Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4758, Next


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While speaking, Wang Gao Yang charged towards Yang Kai as the World Force of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master fluctuated violently.


Yang Kai let out a long sigh. Judging by the current circumstances, it was impossible to avoid this fight. The Lang Ya Paradise disciples even went so far as to use a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array. If he continued to avoid the situation, he would only become more and more passive. Compared to that outcome, he might as well go wild and reveal his true strength. That might make them back down instead.


He took a deep breath and reached his hand out. The Azure Dragon Spear appeared in the palm of his hand, and he quickly said, “Senior Brother Wang, if you insist on fighting, then please excuse my discourtesy!”


When the words left his mouth, the spear stabbed forward.


Wang Gao Yang’s eyes lit up, “Good!”


Sword Light surged and covered the entire sky; however, the excitement in Wang Gao Yang’s eyes quickly turned solemn before it was replaced by shock. That was because the Sword Light that filled the sky abruptly disappeared into nothing when it stabbed towards his opponent.


On the other hand, an extremely majestic World Force came from the front. This force caused him to feel an involuntary sense of suffocation.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Following the sound of explosions, a violent force erupted and a brilliant light spread out. Wang Gao Yang’s figure was steadily pushed back. 


[I’m not his opponent at all!] There was an incredulous expression on Wang Gao Yang’s face. He was at the peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. In other words, he was only one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


It was not as though there were no other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who were stronger than him in Lang Ya Paradise, but there were definitely not many of them. He originally believed that he could defeat Yang Kai easily. Who could have expected this outcome instead?


[Is this really the strength that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master can exert!?]


Every single collision shook his Small Universe to the core; moreover, the next wave of attacks slammed into him before he even had the time to catch his breath.


When Yang Kai first advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm outside the Shadowless Cave Heaven, even an existence like Mao Zhe was no match for him. Since then, how much stronger had he become compared to the past?


It was true that Wang Gao Yang was strong. Unfortunately, his strength could only be said to be on par with Mao Zhe, so how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?


Beneath the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai could be said to be invincible. He even stood a fighting chance against a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master if he transformed into his Grand Dragon Form. Otherwise, he could not have lasted for so long during his battle with Shi Zheng.


Thanks to the protection of the World Spring in his Small Universe, there was no need for him to worry about it being shaken by the impacts from opponents in the same Order.


In contrast, Wang Gao Yang soon began to falter under the brutal collision of powers. His Small Universe became unstable, and the flow of his World Force became obstructed. Consequently, the power that he could exert was affected too.


Therefore, he looked extremely vexed. He had never encountered an opponent like Yang Kai before.


Under the never-ending attacks, he retreated steadily and hurriedly shouted, “Wait…”


“Get down!” Yang Kai ignored Wang Gao Yang and the Azure Dragon Spear slammed down wildly with the force of a falling mountain.


Wang Gao Yang raised his sword in defence. There was a loud explosion, then his entire figure plummeted like a falling meteor as he crashed downward.


As Wang Gao Yang was blown away, he didn’t forget to shout at the top of his lungs, “Yang Kai! How dare you abandon Junior Sister Gu after thoughtlessly sleeping with her!? I will never forgive you even if I die!”


The thunderous voice resounded across the void as Yang Kai’s expression instantly turned as black as the bottom of a pot.


[This guy… Even after losing the battle, he does not forget to disgust me one last time!] He felt a slight twinge of regret. [I held back too much. I should have beat him up so badly that he can never speak another word again.]


“Bastard, I’ve finally found you!” A coquettish shout rang out at that moment, accompanied by a fiery-red figure who charged straight at Yang Kai. Without giving Yang Kai any time to react, a pair of tender fists smashed down on his head with an incomparably violent force.


This person was none other than Senior Sister Zhou, who met up with Lin Xuan earlier!


Rushing over from Lin Xuan’s place, she arrived just in time to see Yang Kai defeating Wang Gao Yang. She initially wanted to question Yang Kai thoroughly about the situation; after all, it would have been a happy and beautiful matter if Yang Kai and Gu Pan were in love with each other.


However, thanks to Wang Gao Yang’s remark, she immediately believed that Yang Kai had done something indecent, so how could she be in the mood for careful questioning? They could talk after she beat him up first!


Hence, a vicious wave of Fist Qi swept towards Yang Kai. He immediately held his spear horizontally across his chest in defence.


Following two consecutive explosions, he was sent flying backwards. An indescribably terrifying force ran rampant inside his body, causing the vitality in his chest to churn fiercely.


Meanwhile, Senior Sister Zhou was unforgiving. She stuck so close to him that it was almost as though she was his shadow. Her fists transformed into fist shadows that covered the entire sky, bombarding him indiscriminately with a series of attacks.


For a time, he was beaten so badly that he could barely react out of shock!


This woman who came out of nowhere was much stronger than Wang Gao Yang. Furthermore, her fighting style was simple but brutal. Her punches were not only fast, but each one was also packed with an intense Intent and the World Force of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Any ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be defeated quickly against this kind of opponent.


Having lost the initiative, Yang Kai could only defend desperately. Hundreds of punches struck his body in the short span of a few breaths, and he suffered so much pain that he grimaced.


Fortunately, her attacks did not seem to carry any killing intent. It would seem that she came with the intention of punishing him.


A short while later, Senior Sister Zhou stopped attacking and stood there looking at Yang Kai as she said coldly, “Follow me to go and meet Junior Sister Gu. You will obediently apologise to her and reflect on your mistakes, then you will write a letter to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to cancel your marriage with Qu Hua Shang. If you do that, then this incident will end here!”


Yang Kai shook his head hard, causing a series of cracking sounds to come from his entire body. Looking up at her, he grinned widely, “You are the first woman to ever punch me like this!”


The corners of her mouth lifted, “If you refuse to comply, then I’ll punch you even harder!”


“In that case, I’ll be looking forward to your performance!” A sense of aggression surged in Yang Kai’s heart.


Senior Sister Zhou’s expression became colder upon hearing those words as she asked, “Is Qu Hua Shang that great? You would rather take a beating than dissolve your marriage to her?”


Yang Kai shook his head in response and declared, “There is nothing going on between Junior Sister Gu and I. You are the ones who have misunderstood something!”


She gritted her teeth, “It might have been a misunderstanding if only one person had this misconception, but are you saying that so many people have misunderstood you? You really are a heartless thief after all!! Little Junior Sister is too naïve! Why did she fall for somebody like you!? Good! I’m going to beat you half to death! Let’s see if you will reflect on your mistakes when you’re lying bloody on the ground!”


As soon as the words left her mouth, she charged towards him once more. Contrary to her expectations though, Yang Kai did not avoid her charge. He even put away the Azure Dragon Spear in his hands and raised his fists to meet her attacks. 


In an instant, the two became locked in a brutal melee, their respective World Forces exploding out wantonly.




“They’ve begun fighting!” In front of a Grand Hall, Li Yuan Wang stood with his hands behind his back as he looked out into the distance. His gaze seemed capable of breaking the barriers of space to clearly see what was happening far away. Next to him stood Gao Ting, one of the three Vice Sect Masters in Lang Ya Paradise.


Gao Ting was also looking in the direction of the battlefield, and upon hearing those words, she turned to look at Li Yuan Wang and asked, “Is this really okay? Yang Kai killed a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm in the past. The children in the Sect won’t be his opponents.”


Li Yuan Wang chuckled, “Of course they’re not his opponents!”


Gao Ting frowned, “Be careful, or you might break their confidence!”


“I want to break their confidence a little, lest they mistakenly believe that they are amazing just because they come from one of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. The 3,000 Worlds has been at peace for so long that the disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises are lacking in real training. They all believe that they stand above the others, refusing to look at those who did not come from a Cave Heaven or a Paradise. If turmoil breaks out one day, they are bound to suffer badly at this rate.”


Gao Ting’s scowl grew deeper, “Is the situation that serious?”


Li Yuan Wang shook his head, “It’s hard to say. Everything is murky right now, but it’s always better to prepare just in case.”


Gao Ting fell silent for some time and did not say anything else. She had initially wanted to stop this whole farce, but there was no reason to stop them if Li Yuan Wang, who was the Sect Master himself, planned to use Yang Kai for training purposes. Besides, facing some setbacks while growing up might not be a bad thing.


“How did the Ancestor respond?” Li Yuan Wang suddenly asked via Divine Sense.


Gao Ting replied, “The Ancestor said that you should go ahead with your plans. He will bear the responsibility!”


Li Yuan Wang nodded lightly, but his gaze was filled with pain, “Who knows how many people will die in Lang Ya Paradise? I hope not too many must be killed.”




In the void, the battle was in full swing! All of a sudden, the two intertwined figures broke apart.


An unusual flush spread across Senior Sister Zhou’s face. She gritted her teeth and glared at Yang Kai, “I’m a woman! How dare you hit me!? I’ll kill you!”


Then, she lunged at Yang Kai with even greater ferocity; however, it didn’t take more than a few breaths for her to be sent flying through the void.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood alone with the air of a person who could hold himself against thousands of men with his strength alone and coldly snorted, “Next!”


A figure flew over and grabbed Senior Sister Zhou by the waist. He looked at her with a warm gaze and asked, “Are you okay?”


She turned away, refusing to let this person see the black eye she was sporting. In fact, she seemed rather bashful as she muttered, “I can’t beat him. This bastard might have a lousy character, but he is indeed very strong.” 


The person who came exclaimed, “I’m going to take care of him! 


“Be careful, Senior Brother Zhao!” She reminded him.


Senior Brother Zhao nodded and released his grip around her. With every step he took, the World Force aura around him became thicker as his momentum rose higher and higher.


Yang Kai turned to look at this person with a solemn expression.


Senior Brother Zhao stood ten paces in front of Yang Kai. His majestic World Force surging madly, pressing down on Yang Kai as though trying to put pressure on him.


Yang Kai remained motionless, simply standing there quietly as he stared at Senior Brother Zhao in return.


A short while later, Senior Brother Zhao frowned, “Why did you hit a woman?”


He initially wanted to use his rich World Force to intimidate Yang Kai, but who could have known that the other party would be so resilient in the face of his strength? It was only then that he realised his opponent was not an easy target. It made sense when he thought about it. If Yang Kai was such an easy target, Junior Sister Zhou would not have been defeated.


“Sorry…” Yang Kai suddenly muttered with resignation in his voice.


Senior Brother Zhao nodded in satisfaction, “It’s good that you can reflect on your mistakes! But, you shouldn’t be saying these words to me. You should say them to Junior Sister Zhou and Junior Sister Gu instead.”


Yang Kai said, “I’m saying it to you.”


Senior Brother Zhao was surprised, “Why?” 


Yang Kai suddenly stretched out a hand. Mid-motion, his hand turned into a fist and he punched it out lightly as he shouted, “Cow Punch!”


Senior Brother Zhao instantly widened his eyes, reacting as though he had been struck by lightning. Opening his mouth, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and at the same time, his body staggered backwards.


Yang Kai sighed in a sorrowful manner, “Activating your World Force so recklessly will only reveal all your flaws to me! I couldn’t help myself. Sorry, Senior Brother!”


Yang Kai could only use his Cow Punch if he could trace back his opponent’s aura to its source. In other words, he had to track the other party’s World Force to their Small Universe in order to attack the latter directly.


In the midst of a fierce battle where World Force was moulded into attacks that were swiftly thrown at each other, it might have taken Yang Kai some effort to prepare; however, Senior Brother Zhao had recklessly and unscrupulously mobilised his World Force in front of Yang Kai. That was equivalent to pointing Yang Kai in the direction of the answer without the slightest concealment.


With one punch, Senior Brother Zhao was defeated!




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