Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4743, Are You Surprised


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What surprised Shi Zheng slightly was that nothing happened after Yang Kai’s confident shout. Yang Kai’s aura did not show any signs of being enhanced and the aura coming from him was still that of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai’s face twitched slightly as he muttered to himself, [This is awkward…]


He could borrow the Star Boundary’s World Force to obtain the temporary powers of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from anywhere as long as he was in High Heaven Territory, but right now, since he was half a day’s journey from the Star Boundary, even though he could clearly sense the Star Boundary’s World Force churning and rushing towards him, it would take a while to arrive from such a large distance!


How could Yang Kai afford to wait when there was a formidable enemy in front of him? By the time the Star Boundary’s World Force arrived, the outcome of the battle between them would have already been decided!


Shi Zheng did not know what was happening, but he had a vague guess. His body immediately tensed and a powerful surge of World Force spread out to form the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking net, which severed Yang Kai’s connection with the Star Boundary. The immense Star Boundary’s World Force that was rushing towards Yang Kai suddenly lost its target; hence, it turned around and returned to the Star Boundary.


“Break!” Yang Kai shouted, manipulating Space Principles as he thrust out ferociously with the Azure Dragon Spear. That blow immediately blasted a small hole in the sealed space.


“Heaven and Earth, lend me your strength!” He held his spear horizontally in front of him and shouted. The World Force of the Star Boundary that had just calmed down began churning once more, then it rushed towards him like the rising tide.


In the next moment, Shi Zheng charged forward. Numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques rained down from above, causing Yang Kai to flee desperately.


That was not all. The hole that had been blasted open was repaired by Shi Zheng, effectively cutting off the connection between Yang Kai and the Star Boundary once more. As a result, the Star Boundary returned to peace for the second time!


Yang Kai felt as though his veins were about to pop from frustration. Urging his Space Principles to their limits, he used all his strength to break the barrier once more and shouted, “Heaven and Earth, lend me your strength!”


How could Shi Zheng possibly give Yang Kai the chance to succeed though? World Force surged and the enormous void turned into a cage again.



Inside the various Dao Temples on the Star Boundary, many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters frowned deeply. Some of them even came out and observed the changes in the Star Boundary.


The movements of the Star Boundary’s World Force were so obvious that it was impossible for them not to notice anything, especially since these tumultuous changes occurred repeatedly. These changes were simply far too conspicuous.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters initially suspected that something had happened to the Star Boundary, but upon careful consideration, the realisation quickly struck them, a Great Emperor was trying to borrow the Star Boundary’s World Force!


Although they had not personally witnessed Yang Kai borrowing the World Force back then, they knew about the incident. After understanding this point, they couldn’t help wondering, just which Star Boundary Great Emperor was doing this? Were they simply experimenting? Or, was there a deeper meaning behind these actions?


Unlike the many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, the Great Emperors quickly came out of retreat and gathered together.


Aside from Iron Blood Great Emperor and Martial Beast Great Emperor who were guarding the New Great Territory’s Territory Gate, and Bustling World Great Emperor who was overseeing High Heaven Star City, the remaining five had been alerted to these changes. They included Serene Soul Great Emperor, Flower Shadow Great Emperor, Ice Feather Great Emperor, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, and Heavens Revelations Great Emperor.


As they looked around at each other, Serene Soul Great Emperor frowned and asked, “Where is Yang Kai?”


All of them were here, so the abnormalities in the Star Boundary had nothing to do with them. In that case, only one possibility remained. Yang Kai was trying to borrow the Star Boundary’s World Force, but his attempts were interrupted for some reason. That was the only explanation for the repeated attempts.


They all shook their heads. Ever since learning that they could directly refine and absorb the Star Boundary’s World Force to enhance the heritage of their respective Small Universes, they had been cultivating in retreat without regard for affairs in the outside world. If not for the major commotion today, they would not have gathered together today. Who among them would know where Yang Kai was?


At that moment, Hua Qing Si rushed over in a hurry. Seeing that the five of them had come out of retreat, she quickly shouted, “Sect Master might be in danger!”


“What happened?” Serene Soul Great Emperor Yao Jun asked solemnly.


Hua Qing Si immediately informed them about how Shi Zheng had invited Yang Kai for a private meeting.


The five of them scowled after listening to the explanation.


Yao Jun said, “Looks like Yang Kai is really in danger after all. He would not have tried to borrow the Star Boundary’s World Force otherwise. This matter cannot be delayed, we need to assist him immediately!”


The rest nodded in agreement. Just as they were about to rush into the sky though, a voice suddenly rang out, “I’ll go!”


They turned to look in that direction only to see Yu Chang Dao heading towards them. It was obvious that he had heard their conversation just now. He was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who stayed at High Heaven Palace all the time after all, so it was extremely easy for him to investigate the situation if he wanted to.


Yu Chang Dao noticed the wary look that the Great Emperors were giving him and said, “This matter has nothing to do with the Cave Heavens and Paradises. The specific reasons will have to be carefully investigated. I will definitely give you an explanation when I return.”


This incident had occurred after Yang Kai went to meet with Shi Zheng, so the Great Emperors were naturally suspicious as to whether the Cave Heavens and Paradises had done anything underhanded in secret. That was why they were so vigilant when Yu Chang Dao appeared.


This matter could not be delayed though, and Yu Chang Dao knew that he could not explain himself quickly, so he decided not to waste his time. Nodding at the Great Emperors, he immediately soared into the sky.


There was no telling whether he had said anything to the other High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Star Boundary, but numerous powerful auras quickly followed behind him. In the blink of an eye, some forty or fifty people turned into streams of light and set off in a mighty procession.


Yang Kai’s whereabouts were obvious as they only needed to head in the direction that the Star Boundary’s World Force had surged towards earlier.


Moments after the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters departed, the five Great Emperors quickly took to the skies after them. It would be for the best if this matter was unrelated to the Cave Heavens and Paradises; however, if the Cave Heavens and Paradises were involved, Yang Kai would have a hard time facing so many enemies alone. Even if their presence would not change the fact that they were powerless to resist, they could not allow Yang Kai to fight alone!




In the void, the sealed space formed by the power of Shi Zheng’s World Force would be broken by Yang Kai from time to time. Be that as it may, Shi Zheng would quickly fortify the cage again every time Yang Kai tried to borrow the strength of the Star Boundary.


After repeated attempts, Yang Kai roared furiously, “Show proper respect! Don’t go too far with your antics!”


Shi Zheng naturally ignored Yang Kai while every attack he unleashed was ruthless and lethal.


If it were any other, ordinary, Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, even those at the peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, it would have been impossible for them to survive under the fierce attacks of a veteran Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master for so long. Nevertheless, Yang Kai grimly persisted. Despite being covered in blood and looking quite miserable, he managed to narrowly escape death every time.


Yang Kai finally understood the wonders of the World Spring. Without the World Spring, his Small Universe would have fallen into chaos or even possibly collapsed from the impacts by now. In contrast, his Small Universe remained as firm and resilient as ever thanks to the protection of the World Spring. It didn’t matter how powerful the attacks that Shi Zheng threw at him, none of them could shake his foundation.


All the injuries he sustained were physical wounds. Thankfully, the Dragon Scale clothes he wore on his body that gave him powerful defensive abilities and the immense restorative abilities of a Grand Dragon combined with his potent Wood Element Power allowed him to persevere.


A quarter-hour later, Shi Zheng vaguely noticed something wrong.


Yang Kai’s wretched appearance repeatedly gave him the illusion that he could kill him if only he tried a little harder; even so, every time he used his full power to deliver a fatal blow, Yang Kai somehow managed to survive. 


[This brat just won’t die!]


How could he fail to realise that Yang Kai was simply trying to buy time? Yang Kai knew that Shi Zheng could form a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking cage, but he continued to try and borrow the Star Boundary’s World Force. Such obvious movements were clearly a means to inform the Star Boundary that something had happened to him.


If Shi Zheng’s guess was correct, then the many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters stationed at the Star Boundary were already on their way here. His identity had been exposed to Yang Kai, so if he could kill him quickly, he might be able to continue hiding his identity. On the other hand, if he failed to kill Yang Kai, then all the years of forbearance would be in vain.


As soon as that thought crossed his mind, Shi Zheng’s expression became solemn all of a sudden. Forming a set of seals with his hands, and a giant sword sparkling with starlight suddenly emerged from behind his back. The giant sword that resembled a Star was a dazzling sight to behold. At the same time, Sword Qi exploded out, threatening to shatter the local space.


“Divine Manifestation!” Yang Kai was shocked.


There was a huge gap in power even among individual High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, and the biggest difference came from whether or not they had their own Divine Manifestation. Those who had their own Divine Manifestation were rare even among the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Yang Kai had a deep understanding of the immense strength of Divine Manifestations, and it turned out that Shi Zheng was one of the few who had one.


Luck had played a vital role when Yang Kai killed Zuo Quan Hui back then. Although Zuo Quan Hui had been in the Seventh Order for many years, he had not comprehended his own Divine Manifestation. If he had a Divine Manifestation, the outcome of their conflict would have been very different.


Cold murderous intent shrouded Yang Kai, and his exposed skin immediately got goosebumps. When the aura of death came down on him, he knew that he would not live to see the sun tomorrow if he continued to conceal his true strength. Hence, he immediately put the Azure Dragon Spear away and took a deep breath. With a great roar that rang out across the void, he shouted, “Dragon Transformation!”


A Dragon Roar rang out and golden light burst forth as Yang Kai’s body swelled abruptly. Following a series of cracking sounds, Dragon Scales covered his entire body, his hands turned into Dragon Claws, Dragon Horns emerged from his head, a Dragon Beard fluttered beneath his jaw, a Dragon Tail swept side to side, and his Dragon Eyes glowed majestically.


A 10,000-metre-long Grand Dragon suddenly manifested, and a powerful Dragon Pressure permeated the void. Golden Dragon Scales shone like Great Suns, illuminating the darkness.


“A Grand Dragon!?” Shi Zheng was so shocked that even the movement of his hands paused for a moment.


Shi Zheng had known that Yang Kai carried a Dragon Clan bloodline as that had been revealed outside of the Shadowless Cave Heaven to ward off his enemies at the time.


Nonetheless, Shi Zheng never imagined that Yang Kai was not just a random Dragonkin, but a genuine Mature Grand Dragon. It had to be said that a Grand Dragon was the equivalent of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in terms of strength!


[How can he be a Grand Dragon!? This brat is far too treacherous!] If Shi Zheng had known that Yang Kai had the strength of a Grand Dragon, he would never have bothered to fight with him here. He might be a veteran Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but he did not have the confidence to kill a Grand Dragon. If he could not kill the other party, then why waste time trying?


Thinking back to how Yang Kai had repeatedly and desperately acted as though his life had been hanging by a thread, Shi Zheng nearly grounded his teeth to bits. [This boy has been hiding his strength just to keep me hanging and buying time by making me think that I have the ability to kill him!]


In the end, just when Shi Zheng decided to pull out his trump card and end things swiftly, Yang Kai finally revealed the truth. [How can he be so despicable and shameless!? Bastard!]


Yang Kai, who had transformed into a Grand Dragon, shook his head side to side and spoke in a thunderous voice, “Are you surprised?”




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