Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4764, This Is Robbery


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[Since Li Yuan Wang wants to muddy the waters, then I am going to do exactly what he wants! However, I refuse to be used for nothing. Seeing as he made the first move, then he can only blame himself if I retaliate in kind!]


Nevertheless, robbing the Open Heaven Realm Masters of their Space Rings was a little too much. Even Yang Kai could not bring himself to do something like that. He only said that just to frighten Senior Brother Zhao and the others so that he could advance by retreating.


A short while later, Yang Kai came to an agreement with those three.


Senior Brother Zhao glared at Yang Kai furiously and snarled, “You’re deranged!”


Yang Kai snapped impatiently, “Stop complaining. Everybody, hand over a set of Sixth-Order materials or items of the same value! If you refuse, then I will hang you up like an offering to the Heavens on that Spirit Province over there!”


While speaking, he took out a bare tree trunk from somewhere and held it in front of him as though he was holding a flagpole. Moreover, the Spirit Province he was talking about was none other than the place where all the weaker Lang Ya Paradise disciples lived.


Senior Brother Zhao and the others couldn’t help feeling a bitter aftertaste in their mouths, almost as though they had bitten into a sour gourd. Unfortunately, they were helpless to fight back when faced with such an invincible enemy. If they were tied to the tree trunk on the Spirit Province in the distance, they would be seen by countless lower Lang Ya Paradise disciples. How could they hold their heads high in the future?


A set of Sixth-Order materials was certainly worth a lot. If these materials were converted into Open Heaven Pills, they would be worth at least 100 million Open Heaven Pills each. Be that as it may, this price was something that the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Lang Ya Paradise could afford to pay.


Comparing one’s dignity to one’s wealth, there was no doubt that the former was much more important.


What’s more, Yang Kai had previously planned to rob them of their Space Rings entirely. If he were to do that, then their losses would only become greater; hence, his price was not unacceptable to these three even though it was undeniably high.


Looking at each other, the three of them each took out some materials to hand to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grinned from ear to ear, “Senior Brothers, you are so magnanimous. This Junior Brother is overwhelmed by your favour!”


All three of them had cold expressions on their faces. None of them said a word as they sat down cross-legged to recover from their injuries.


Yang Kai took several steps forward before seeming to recall something. Digging around in his Space Ring for a while, he suddenly tossed a Spirit Pill to each of them, “This is a healing pill refined by Void Land. The effects are pretty good. You should give it a try, Senior Brothers!”


“Will this cost us money?” One of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters asked warily, clearly still traumatized by the banditry he had just experienced.


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment, “I can name a price if you’d like.”


That Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s expression darkened, and he looked like he wanted to slap himself on the mouth.


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “I was joking. Senior Brothers, please rest assured. This Yang is also reasonable. Since I have received proper payment already, I won’t trouble you any further.”


After saying that, he manipulated Space Principles and his figure vanished out of sight.


Once they confirmed that Yang Kai was gone, Senior Brother Zhao and the other two finally breathed a sigh of relief in unison. All three of them could not understand how the situation ended up like this. It was the Sect Master’s orders to use Yang Kai as the goal of their training exercise, but in the end, not only were they completely defeated, but they also had a set of Sixth-Order materials stolen from them in a twisted manner. It was absolutely heartbreaking!


The trio looked at the healing pill in their hands as though they were looking at a piece of stale chicken. Lang Ya Paradise had their own Alchemists, and the quality of the Spirit Pills refined by these Alchemists was naturally quite impressive. For that reason, they had no interest in the products of outsiders. Nevertheless, there was no denying that this Spirit Pill was something they obtained at a huge cost. Just throwing it away seemed like a massive waste.


Senior Brother Zhao hesitated for a while, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and tossed the Spirit Pill into his mouth. A moment later, he exclaimed in surprise, “The quality of this Spirit Pill… is surprisingly good!”


The two other Junior Brothers were a little surprised to hear his observation; therefore, they quickly ate the Spirit Pill only to discover that it was just as Senior Brother Zhao said. The effects of this Spirit Pill were certainly no inferior to the Spirit Pills refined by Lang Ya Paradise.


Senior Brother Zhao looked thoughtful, “It seems that Void Land has Alchemists with impressive skills!”


Unbeknownst to him, the Alchemy Skills of both the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor and Xia Ning Chang had improved by leaps and bounds after they advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. The two of them had condensed their Dao Seals through the Alchemic Dao in the first place, so they naturally had a unique advantage in Alchemy.


Yang Kai suddenly appeared in front of a certain bamboo building. He had no other intentions in coming here. His main reason was only to inform Gu Pan that he was safe. There had been no communication between them since she was kidnapped by the twins a few days ago. Even the messages in the Communication Bead had been clearly sent by somebody who was impersonating her.


Inside the bamboo building, Gongsun Ri Hua sat there with his swollen and bruised face. Gongsun Yue Hua was helping him to apply medicine, but every touch made him yelp in pain. He screamed and cursed, “Those bastards are too hateful! I kindly sent them the information, so why did they come and beat me up!?”


That group of people had come without saying anything or asking any questions and left immediately after beating him up. After suffering this grievance for nothing, his lungs were about to explode from rage.


Likewise, Gongsun Yue Hua was angry, “Next time, we’ll teach them a lesson one by one!”


Meanwhile, Gu Pan sat quietly by the side. Although she had a vague understanding of the situation, she was not in the position to speak up.


At that moment, a familiar aura suddenly appeared outside the bamboo building. She immediately stood up, pushed open the door, and asked in concern, “Senior Brother Yang, are you alright?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m fine. Junior Sister, don’t worry!”


Upon hearing his voice, Gongsun Ri Hua rushed out from behind Gu Pan and glared at Yang Kai furiously, “Boy, how dare you show up here?”


Yang Kai glanced at Gongsun Ri Hua’s swollen and bruised appearance. Blinking in surprise, he suddenly took out a Spirit Pill and held it between his fingers. He waved the Spirit Pill about and asked, “Senior Brother, I have some good healing pills with me. I guarantee that they will cure all your ailments. Would you like one?”


Gongsun Ri Hua was taken aback for a moment. Unable to understand the reason behind Yang Kai’s actions, he shook his head in confusion, “No!”


“No, no, no! You do need it, Senior Brother!” Yang Kai insisted.


“I told you I don’t need it!” Gongsun Ri Hua replied impatiently. In the next moment, his expression changed drastically, “W-What… What are you doing!?”


*Hong hong hong…* 


Following a loud commotion, Gongsun Ri Hua found himself lying on the ground, his condition was even worse than before.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was still holding the healing pill between his fingers. Crouching down, he looked at Gongsun Ri Hua and said with a sincere and happy smile, “Senior Brother, I’ll only ask once. Do you want this healing pill? Or, do you want this healing pill?”


Gongsun Ri Hua was on the verge of tears! It all started when a group of his Fellow Brothers came over and indiscriminately beat him up. He had only just applied some medicine and the swelling on his face had not even subsided, yet Yang Kai had suddenly come over and beat him up again!


[I’m a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! I can’t believe I was beaten up twice in the short span of less than an hour! There is no justice left in this world!] At this moment, he felt as though he was the most pitiful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the world.


“Yes yes!” He nodded repeatedly, for fear that his situation would turn bleaker if he dared to say the word ‘no’ again. It made no sense. Why would somebody in this world forcibly give him a healing pill? Just what kind of mentality was that?


Yang Kai’s smile widened even further as he stretched out his hand, “Please pay with a set of Sixth-Order materials or items of equal value!”


Gongsun Ri Hua turned pale from the shock, “This is robbery!”


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment, and then he nodded in agreement, “You’re right. This is robbery!”


[He admitted it! I can’t believe he admitted it!] Gongsun Ri Hua was immediately overwhelmed by Yang Kai’s audacity.


Even Gongsun Yue Hua couldn’t help covering her red lips with her hand, her beautiful eyes filled with astonishment and disbelief.


“Hurry up! Don’t dawdle!” Yang Kai urged.


Gongsun Ri Hua hesitated for a while, then he recalled the horrifying and overwhelming strength that Yang Kai had displayed just now. He had to admit that even with his Little Sister’s cooperation, the two of them would be no match for Yang Kai.


It was bad enough that he had been beaten up so badly; however, if his Little Sister was also beaten in the same manner, she would not be able to lift her head high in public again. She was a woman after all.


Sighing heavily, he admitted defeat, “It’s my loss. Brat, don’t get too arrogant. There are so many talented people in Lang Ya Paradise. Somebody will definitely defeat you one day!”


Yang Kai grinned at Gongsun Ri Hua, “I’ll be waiting!”


Gongsun Ri Hua coldly snorted. Taking out a bunch of materials from his Space Ring, he handed them over to Yang Kai.


In response, Yang Kai tossed the healing pill directly into Gongsun Ri Hua’s mouth. He stood up and turned to look at Gongsun Yue Hua, who was standing behind Gu Pan all this time. He grinned and revealed a set of pearly-white fangs that flashed with a cold light.


Gongsun Yue Hua turned pale, “Junior Brother, do you still have more healing pills? I’d like to buy one too!”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “I like how you are so reasonable and easy to communicate with, Senior Sister. I have more than enough healing pills, so I’m sure I can satisfy your needs. How many do you need, Senior Sister?”


“Haha…” She forced a laugh, “One is enough.”


A short while later, both goods and money exchanged hands.


Yang Kai smiled happily and made his last sales pitch, “Senior Sister, if you need more healing pills in the future, please come to me!”


“Of course, of course!” She quickly responded.


Then, he turned to look at Gu Pan, “Junior Sister Gu, I’ll come and visit you when I have finished my business here.”


Gu Pan replied earnestly, “Senior Brother, please take care.”


Gongsun Ri Hua and Gongsun Yue Hua looked at Gu Pan speechlessly. [At this time, the one you should be worried about is not that bastard surnamed Yang! You should be more concerned about your Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, right? Can you not be so obvious about siding with the outsiders!? Who knows how many other Fellow Brothers will suffer losses after this?]


Although they could send out a message to inform the others about the situation, according to Li Yuan Wang’s previous orders, the two of them had already been eliminated from this training exercise. Besides, they would only be suspected of cheating if they sent out a message at this time.


Even though they were extremely unhappy with what Yang Kai had done, they had their pride as Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of Lang Ya Paradise; therefore, be it Senior Brother Zhao and his two followers, or the Gongsun siblings, they quietly accepted the reality that they had been eliminated from the game and did not interfere further.


Yang Kai lurked quietly on top of a triangular-shaped Spirit Province.


This entire Lang Ya Paradise training had unfolded without his knowledge. As the ultimate goal of this training, he had to face all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise with his power alone. He might possess extraordinary strength, but he did not dare to claim that he would have the last laugh in this incident. Nevertheless, it was possible for him to obtain some benefits in the meantime.


At present, he controlled two large-scale Star Cities in Void Territory and High Heaven Territory, as well as several Universe Paradises and Universe Cave Heavens in the Shattered Heaven. In addition, he also had the support of the resources in the New Great Territory. Be that as it may, nobody would ever complain about having too many resources.


A set of Sixth-Order materials each, with there being hundreds of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise! If every one of them ‘bought’ a healing pill from him, the benefits he would receive were bound to be rather considerable.


More importantly, the Good Fortune Divine Furnace required large amounts of materials. It was a bottomless pit that would never be filled no matter how many resources were thrown into it. That was why Yang Kai was bursting with motivation at this moment!




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