Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4759, No One Dares To Fight


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All the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters watching this battle from the shadows were horrified.


They had witnessed Yang Kai’s battles against Wang Gao Yang and Senior Sister Zhou just now; hence, there was no denying Yang Kai’s strength. Even veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Wang Gao Yang and Senior Sister Zhou were not his opponents. Nevertheless, the strength Yang Kai displayed had still been within the range of their cognition.


On the contrary, this most recent scene was simply too unbelievable. Senior Brother Zhao, who was significantly stronger than Wang Gao Yang and Senior Sister Zhou, was defeated by a single punch from the enemy and suffered severe injuries on the spot!


[Is he really in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm!? Isn’t he a Seventh-Order Master hiding his cultivation?!] Be that as it may, the energy fluctuations coming from Yang Kai’s body clearly indicated that he was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Bystanders might not know why Senior Brother Zhao became injured all of a sudden, but Senior Brother Zhao himself understood clearly. Although that punch seemed almost powerless, a ferocious force had exploded within his Small Universe in that moment. It caused his Small Universe to shake and tumble, leading his World Force to almost go berserk as a result.


“Next!” In the void, Yang Kai looked around with a majestic and imposing air.


Many of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were eager to make a move earlier, had gone quiet now. Wang Gao Yang, Senior Sister Zhou, and Senior Brother Zhao had all been defeated; therefore, Yang Kai’s strength caused them to feel despair.


How could a cultivator who was not from any of the Cave Heavens or Paradises be so powerful? As far as they knew, the Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises had always been stronger than ordinary cultivators. That was because their heritage was different. Within the same Order, unless there was a huge gap in accumulation, the disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises would always be stronger.


Therefore, all the onlookers felt extremely vexed inside their hearts.


Not only had Yang Kai toyed with the feelings of their adorable Little Junior Sister Gu Pan, but after thoughtlessly sleeping with her, he had the gall to abandon her! What’s more, he was unscrupulously and defiantly flaunting his strength in front of them now!


Even though they wanted to help seek justice for Gu Pan, they could not defeat Yang Kai. Going up against him would only bring more humiliation upon themselves. It was to the point where they had already disgraced Lang Ya Paradise completely at this point.


A figure stood on one of the Spirit Provinces, watching the scene from afar. He could not help frowning slightly at the sight. A short while later, he gave a small sigh. Taking a step forward, his figure instantly blurred in place. His movements were neither hurried nor slow, but his speed was extremely fast. By the time he took his second step, he was already standing in the void. On his third step, he had already arrived in front of Yang Kai. His black hair was dishevelled from the wind, but his figure was stalwart and upright. More importantly, his World Force surged fiercely around him.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at this person and grinned, “The heritage of the Cave Heavens and Paradises is indeed extraordinary!”


The people who came to challenge him were each stronger than the last. It started off with Wang Gao Yang, followed by Senior Sister Zhou, and then Senior Brother Zhao. And now, this person’s aura was even more powerful than the previous three.


“Senior Brother Le Mang! It’s Senior Brother Le Mang!” Somebody exclaimed from the shadows.


“Senior Brother Le Mang finally showed up! That bastard is going to get his just desserts!” Another person exclaimed in delight.


“How dare he bully the people of Lang Ya Paradise? That brat is too arrogant! He must be beaten so badly that he vomits three litres of blood!”


“Can Senior Brother Le Mang win against him? I just hope he doesn’t lose. That will really cause Lang Ya Paradise to lose all face….”


“Bah! Sect Master once said that Senior Brother Le Mang is the strongest person beneath the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm in Lang Ya Paradise! How could he possibly fail to defeat that brat!? Not to mention, Senior Brother Le Mang effortlessly took first place in the Sect’s Martial Arts Meeting 300 years ago.”


“True! Don’t hold back against him, Senior Brother Le Mang! Beat him up until his face is black and blue!”


When this Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Le Mang appeared, many Divine Senses surged and interweaved in the surrounding void as the others chatted passionately with each other.


Yang Kai glanced at Le Mang, “Looks like you’re quite popular in Lang Ya Paradise!”


Le Mang chuckled, “As the Eldest Senior Brother, I have to act like the Eldest Senior Brother.”


Yang Kai suddenly recalled the memory of his training in the Divine Armament World and nodded lightly, “I was also an Eldest Senior Brother for a time.”


Le Mang’s eyes brightened slightly, “I’m sure we will have many common topics to talk about.”


“For example?” Yang Kai looked at Le Mang with a smile.


Le Mang replied, “For example, enmity should be resolved rather than settled. In my opinion, this dispute is unnecessary. Why don’t you just apologise to Junior Sister Gu or something, Junior Brother? Then, we can exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk instead. What do you think?”


Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I had no intention of starting a fight in Lang Ya Paradise. It’s just that your Fellow Brothers refuse to listen to my explanation.”


Le Mang said, “But, you have to admit to your mistakes if you made a mistake. In this world, it is normal for a man and a woman to love each other. If you can remain faithful to Junior Sister Gu, the Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters will not make things difficult for you. Junior Sister Gu is young and it has not been long since she started cultivating. In the eyes of us Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, she is no more than a little girl. Nobody is willing to let her suffer any grievances. If anybody were to wrong her, then that person will be our enem… gah!” Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly raised a hand to clutch at his eyes. He stared at Yang Kai incredulously, “Junior Brother, why did you hit me? I was still speaking!”


Yang Kai raised his fist, which was as large as a pot, and pondered in silence for a moment, “I apologise, I couldn’t hold back. Please continue.”


Le Mang glanced at Yang Kai suspiciously before he continued, “I’ve heard about you and Qu Hua Shang, but it doesn’t matter. You have not completed your marriage ceremony yet, so you can just write a letter to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to call off this marriage. The reputation of the Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples is not very good. How can Qu Hua Shang compare to Little Junior Sister… guh… why did you hit me again!?” He clutched at his other eye and complained a little unhappily, “Are you planning to hear me out?”


Yang Kai was already lunging forward like a tiger rushing down the mountain as he grinned, “You can continue speaking, I’ll just start attacking…”


Le Mang was furious, “Won’t I suffer a huge loss then!?”


While speaking, he charged forward to meet Yang Kai’s attack. Their World Forces collided with each other, and their figures became entangled like spinning tops. For a time, they soared up, down, left, and right, their battle spreading out in all directions across the void.


The rumbling sounds of their battle rang out incessantly, and terrifying energy fluctuations swept out across the world. The two figures moved so fast that most people could not see how the battle was going. There was no telling who was winning and who was losing.


In just a few dozen breaths of time though, the two figures suddenly separated. One person stood proudly while the other collapsed in a miserable state.


The spectators anxiously turned to look in that direction, but the sight that entered their eyes made their blood run cold. The person standing tall in the void was none other than Yang Kai. On the other hand, the person who had been knocked down was the strongest Master beneath the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in Lang Ya Paradise, Le Mang.


Le Mang’s pitiful voice came from afar, “I might not be able to win against you, but my words are logical and reasonable. Will you admit your mistakes!?”


Yang Kai ignored Le Mang and looked around his surroundings like an eagle staring at a pack of wolves as he asked in a grim voice, “Who else?”


Silence reigned as not a single Open Heaven Realm Master hiding in the shadows answered.


Even Senior Brother Le Mang was no match for Yang Kai, so who else among the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise could defeat him? Thinking about it again, during the battle between Yang Kai and Senior Brother Le Mang earlier, the winner was decided in no more than a few dozen breaths of time! In other words, the gap between their strength was immense. It would have been impossible for the battle to end so quickly otherwise.


It was difficult to believe that an outsider could be so arrogant in their home; unfortunately, Yang Kai was outrageously strong. The Lang Ya Paradise disciples were filled with rage, grief, and indignation. In the battle today, Lang Ya Paradise had been thoroughly disgraced.


“Hmph! Is there no one who dares to fight amongst you?!” Yang Kai declared arrogantly.


All the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise hiding in the shadows felt their faces twitch upon hearing those words. They were already filled with rage and indignation in the first place, but they had no choice but to admit that the opponent was truly powerful; after all, he openly won against the person who was deemed the strongest Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the Sect. That was why they could only hold back their rage no matter how humiliated they felt.


Nevertheless, on the Martial Dao, one generally grew braver after suffering humiliation! Not to mention, this brat just had to add fuel to the fire. He was being far too disrespectful towards Lang Ya Paradise. How could they bear such humiliation!?


“Everybody, attack together! Kill!” A furious roar came from the void and a figure emerged and charged straight towards Yang Kai. His expression was filled with a malevolent aura!


Immediately after that, the second figure emerged, followed by the third and then a fourth…


Yang Kai looked up and saw countless Sixth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters charging towards him. There were people coming from all directions, and they surrounded him tightly in the blink of an eye.


He immediately broke out in cold sweat at the sight. Everywhere he looked, there were Open Heaven Realm Masters surrounding him with savage expressions. Some were threateningly pounding their fists against their palm with loud thudding sounds. Others were grinning at him ferociously while sliding their fingers across their necks in an extremely vivid and threatening gesture.


Forcing himself to calm down, Yang Kai shouted righteously, “Ganging up against me when you can’t win alone… Have you no shame!?”


Despite their anger, they were still Lang Ya Paradise disciples after all, so when Yang Kai questioned them in that manner, many of them looked embarrassed. That was indeed the case. Since they could not defeat him alone, then they could only use numbers. It would be bad for their reputation if word got out about this incident.


“He is a person who has no care for dignity and abandons a woman after thoughtlessly defiling her! He is worthy of public punishment!” Somebody roared furiously.


“Right! That’s right! All have the right to punish such an evildoer!” Somebody else quickly nodded in agreement.


“Don’t waste time talking nonsense with him! Attack together!”


As soon as those words rang out, countless Sixth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters charged forward at the same time and buried Yang Kai in the blink of an eye.


A chaotic mess of World Forces fluctuated as the sound of punches and kicks rang out incessantly. Although many people were sent flying backwards, the openings this created were quickly filled by others.


Somebody who could not squeeze their way in from the outside became so anxious that they hopped from side to side. Whilst trying to squeeze their way in, they even shouted, “Senior Brothers, please move aside! Let me punch him once or twice to vent my anger!”


Yang Kai, who was being kicked and punched by the mob surrounding him, felt as though his lungs were about to burst from fury when he heard that statement.


If this were a life-or-death fight, he might have suffered a disastrous ending after being surrounded by so many people; however, he also might have been able to kill his way out of this encirclement. Regardless of the outcome, he would surely end up heavily injured while Lang Ya Paradise suffered countless casualties.


Unfortunately, this was not a real life-or-death fight. The Lang Ya Paradise disciples might be using a dishonourable method, but they held back in terms of their strength. One should not be fooled by how eager they seemed at the thought of slashing Yang Kai to a million pieces in order to relieve the hatred in their hearts. When they actually made a move against him, none of them dealt a serious or fatal blow. The force behind those punches and kicks could only cause him to suffer some flesh wounds at the most. Nevertheless, it was enough to teach him a lesson.


The kicking and punching continued, and there was no saying how many blows Yang Kai suffered with each passing moment. Fortunately, it did not matter too much since he had his Dragon Scale Armour to protect himself. These clothes were the manifestation of his Dragon Scales, so their defensive properties were extraordinary.


It was just that he could not protect his face. Some of the less scrupulous ones would specifically aim for this obvious opening, and the punches that struck him there left stars spinning around in his eyes.




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