Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4760, Public Outrage


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When a Dragon Roar rang out, a violent coercive force that was nearly tangible swept out in all directions. Numerous figures were sent flying, revealing Yang Kai who stood in the centre of the crowd that was besieging him.


At this moment, Yang Kai’s face was bruised, and his eyes were so swollen that they were no more than slits on his face. His entire appearance was a dishevelled mess. Glaring at the people around him angrily, he shouted through gritted teeth, “You’re all too much! Do you take this Yang as somebody who is weak and easy to bully!? If anybody else dares to take a step forward, then don’t blame this Yang for retaliating mercilessly!”


The countless Open Heaven Realm Masters who were pushed back earlier stared at him for a moment. Then… all of them charged forward again without saying a single word.


“Shameless!” Yang Kai cursed. His figure dropped downward all of a sudden. When he had fallen by several thousand metres, he abruptly turned around and fled in a certain direction to break out of their encirclement.


Numerous streams of lights followed closely behind him, sticking to him like shadows. Various Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques blasted in his direction as somebody even yelled, “Don’t let that bastard escape!”


He dodged their attacks desperately. It felt as though he had fallen into a sea of Lang Ya Paradise disciples, and there was no way for him to outrun the people chasing behind him.


After suffering the defeat earlier, Yang Kai no longer dared to remain in one place for long. He would only be mobbed by the crowd again if he was surrounded once more. No matter how powerful he was, he could not fight against so many of Lang Ya Paradise’s elite disciples. More importantly, there was no life-or-death hatred between them, so the methods he could use were severely restricted.


Lang Ya Paradise boasted an inheritance that lasted for countless years and had been listed as one of the 72 Paradises since ancient times. Be that as it may, there had never been a day when it was as lively as today in recent history.


On one of the Spirit Provinces, a group of weaker Lang Ya Paradise disciples were listening to the teachings of an Open Heaven Realm Master. These disciples were in the Emperor Realm and below. Although their cultivation was low, they were the future of Lang Ya Paradise. The Martial Uncle instructing them was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. His teachings were generally explained using simple terms so that the disciples could benefit from his lecture.


Just as he reached an interesting point in the story he was teaching, a stream of light rushed past above their heads at the speed of lightning. All the students looked up in confusion, but the one teaching shouted sternly, “The greatest obstacle in the path of cultivation is being distracted. You should remain focused at all times!”


“Yes!” The disciples replied respectfully and quickly returned to their seats to listen intently.


*Shua shua shua…* Countless streams of light flew overhead after, during which someone could be heard shouted, “Quick! Hurry up! Senior Brother is restraining that brat up ahead! The bastard dared to toy with Little Junior Sister Gu’s feelings and refuses to pay after eating!”


“What!?” The Martial Uncle instructing the disciples below became livid upon hearing those words. He stood up and yelled, “How dare somebody toy with Junior Sister Gu’s feelings!? Which shameless man dares to do that!?”


After saying that, he too rushed into the sky.


The disciples sitting below looked at each other. What happened to the words he said earlier about how the largest obstacle in the path of cultivation was distraction and that they should remain focused at all times?


The Martial Uncle instructing the disciples abruptly turned back and looked at the group of disciples, “This is the end of today’s lesson. Go back and cultivate on your own. This Martial Uncle has something important to do right now. I will resume the lecture tomorrow!”


He left again after saying that.


The disciples immediately exploded in discussion with someone saying, “Did you hear that? One of the Martial Uncles claimed that somebody toyed with Martial Aunt Gu’s feelings! Who is this Martial Aunt Gu?”


“I know!” A female disciple said, “It’s that Martial Aunt who advanced directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm and is expected to become an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the future! She has a very high status in the Sect!”


“Just who is so daring as to do something like that?”, 


“I’m afraid that person will suffer a disastrous end!”


“Hmph! If I meet that guy, I will definitely teach him a lesson! I hate heartless thieves who abandon a woman after thoughtless sex the most! If I can get a lover, I will definitely cherish her for the rest of my life!”


“Who abandoned whom after thoughtless sex!? Tell me! Who abandoned whom!?” A voice suddenly rang out from behind the disciples.


The crowd looked over in surprise only to see a young man standing behind them. His face was so bruised and swollen that his eyes were no more than slits on his face; still, it was clear he was currently glaring furiously at the person who spoke just now.


“You are…” That person who spoke earlier looked suspicious. [I’ve never met this person before. Who is he?]


In the midst of his confusion, the swollen-faced newcomer raised a palm and slapped the one who spoke. A powerful force descended from the skies, and the person who spoke earlier was slammed to the ground with his limbs spread out around him.


“An Open Heaven Realm Master!” The disciples were horrified.


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I hate people like you who chatter away so confidently when you know nothing! Junior Sister Gu and I are innocent! What do you mean by abandoning her after thoughtlessly sleeping with her!?”


[This is the person all those Martial Uncles and Martial Aunts are chasing! Why is he here? Then, who is the person they were chasing?]


One of the female disciples swiftly used a Secret Technique and screamed loudly without the slightest hesitation, “Martial Uncles, save us! That heartless thief is here!”


Although she was not particularly powerful, she was still in the Emperor Realm, so how could the Open Heaven Realm Masters nearby fail to hear her shout? The crowd had been chasing Yang Kai when they suddenly lost sight of him, so they were currently searching for his whereabouts. Upon hearing that scream, they immediately came rushing over. Countless streams of light instantly entered Yang Kai’s field of vision once more.


Yang Kai felt his entire body ache at the sight. Glaring at the female disciple, he was astonished to see that the other party actually returned the glare without showing any weaknesses.


“Good, good, very good! You are all too excellent for words!” He gritted his teeth and quickly turned to flee. Needless to say, he did not cause trouble for the disciples in the Emperor Realm and the Dao Source Realm. That would be too unreasonable.


Seeing as he was proficient in the Dao of Sace, Yang Kai could easily escape his pursuers with his Instantaneous Movements once he fled out of the area covered by the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array; however, it didn’t take long for them to discover his whereabouts again.


It was not that Yang Kai’s ability was poor, but rather that he was at an extreme disadvantage due to the overwhelming number of enemies. No matter where he escaped, he would soon be found once more. Then, it would only take a shout for the many hunting Open Heaven Realm Masters to come rushing after him again.


[This is a mess…] Yang Kai was feeling a little speechless. He only came to Lang Ya Paradise to investigate the presence of those corrupted by the Black Ink Clan. Not only did he have no clues regarding those corrupted though, but now he was running around like a rat in the streets with all of Lang Ya Paradise trying to hunt him down.


The attention on him was too great at the moment, so he had to lay low for a few days. It would not be too late to reveal himself again once the commotion had died down.


Needless to say, Yang Kai could not return to Gu Pan’s place. She would surely have many Open Heaven Realm Masters monitoring her, so if he showed up, he would simply be forced to run again. It would only lead to an endless cycle.


[But… the most dangerous place is also often the safest place.] After thinking for some time, Yang Kai quickly came up with a brilliant idea.


A short while later, Yang Kai sank to the bottom of the enormous lake in the Spirit Province where Gu Pan resided. He concealed his aura and pretended to be one of the rocks. 


[Nobody will find me if I hide here, right?]


Thinking back on everything that happened today, Yang Kai felt extremely vexed. He came here for the safety of Lang Ya Paradise only to be hunted to the ends of the Earth by them instead. Not to mention, he was beaten up by a large group of Open Heaven Realm Masters. His face was still bruised and swollen from the encounter. [I will definitely have a talk with Li Yuan Wang about this matter. I’m going to make him compensate me dearly for my losses!]


From time to time, Yang Kai would sense the movements of several Open Heaven Realm Masters passing by overheard. It was obvious that the Masters of Lang Ya Paradise were searching for his whereabouts.


In the beginning, the frequency of the Open Heaven Realm Masters passing by overhead was very high; however, with the passage of time, the frequency slowly reduced. It could be seen that the Open Heaven Realm Masters were slowly calming down, so they stopped trying so hard to find him.


After a few days, Yang Kai finally stopped detecting the traces of Open Heaven Realm Masters passing by overhead. Thus, his worries were gradually laid to rest.


Senior Sister Zhou landed on top of a certain Spirit Province. There were several people waiting for her below who cupped their fists in greeting as soon as they saw her, “Senior Sister Zhou.”


“How is it? Did you find any clues?” She asked.


They shook their heads in response, “We can’t find him. That brat is too good at hiding. We can’t detect his aura at all.”


She gnashed her teeth at those words, “I heard from Junior Sister Gu that he is very skilled at the Dao of Space, and excelled at escaping. It would now seem that those words were true!”


“Senior Sister Zhou, let’s just forget it. He is a guest after all. Besides, it’s a fact that we can’t defeat him. Having so many Fellow Brothers bullying him together is simply unreasonable!”


She glared at the person who spoke, “Bully him? Just who bullied whom? That bastard doesn’t even put Lang Ya Paradise in his eyes. Did you forget who claimed that he was invincible in Lang Ya Paradise?”


The others lowered their heads at those words. It had truly been a humiliating experience whenever they recalled that scene. They had to acknowledge Yang Kai’s strength, but it was too much for him to claim that there was not a single person who could fight him in Lang Ya Paradise. If that was not the case, they would not have ganged up on him in the first place.


“But, even if we find him, there is no guarantee that we can do anything to him with our strengths,” somebody said, “We each have our own respective duties to complete. Despite searching for the past several days, our efforts have been futile and we only managed to accumulate a bunch of unfinished tasks as a result. That’s the reason why many of us have already given up the search.”


Senior Sister Zhou’s brow furrowed tightly. What was said was true. She had fought Yang Kai herself, so she knew just how strong he was. With their current numbers alone, they might not be his opponent at all, but she simply couldn’t bear this rage and indignity!


At that moment, the Disciple Token hanging at her waist suddenly flashed a burst of light. It was not just her, the same was also true for the other disciples. She was stunned as she muttered, “An announcement from the Master Sect…”


The Disciple Token was not just a symbol of their identity; it could also be used to pass messages and information between each other. If only her token had reacted, then it might have been somebody sending her a private message. However, everybody’s tokens reacted at the same time, which could only mean that it was an announcement from Lang Ya Paradise.


Holding up their tokens, they all poured their Divine Senses into them. A short while later, their expressions became strange.


Senior Sister Zhou couldn’t help bursting into laughter, “That bastard surnamed Yang, let’s see if you don’t die now!”


The others also looked excited, “It looks like his actions have enraged the Sect Master. That’s why the Sect Master is mobilising all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise to deal with him!


“Won’t that be bad?” Somebody hesitated.


“It is the Sect Master’s orders. What’s so bad about it? What’s more, if we can capture him, then we will have the opportunity to enter the Five Lights World for training! Don’t you want to go?”


“Of course, I do! How can I not want that? The last time Senior Brother Zhao entered the Five Lights World for training, his cultivation rose significantly! It’s a pity that too many people are waiting in line. Even if I could join the line now, it would be hundreds of years before my turn.”


“If you want that opportunity, then don’t hesitate! Let’s form a team. The Sect Master said that there is no limit to the means or the number of people who can act. As long as those who work together succeed at capturing Yang Kai, then they will all be given priority to enter the Five Lights World for training!” Senior Sister Zhou clenched her tender fists with a cracking sound.


“We will follow Senior Sister Zhou!” Several people quickly nodded in agreement.




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