Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4761, What Are His Intentions


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Inside the Grand Hall, Li Yuan Wang held a steaming cup of tea in his hands. Blowing on his tea, he took a sip and swallowed with a gulp. It was a blissful feeling!


One of the three Vice Sect Masters, Gao Ting, glanced sideways at Li Yuan Wang, “Sect Master, doing this… Aren’t you going overboard!?”


Li Yuan Wang had sent a message to all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Gao Ting herself had also received the message, in which the contents were written as clear as day, “Void Land’s Lord, Yang Kai, displayed extremely defiant and arrogant behaviour recently. Not only did he come to Lang Ya Paradise and cause trouble, but his actions also greatly disgraced the Main Sect. Therefore, I order all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise to capture him quickly. There are no limits on the means or number of people involved. Moreover, anybody who has a hand in capturing Yang Kai will be rewarded with an opportunity to train in the Five Lights World!”


Gao Ting had been stunned upon seeing this message.


This entire farce started out as a small misunderstanding between the disciples. In addition, Yang Kai had remained hidden somewhere to avoid the limelight over the past few days. The Open Heaven Realm Masters pursuing him earlier were beginning to return to their positions and resume their duties, so it seemed that this farce was about to come to an end.


Who could have known that Li Yuan Wang would make a move at such a critical moment? How could the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise ignore the Sect Master’s orders? What’s more, the prize at the end was the opportunity to enter the Five Lights World!


At this rate, all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise would participate. Even the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters might get involved…


“How is it going overboard? It’s perfect!” Li Yuan Wang continued drinking his tea without even raising his head.


Gao Ting sighed, “Sect Master, the situation is getting out of hand. I’m afraid it won’t end well.”


“It will be fine!” Li Yuan Wang smiled and waved his hand dismissively, “In fact, it would be best if things got out of hand. We can take advantage of the ruckus to catch a bigger fish…”


Upon hearing this, Gao Ting looked pensive and nodded after a moment, “I understand your intentions now, Sect Master.” Pausing slightly, he continued with a question, “But, Sect Master, are you sure you are not using official matters to exact your personal revenge? You should know that the rumours are just a misunderstanding, right?”


Li Yuan Wang chuckled, “Of course, I know. Don’t you think I understand what kind of person Pan’er is?”


Gao Ting looked at Li Yuan Wang speechlessly, [If you didn’t grit your teeth and look like you were about to tear someone apart when you were saying those words, I might have believed you! You’re clearly using this opportunity to get your revenge!]


It was true that the Sect Master knew that the rumours were just a misunderstanding; nevertheless, such rumours were damaging to Gu Pan’s reputation. It was only natural that he wanted to teach that brat a lesson.


Li Yuan Wang suddenly became serious, “I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that I want to muddy the waters further so that boy can work easily. The second reason is that I want the Lang Ya Paradise disciples to know what it means to always have somebody better than them out there.”


Gao Ting spoke against his conscience, “Sect Master is indeed wise. In that case, let us wait for good news.”


Beneath the huge lake, Yang Kai calmly lurked in his hiding place. He could no longer sense the auras of the Open Heaven Realm Masters passing overhead recently, so the storm was probably over; even so, he did not reveal himself so quickly just to be on the safe side. He planned to remain in hiding for a few more days.


However, all of a sudden, a large group of people radiating tyrannical energy fluctuations suddenly passed by overhead. Their Divine Senses were spread out into the surroundings, searching every corner of the area.


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed at the sight as these people were clearly searching for him. [Why are they so persistent? This is so annoying…]


He was secretly glad that he did not reveal himself so rashly, or he would have faced another round of trouble; hence, he continued to wait in hiding.


Yang Kai soon realised that something was wrong though. Logically speaking, he had remained in hiding for so many days now that the Lang Ya Paradise disciples should have given up on their efforts by now. There were no life-or-death grudges between them after all. Even if he beat up a few people, they had returned just as many hits; therefore, they could be considered even.


Those who could cultivate to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm were not petty and small-minded people who would go around recklessly forming blood feuds. In fact, there was a chance that they might become friends after exchanging blows.


Who could have known that Lang Ya Paradise would be so persistent? That was not all. The storm that had gradually subsided suddenly took a turn for the worse, and even more people began to search for traces of his whereabouts.


Above the lake, various powerful auras would pass by from time to time. Moreover, they travelled in groups ranging from two to five people. Most importantly, every single one of them was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


[What is going on?] Yang Kai was absolutely confused. After giving some thought to the situation, he took out a Communication Bead to ask Gu Pan about the current situation. He had the means to communicate with Gu Pan thanks to their interactions over the past few days, so his Divine Sense surged, and he sent the message out.


Inside the bamboo building, Gu Pan looked at the siblings, Gongsun Ri Hua and Gongsun Yue Hua, and begged, “Senior Brother Ri Hua, Senior Sister Yue Hua, please let me go.”


Gongsun Ri Hua and Gongsun Yue Hua shook their heads in unison. Gongsun Yue Hua said, “We can’t, Junior Sister. Our duty is to watch over you carefully and stop you from meeting that brat, lest you suffer losses again.”


Ever since Gu Pan was kidnapped by these siblings, the two of them had remained beside her without taking a single step away all this time. At present, she couldn’t even take a step out of this bamboo building, much less inquire about Yang Kai’s news.


Therefore, she was completely clueless as to what was happening to Yang Kai these days. It was just that there had been powerful energy fluctuations recently, but these energy fluctuations soon disappeared. After that, large groups of Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters had formed teams to search the area. In particular, the area around her Spirit Province was carefully searched. Many Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters would come to investigate from time to time.


Hearing Gongsun Yue Hua say this, Gu Pan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Senior Sister Yue Hua, there really is nothing going on between Senior Brother Yang and I. Won’t you just trust me this once?”


Gongsun Yue Hua replied, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but that boy has provoked public outrage and humiliated our Fellow Brothers and Sister. We need to find him and take revenge to regain our honour. Besides, the Sect Master…”


Gongsun Ri Hua suddenly coughed lightly, and Gongsun Yue Hua hurriedly fell silent.


Gu Pan looked from one to the other and suddenly felt an ominous feeling, “What happened with Honoured Master?”


“It’s nothing. Aha… haha… Junior Sister, don’t worry.” Gongsun Ri Hua waved his hand hastily.


At that moment, Gu Pan’s expression changed, “Senior Brother, Senior Sister, I want to take a bath. Why don’t you stand down for a bit?”


The siblings exchanged a glance with each other before Gongsun Yue Hua said, “Then, we’ll be outside. If you behave well, I’ll make something delicious for you later.”


If Gu Pan wanted to take a bath, then there was no reason for them to stay in the same room.


Gu Pan nodded. When the siblings departed though, she closed the room door and set up a barrier. Only then did she take out a Communication Bead. Unfortunately for her, before she could immerse her Divine Sense to investigate the message, a slender, jade-white hand suddenly reached out from the side to snatch the Communication Bead from her.


Startled, she looked up only to see Gongsun Yue Hua smiling at her.


Gongsun Yue Hua reached out a hand and rapped her knuckles on Gu Pan’s head, “Junior Sister Gu, I can’t believe you’ve learned to lie to this Senior Sister now!”


Gu Pan was stunned, “Senior Sister, didn’t you leave the room?”


Gongsun Yue Hua smiled and held up the Communication Bead, “Is this the Communication Bead to contact Yang Kai?”


“No, Senior Sister! Please return it to me!”


Gongsun Yue Hua shook her head, “If it’s a Communication Bead to contact him, then I can’t return it to you. I’m sorry, Junior Sister Gu!”


While they were speaking, Gongsun Ri Hua entered the room. The siblings seemed to be connected in mind. She tossed the Communication Bead to her Big Brother and stopped Gu Pan from acting out.


Then, Gongsun Ri Hua sat down and poured his Divine Sense into the Communication Bead to probe the message contained inside. A short while later, he raised his head and said, “It’s him!”


Gongsun Yue Hua asked, “What did he say?”


He replied, “He is asking Junior Sister Gu about the situation in Lang Ya Paradise. It seems that he is hiding very deeply, so he doesn’t know what has been happening outside recently.”


“Ask him where he is.”


He nodded lightly. With a surge of his Divine Sense, he sent out a message.


Beneath the lake, Yang Kai waited quietly for a moment. When he sensed a return message from Gu Pan, he quickly checked it; however, his expression immediately became strange. After pondering in silence for a bit, he replied to the message with one of his own.


Inside the bamboo building, the Communication Bead fluctuated slightly. Gongsun Ri Hua hurriedly checked the message, but he soon scratched his head in confusion, “What is he saying?”


“What’s wrong?” Gongsun Yue Hua looked over suspiciously. Gu Pan also looked nervous. She was worried that Yang Kai might expose his whereabouts because he was unaware of the situation.


With an affectionate look on his face, Gongsun Ri Hua slowly recited, “The mountains are picturesque, but they cannot compare to the small mole between your brow. It doesn’t matter even if the world is overturned, after all, it’s nothing but transient prosperity compared to you.”


Gongsun Yue Hua snapped with a dark expression, “I am your Little Sister! Who do you think you are talking to!?”


He quickly explained, “That’s what he said!”


Gu Pan was extremely surprised, “Senior Brother Yang said that?”


“That’s right!” Gongsun Ri nodded repeatedly.


Gongsun Yue Hua glanced teasingly at Gu Pan, “And, you said that there’s nothing between the two of you when he is spewing such cringe-worthy words? Although this brat’s character isn’t anything good, it seems he has a sweet tongue. Junior Sister, you’re too naïve. No wonder you were deceived by him.”


Gu Pan only wore an odd look on her face as she asked, “Senior Brother Ri Hua, what did you say to Yang Kai earlier?”


Gongsun Ri Hua replied casually, “Nothing much. I just asked how he was doing. I didn’t dare to ask where he was, for fear of alerting him.”


“What were your exact words?” Gu Pan demanded.


He scratched his face apologetically, “That’s the gist of what I meant.”


“The exact words!” Gongsun Yue Hua also pressed for an answer with a curious look.


Gongsun Ri Hua cleared his throat, “Are you okay, Senior Brother Yang? Did you get hurt?”


Gu Pan breathed a sigh of relief. Gongsun Yue Hua nodded and said, “That’s nothing.”


Gongsun Ri Hua continued, “…Xiao Pan’er, who deeply misses you!”


Gu Pan’s face instantly turned beet-red, and she stomped her feet angrily, “Senior Brother Ri Hua, I’m going to ignore you in the future!”


“What did I do wrong?” Gongsun Ri Hua didn’t seem to understand.


Gongsun Yue Hua pondered for a moment and shook her head, “There’s nothing wrong with that, right?”


“Oh? There’s another message!” Gongsun Ri Hua exclaimed and hurriedly checked the message.


“What did he say this time?” Gongsun Yue Hua asked quickly.


“He said, ‘Enter my heart (Xiang Si Sect) to understand the bitterness of my lovesickness (Xiang Si). In the long term, my lovesickness (Xiang Si) is forever. In the short term, my lovesickness (Xiang Si) is infinite!’ Huh? Which Sect is this Xiang Si Sect?” Gongsun Ri Hua looked confused.


“Moron!” Gongsun Yue Hua smacked her Big Brother mercilessly, “Those are flirtatious words. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. This brat’s mouth is as sweet as honey. Junior Sister Gu, be careful of men like him. Men with honeyed words cannot be trusted!”


Gu Pan sat on the edge of the bed, too exhausted and exasperated to explain anything. Nevertheless, she felt a little at ease. Seeing as Senior Brother Yang was answering in such a manner, then he must have noticed something was off; otherwise, he would never be so frivolous.




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