Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4750, I Have a Bold Idea


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Somebody asked puzzledly, “So, what if the people who have been corrupted by the Black Ink can sense each other? And, so what if they can’t?”


Yang Kai rubbed his chin and replied, “I have a bold idea! Wait here for a moment, I’ll be right back!”


While saying so, he suddenly turned around and charged into the Black Ink Smoke.


Everybody looked at each other, not having any idea what Yang Kai was doing.


In the blink of an eye, the Black Ink Smoke that was as dense as fog began to churn violently and recede at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.


Somebody exclaimed in astonishment, “Is he collecting the Black Ink Smoke!?”


If that was not the case, then there was no other explanation for the scene in front of them.


The expressions of Yu Chang Dao and Yu Xiang Die changed greatly at the sight, and they nervously paid close attention.


After refining the World Spring, Yang Kai’s Small Universe was flawless and impermeable. External forces could not invade or harm his Small Universe. Even the Black Ink Smoke and the Black Ink Insect could hardly shake him in any way; however, those were only external forces. There was no saying what would happen if Yang Kai opened a portal into his Small Universe and collected the Black Ink Smoke into his body.


Be that as it may, the scene in front of them clearly indicated that he was doing exactly that. For a time, all of them were extremely nervous. They also secretly thought to themselves that Yang Kai was far too daring. Even High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters like them were terrified of the Black Ink Smoke, but he was actually accepting it into his body!


Yang Kai had indeed opened the portal to his Small Universe inside the Black Ink Smoke and guided it into his body.


He had been wondering about what to do with the Black Ink Smoke just now. The Black Ink Smoke did not look like it was about to disappear any time soon, but he could not leave it be without doing anything either. The only solution was to set up a Grand Array that would cover this area and turn this region into a Restricted Area. Be that as it may, doing so would only draw more attention to this place. Who could say whether a random passerby with abundant curiosity would try to break the barrier to take a peek inside?


Upon learning that Yu Chang Dao and the others planned to bring him to Lang Ya Paradise with them, Yang Kai couldn’t help but entertain the idea of taking the Black Ink Smoke away with him to avoid future troubles!


He had completely suppressed and sealed the portal to Shi Zheng’s Small Universe with a Secret Technique, so without him, other people would never be able to open it even if they knew the location. If he could take the Black Ink Smoke away with him, then he would truly have nothing to worry about anymore.


At the same time, he had an idea that he wanted to verify. His understanding of the Black Ink Clan and the people corrupted by the Black Ink was too lacking. The Cave Heavens and Paradises did not know much about this topic either, so he might be able to use this opportunity to do some experiments.


Naturally, Yang Kai was not foolish enough to gather all the Black Ink Smoke into his Small Universe in one go; after all, it would be too late for regrets if something went wrong.


He first tried to collect a small amount of the Black Ink Smoke into his Small Universe. To his pleasant surprise, he soon discovered that the Black Ink Smoke remained suppressed by the power of the World Spring even when it was inside his Small Universe. It was unable to cause any disturbances, much less affect his heart or mind. In this way, he confidently and boldly went ahead with his idea.


[The World Spring is amazing! No wonder it is listed as one of the Four Universe Pillars!] When he first obtained the World Spring in the Shattered Heaven, Yang Kai never imagined that it would have such a powerful suppression effect on the Black Ink Clan.


If that was true for the World Spring, then the other three would surely be no different. The Four Universe Pillars were pretty much the nemesis of the Black Ink Clan!


It didn’t take longer than an incense for all the Black Ink Smoke to be collected into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


When he returned to the group, they stared at him extremely vigilantly. Several dozen auras were locked firmly on him, and they looked as though they would blast him to smithereens at the slightest sign of trouble.


Yang Kai felt awkward for a moment before he quickly opened the portal to his Small Universe, “Please calm down, everyone. I have not been corrupted by the Black Ink. Please take a good look.”


They did not hold back. At this time, it was better to err on the side of caution. Numerous Divine Senses poured into Yang Kai’s Small Universe to investigate the situation.


In one corner of his Small Universe, a large cloud of Black Ink Smoke seethed as though it had a mind of its own. Fortunately, it was suppressed and sealed in place by an invisible force that made breaking through impossible. Apart from this spot where the Black Ink Smoke existed, the rest of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was business as usual.


Everybody breathed a sigh of relief. It was not until this moment that they knew the World Spring had such a wonderful effect, and they couldn’t help feeling envious for a time.


One should not be fooled by the fact that their cultivation was higher than Yang Kai’s. If they were to encounter the Black Ink Insect or the Black Ink Smoke, they would be powerless to resist.


“Yang Kai, please be very careful. If you notice anything strange about the Black Ink Smoke, you must immediately split off and abandon the contaminated land. Even if you have to damage your Small Universe, you must never allow yourself to be corrupted by the Black Ink!” Yu Xiang Die warned.


Splitting off and abandoning the contaminated land in one’s Small Universe was the method recorded in the ancient books of the Cave Heavens and Paradises to defend against the Black Ink Smoke and Black Ink Insects. Doing so would damage one’s Small Universe and might even cause their cultivation to regress, but it was still better than being corrupted by the Black Ink.


“I understand!”


“Sect Master Yang, those small stone creatures…” One of them remained curious about the Small Stone Race living in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


“Small stone creatures? I don’t know what you’re talking about. You must be mistaken.”


Brushed aside by Yang Kai, that person looked extremely speechless. [I’m not blind. Those strange stone men were running around everywhere. How could I have seen wrongly?]


“Good! Let’s stop the idle chat here!” Yu Xiang Die looked around, “We should set off for Lang Ya Paradise as soon as possible. If there are no objections, then we should depart now!”


Everybody nodded in agreement; thus, Yu Xiang Die immediately steered the ship to head towards the Territory Gate.


On the deck, Yang Kai said, “Seniors, I have a plan, but I don’t know if it is feasible.”


Everybody immediately became curious and Yu Xiang Die asked, “What plan do you have? Let’s hear it.”


Yang Kai explained, “I’m sure your original plan is to head straight towards Lang Ya Paradise to investigate the Small Universe of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, find those who have been corrupted by the Black Ink, and follow the trail in search for the true Black Ink clansman.”


She nodded.


“This plan is simple and straightforward indeed, but we have already mentioned the drawbacks earlier. We might also alert the enemies and make the Black Ink clansman behind the scenes become vigilant. Besides, those who have been corrupted by the Black Ink might not reveal any useful information. If that’s the case, then we will only capture some of the people who have been corrupted by the Black Ink at most. That only treats the symptoms and not the root cause. The Black Ink Clan clansman hiding behind the scenes might use the Black Ink Insect to corrupt others in the future if we cannot find them.”


At this point, Yang Kai suddenly proposed, “But, what if I infiltrate them? As you know, I have not been corrupted by the Black Ink; however, the people who have been corrupted by the Black Ink don’t know that. When Shi Zheng attacked me this time, he believed that his success was a certainty. I’m sure the rest of the people who have been corrupted by the Black Ink think so too. That’s why, in their opinion, Shi Zheng would have succeeded. So… they will believe I am one of them!”


Everybody nodded when they heard those words. The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were not fools. Not to mention, Yang Kai had already made his meaning so simple and clear. It was not difficult for them to understand.


“So, my idea is… Let me go to Lang Ya Paradise first to figure out just who has been corrupted by the Black Ink. It will be even better if I can figure out the identity or location of the Black Ink clansman. At that time, the enemy will be in the dark but we are not. It won’t be too late for you to take action then!”


Yu Xiang Die pondered for a moment, then she nodded lightly, “This is a good idea indeed. But, in doing so, you will face great danger if you are exposed.”


If this plan was implemented, then the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could not enter Lang Ya Paradise with him. On the contrary, they would be required to lie in ambush and wait for news from him. They could only make a move once they received confirmation from Yang Kai.


In response, Yang Kai just smiled, “Their strongest means are the Black Ink Insects and the Black Ink Smoke. Unfortunately, both these two things are ineffective against me. The hardest part is trying to get them to accept me! That is why I asked whether the people who have been corrupted by the Black Ink can sense each other and verify each other’s identities as a result.”


Yu Chang Dao immediately understood, “Sect Master, did you collect the Black Ink Smoke into your Small Universe for this reason?”


Yang Kai nodded, “It will be for the best if they are unable to sense each other. If that’s the case, then they will have no way to judge whether I have been corrupted by the Black Ink. At that time, I only need to mention Shi Zheng and I’m sure they will not suspect me too much. But, if they have the means to sense each other…”


While saying so, he suddenly lifted his hand and a wriggling ball of Black Ink Smoke immediately appeared above his palm.


The expressions of the Masters around Yang Kai changed drastically at the sight, and they swiftly retreated.


Yang Kai quickly stored the Black Ink Smoke and chuckled, “I’m sure this will be enough to reassure them.”


Yu Xiang Die glared at Yang Kai, “Use your mouth to talk; don’t frighten others!”


“Yes, yes,” Yang Kai quickly nodded in agreement. “In any case, let me infiltrate them and figure out the truth. It will be better than attacking them head-on from the start.”


Yu Xiang Die nodded lightly before asking the crowd, “What do you think?”


Their previous plan had been much simpler, but there was no real hope of capturing the real Black Ink clansman with it. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s methods might be a little convoluted, but were more likely to eradicate the Black Ink Clan threat once and for all.


Comparing the two, the answer was obvious.


“I agree with Sect Master Yang’s proposal,” somebody said.


“And I!”


“Count me in!”



A short while later, everybody came to an agreement.


Yu Xiang Die then declared, “Since nobody has any other opinions to express, we will act according to this new plan.” She turned to look at Yang Kai, “It’s just that… doing this will not guarantee your safety. When you enter Lang Ya Paradise, you have to be very careful. We will try and figure out a way to sneak in and meet up with you.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Even if I am exposed, I can flee if I can’t win. I’m good at this kind of thing. At that time, I will need your help to clean up the situation, Seniors.”


“That’s easy enough,” Everybody nodded once more.


Yang Kai did not know whether it was only his imagination, but he seemed to sense a trace of approval in the eyes of these High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


In the past, even though he could stand on equal footing with the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and negotiate with them in certain areas, he had never received their true recognition.


For all this time, the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had always looked at him like he was a young upstart.


That was not difficult to understand though as the Cave Heavens and Paradises had spent years to achieve the prosperity, heritage, and fame they enjoyed today.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had relied on the Star Boundary’s World Tree and his status as a Star Boundary Great Emperor to obtain the right to speak to them on equal footing. Didn’t that make him a nouveau riche in the eyes of aristocratic families with a long history of inheritance?


Nevertheless, the situation was different now. Technically speaking, he could have ignored the matter related to Lang Ya Paradise as he was not part of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Although he held the title ‘Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-in-Law’, he had yet to actually marry Qu Hua Shang.


However, Yang Kai had taken the initiative to volunteer to infiltrate the enemy’s base to gather intelligence. The courage to take on such a task was not something just anyone would possess.




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