Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4744, I’ll Be Waiting for You Up Ahead


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[Fuck your surprise!] For the first time in his life, Shi Zheng discovered that a person could be this shameless. He had the sudden urge to leave right now. Unfortunately, his Divine Manifestation had already been summoned, so there was no choice but to release the arrow on the string!


The shocking sword transformed into a dazzling stream of light that stabbed straight at Yang Kai’s enormous body. A razor-sharp aura that contained Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering force immediately appeared in front of Yang Kai’s Dragon Head.


Yang Kai opened his mouth and let out a roar. A brilliant golden ray of light shot out from his mouth. 


Dragon Breath!


The fluctuation from that burst of horrifying energy caused a huge wave of ripples to spread outward. Nevertheless, the giant sword that had transformed into a stream of light slowly, but steadily pushed forward despite being enveloped by the Golden Dragon Breath.


[I can’t block it!] Yang Kai’s Dragon Eyes widened in horror. The power of the Dragon Source in his body had already been urged to its limits, but it was still not enough.


It was not his first time fighting a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but it was his first time facing the Divine Manifestation unleashed by one.


Besides, Zuo Quan Hui was obviously significantly weaker compared to Shi Zheng. Even if Zuo Quan Hui were to face such a blow, he would have to flee in the face of danger.


Although Yang Kai had advanced to become a Grand Dragon and obtained the capital to hold his own against a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it had not been long since his breakthrough. Not to mention, this was his first time fighting as a Grand Dragon, so he was sorely lacking in experience as a result. The main reason was that he had always assumed a Half-Dragon Form during his Dragon Transformation. Unlike back then, he was now an actual Dragon and was unfamiliar with his new Dragon Form, so it was difficult for him to bring out the true strength of a Grand Dragon. 


A short while later, the giant sword suddenly trembled violently and broke through the blockade of the Dragon Breath to stab straight at his head.


In that moment of life or death, Yang Kai abruptly tilted his head. It was a pity that his enormous form, while extremely imposing, was not as agile or flexible as a Human body, and he failed to avoid the attack as a result.


A stream of blood mist erupted from his chest, accompanied by a low groan. At the same time, his 10,000 metres long Dragon Form was sent flying backwards as though he was struck by a mountain.


By the time Yang Kai finally managed to stabilize his figure, he looked down to see an additional wound the size of a house on his chest. Golden blood gushed out from the wound, and the surrounding Dragon Scales had been shattered to pieces.


Yang Kai was secretly horrified. It had to be said that the defensive abilities of a Grand Dragon were extremely powerful. Not to mention, he had concentrated all his strength on his chest at the last moment. Nevertheless, he was still injured by Shi Zheng’s shocking sword. The horrors of that sword could clearly be seen.


Fortunately, by some stroke of luck, he had managed to avoid being hit in a vital spot during the exchange, so although his current wound looked very terrible, it was not critical.


The only difficulty was that he could sense a strange force lingering around his wound. That force was producing traces of Sword Qi that hindered his regenerative abilities.


[This is a big loss!] Yang Kai forcefully swallowed a mouthful of blood and looked up.


Shi Zheng had already transformed into a stream of light on the horizon and escaped into the distance.


There was no hesitation in his actions. After unleashing his sword attack, he immediately turned around and fled without caring whether Yang Kai survived or not. That was because he knew that the Masters in the Star Boundary were already rushing over. If he did not leave now, he would not have another chance to leave again.


Yang Kai’s enormous Dragon Eyes stared at Shi Zheng’s back calmly. He was in no rush to give chase; instead, he sneered and sent a transmission out, “I’ll let you escape for a while. I’ll have to hand it to you if you manage to escape!”


Shi Zheng, who was fleeing in front, paused for a moment. He was tempted to turn around and kill Yang Kai on the spot.


After being taunted, he recalled that Yang Kai was a master of the Dao of Space, so running away would not allow him to escape. However, things had already reached this point, so he had no other choice but to keep his head down and proceed onward in hopes of fleeing from High Heaven Territory.


Yang Kai’s enormous body lay horizontally in the void as he urged his power to cover the wound on his chest. The force behind Shi Zheng’s attack was very heavy. Furthermore, that attack had a strong lingering effect. Even if a normal person did not die from those after-effects, they would lose their mobility and be forced to recuperate on the spot.


Thanks to Yang Kai’s incredible recuperative abilities, it only took a short while for him to suppress and seal the strange force in his wounds to prevent it from affecting his movements later. Only then did he push his Space Principles and chase after Shi Zheng.


In the void, Shi Zheng transformed into a stream of light and frantically raced towards the Territory Gate.


If he wanted to escape from High Heaven Territory, then his only option was to head towards the Territory Gate. As luck would have it, the situation in High Heaven Territory was different from the other bountiful Great Territories due to its remote location. There was only one Territory Gate leading in and out of High Heaven Territory; therefore, he had no other choice.


A short while later, Shi Zheng’s figure, which had been rushing forward, suddenly came to a halt. He stared at the enormous figure in front of him with a helpless gaze.


Having transformed into a Grand Dragon, Yang Kai’s body literally shone with a golden light. He was so dazzling that it was difficult not to notice him even from afar. Besides, Yang Kai had no intention of concealing himself and simply stood there openly to wait for Shi Zheng. 


Upon seeing that Shi Zheng had finally appeared, Yang Kai snapped in annoyance, “You sure ran really slowly!”


He had already been waiting here for some time prior to Shi Zheng’s arrival.


“Grand Dragons are not immortal!” Shi Zheng narrowed his eyes slightly.


Yang Kai snorted, steam coming out of his large nostrils as he declared, “You won the first round. Let’s begin the second round. I won’t lose this time!”


Shi Zheng gritted his teeth and said nothing. A giant sword that sparkled as brightly as a Star slowly emerged from his back and rose into the sky.


Yang Kai felt his teeth hurting at the sight. Without even thinking, he turned around and fled, his voice wafting over from far away, “Fine, you’ve got guts indeed! The second round is your win! I’ll be waiting for you up ahead for the third round!”


Shi Zheng was so furious that he nearly coughed up blood!


Not daring to waste time fighting Yang Kai, he simply wanted to end things as quickly as possible. His first attack might not have killed Yang Kai, but Yang Kai had been heavily injured nonetheless. If he followed up with a second attack, he might just be able to obliterate Yang Kai. That was why he summoned his Divine Manifestation without any hesitation.


Who could have known that Yang Kai would escape? He ran! Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he turned tail and ran!


Like punching cotton, Shi Zheng’s ferocious blow came to nought. Hence, there were no words to describe his agony!


[Didn’t that brat claim that he would not lose again with such confidence? Why did he turn and run as soon as the words left his mouth!?] Shi Zheng was tempted to ask Yang Kai if he even knew what the meaning of integrity was.


It would not have mattered so much if it was just a normal attack, but the key point was that the energy consumption from activating one’s Divine Manifestation was extremely high. It was true even for a mighty Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him.


Shi Zheng had already activated his Divine Manifestation twice. Although the effect had previously been somewhat useful, the Divine Manifestation he unleashed this time was completely pointless.


Divine Manifestations were trump cards to High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, and as such could not be used casually. Once brought out, they should be able to play a decisive role in battle because the consumption was simply too great. 


Even Shi Zheng only had enough strength to use his Divine Manifestation four or five times before he was completely exhausted. Moreover, this was the second time he cast his Divine Manifestation!


[If he does that again later…] The corners of his eyes twitched slightly. [Just who did I meet? Why didn’t I realise that he is such a… despicable person when I interacted with him in the past!?] 


In any case, this attack was useless, and he had no other place to go, so he could only continue towards the Territory Gate.


In less than half a cup of tea’s time, he came across Yang Kai waiting for him again. Yang Kai’s enormous body lay horizontally across the void, his Dragon Claws waved about wildly and his Dragon Tail swept from side to side. He looked like he was doing warm-ups before a big battle.


As soon as they met again, Yang Kai immediately asked, “Are you going to cast that sword again? If you are, then hurry up! I’ll consider the third round your win again!”


Shi Zheng gritted his teeth to hold back the roiling blood in his chest and shouted, “Die!”


It was meaningless for him to win numerous rounds; after all, it only took losing one round for everything to end for him. This was an unfair fight through and through.


As soon as his shout rang out, he charged towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai sneered. [Without the Divine Manifestation, why should a Grand Dragon like me fear you?]


This was his first battle since becoming a Grand Dragon, so having a powerful enemy to train his senses was exactly what he wanted. Hence, Yang Kai immediately became entangled with Shi Zheng.


After transforming into a Grand Dragon, his body became unimaginably enormous. In particular, his field of vision was very different from before. In the past, even after using his Dragon Transformation, his body retained some human characteristics, so his fighting style didn’t have to change much. 


On the contrary, many of the battle skills he accumulated through past fights could no longer be used after transforming into a Grand Dragon. Yang Kai had to learn everything from scratch once more.


However, he could not win without transforming into his Grand Dragon Form because he was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Only by transforming into the Grand Dragon would he have the qualification to openly compete with a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


For a time, the scene was as tragic as could be. The majestic Grand Dragon was practically a punching bag for Shi Zheng and Yang Kai suffered endless beatings.


Shi Zheng threw numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques in quick succession, and when those attacks landed on Yang Kai’s Dragon Scales, many of them were blasted off.


The attacks of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master were extraordinary indeed. Yang Kai felt pain coming from all over his body. It was doubtful if there was a single spot on his body that did not hurt.


Fortunately, a Grand Dragon had innately powerful defences. Yang Kai also activated his Wood Element Power, which contained the condensed essence of the Immortal Tree. Relying on these abilities to heal these injuries during battle, he barely managed to persevere. In any case, his aim was not to kill Shi Zheng, but rather to buy time by delaying him here. That was enough.


As long as Shi Zheng did not cast his Divine Manifestation, he could not do anything to Yang Kai.


During the battle, Yang Kai gradually familiarised himself with the body of a Grand Dragon. At the beginning, he focused only on defending himself as he was powerless to fight back. However, he slowly became capable of counter-attacking as the fight went on.


Although the number of times that Yang Kai managed to counter-attack were few and far between, every one of those attacks frightened Shi Zheng greatly. There was no helping it, though, as even the local space would be shredded when the huge Dragon Claws swiped towards him. If he was caught in those Dragon Claws, even a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him would die.


Hence, he summoned his Divine Manifestation once more while Yang Kai was unprepared. At the same time, he desperately drew upon his strength to create a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking cage around them.


This attack had to kill Yang Kai, for if he missed this opportunity, then he was bound to suffer a tragic ending. That was why he waited for a perfect moment to activate his Divine Manifestation and use the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking technique.


Yang Kai had no way to escape. Even if he had the ability to break the Void to flee, doing so would undoubtedly take a few breaths in this situation.


When Masters fought each other, a single breath was more than enough to determine the difference between life and death!


Shi Zheng originally believed that Yang Kai would try to escape again when he summoned his Divine Manifestation, but who could have anticipated that Yang Kai wouldn’t turn to flee this time around? Moreover, his Dragon Eyes seemed to indicate that he was taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.


Shi Zheng suddenly had an ominous feeling, as though something extremely bad was about to happen.


Before he could unleash his Divine Manifestation, Yang Kai suddenly clenched his enormous Dragon Claws into a fist and punched forward fiercely. A Dragon Roar reverberated through the air, “Cow Punch!”


[Cow punch? What kind of cow is he attacking?] Shi Zheng was a little dumbstruck; however, in the next moment, he felt as though he had been struck by lightning. The colour in his face drained abruptly as his Small Universe shook violently and his World Force became exceedingly chaotic.




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