Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4766, Senior Brothers, It’s Time for Some Medicine


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Senior Sister Zhou glanced at Junior Brother Yu again, “Did you say that Yang Kai sold you some healing pills?”


Junior Brother Yu nodded.


She was puzzled, “Why would he sell you healing pills? Is he that kind-hearted?”


Junior Brother Yu replied in a distressed tone, “It’s not out of kindness! Senior Sister Zhou, you don’t understand. That healing pill of his cost each of us a set of Sixth-Order materials!”


“What!?” She was absolutely taken aback. [What kind of healing pill is worth a set of Sixth-Order materials!? That’s over a 100 million Open Heaven Pills per pill!]


Only then did she understand the situation, “He’s selling by compulsion!?”


“That’s right! That’s right!” Junior Brother Yu and the others nodded repeatedly, “It’s not just us. Even Senior Brother Zhao and Senior Brother and Sister Gongsun have been forced to buy those healing pills.”


“Damn!” Senior Sister Zhou gnashed her teeth furiously, “It’s bad enough that he came to Lang Ya Paradise and bullied our disciples. I can’t believe he even uses such a despicable method to make money! Does he think that there is nobody in Lang Ya Paradise that can defeat him!?”


The older Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master added, “Senior Sister Zhou, please take revenge for us!”


She snorted, “Rest assured, he better not let me find him. If I meet him, I will definitely beat him up so badly that even Junior Sister Gu cannot recognise him! At that time, you should sell some healing pills to him!”


He was overjoyed to hear those words, “We’ll be relying on you, Senior Sister Zhou!”


She glanced at them and waved her hand dismissively, “Since you have been defeated by Yang Kai, you should focus on your recovery. Don’t interfere in this exercise anymore.”


“Yes!” They responded politely.


Afterwards, Senior Sister Zhou led her team into the sky and soon vanished out of sight.


A young man in her team spoke up all of a sudden, “Senior Sister Zhou, is Yang Kai really that strong? There were two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Junior Brother Yu’s team. How could they fail to be his opponent when they are fighting two against one?”


Senior Sister Zhou frowned in contemplation for a moment before she answered, “That guy is definitely the strongest Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master that I’ve ever met in my life. Even Senior Brother Le Mang is not his opponent. Don’t you dare let down your guard.”


Everybody was shocked by what they heard. Although they heard the rumours that Senior Brother Le Mang had been defeated by Yang Kai, they had not witnessed the situation with their own eyes and were not aware of what transpired at the time. They even assumed that the rumours were exaggerated and misrepresented. They knew Senior Brother Le Mang’s strength after all. How could he be defeated by somebody in the same Order? It was not until they received confirmation from Senior Sister Zhou that they realised the rumours were true.


The person who spoke earlier said, “If that’s the case, then even if we encountered Yang Kai, we might not be able to defeat him!”


They had three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in their team. Nevertheless, based on Yang Kai’s previous performances, they would suffer a miserable fate even if they ran into him with such a force Kai.


Senior Sister Zhou replied, “It doesn’t matter. If we encounter him, then we only need to delay him. I’m sure our Fellow Brothers and Sisters will quickly come to our aid. At that time, he will have nowhere to escape!”


They nodded at her words.


“Where should we go now, Senior Sister Zhou?”


She said, “Yang Kai is proficient in the Dao of Space and excels at escaping. He just defeated Junior Brother Yu and the others not long ago, so he definitely escaped towards the other side of Lang Ya Paradise. Let’s go and search for him there!”


“Senior Sister Zhou, your plan is brilliant! I’m sure we’ll be able to locate Yang Kai now!”




At the place where Junior Brother Yu and the others were recovering, the four of them sat down cross-legged and meditated on the spot. Yang Kai’s attacks earlier were quite heavy. Although they still retained some mobility, it was not easy for them to move around at the moment; therefore, they planned to recuperate for a while before heading back to their respective homes.


Not long after Senior Sister Zhou departed though, two others passed by in the sky overhead. They quickly landed after seeing the four people below. When they saw the miserable condition of Junior Brother Yu and the others, both of them were completely shocked.


One of them asked, “Junior Brother Yu, what happened to you?”


Junior Brother Yu opened his eyes with a sheepish expression on his face, “Senior Brother Wang, Senior Brother Ye, my apologies for showing you such an embarrassing sight.”


Senior Brother Wang looked pensive, “Don’t tell me; did you Junior Brothers encounter Yang Kai?”


If not for that case, there was no other explanation for the situation in front of them. The two of them quietly observed the situation and were shocked. It turned out that Yang Kai had attacked quite ruthlessly!


Junior Brother Yu nodded in embarrassment, but just as he was about to describe what happened, he suddenly looked behind the two newcomers with an expression of fear and terror. They also noticed that something was wrong at the same time and hastily surged the power of their Small Universes to defend themselves.


However, they felt a violent force coming towards them from behind before they could even turn around and were instantly swept up by it. Despite fighting back desperately, they were no match for this force and their Small Universes were instantly shaken, causing them to see stars spinning around in their vision.


A short while later, Yang Kai crouched down in front of his two latest clients, took out a jade bottle, and said, “Senior Brothers, these are the healing pills that Void Land produces. Would you like to try them?”


“What do you mean?” Senior Brother Ye did not understand.


Junior Brother Yu gave an awkward cough from the side and explained the situation clearly.


Both Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Ye were completely taken aback. [Can you even do that!?]


Even Junior Brother Yu was stunned. He never imagined that Yang Kai had been hanging around in the vicinity instead of leaving. Yang Kai had not revealed himself when Senior Sister Zhou and the others came by earlier. It was not until Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Ye arrived that he suddenly revealed himself and caused trouble for them.


Senior Brother Wang was actually rather carefree about the whole situation. Spitting out some blood, he laughed and said, “Junior Brother Yang, your strength is extraordinary indeed! This Wang is inferior, so there’s nothing much to say. The healing pills… I’ll take one of them!”


Yang Kai turned to look at Senior Brother Ye, “What about you, Senior Brother?”


Senior Brother Ye felt as though he was suffering from a toothache, but he still said, “Give me one too.”


“Senior Brothers, you are too generous!” Yang Kai was absolutely delighted.


Yang Kai received a large number of materials and gave out two healing pills in return. Only then did he say, “You should stay here and focus on recovering. I’ll be taking my leave now!”


After saying that, he stepped forward and vanished out of sight.


Junior Brother Yu looked around suspiciously. Yang Kai had done the same thing previously, but it turned out that he had not left far. There was no saying whether he was hiding nearby again; therefore, Junior Brother Yu had a sneaking suspicion that the same situation was repeating itself.


Soon after, several streams of light rushed over from a distance and quickly arrived above their heads. The person leading this group was a large-bodied man. He looked down in puzzlement and asked, “Senior Brothers, why are you gathered here? Was there a fight here just now? This Junior Brother detected some energy fluctuations coming from here!”


Junior Brother Yu and the others looked up and desperately tried to signal to their comrades to leave as quickly as possible. Having been eliminated from the training, they were not in a position to aid others, so they could only hope that the Junior Brothers who came here would understand their kind intentions.


The person who came blinked his eyes before flying down and landing in front of them, “Senior Brothers, do you have something to say to me?”


Junior Brother Yu and the others slapped their palms against their faces before closing their eyes, unable to bring themselves to watch.


In the next moment, Yang Kai’s aura emerged again, seemingly out of nowhere. A violent burst of energy swept out, accompanied by a series of agitated screams. Shockingly, everything became calm again in the short span of several breaths!


Yang Kai stood in front of the Lang Ya Paradise disciples collapsed on the ground with a huge smile on his face, “Senior Brothers, you sure are enthusiastic. This Yang is ashamed.”


Junior Brother Yu looked up at the sky and gave a long sigh. [Which Senior Brother or Senior Sister in Lang Ya Paradise can come and teach this guy a lesson? If this continues on, it won’t be long before Lang Ya Paradise loses all face.]


The new group that just arrived were dazed. There were six of them, with two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and even two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Be that as it may, they had been completely defeated in a short span of time. It was simply unimaginable.


“Come, come, come. Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers, it’s time for some medicine.” Yang Kai enthusiastically took out some healing pills.



“Everyone, please recuperate here with peace of mind. This Yang will be leaving first!” After receiving another batch of materials, Yang Kai cupped his fist with a smile and stepped into the Void.


Junior Brother Yu glared at Yang Kai resentfully. [You’ve said those words three times now!]


The six people, who were forced to buy the healing pills a moment ago, remained in a daze. In particular, the two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were feeling indescribably heartbroken.


Losing a set of Sixth-Order materials was a heavy blow for any Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in Lang Ya Paradise, but such a loss was still within the acceptable range if they remained strong-hearted.


In contrast, this kind of loss was practically a lethal blow to the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Not to mention, they could not even take out so much wealth at once and were forced to borrow from others to make up for what they lacked.


Junior Brother Yu suddenly stood up, “We cannot stay here any longer. This guy is obviously using us as bait to lure in the fish!”


His words immediately awakened everybody to the situation. Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Ye nodded in agreement, “You’re right. If we are gathered in this place, our Fellow Brothers will surely stop to investigate the situation if they pass by. At that time, they will also be implicated in this mess.”


The large-bodied Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master looked at them with an aggrieved look. That was how his team had been lured down previously. He asked sorrowfully, “Why didn’t you leave earlier, Senior Brothers!?”


If they had left earlier, then he would not have come over to investigate out of curiosity. He even specially flew over for this purpose. In the end, he had been struck by Yang Kai who had been hiding in the dark.


Junior Brother Yu replied awkwardly, “I only just understood this myself.”


Senior Brother Wang glanced at the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters crying desolately over their losses. Then, he made a suggestion, “Send out a message to inform the others that those below the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm should not participate in this training.”


Although the Sect Master did not disallow the participation of those below the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, only those in the Sixth-Order were informed of it. The only reason there were Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters participating in this training was that they were hoping to reap some benefits. In the end, they not only failed to gain any benefits, but suffered great losses instead. They would not be able to recover from such a blow for the next few hundred years.


Junior Brother Yu hesitated, “We have already been eliminated, so this training no longer has anything to do with us. I don’t think it is appropriate for us to send out a message.”


Senior Brother Wang shook his head, “I’m not saying we should inform our Fellow Brothers about his whereabouts. It’s enough if we tell them about the healing pills. The Junior Brothers in the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm will understand. This doesn’t count as interference.”


The words had just left his mouth when Yang Kai’s figure appeared out of nowhere. Yang Kai stared at Senior Brother Wang blankly and asked, “Senior Brother, your injuries don’t seem to have gotten better. I still have over 100 hundred healing pills with me. Would you like some?”


Senior Brother Wang shuddered at the thought. The corners of his mouth twitched as he replied, “No need, no need. I’m grateful for your kindness, Junior Brother Yang. My injuries will heal just fine if I go back and rest for a short while. Well, goodbye!”


After saying that, he soared into the sky.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai turned to look at the others. They didn’t even bother to be courteous and escaped out of sight in the blink of an eye. Looking at their vanishing backs, Yang Kai clicked his tongue in annoyance, [There goes my bait.]


Needless to say, he was not going to allow them to ruin his chances of making a fortune. If the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters wanted to participate in this training, then they should be prepared to be injured by him and forced to buy a healing pill.


However, he knew that it was meaningless to stop them from warning the others. The news was bound to spread soon enough. Accordingly, the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would automatically withdraw from the training. If that happened, then his sources of income would be greatly reduced!


[I can’t remain passive! I have to take the initiative to attack! That’s the only way I can rob… er, recoup my losses to the greatest extent!]




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