Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4757, Heartless Thief


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Countless fallen leaves rained down from above, and every leaf transformed into a sharp sword that swirled around the young man. There were at least tens of thousands of them.


Then, the young man raised the branch in his hand and pointed at Yang Kai with a burning fighting spirit!


Yang Kai’s expression naturally darkened.


Zhong Fan, whom he met earlier, had attacked him with a sledgehammer almost on sight, and now, this Senior Brother Lin whom he just met was asking him to draw his sword without any reason… 


[Is there something wrong in the head with these Lang Ya Paradise disciples?] Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking of Li Yuan Wang’s eccentric personality and sighed in amazement. [If the foundation is crooked, the roof will be too.]


Senior Brother Lin’s Sword Intent burst into flames as he stared at Yang Kai with sharp eyes, “Sword Masters are killers. This Senior Brother’s murderous intent is too strong. That is why I don’t wish to attack you, much less bully the small and weak. For Little Junior Sister’s sake, I will give you a chance to answer my question. If your answer can satisfy me, then I may be willing to show mercy to you.”


Yang Kai asked helplessly, “What do you want to ask, Senior Brother?”


Senior Brother Lin glanced at Yang Kai before glancing at Gu Pan. Then, he questioned, “Can you be faithful to Junior Sister? I advise you to answer with a ‘yes’. If you answer with a ‘no’, then you will suffer some physical pain.”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Senior Brother Lin, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood. Junior Sister Gu and I are not…”


Senior Brother Lin gave a long sigh, “Sure enough, you are a heartless thief who eats then refuses to pay! Pay with your life!”


The branch in his hand trembled slightly and thousands of fallen leaves transformed into Sword Dragons. His figure followed his sword, thrusting towards Yang Kai. Everywhere he passed, space was sliced open in his wake.


Yang Kai felt his teeth hurting. Immediately manipulating Space Principles, he grabbed Gu Pan and left with a flash.


“Where is he?” Senior Brother Lin’s attack struck nothing but air, and when he looked around, he couldn’t find Yang Kai anywhere. Thus, he frowned and pondered silently for some time before he let out a long sigh, “Who can be my opponent in this world? Life is as lonely as snow!”


After that, he went back to stand under the towering tree with his hands clasped behind his back and his head raised slightly to look up at the sky.


A fiery-red figure sped over from a distance and landed beside Senior Brother Lin a moment later. This person was a woman with a curvaceous figure and a stunning appearance. It was just that she was enveloped in a malevolent aura right now, and her entire body gave off the feeling that she could not be approached. It was a feeling that made others shudder in fright.


She landed nearby and looked around, her beautiful brow furrowing tightly. Turning to look at the only other person present, she shouted, “Lin Xuan!”


Lin Xuan turned around, but his eyes remained slightly raised towards the sky. He looked down his nose at the woman, “Oh, it’s you, Senior Sister Zhou. Can I help you?”


Senior Sister Zhou quickly said, “I heard that some bastard abandoned Little Junior Sister Gu after thoughtlessly sleeping with her. Who is it?”


Lin Xuan replied, “I think it was a guy called Yang Kai. He was here just a moment ago, but he ran away after getting beaten by me. He couldn’t even take a single blow.”


Senior Sister Zhou roared in fury, “Somebody actually did that to Junior Sister Gu!? Damn it! Where did he go!?”


Lin Xuan casually pointed in a certain direction, “I think he went that way!”


She nodded and soared into the sky, clearly intending to give pursuit; however, she soon turned around and came back. Standing in front of Lin Xuan, she studied him with a suspicious gaze.


He was confused, “Do you need something else, Senior Sister Zhou?”


“Why won’t you look at me directly? Are you looking down on me?” she asked coldly.


His head remained slightly raised, looking up at the sky, as he explained, “Of course not. It’s just that I made some mistakes while cultivating, so my meridians are blocked and I cannot lower my head.”


“So, that’s how it is!” She immediately understood. After staring at him for a short while, she suddenly reached out her hands. She placed one hand on his head and the other hand gripped his lower jaw.


Lin Xuan did not understand and thus asked, “Senior Sister Zhou, what… Gah!”


A strong force came out. Following a loud crack, his head turned half a circle. His head which was originally lifted slightly to the left was now lifted slightly to the right.


Senior Sister Zhou took three steps back and stared at him for a short while before she nodded in satisfaction, “This is much better! I’m going to teach that heartless thief a lesson!”


After declaring so, she took to the sky.


Meanwhile, Lin Xuan remained standing there. His appearance was dishevelled, and he was in so much pain that tears threatened to leak out of his eyes.


“There’s something wrong!” As Yang Kai and Gu Pan rushed through the void, numerous auras seemed to appear and disappear in their surroundings, giving Yang Kai the illusion that he was caught in enemy territory and powerful foes were lying in ambush all around him.


Gu Pan looked apologetic as she whispered, “Senior Brother Yang, I apologise. My Senior Brothers seem to have misunderstood something. It’ll be fine once I explain the situation to them later.”


Yang Kai just shook his head lightly, “There’s nothing for you to apologize for. I know I am innocent. Besides, those two Senior Brothers of yours are merely concerned about you. It’s not a problem. Huh?”


While speaking, he suddenly came to a halt. Two figures were coming towards them. It was a man and a woman, travelling side by side. The man was handsome and arrogant while the woman was beautiful and refined. Both of their movements were perfectly in sync, almost as if they came from the same mould. Even their breathing was the same.


What surprised Yang Kai even more was that these two seemed rather similar in appearance. They were most likely a pair of twins.


Those two approached Yang Kai and Gu Pan with a smile, showing no intention of stopping at all. It didn’t take long for them to arrive in front of Yang Kai, but before he could speak, the two newcomers abruptly began weaving around each other in a circular manner at lightning speed. They soon became a blur of figures that surrounded Yang Kai and Gu Pan.


Gu Pan exclaimed in astonishment, “Senior Brother Ri Hua, Senior Sister Yue Hua, what are you doing!?”


The pair did not answer, but giggling sounds soon entered Yang Kai and Gu Pan’s ears from their surroundings. The laughter that filled their ears sounded both enchanting and demonic and had the effect of disrupting their consciousness.


For a time, Yang Kai felt dizzy and groggy. Using all his strength to shake his head, he managed to suppress and dispel the effects of the noise, but when he looked up again, he saw that the pair of twins had already disappeared into the distance at a high speed. Their voices came from afar, “Hehe… Haha…”


The corners of Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he muttered, “What is with those two?”


There was no answer though. Surprised, he took a careful look around, but Gu Pan was nowhere to be seen. She had clearly been kidnapped by the man and woman pair at some point!


Watching the man and woman taking Gu Pan away, Yang Kai stood on the spot and rubbed his chin in contemplation. [Something strange is clearly going on. Are they worried that they might accidentally injure Gu Pan in a fight? Is that why they tried to take her away? Now that she is gone, will there be a mad torrent of attacks raining down on me soon?]


Yang Kai felt a terrible headache. His main purpose in coming to Lang Ya Paradise was to investigate the Black Ink Clan, so he was supposed to maintain a low profile. Why would he want to have any conflict with the Lang Ya Paradise disciples? It was just that the current situation was very troublesome indeed.


Not daring to remain in one place for too long, Yang Kai turned and sped in a certain direction. This matter had to be resolved with Li Yuan Wang’s help.


Unfortunately, before he could get far, the sturdy figure of a man appeared in front of him.


That man stood there quietly with a long sword in his hands, surrounded by an extraordinary bearing and majestic aura. More importantly, he seemed to be waiting for Yang Kai. When he sensed Yang Kai’s arrival, he opened his eyes and a flash of light seemed to cross their depths. He grinned at Yang Kai and declared, “I’m lucky indeed!”


Yang Kai frowned slightly and cupped his fist, “Void Land Yang Kai greets this Senior Brother! How should I address you, Senior Brother?”


The man answered dismissively, “Wang Gao Yang!”


“So it is Senior Brother Wang Gao Yang!” Yang Kai nodded and asked curiously, “Senior Brother Wang, how did you know I would be coming here? Why are you waiting for me here on purpose?”


Wang Gao Yang shook his head, “I didn’t, but if you ran in another direction, you would find Senior Brother Liu, Senior Brother Zhang, and Senior Brother Zhao waiting for you. That’s why I said that my luck is good indeed!”


“So, that’s how it is!” Yang Kai immediately understood. He had been surrounded on all sides like a dumpling. There were people stationed in all directions, so he was bound to encounter one of them no matter where he ran. He then frowned and said, “Senior Brother Wang, I’m afraid that there’s a misunderstanding. There is nothing going on between Junior Sister Gu and I!”


“I know!” Wang Gao Yang nodded lightly.


Yang Kai was overjoyed, “So you knew, Senior Brother Wang!”


[I finally met a normal person!] Yang Kai was filled with a sense of gratitude. [All the Lang Ya Paradise disciples are completely influenced by Li Yuan Wang. None of them can communicate properly. I’m so glad this Wang Gao Yang seems to be quite reasonable.]


“Since you know the truth, Senior Brother Wang, then…”


“It doesn’t matter whether or not it is a misunderstanding,” Wang Gao Yang interjected before Yang Kai could finish speaking. Raising his sword, he pointed at Yang Kai and said, “I heard that you’re strong! Zhao Xing of Thousand Birds Paradise died at your hands.”


Yang Kai replied grimly, “That was also a misunderstanding!”


The main reason for that incident was that Yang Kai had used too much strength and killed Zhao Xing by accident.


Wang Gao Yang grinned, “I like guys who can fight! Enough nonsense! Fight me!”


After saying that, he swung his sword downward. World Force surged, and a Sword Light sliced through the void towards Yang Kai like a whip.


Yang Kai pursed his lips with a speechless expression. He originally thought that he had encountered a normal person who could be reasoned with, but in the end, this person was still looking for a fight.


Space Principles fluctuated, but Yang Kai quickly noticed that something was wrong. Thus, he swiftly moved to dodge the Sword Light.


Wang Gao Yang moved forward with his sword, and with every step he took, he slashed out wildly. His fighting spirit burned brightly, and he roared with laughter, “How can we be unprepared when we know you are proficient in the Dao of Space? We only allowed you to escape earlier to get you to lower your guard. This whole region has been sealed with a Grand Array. Let’s see where you can run now!”


[Are all Lang Ya Paradise disciples insane!? Just to force me into taking action, they even went so far as to seal this space with a Grand Array?!]


While avoiding Wang Gao Yang’s attacks, Yang Kai earnestly tried to persuade the other party, “Senior Brother Wang, weapons have no eyes. You and I have no bad blood between us. Why must we fight such a meaningless battle?”


Wang Gao Yang turned a deaf ear. However, the Sword Light became more and more violent. In the end, his attacks turned into a raging storm that rained down on Yang Kai as he finally said, “The likes of Zhao Xing would not have survived more than ten attacks at the hands of this Wang. More than 2,000 years have passed since this Wang advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm and I am only one step away from the Seventh-Order. The strength of my heritage is incomparable to that of Zhao Xing. Junior Brother Yang, if you dare to look down on me, then you will be the only one who suffers instead.”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched at those words. This was his first time meeting a person who praised themselves during a battle. Be that as it may, what Wang Gao Yang said was true; it was impossible for Zhao Xing to be his opponent. Zhao Xing had only advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm one or two hundred years ago, so he could only be considered a newly-advanced Sixth-Order Master. On the other hand, Wang Gao Yang was a veteran Sixth-Order Master. He was not inferior to Mao Zhe and the others. In fact, he might even be superior to them.


Yang Kai sighed, “Senior Brother Wang, let’s stop here. I don’t wish to hurt you!”


The movement of Wang Gao Yang’s hands froze. Immediately after that, he roared with fury, “How dare you humiliate me!? I only planned to punish you lightly on account of your relationship with Junior Sister Gu, but since you have the gall to say that, I’ll deal with you properly!”




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