arrangement was mainly to facilitate travel across the New Great Territory. When all three Universe Temples were finished, the speed at which the cultivators developed the New Great Territory would definitely increase by several times.


After entering the Universe Temple, Yang Kai took a rest for a few days before he started arranging the next Universe Array. The first Universe Array had taken him three months to complete, but practice made perfect in everything; therefore, the second Universe Array only took him two months to complete.


He tested the Grand Array in person again, and once he confirmed that there were no issues with the Universe Array, he headed to the Small Stone World to look for Yue He and asked her to arrange for somebody to guard the Universe Temple. After that, he rushed to the Universe Temple by the Territory Gate without stopping.


After another two months, the Universe Array at the Territory Gate was also successfully completed.


The three Universe Temples formed a triangle across the New Great Territory, covering more than half of its area. The Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land could freely choose any of the three Universe Temples as their destinations when they used the Universe Transference Law as long as they were in the New Great Territory.


Based on these different locations, Yang Kai divided the three Universe Temples into A, B, and C to distinguish between them. The one near the New Great Territory’s Gate was Universe Temple A, the one in the Small Stone World was Universe Temple B, and the last one in the further depths of the New Great Territory was Universe Temple C.


There had never been a Great Territory with so many Universe Temples before, so nobody could be certain as to what the outcome would be if the Universe Transference Law was activated in such a situation.


Fortunately, Yang Kai’s personal experimentation showed that he could subtly sense all three Universe Temples if he activated the Universe Transference Law in the New Great Territory. By focusing on one particular Universe Temple, he could successfully transfer himself to it. It was no trouble at all.


After half a year, the population of the Small Stone Race in the Small Stone World had expanded to a certain extent, and the Small Stone World’s heritage was also enhanced accordingly.


Large batches of materials in the Third Order and below were steadily delivered to the Small Stone World. The Open Heaven Realm Masters in charge of managing the Small Stone Race were in charge of feeding these materials to the Small Stone Race. The Stone Kings in their respective nests practically laid 100 to 200 stone eggs a day now. If that was the case for one Clan, then there would be even more with thousands or tens of thousands of Clans.


The Small Stone Race that Yang Kai migrated away from the Small Stone World had more than been made up for.


Previously, the Small Stone World could only support two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters cultivating at the same time, but the current Small Stone World could support three with no trouble, and that was already after taking the Third and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters managing the Small Stone Race in the Small Stone World into account.


The growth of the Small Stone World’s heritage could easily be seen.


The same held true for Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


When High Heaven Palace previously delivered massive amounts of materials in the Third Order and below to the Small Stone World, Yang Kai had directly taken half of them and tossed them into his Small Universe. The materials were divided equally and scattered around the nests of the Small Stone Race.


Yang Kai no longer needed to feed them in person. In any case, the Small Stone Race clansmen would automatically search for resources, so as long as he tossed the materials nearby, there was no need to worry too much about them.


In the past half year, the number of the Small Stone Race clansmen in his Small Universe had increased from 10 million to 12 million. The unique Small Stone Race seemed capable of growing infinitely in number as long as they had enough resources. With every passing moment, the heritage of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was steadily growing stronger; hence, he also benefited from this growth.


The same numbers of Small Stone Race could bring 10 times more benefits to him compared to any other living creatures.


In the past, Yang Kai had been planning to search for an opportunity to raise even more Humans in his Small Universe; however, there was no such need anymore. Why would he need any other living creatures when he already had the Small Stone Race? What other living creatures could possibly bring more benefits than the Small Stone Race?


Yang Kai also took the time to look at the Profound Yin Bamboo, one of the Twelve Minor Pillars.


It was a dark and gloomy Universe World with no signs of living creatures whatsoever, and the Profound Yin Bamboo was located at the spot where all the World Energy in the Universe World seemed to converge. It was as though all the energy in the world was being used to support the existence of this particular Minor Universe Pillar.


There were not many stalks of Profound Yin Bamboo, only around a dozen or so, but each of them was as tall as a man.


Yang Kai tentatively relocated one of the Profound Yin Bamboo into his Small Universe.


Seeing as he already had the World Spring in his Small Universe, which was one of the Four Great Universe Pillars, his Small Universe was already extremely stable, so there was no need for him to use the Profound Yin Bamboo. The only reason for his action was to personally verify the effects and special characteristics of the Profound Yin Bamboo, lest the Open Heaven Realm Masters suffered from any mistakes when they collected and refined the Profound Yin Bamboo after advancing into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


Moreover, Yang Kai deliberately placed the Profound Yin Bamboo next to one of the largest Small Stone Race Clans. This Clan had nearly 100,000 clansmen, so it was second to none compared to the other Small Stone Race Clans. The World Force produced by this particular Clan was naturally very rich.


As soon as he planted the Profound Yin Bamboo, Yang Kai immediately frowned.


It was not that the Profound Yin Bamboo was incompatible with the environment in his Small Universe. As one of the Twelve Minor Universe Pillars, the Profound Yin Bamboo was compatible with anybody’s Small Universe.


What made him frown was that the Profound Yin Bamboo seemed to be devouring the heritage of his Small Universe and turning that into its own growth nutrients.


That was very different from the World Spring. Refining the World Spring had not produced any such problems whatsoever.


When he realised that the World Spring and the Profound Yin Bamboo were completely different in the first place, Yang Kai relaxed slightly and began to wait quietly.


The Profound Yin Bamboo broke through the ground after a month. The World Force that was being devoured also increased with its growth, becoming more and more with time. Although the overall amount was not great, it was still a constant drain.


Who could withstand such consumption? When an Open Heaven Realm Master wanted to advance to the next Order, they needed to spend long years accumulating the heritage of their Small Universe, but if they planted the Profound Yin Bamboo in their Small Universe, it would be equivalent to feeding a ferocious beast that was benefitting from the heritage of their Small Universe. That would inevitably slow down the speed of their cultivation progress.


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed tightly together. If this was all the Profound Yin Bamboo did, it would never have been listed as part of the Twelve Minor Universe Pillars. This was nothing more than a slow-acting poison to any Open Heaven Realm Master. Nevertheless, he patiently continued his observations.




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