Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4767, Appearing and Disappearing Mysteriously


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Many years had passed since the last time Lang Ya Territory was so lively. The figures of countless Open Heaven Realm Masters patrolling above each of the Spirit Provinces could be seen. These Open Heaven Realm Masters moved about in teams, spreading their Divine Senses into their surroundings as though they were searching for something. Even though they were patrolling, they remained vigilant at all times. Their World Force lingered around their bodies, always on guard against sneak attacks.


The weaker disciples who did not know what was happening looked up in curiosity.


“What are the Martial Uncles and Aunts doing? Has there been an enemy invasion in Lang Ya Territory?” Somebody asked.


A well-informed person sighed and explained, “It’s not an enemy invasion. We simply have a special guest.”


“A guest? What kind of guest could make so many Open Heaven Realm Masters be dispatched together? I even saw Martial Aunt Zhou and Martial Uncle Le Mang flying around earlier. They were rushing about with very serious expressions.”


“Void Land’s Lord, Yang Kai. Have you heard of him?”


“Sounds familiar. I think I’ve heard of him before.”


“Of course, he sounds familiar. He comes from the Star Boundary, which currently has the World Tree. Didn’t Lang Ya Paradise select a group of disciples with low cultivation and high aptitude to send to nurture in the Star Boundary several years ago?”


“So it’s him!”


“This guest is not simple. He seems to have defeated many of our Martial Uncles and Martial Aunts in the Open Heaven Realm. The Sect Master issued a command to mobilise all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise for a training exercise, with this person as the target. Anybody who can capture him will be rewarded!”


“Isn’t that to say that Yang Kai will have to face all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise by himself!?”


“That’s right!”


“In that case, he must have suffered a disastrous fate by now.”


“That’s why I said this person isn’t simple. The training has gone on for more than ten days now, but Void Land’s Lord continues to roam about freely. On the contrary, no less than 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise have been defeated by him!”


“Wow… Are you serious!?”


“I wish it were fake, but it’s the truth. Ah… It’s Martial Aunt Gu!” The disciple who was speaking earlier suddenly looked up into the sky and stared at the leading figure flying overhead with an obsessive gaze. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Martial Aunt Gu!”


Many other disciples shouted along, immediately setting off a deafening chorus of the name ‘Martial Aunt Gu’.


Above them, a beautiful woman leading several Open Heaven Realm Masters behind her happened to be passing by swiftly. When she heard the voices, she looked down and smiled warmly.


The disciples below instantly went crazy, “Martial Aunt Gu smiled at me! Hahahaha! Martial Aunt Gu smiled at me! I’ll have no regrets even if I died today!”


“Bullshit! Martial Aunt Gu was smiling at me!”


“Junior Brother, you must be blind!”


“You’re the blind one, Senior Brother!”


The disciples were burning with passion. It could be seen that this ‘Martial Aunt Gu’ was very popular in Lang Ya Paradise. It was not surprising; after all, this Martial Aunt by the name of Gu Ling’er was not only extremely beautiful, but also incredibly gentle and helpful to others. Many of the weaker disciples also received her support before.


Therefore, her popularity was high among both the weaker disciples and the Open Heaven Realm Masters. Countless Fellow Brothers secretly had feelings for her, but did not dare to express them, lest they offended her.


While the weaker disciples were going crazy, the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise were also going crazy!


Five days ago, Yang Kai suddenly changed his behaviour. He no longer remained in hiding and instead took the initiative to attack. Following that, the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters who were eliminated from this training soared.


Nobody could figure out what he was thinking, but at present, almost the entire Lang Ya Territory had become his hunting grounds. Their status as the hunter and the prey constantly switched back and forth between Yang Kai and Sixth-Order Masters in Lang Ya Paradise.


There were traces of battle everywhere one went.


After eliminating more than a dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai’s various actions finally spread to the public. Everybody learned that he would forcibly sell a healing pill produced by Void Land to his victims after he defeated them. Moreover, the price of each healing pill was a set of Sixth-Order materials!


What’s more, nothing good would come from refusing to buy the healing pill.


There was once a Junior Brother in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm who refused to buy the healing pill. In the end, he was hung up on a tree trunk like an offering to the Heavens and placed on the Spirit Province where the lower disciples lived to be publicly witnessed by all. It was said that the incident terribly traumatised him, and he was too ashamed to show his face in public again.


That was why Eldest Senior Brother Le Mang issued an order. Anybody who was defeated by Yang Kai should choose to exchange money to avoid disaster rather than to humiliate themselves just to save on a set of cultivation resources. After all, the face that they lost could never be recovered.


In this way, all the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who originally participated in this training hoping to pick up some benefits quickly withdrew in horror. There was no helping it. A set of Sixth-Order materials was simply too expensive for them. Even if they came from Lang Ya Paradise, they could not afford such a price.


Not to mention, judging by the experiences of their comrades who encountered Yang Kai previously, it would seem that Yang Kai would not look the other way even if they were Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Out of all the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who were defeated by him before, who had not bought a Spirit Pill from him?


Yang Kai’s behaviour roused the rage and indignation of all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise. Not only did he abandon Junior Sister Gu Pan after thoughtlessly deflowering her, but he was also earning a fortune from this training! It was simply intolerable!


Nevertheless, it was undeniable that he was extremely strong. Even if two or three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters joined forces together, things would not end well for them if they encountered him.


As the Eldest Senior Brother, Le Mang immediately shouldered the responsibility of coordinating the troops!


At this moment, the identity tokens of many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise would occasionally flash. Numerous Divine Senses poured into their respective identity tokens, and communications flowed endlessly between them.


“Senior Brother Ning’s team has been defeated. They were located in the Purple Clouds Spirit Province. Judging by the traces of the battle, it probably lasted for no more than a quarter-hour. I repeat; Senior Brother Ning’s team has been defeated. They were located in the Purple Clouds Spirit Province. All the Fellow Brothers in the vicinity should increase their vigilance!”


“There were four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Senior Brother Ning’s team! I can’t believe they were eliminated! How are the injuries of those Senior Brothers?”


“They did not suffer any life-threatening wounds, but their injuries are not light either. It will take ten to fifteen days for them to recover. The complexions of Senior Brother Ning and his team aren’t very good. Senior Brother asked us to work hard to avenge them.”


“Isn’t that bastard being a bit too ruthless!? He seriously injures all the Fellow Brothers who encounter him just so he can sell that healing pill of his. Hateful!”


“You should be careful too, Senior Brother Li. That bastard surnamed Yang likes to turn around and attack the same spot. Several teams have already suffered losses from his tactics.”


“We located Yang Kai at Tiger Roar Spirit Province! Requesting reinforcements! Requesting reinforcements! Ahh!”


“Junior Brother Zhou! Junior Brother Zhou!”


There was no reply.


After a short pause, somebody spoke up, “I’m afraid Junior Brother Zhou’s team may have already encountered misfortune. Don’t panic, Fellow Brothers. Be sure to persevere until the end. We have the advantage in numbers. Victory belongs to us!”


After a moment of silence, someone said, “Junior Brother Zhou’s team may have already encountered misfortune. Don’t panic, fellow brothers, be sure to hold on, we are numerous and powerful, and victory will surely belong to us.”


“That bastard is too elusive! Purple Clouds Spirit Province is in the northeast while Tiger Roar Spirit Province is in the southwest. How did he get there so quickly?”


“The Dao of Space is truly unparalleled and mysterious. Amazing!”


All of a sudden, a Divine Sense fluctuated in all of their identity tokens. They investigated the phenomenon and discovered that it was a message from Senior Brother Le Mang, “All teams are to merge together with others in the vicinity. Make sure that there are no less than five Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in each team. Every team will be responsible for the areas in their vicinity, and they are not allowed to leave their designated areas without authorisation. Those who discover Yang Kai’s whereabouts must report their findings immediately, and the teams nearby are to provide support!”


“We will obey your orders, Eldest Senior Brother!” Everyone responded quickly.


Over the past ten days or so, many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise came to deeply understand Yang Kai’s strength. Two or three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters working together were not enough to match him in battle at all. Four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were barely enough to fight back, so only five Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had enough combat force to face him.


It was precisely because of this consideration that Le Mang made this adjustment to their formation.


Every team had five Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters working together, and each team was in charge of an area. In this way, it was enough to prevent Yang Kai from moving around undetected. As soon as he revealed his whereabouts, Lang Ya Paradise would be able to take the initiative in the battle.


All the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise had been mobilised. If they were still unable to defeat Yang Kai, they would not have any face left to show.




In front of the Grand Hall on the Main Spirit Province, Li Yuan Wang’s expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot. Gao Ting stood by the side and glanced at him from time to time.


“If you have something to say, then spit it out! Why are you holding back!?” Li Yuan Wang’s brow twitched.


Gao Ting smacked his lips, “That Brat has caused such a huge commotion. How are we supposed to end things now?”


The truth was that there was nothing wrong with Li Yuan Wang’s decision. Using this training to muddy the waters would certainly make things more convenient for Yang Kai to act. In fact, they might even make some unexpected discoveries along the way; however, the current situation had vastly exceeded the expectations of both Li Yuan Wang and Gao Ting.


Yang Kai had eliminated over 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters in the span of ten days. Be that as it may, he remained high-spirited and full of energy. That was not all; he was also making a killing by selling his healing pills by compulsion. He had obtained a large number of cultivation resources from the Lang Ya Paradise disciples already.

Li Yuan Wang had known about Yang Kai’s strength; after all, Yang Kai had killed a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before. How could the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise be his opponents? Nevertheless, even if one or two people were not his opponents, eight or ten of them should have no trouble defeating him, right? Li Yuan Wang believed that Yang Kai would eventually be captured by the Lang Ya Paradise disciples during the training, which would have provided a satisfactory ending to this debacle. Unfortunately, the current situation seemed to be going horribly wrong.


Leaving aside everything else, just the loss of the cultivation resources by the Lang Ya Paradise disciples was enough to break Li Yuan Wang’s heart! He couldn’t help cursing to himself. [Did you come to Lang Ya Paradise to search for the Black Ink Clan or carry out robbery!?]


Gao Ting had previously ridiculed him for lifting a stone only to smash his own foot with it, and looking at the current circumstances, it would seem to be true!


The changes occurring throughout Lang Ya Paradise were also felt by Yang Kai. The teams he encountered before only had three or four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters at most. With his current strength, it was not difficult for him to cope with such numbers. Now, however, every team had at least five Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Some teams even had seven or eight!


He couldn’t help feeling troubled. There were so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters that it was tough for him to eliminate them all at once without transforming into his Grand Dragon Form! If he did not eliminate all of them together, then he could not sell his wares with peace of mind.


Of course, the current situation was within his expectations.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Lang Ya Paradise might be a little crooked because of Li Yuan Wang’s unrighteousness, but they were still Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, not fools who had never seen the world or cultivated before. After suffering so many losses, even they had learned their lesson.


That was why Yang Kai believed that it was time for him to change his strategy. If there was no way to defeat an entire team in one go, then he simply needed to attack them twice or thrice instead! 


[In the worst case, I can put them on credit! I’ll just go door-to-door to collect my debts from them after the training ends. Yes! What a great idea!] Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling proud of his wit.




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