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Martial Peak – Chapter 4746, Here It Is

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Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “What’s wrong? Don’t you believe me?”


Yu Xiang Die sighed, “It’s easy enough to confirm this fact. I’ll go and check out your Small Universe myself.”


[Why do those words… sound so familiar?] Yang Kai suddenly recalled something. Back when he was asked to repair the Universe Temples, the Ancestors from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had also made the same request.


“No!” Before Yang Kai could say anything, one of the High-Rank Open Realm Masters interjected, “If he has been corroded by the Black Ink Smoke, then you will also be in danger if you enter his Small Universe to investigate the situation, Elder Yu.”


Yu Xiang Die smiled, “No matter how you put it, Yang Kai is a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-in-Law. It’s only natural for me to take this risk as his Elder. Besides, he can transform into a Grand Dragon. He has a certain level of resistance to the Black Ink Smoke, so he might not have been corrupted.”


The High-Rank Open Realm Master shook his head, “It’s better to be cautious. Let’s send a message to our respective Ancestors and ask them to decide about the situation.”


Yang Kai was a little shocked. [Why are they dragging their Ancestors into this matter!?]


The Ancestors of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were all Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Most of the time, they remained inside their respective Sects and were not dispatched easily. [It looks like this matter is more serious than I expected.]


Yu Xiang Die pondered in silence for a moment, “I insist on investigating the situation inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe. The Black Ink Smoke might be corrosive, but it can be resisted as long as one has enough strength.”


“There’s always a risk. The 3,000 Worlds is not ‘that place’ after all,” the High-Rank Open Realm Master from earlier quickly said.


At this moment, Yang Kai spoke up, “Will you be reassured if I can prove that I have not been corroded by the Black Ink Smoke?”


Yu Xiang Die looked at him, “How will you prove that?”


Yang Kai smacked his lips. He had not wanted to reveal the fact that he had refined the World Spring as that was something that would rouse too much greed in others. Bright Sun Divine Monarch had pursued him from the Shattered Heaven all the way to the Ancestral Land just for the sake of the World Spring.


If an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would do that, how could the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters here be any different? These High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters might come from the Cave Heavens and Paradises, but one should never fully let their guard down around others. Shi Zheng was the best example.


Before coming here today, Yang Kai would never have believed that Shi Zheng would harm him in any way. He thought that Shi Zheng only wanted to discuss the matter regarding the Good Fortune Divine Furnace with him.


However, things might take a turn for the worst with how they stood at the moment. Not only was the space where he was standing sealed, but it was also impossible for him to fight so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Besides, the misunderstanding would only get worse if he actually got into a fight with them. More importantly, it would be even harder to take the initiative if they invited the Ancestors of various Cave Heavens and Paradises here.


After weighing all the pros and cons, Yang Kai decided to tell the truth, “I have refined a World Spring, so it is impossible for external forces to corrode my Small Universe!”


“A World Spring!?” Everybody exclaimed in astonishment.


As High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, how could they not know about the World Spring? That was one of the Four Universe Pillars after all. The World Spring was a treasure that any Open Heaven Realm Master would wish for.


“Everybody, please have a look for yourselves!” While speaking, Yang Kai opened the portal to his Small Universe for them to see inside clearly.


The secret of his World Spring had been exposed, so he did not mind exposing even more. Besides, it was useless to only speak about such things. They would not believe him unless they saw the truth with their own eyes.


Numerous Divine Senses immediately passed through his portal in that moment and poured into his Small Universe. Yang Kai immediately frowned in response. It was an uncomfortable feeling, as though his home had been invaded by outsiders.


“Huh…” Somebody exclaimed in surprise, “His Small Universe has already materialized?”


The transformation of one’s Small Universe from immaterial to corporal was something that was reserved for High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. The Small Universe of those below the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm were unable to fully materialize.


Be that as it may, the scene in front of them exceeded their understanding. Yang Kai was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but his Small Universe had already turned corporeal. How did he do it?


Leaving aside the future, Yang Kai was the only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to have ever achieved such a feat throughout history. At least, there were no prior records written in the ancient books. That was why these High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were completely stunned.


“World Spring! It really is a World Spring!” Even more shocked voices ran out. A World Spring was such an obvious existence that they immediately noticed its presence at a glance.


Under the effects of the World Spring, they could clearly sense that Yang Kai’s Small Universe was flawless and extremely stable. It was difficult for his Small Universe to be affected by any external forces.


In addition to their feelings of envy, they also felt relieved. With the World Spring protecting his Small Universe, it was true that he would not be corroded by the Black Ink Smoke. What’s more, they did not sense any of the Black Ink Smoke’s aura in his Small Universe.


Before they could investigate Yang Kai’s Small Universe more carefully though, they felt an immense force shoving their Divine Senses out. Many of them were unsatisfied with what they saw so far. They seemed to have seen some peculiar things inside his Small Universe, but they were kicked out before they could get a better look.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had already returned to his Human Form and closed his Small Universe. He then asked, “There are no problems now, right?”


Everybody exchanged a glance with each other and Yu Xiang Die breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s no problem now. Come over here before we continue the discussion.”


Only then did he move and come to their side.


“You’ve worked hard.” She nodded at him, “It’s great that you’re safe. Please don’t blame us for being overly cautious. The Black Ink Smoke is simply too dangerous.”


“I understand.”


“Sect Master Yang, are you raising living beings in your Small Universe?” One of them suddenly raised the question. Although it was only a brief glimpse, there were so many villages and cities in Yang Kai’s Small Universe that the traces of living beings thriving inside could be seen clearly.


“That’s right. Is there a problem?” Yang Kai looked at that person.


“No problem, no problem at all. Your luck sure is good, Sect Master Yang.” That person sighed in amazement.


Countless years had passed since they first advanced into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. They themselves had thought of raising living beings in their Small Universes to increase the speed of their cultivation, but this idea was not realistic. Even though they were in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, there were still times when their Small Universes became unstable. Who would dare to raise living beings in their Small Universe so casually? Those living inside would suffer tragic casualties if they were to encounter a powerful enemy, after all.


However, Yang Kai was different. With the protection of the World Spring, there was no need for him to worry about that problem. In other words, his cultivation would increase steadily even without him cultivating. It was equivalent to becoming stronger with every passing moment.


That was extremely enviable.


“What kind of creatures are those little rocks? Why have I never seen them before?” Another person asked.


“What little rocks? You must have been mistaken,” Yang Kai responded with a straight face.


“Sect Master Yang, I think I saw some Profound Yin Bamboo in your Small Universe…”


“What Profound Yin Bamboo?” Yang Kai vehemently denied, “There’s no such thing.” 


“Don’t be like that, Sect Master Yang. We can negotiate the price if you really have the Profound Yin Bamboo. The Profound Yin Bamboo is different from the Four Universe Pillars. If we nurture it properly, we can gain an inexhaustible supply that is truly unlimited. Instead of enjoying such a treasure on your own, why don’t you exchange the Profound Yin Bamboo with us for something good?” 


“Can I exchange them for the training rights of a Small Source World?” Yang Kai asked flatly. 


[Didn’t you say that you don’t have the Profound Yin Bamboo?] Many rolled their eyes. 


The person from earlier nodded repeatedly and smiled from ear to ear, “We can negotiate something!” 


“What are the terms of negotiation?” Yang Kai looked at that person with great interest.


“Leave that for later.” Yu Chang Dao waved his hand decisively before declaring, “Let’s deal with the matter in front of us first before we talk about anything else.”


“Indeed!” Somebody agreed.


Yang Kai shot a look at the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who brought up the Profound Yin Bamboo earlier to indicate that they would have an in-depth discussion on the matter later. That person nodded lightly to indicate that he understood. Thanks to the looks they exchanged with each other earlier, everything they wanted to say had been said.


“Sect Master, just what happened today?” Yu Chang Dao asked while looking at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai replied innocently, “You’re asking me? That’s what I wanted to ask you. High Heaven Palace’s Head Manager informed me today that Shi Zheng of Lang Ya Paradise asked for a meeting with me. It seemed like he had something he wanted to discuss. Thinking that I had nothing better to do anyway, I decided to come. In the end, he gave me a generous gift as soon as I arrived.”


“A generous gift?” Yu Xiang Die frowned.


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right. As you all know, Lang Ya Paradise and I have some connection with each other. Shi Zheng is a Lang Ya Paradise Elder. If he wants to give me a gift, there’s no way I can turn it down. So, I reluctantly accepted.”


The rest of them looked at each other with strange expressions. After a period of contact with Yang Kai, how could they not know his nature by now? He was the kind of person who did not act until he was certain that he could succeed. That was the case with the World Tree before, and that was also the case now with the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.


He even went so far as to create a special Space Array to monopolise the New Great Territory, making it difficult for the Cave Heavens and Paradises to interfere in that matter. If somebody was willing to give him a gift, he would surely accept with unwavering enthusiasm, how could he possibly be reluctant in any way?


Nevertheless, they couldn’t be bothered to argue about his manner of blatantly talking himself up.


“What did he give you?” Yu Chang Dao asked in concern.


It was as though he really wanted to know what kind of treasures Shi Zheng had offered as a gift. It was just that Shi Zheng had been corrupted by the Black Ink; for that reason, the things that he offered as a gift should not be taken lightly. Precautions had to be taken in advance in case it turned out to be something bad.


“Here it is!” While speaking, Yang Kai took out the wooden box from his Space Ring and opened it abruptly.


A black thread shot out from within. Yang Kai was ready and immediately captured it in his hand. The headless and tailless thing that resembled a black earthworm struggled and wriggled in his hands, but could not escape.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were stunned for a moment, then they reacted as though facing a great enemy. Their expressions changed drastically, and they swiftly retreated using their various Movement Skills.


In an instant, the space within a 100 kilometres radius around him became devoid of people.


Yang Kai looked up at them and seemed a little speechless, “Why did you run so far? Don’t worry. I’m holding this thing, so it can’t escape.”


Nevertheless, he could understand why they fled. They had been so vigilant towards the Black Ink Smoke that was left behind after Shi Zheng’s death, what more this black earthworm-like thing in his hands?


This thing definitely came from the same source as the Black Ink Smoke. Moreover, it was stronger than the Black Ink Smoke. An ordinary person would definitely have gotten into trouble if they held the black earthworm with their bare hands.


Fortunately, his Small Universe was so perfect and flawless that this black earthworm could not corrode him at all. It could be said to have met its nemesis.


“Sect Master, please put away that Black Ink Insect!” Yu Chang Dao shouted from afar, “That thing is too dangerous! Open Heaven Realm Masters like us cannot afford to be contaminated!”


“So, this thing is called a Black Ink Insect?” Yang Kai glanced at the black earthworm in his hand, seeming to feel something.


The black smoke left behind after Shi Zheng’s death was called Black Ink Smoke, this thing was called a Black Ink Insect, and Shi Zheng had mentioned something before his death, Black Ink Eternal.


[What is this… Black Ink?] Yang Kai suddenly felt as though the 3,000 Worlds were not as simple as he initially thought. Then, he recalled what Xu Ling Gong mentioned in the past, that the universe was vast, and the waters were muddy. There seemed to be a secret in the shadows that was affecting the 3,000 Worlds, and the fog was about to be lifted before his eyes.



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