Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4745, Black Ink Eternal


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Yang Kai’s fist had clearly struck empty space, but Shi Zheng felt as though all that energy was erupting inside his Small Universe.


[I can’t believe he has the means to attack my Small Universe directly!] Shi Zheng was absolutely horrified by the attack.


For Open Heaven Realm Masters, the Small Universe in their bodies was their foundation. It was their everything. Therefore, the slightest turbulence in their Small Universe was enough to affect the combat ability of any Open Heaven Realm Master.


Consequently, throughout countless years of inheritance, many brilliant and talented Ancestors from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had overcome various difficulties and paved the way forward by comprehending numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques that could impact the Small Universe directly. These attacks were the closely-kept secrets of each Sect.


Nevertheless, these Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were bound to have traces that could be detected and guarded against.


Shi Zheng himself had learned such a Secret Technique and even used it during the battle, it was just that it was completely ineffective against Yang Kai. Having refined one of the Four Universe Pillars, Yang Kai’s Small Universe was flawless and extremely stable. It could be said to be the greatest nemesis of these Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques.


On the contrary, Yang Kai’s attack had shown no signs at all. Even if Shi Zheng wanted to defend himself, he did not know how to take precautions against the attack. Only then did he understand one thing. [Damn it! I’m the cow he’s punching!]


Yang Kai sneered, “Why did you think I was spending so much time fighting with you? You fell for it, didn’t you? You fool!”


The Cow Punch Secret Technique was very strong indeed; moreover, it was elusive and all but impossible to defend against. The only drawback to this Secret Technique was that it required quite a long preparation period beforehand. The preparation period varied according to the strength of the opponent.


Yang Kai had to follow the fluctuations of the enemy’s aura back to their Small Universe in order to successfully perform his Cow Punch Secret Technique.


Inside the Shattered Heaven, Blood Crow Divine Monarch had suffered from the Cow Punch Secret Technique greatly. Shi Zheng was simply following in his footsteps now. This Secret Technique was a bizarre method for the weak to overcome the strong against all odds.


Shi Zheng sprayed out a stream of blood mist that spread into the distance, and his aura abruptly weakened. His Small Universe had been bombarded by Yang Kai’s Secret Technique, causing it to shake and his World Force to become disordered.


If the injuries were only to this extent, then he would not be in such a miserable condition. He was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. With his extraordinary cultivation, such a level of injury was nothing to him. The instability in his Small Universe would also calm down quickly.


The key point was that he had been activating his Divine Manifestation at that exact moment; hence, he was completely focused on the task at hand and the power in his body could not withstand the slightest bit of slack.


It was at this juncture that Yang Kai punched out at Shi Zheng.


When the giant sword rising into the sky behind his back shattered and collapsed, Shi Zheng instantly suffered an immense backlash. This situation was equivalent to being struck by his own attack, and it was only by luck that he did not die on the spot.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at the sight, “Elder Shi, you really do have extraordinary skills! You even hit yourself when you lose your temper! I’m impressed!”


Shi Zheng gritted his teeth, fresh blood trickling out the sides of his mouth. The rage and despair in his heart could not be described with mere words.


Powerful energy fluctuations suddenly appeared from afar. Both Yang Kai and Shi Zheng turned to look in that direction at the same time. Numerous light streams were rushing in this direction. They were none other than the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who had rushed over from the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai immediately became elated by the sight and turned to look at Shi Zheng, “Elder Shi, I’m afraid you’re doomed.”


At present, Shi Zheng’s aura was faint and chaotic. It was obvious that he was severely injured. Even Yang Kai had the confidence to take Shi Zheng down by himself, let alone with the arrival of so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. It could be said that Shi Zheng had been completely backed into a corner at this point.


Shi Zheng took a deep breath and looked at Yang Kai with a slightly complicated expression. The rage that had filled him earlier vanished all of a sudden, and his entire being became extremely calm.


Yang Kai frowned. He felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.


Meanwhile, Shi Zheng just sat down cross-legged in the void. His eyes that were quietly staring at Yang Kai abruptly became pitch black, and a thick black fog poured out of his entire body.


Yang Kai became vigilant. [This aura… is familiar.]


He suddenly recalled the ‘gift’ that Shi Zheng had given to him recently and frowned deeply. [Didn’t that worm that sprang out from the wooden box have the same aura? Just what is it?]


“Black Ink… Eternal!” Shi Zheng called out faintly. As soon as the words left his mouth, his entire body was shrouded in the churning black fog and disappeared out of sight.


In the distance, the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who rushed over from the Star Boundary looked suspicious when they first caught sight of the situation. In the next moment, they seemed to recall something and their expressions changed drastically.


Yu Chang Dao and the foreign affairs envoy from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven called Yu Xiang Die urgently cried out to Yang Kai, “Yang Kai, run!”


But it was too late. The black fog wrapping around Shi Zheng exploded without warning. A large patch of inky blackness swiftly covered the surrounding void like a drop of ink that was dripped into a pool of clear water. The darkness covered a large region in an instant, and Yang Kai who was standing nearby was enveloped within.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters halted in their tracks. Every single person looked at the darkness fearfully. On the other hand, Yu Chang Dao and Yu Xiang Die looked extremely worried. Unfortunately, there was no time for them to hesitate.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters did not communicate with each other at all, but they still moved as though their hearts and minds were connected. They quickly split up and surrounded the large patch of void that was shrouded in the black fog from a distance. Following that, they immediately threw out various Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques with Heaven Sealing Earth Locking effects.


The joint force of several dozen High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters working together was so powerful that it only took a single breath before this region containing the black fog was turned into a solid cage.


When they finished sealing the void, they finally breathed a sigh of relief as they looked around nervously. However, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.


Yu Chang Dao was silent for a long while before he said, “Sect Master Yang seemed to be a Grand Dragon. With the strength of a Grand Dragon, it should not be too difficult for him to resist that evil thing.”


Yu Xiang Die muttered, “Let’s hope so.”


The strength of a Grand Dragon could indeed resist the erosion of that evil. It could even be said that the strength of all Divine Spirits had a natural advantage against it. Be that as it may, Yang Kai was currently stuck in the middle of that wicked fog. Nobody could say much about the current situation with any certainty and Yang Kai himself had yet to appear either, so there was no way to know his condition.


During their conversation though, the thick fog suddenly swirled around and Yang Kai’s enormous body rushed out from within.


“What is this!?” Yang Kai scowled deeply. That black fog gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. It was exceptionally sinister. Clearly, it was not something good; moreover, he had tried to search for Shi Zheng’s whereabouts inside the black fog only to discover that he could not detect Shi Zheng’s life aura anywhere. It was as if Shi Zheng’s last act was self-destruction.


[Why did he act so decisively?] Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling surprised.


Shi Zheng was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so even if he failed to kill Yang Kai and could not escape the many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who came over to support Yang Kai, there was no need to kill himself on the spot.


However, that was exactly what Shi Zheng did. Speaking of which, all of Shi Zheng’s actions today puzzled Yang Kai greatly, especially the last words that Shi Zheng said earlier.


Turning around, Yang Kai saw many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters standing far away and looking at him in astonishment; thus, he swung around and headed straight towards them. He could not understand what had happened today, but these High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters might know something.


Contrary to his expectations, as soon as he moved, they reacted warily, as though they were about to face a great enemy. Their World Forces surged, and they all took up defensive postures.


One of them shouted, “Stay where you are and don’t move! If you take another step forward, we will attack without mercy!”


Locked onto by the Divine Senses and auras of several dozen High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai felt mountain-like pressure bearing down on him even though he was in his Grand Dragon Form. His enormous figure was immediately frozen in place. His Dragon Head turned to look at them, and he asked in a thunderous voice, “What’s going on?”


For a moment, Yang Kai suspected that they were in league with Shi Zheng; however, he realised that the situation was different upon a closer look. Rather than plotting to harm him, it was almost like they were scared of him.


[Didn’t you come here to rescue me?] Yang Kai was a little speechless. What’s more, it was not until this moment that he realised something else, the space where he was standing had been sealed by an extremely powerful force.


The High-Rank Masters exchanged glances with each other, their Divine Senses fluctuating as they communicated silently. It was obvious that they were discussing something, but they couldn’t seem to reach a consensus despite their long discussion.


Yang Kai eventually lost patience and glared angrily at them, “What is the meaning of this!?”


Yu Xiang Die stepped forward to comfort him, “Yang Kai, please don’t be impatient. We are not targeting you specifically, but what happened today is a little complicated. Before we figure out whether you are safe or not, please don’t make any rash movements lest you cause any misunderstandings.”


She was the foreign affairs envoy from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, and he was a son-in-law of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven; therefore, he could only listen to her when she spoke up.


Yang Kai frowned slightly and said, “Shi Zheng seems to be dead, and I’m safe now.”


Yu Xiang Die shook her head, however, and said, “It’s impossible to tell whether you’re safe from your outer appearance. Let me ask you this, how are you feeling right now?”


Yang Kai shook his body a bit and replied, “It hurts a bit.”


Having just fought with Shi Zheng, his entire body was covered in wounds; hence, he was in terrible pain and desperately needed to find a place to recuperate.


Yu Xiang Die didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I’m not asking you about that. I was asking you… whether there’s anything strange about your Small Universe?”


Yang Kai responded confidently, “There are no anomalies!”


What could be wrong with the World Spring protecting his Small Universe? Shi Zheng had repeatedly attempted to shake his Small Universe during their brief fight, but it was all to no avail.


Yu Xiang Die frowned slightly. Although he said as much, she did not dare to believe him completely. The 3,000 Worlds was vast, and there were many things that the general public, and even most disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, did not know about. Be that as it may, how could Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like themselves not be aware?


Even if something had happened to Yang Kai, it was impossible to tell from his outer appearance; otherwise, they would not have been fooled by Shi Zheng for so many years.


Yu Chang Dao explained, “Sect Master Yang, you’ve seen all of Shi Zheng’s anomalies for yourself. The Black Ink Smoke that he released before his death is also extremely corrosive. If the Small Universe of an ordinary Open Heaven Realm Master becomes corroded by the Black Ink Smoke, they will turn into the same existence as Shi Zheng. They will seem no different from the outside, but their nature will be changed drastically. Sect Master Yang, we are unable to determine whether you have been corrupted by the Black Ink Smoke.”


Only then did Yang Kai understand why they were being so vigilant towards him. He exclaimed in astonishment, “Is the Black Ink Smoke really that amazing?”


Thinking back, he had indeed felt as though the black mist had been trying to corrode his Small Universe when it entered his body. It was just that his Small Universe was flawless under the World Spring’s protection. It was impossible for the Black Ink Smoke to corrode him unless he opened a portal to accept the Black Ink Smoke into his Small Universe himself.


In this way, it was obvious that the object contained within the wooden box had been trying to invade his Small Universe; however, it was suppressed by the World Spring in his Small Universe. His Small Universe was perfectly protected, so that worm had been unable to invade him and was forced to flee as a result.


“If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry. I have not been corroded by the Black Ink Smoke.”


They only watched him quietly.




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